I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 95

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#95. To Gorgon Island


Damdeok was flying steadily over the sea.

To be more precise, it seemed to fly steadily.

‘Good.’ Let’s just leave it like this. Just like this… !’

Damdeok was concentrating with all his mind as he watched Elia go ahead.

At the end, I said coolly, “I’ll come back,” but when I was about to leave, my flying skills were not good enough to get to Gorgon Island.

In the end, Damdeok was able to go out to sea only after completing five hours of special flight training from Elia.

‘This is the only drawback of talent.’

Just like a power or skill, Pababak! How great it would be if it worked out.

However, no matter how good a talent is, it is difficult to fully shine without consistent effort and persistence.

“Still, it is a hundred and a thousand times better than the power that is so expensive that you can’t even buy it.”

Damdeok thought so as he looked at the open sea.

Listening to the cackling sound of seagulls somehow makes me feel calm.

But the romance of the sea did not last long.


The strong sea wind hit Damdeok’s body heavily.

Even though I was flying as slow as possible, the wind speed in the open sea was strong.


Strengthen your entire body so as not to lose your balance! I went in.

Even though I had strengthened my muscles by concentrating my energy on my legs, maintaining my balance was not that difficult.


I took a long, deep breath and pressed down on my shoes, which were fluttering wildly, and managed to keep them level.

‘If anything is a little off here… .’


My gaze automatically turned downward.


The dark blue waves crashing beneath my feet felt like a swarm of monsters were gaping.

The saliva in my mouth dried up.

‘Did you say it would take at least 8 hours to reach Gorgon Island?’

It was far away.

Since we set off when the sun was high in the sky, only about an hour has passed, so there are still 7 hours left.

“… Anyway, the gods’ part-time jobs are all extreme part-time jobs.”

Even if you paid for the name, it would have been nice to be able to move there in one go through the system, but since Gorgon Island is an island floating in the vast ocean under a strong curse from the goddess Athena, there was no choice but to fly there.

“OMG!! You can do it!! “Go!!”

An unstable flight with 7 hours left.

If you just cut down Medusa, no matter who you meet in the future, whether it’s the old lady of the underworld or Asmodeus, you won’t be so overcome by fear that you won’t even be able to draw your sword and faint.


Seeing Damdeok getting even more excited for no reason, Elia, who was ahead of him, only glanced at him and then returned his gaze.

“You can do it!!”

Damdeok’s fighting cry continued to echo across the vast sea.

* * *

Sangun Guild Yeonmugwan.

It was a space where many people were training, but especially today, it was full of a chaotic feeling that made it difficult to concentrate on training.

“now! Once more!”

“Huh? okay… .”

“Hey, focus! Focus!”

Not only guild members who are resting, but also guild members who are training keep glancing somewhere.

Swordsmanship zone and magic zone.

At each training site, Baekgureum and Adele Sharon were engaged in personal training, putting their whole bodies on fire.


Bub bub bub! Plop!

White Cloud rushed in and destroyed the sparring wooden carving robots one by one.

Unlike the previous battle, it was not a battle that relied solely on swordsmanship, but a wild fighting style that mixed various martial arts movements.

“Good good. This is it~”

The guild members sitting on the bench began to whisper at Baekgureum’s innocent smile.

“Isn’t that guy from Iris? Why are you training here… ?”

“I heard the guild leader gave permission. “I think Ju Soo-yul, the leader of the 1st attack corps, brought it here himself?”

“what? Even though he is the next successor, isn’t that too much? How could a kid from an enemy guild be considered a star come to our training ground… .”

“Hey, look over there too. “It’s a sight to behold.”

At those words, everyone’s eyes turned to the magic zone.

Pow! bang!


The magical power amplification device that Adele Sharon was wearing burst into flames in an instant.

The professional trainers who were watching were horrified and sprayed fire extinguishers.


“stop! “Take off the device!”

“Eh~? already?! Tsk tsk tsk! What is this powder? “Stop spraying!!”



