I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 96

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#96. The beauty hated by Athena (1)

“Wow, it’s humid.”

The sweltering heat and unpleasant air were pressing down on Damdeok’s entire body.

‘Why is this forest so dense and gloomy?’

A lush jungle that looks like it hasn’t been visited in a while.

The weeds that grew taller than a person were so annoying that I felt like my HP was going down before the battle even started.

puck! Pow!

Damdeok, who was chopping down weeds as thick as logs, took a breath and looked back.

Elia, who had been quietly following behind, looked up.

“what’s the matter?”

“Are we at the lakeside yet?”

It is said that Medusa’s hiding place is located on the lake in the center of the island, also known as Gorgon’s Lake.

To get there, you had to pass through this lush forest surrounding the lakeside.

‘It’s taking longer than I thought.’

Damdeok’s brow furrowed slightly.

log… No, it had already been an hour since we had cut down the large log-like weeds.

In my experience, I felt like I had defeated ten sets of scarecrows 10,000 times.

“I’ll be exhausted before I even fight. look. “My hands are already shaking.”

Elia looked at the outstretched hand.

“Are you okay?”

“… That’s what it means. “I mean.”

Damdeok ate his food.

Anyway, he is a little boy who has no cute side at all.

“You just have to fly all the way to the lake in the first place. “Why do I have to walk on my own two feet like this?”

Damdeok asked, tapping the dirt floor with the tips of his shoes.

The small wings of the shoe fluttering helplessly upon impact.

Elia looked at them and opened her mouth expressionlessly.

“How can you sneak up on me in that condition? The crucial point is to approach Medusa as quietly as possible. Are you confident?”

Damdeok’s gaze naturally lowered.

The Hermes shoes he is wearing.

fluttering. fluttering… .

The wings definitely lost a lot of strength compared to the first time.

‘It can’t be helped. Today is the first flight… .’

Hermes’ shoes consume an enormous amount of when flying.

The powerfully moving small wings were fueled by the wearer’s spiritual power.

‘Just 10 hours.’

It was originally 8 hours long, but the pace was so slow that 2 hours were added.

I flew all the way here without stopping for 10 hours.

And that too in a state of tension, with all of the strength in the body.

‘… So it wouldn’t be surprising if he collapsed right now.’

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired.

“Tch, anyway, I won’t say a word. Damn little boy.”

Swish. The moment I turn around and cut down the overgrown weeds again,

I felt something strange.

“… for a moment.”

As Damdeok lowered his posture as much as possible, Elia seemed to have felt something as well, so she instantly disappeared and lowered herself.

[The power ‘Sword and Body Unity’ is unleashed!]

Sensitivity heightened.

The movements of all kinds of creatures were being transmitted through the surrounding waves.

Among them, this is one that stands out.

Hiss. Whoosh. Shhh.

A horrifying breathing sound was heard, as if hundreds of snakes were flicking their tongues at once.

‘Approximately 300 meters ahead.’

gulp. I was drooling.

Geomshin’s intuition spoke strongly.

A monster that I had never seen before was alive and breathing very close by.

‘Let’s stay alert.’

The hand holding the sword gained strength.

The address rate has already warned me several times.

As soon as Medusa makes eye contact, the game is over. If you want to win, or at least live, never! Never raise your gaze and look at that monster.


Damdeok took a deep breath and adjusted his transparent helmet and mirror shield once again.

‘From now on, it’s a mental battle.’

In a situation where you didn’t know what kind of battle would take place, it was a huge handicap not to be able to see the attacking opponent with the naked eye.

‘From now on, I will only see through the mirror shield.’


Damdeok walked slowly while looking at the scenery reflected in the mirror shield on his left arm.

As if he had promised, Elia quickly disappeared and started moving.



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Sasasak. Sasak.

Damdeok and Elia go through the bushes in a semicircle in opposite directions.

There is only one goal.

It was aimed at the person responsible for the creepy breathing sound.

[Elia: Stop.]

A system message was reflected on the mirror shield.

Since we couldn’t talk to each other, we decided to use the system.

Elia sent messages one after another.

[Elia: She is not Medusa.]

‘Not Medusa?’

A clear stream reflecting beyond the system, and a woman sleeping soundly on a flat, wide rock.

Her face was buried so it was hard to see in detail, but the hundreds of living snake hairs already told us what kind of being she was.

‘Sister Gorgon.’

They were a race of monsters created by the earth goddess Gaia, and were powerful enough to rival the titan gods.

[Elia: One of Medusa’s older sisters, Sthenoya. It would be best to just get out of here.]

Sigh. The mirror shield illuminated the direction where Elia was.

She motioned for me to leave quietly.

[Yoo Dam-deok: Why? Wouldn’t it be better to kill him while he’s sleeping?]

Elia frowned slightly after seeing Damdeok’s message.

[Elia: Unlike Medusa, the Gorgon sisters are immortal. There is no benefit in waking you up for no reason.]

Oh, I didn’t know that.

‘There is no need to fight an immortal being.’

If we fight, isn’t it inevitable defeat?

Damdeok nodded slowly and sent a message that he understood.

On the one hand, I had that thought.

‘It would be nice if Medusa was sleeping like that… .’

Then, you may be able to clear this part-time job easier than you think.

But at that moment,

Why did the story of Elia’s party being wiped out pop into my head?

I suddenly had an eerie feeling.

At the same time, a chilling voice comes from behind.


It was unmistakably a woman’s voice.

Damdeok’s body stiffened.

It felt like electricity was running down my spine.


Right after,

There is someone.

‘… … .’

Damdeok carefully and secretly looked over his shoulder using the mirror shield.

Right behind Damdeok, a grinning, horrible figure, a woman was staring straight into the mirror.

‘Sigh… !’

Damdeok quickly swallowed his breath.

I almost screamed.

Clumpy skin, stone-like tusks, eyes like a giant cat, and living snake hair sticking out in all directions… !

The monster rolled its eyes and sniffed the back of Damdeok’s neck.

“Hmmmm~ That’s strange~ There’s a delicious smell coming from somewhere, but it smells…” .”

[The status abnormality falls into ‘fear’!]

‘f*ck… !’

I feel like the blood in my whole body is hardening.

Without any idea what to do, Damdeok’s body instinctively jumped out.

[ skill is activated!]

Medusa, Medusa, Medusa… !!!

I was out of breath due to a feeling of mad fear.

f*ck that! Before your eyes meet and turn into stone, isn’t it a visual that makes you feel like you’re going to have a heart attack?

‘f*ck you! f*ck you! ‘f*ck you!!’

I had a dirty feeling where my blood was rushing backwards, and terrible goosebumps continued to appear as if wriggling bugs were passing through my veins.

‘First of all, we need to get as far away as possible and reorganize… !!’

Damdeok desperately cast the skill.

‘Luckily I’m wearing Hades’ invisible helmet… !’

It would probably be difficult for the monster to chase after me.

‘Ellia, where has this little boy gone?!’

As soon as we were discovered by Medusa, we decided to launch a coordinated attack!

I quickly looked around, but couldn’t find any sign of Elia.

Damdeok gritted his teeth, lifted the mirror shield on his left arm, and looked behind him.

I thought there was no way he would have followed me since he ran away so quickly as if with an explosion of divine power… .

“What~? Is it really~? Who really invaded our island? Hahahaha!!”

f*ck you, I’m following you right behind you.

“This is crazy… !!”

What happened like this is a mess.


Damdeok closed his eyes and at the same time turned his body backwards and swung his sword sharply.

[I am casting the skill!]


The black half-moon aura spread out without hesitation.

You probably won’t be able to avoid it since it’s following you closely behind you.

Damdeok immediately launched the next attack in quick succession without opening his eyes.

[Cast the skill!]

[Cast the skill!]

[Cast the skill!]

Sword energy with the attributes of water, ice, and fire spread out in three directions without hesitation.


Quad deud deuk!!


The monster’s pained groans were clearly heard in my ears, as if all the attacks were hit correctly.


Damdeok straightened his posture and tightened his grip on his sword.

‘You can’t give it a chance… !’

With his eyes tightly closed, Damdeok’s feet kicked the ground with all his might.

[I am casting the skill!]

I feel it.

The sight of a monster writhing horribly in the pitch-black darkness.

The sword was extended straight towards the presence.


Like the Spear of Athena.


Like the sword of Ares.


Like the blade of Hades… .

… Suddenly!

A shiver ran through my fingertips.

just now,

I definitely cut myself… !

It was clear. The movement of the monster in front of me stopped for a moment.

‘Don’t miss it… !!’

Damdeok quickly swung his sword.

More, more, more… !!

Squeak! Hundreds of millions! Sigh!

Cut and stab, cut again… !!

Tuk. Fighting. Toad-duk-duk.

The sound of a large amount of blood falling and pooling was heard.

Only then did Damdeok’s sword slowly stop.

Some might say it’s cruel… It’s something I can’t help but live with.

‘… I wonder if this is enough.’

Yes, I think this is enough to confirm a kill.

Damdeok concentrated his mind and took a few steps back.

In mythology, Medusa’s curse does not disappear even after death.

Rather than checking the corpse with the naked eye, it would be better to safely check it with a mirror shield.

After Damdeok got away from the monster, he slowly turned around and opened his eyes.

just as expected.

The image of a monster with its neck hanging and dripping blood was reflected on the mirror shield.

The foul, bloody smell strongly stings the tip of my nose.

‘It definitely looks like he’s dead… ?’

Blood was gushing out like a fountain from his shaking neck.

Maybe it’s the Gorgon sisters who have immortal bodies.

Medusa was not immortal.

‘I was stabbed multiple times in the neck and heart… .’

It was a wound that no living being could recover from.

‘Should I say it’s a good thing that Medusa’s fighting skills are a bit low… .’

Damdeok thought so as he brushed aside the blood-stained sword.

Aside from the curse that turns any living creature that comes into contact with it into stone, Medusa’s combat abilities are initially inferior to those of the other sisters.

‘… But just now, I caught up with the wind sprint in one go.’

Are the monsters’ combat abilities this low in lower versions?

Damdeok shook his head with an expression of disgust.

In any case, it was the right decision to put all my effort into it when he caught up close.


Damdeok, who once again saw the image of the monster reflected on the shield, turned his gaze and looked around.

‘Ellia, where on earth has this kid gone?’

After finishing this part-time job, Elia was going to take Medusa’s head.

All I had to do was increase my fear resistance, so this was my part-time job… .


Damdeok’s head tilted.

Now that I think about it, why doesn’t the message that my fear resistance has increased come to mind? ?

It was a time when I felt an inexplicable sense of discomfort.

The system message I was waiting for came to mind.

[Elia: Run away. That guy is not Medusa.]


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