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Adele Sharon frowned heavily and took off the device attached to her limbs.


Trainers militantly sprayed fire extinguishers on the still burning equipment, and medical staff waiting from afar rushed over to check on Adele Sharon’s condition.

“Do not worry. “I’m fine~ I’m fine~”

Adele Sharon spoke as kindly as possible with a big star’s capitalist smile.

‘Why come and see! Does it make sense for a fire wizard to get hurt by fire?!’

Since she didn’t even have minor burns, the medical staff could only nod with dumbfounded expressions.

“I’m sorry, what should I do? Because of me… Wait. “I’ll turn it off at once.”

Looking at the trainers who are still struggling to put out the fire,


In an instant, a water attribute magic was cast from Adele Sharon’s hand.

Because I was a little inexperienced with anything other than fire magic, a water bomb bigger than I expected fell inside the room.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The room became quiet for a moment, but the fire was still completely suppressed.

Adele Sharon smiled awkwardly and used wind magic to completely dry up the water that had spilled on the floor.

The glancing eyes turned into eyes of astonishment, but Adele Sharon didn’t care at all.

‘No, did you think it would suddenly explode?’

I only tried using a magic power amplification device because I heard it was good for controlling mana.

Originally, a magic power amplification device was a device that helped control magic power when a skill was cast while attached to a limb.

However, the device could not withstand Adele Sharon’s enormous mana and exploded.

‘The limit of mana is too low in this world.’

The magical power required to use the skill seemed to be only one-tenth of the concentration of mana used in Atlaum.

“Sorry, sorry. “Yes, I’m sorry~”

Seeing Adele Sharon walking away with a beautiful smile, the guild members began to whisper again.

“I just used magic… “Didn’t you write it?”

“Hey, are you a kid? What is magic… .”

“Didn’t you even watch TV? There was a lot of noise a few days ago. “Leo Lux, the world’s No. 1 player, said he personally saw Yu Dam-deok use magic!”

“Oh, by the way, someone would think you’re close friends with those two~”

“No, it’s real? Ju Ju-yul and Yu Dam-deok, the successors to our guild, are also very close. “I heard that the blonde woman and Iris’ white cloud were together during the last monster transformation incident?”

A guild member glanced at the white clouds that were still swirling around the swordsmanship zone and added in a low voice.

“The way I see it, it looks like Jusoyul is going to abandon our guild and create a new one… .”

A strange sense of sympathy appeared on the faces of the guild members.

That was true.

Joo-yul has been completely uninterested in guild work for a few months now.

He always disappeared and reappeared, and even this was tolerated by Namgung Do-eok, the guild leader.

“lets think. “The position of leader of the 1st attack corps is almost completely vacant, so a temporary leader is currently in charge.”

“… Is it really okay to continue entrusting the position of guild successor to someone like that?”

“Hey, be quiet. “I can hear you.”

At the end of the gaze of the guild members hissing and observing, there was Juso-yul sitting alone on a bench in the corner.

She sent Damdeok to Gorgon Island and immediately came here with Baekgureum and Adele Sharon.

I wanted to have some quiet time alone to think, but Baekgureum and Adele Sharon were so energetic that I had no choice but to accompany them to the Yeonmugwan.

‘From the moment the grandmother of the underworld appeared, the war of the gods can be considered just around the corner.’

From now on, since we don’t know when, where, or what will happen, it was better for the guardians to stick together as much as possible.

Of course, no matter how close the war of the gods is, there will still be about a month left.

The world of the gods flows several times more slowly than the human world, so if you take that into account, it won’t be such a desperate time.


‘Elia… ‘What on earth is that kid?’

Even though he is a high-ranking god, he is a young god with silver hair that I have never heard of before.

I was so curious about the identity of that god, but there was no way to find out.

‘You know I’m a regressor… I’ve never had anything like that before… .’


A sigh escaped me.

Feeling like he was grasping at straws, Ju Soo-yul reopened the window where the messages were exchanged.

[Address: Do you know about a god named Elijah?]

[Persephone: Elia? well? I’ve never heard of it… why?]

[Address rate: No. I’m curious who the employer is for this part-time job. Anyway, thank you very much for getting the equipment for free.]

[Persephone: Thank you! Instead, come visit often~ The afterlife is so gloomy and lonely ㅠ_ㅠ]

Jusoul smiled slightly at Persephone’s tearful answer.

The equipment needed for this Medusa part-time job was easily obtained thanks to Persephone, who had been a close friend for a long time.

Adele Sharon threatened Damdeok that they were obtained with great difficulty, but in fact, thanks to Persephone secretly taking them out of Hades’ secret room, it was a simple task other than defeating a few dead people who got in the way.


Jooyul fiddled with the bracelet on his left wrist.

I remembered the time when Damdeok saw Persephone’s friendship bracelet in the Hound Dungeon and asked about it.

‘I was actually really nervous at that time.’

When asked where I bought the bracelet, didn’t you believe me when I said I bought it online?

Anyway, even though Yu Dam-deok has lived thousands of lives, he still retains his quirky side.

“It’s been less than a year since I went into the Hound Dungeon.”

It’s not that old, but why does it feel like it’s been so long ago?

‘… … .’

Actually, I know. Why?

It was a sign of exhaustion.

Jooyul raised his hand and turned off the chat window with Persephone.

Who on earth is Elia, and why is it especially difficult to take advantage of the returner’s advantage in this life?

I couldn’t figure it out.

I can’t even guess.

I want to forget everything right now, throw away the 12 Guardians or anything, and just live without knowing anything.

Crazy frustration.

There were times when a sharp impulse rose up from beneath that feeling of frustration.

Like right now.

“Ugh… .”

My head started to hurt.

Pressure, responsibility, burden, hatred, disillusionment, trauma, curse. All the negative emotions in the world were running through my head.

[The dragon’s power, ‘Indifference,’ is unleashed!]

As if a small piece of ice had been stuck in my heart, my heated body began to cool down.

It took less than 10 seconds to regain composure.

A cold aura began to appear in Ju So-yul’s eyes again.

‘It goes according to plan.’

If we can gather the 12 Guardians to stop the war of the gods, remove the Eye of the Abyss, and even kill … .

‘If that happens, I could die forever… .’

That day will be the day when you will be liberated from infinite pain.

A long shadow fell in front of her.

“Why are you shivering alone?”

When I looked up, Adele Sharon offered me coffee.

“What are you thinking? “That silver-haired kid?”

Address rate did not respond.

Adele Sharon took a sip of her coffee and cheerfully tapped Jooyul on the shoulder.

“Hey~ Why are you worrying about this alone? We can think about it together. Soyul says you say we are a team? “I don’t know if we are the 12 Guardians or not, but we are the chosen humans.”

Ju Soo-yul gritted his teeth.

Behind the brightly smiling face of Adele Sharon, images of her past life, when she was dead and lying around as a corpse, inevitably came to mind.

It’s not just her.

Everything you know around you… .

Ju Soo-yul’s hand trembled slightly as he gritted his teeth.

“… … .”

Adele Sharon said no more.

I just sat next to her and quietly sipped my coffee.

* * *

“Everyone is here.”

Elia’s voice makes me cringe! I opened my eyes.

In front, I saw an island with an eerie atmosphere.

A thick layer of gray fog.

A pitch-black landscape with no distinction between day and night.

Damdeok was flying straight towards the island that was as quiet as death.

“It kills the mood.”

The underworld of Hades was gone.

‘I never thought I would come to personally cut down Medusa in mythology.’

Damdeok gently landed on the beach, following Elia.

She looked back at Damdeok with an expressionless face.

“Are you ready?”

After adjusting his helmet and tightening his mirror shield, Damdeok grinned and took out his sword.

“of course! Let’s go!”


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