I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 93

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#93. Hermes’ shoes

The three letters Elijah are clearly written on the part-time job window.

There was silence for a moment.

‘It was a child like this who made the Medusa announcement?’

Damdeok stared at Elia through the system window.

At first glance, he has a youthful face. In Korean age, he looks like he is in middle school.

It was then that a bright thought occurred to me.

Is there a god named Elia in Greek mythology?

At that moment, I felt an inexplicable sense of discomfort.

Damdeok quietly opened his mouth.

“you… “What is it?”


“A parrot? Not the name. “You’re asking me why you disturbed me.”

Instead of answering, Elia glanced down.

The gangster gods, who were sitting down with their legs loose, trembled when their eyes met her.

“Eh, Elia. We… .”

“Well, this is… .”

Damdeok’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

‘what. ‘Did we know each other?’

Moreover, he seems to be very afraid of a being called Elijah.

Was he pretending to be the leader of the gangsters with that white face?

I couldn’t imagine it well.

Well, if they were to make such a scary announcement about cutting off Medusa’s head in the first place… .

‘I guess everything has been said.’

Now that I look at it, the divine power flowing out of my body seems to be quite full. When I heard his voice, he said he was not a god, but a high-class god.

‘Who cares? that is.’

Anyway, the excitement was ruined.

The opposing gangsters were already so frightened that they were unable to fight. And she had no intention of quarreling with her god, Elijah, who had extinguished her own black flame.

‘Anyway, if you want to work as Medusa part-time, you’ll have to form a party with her and fight her.’

I decided to go to this part-time job by myself, without Joo-yul and the other kids.

It was unavoidable because the level of difficulty in the tempo farming required to cut down Medusa was high, so only one could be obtained at a time.

‘I have to catch Medusa with this guy… There’s no good in creating unnecessary trouble.’


The ice slowly melted on Damdeok’s left arm.

– will!

As soon as he withdrew his sword, Snow White quickly returned and quickly entered the lion’s armor.

Baekgureum looked at Damdeok curiously.

“Eh? “Just go?”

“What if I just don’t go? “There is no need to fight needlessly.”

“That’s true, but… .”

White Cloud glanced towards Elia and felt regret.

I guess I’m interested because a girl who seems to be my age appears.

Damdeok silently picked up the shopping bag from the floor and walked toward the door.

Reluctantly, the white clouds followed suit, and the gods in line opened the way like the Red Sea parting.

The sound of several gods whispering softly reached Damdeok’s ears.

“omg… “I’ve seen that god before.”

“Why is there a low-level god who got into a fight with Hades last time?”

“That’s him…” ? omg… .”

[Spiritual power increases slightly!]

Damdeok, who was walking while looking at the rising notification window, was just about to leave the doorway.

“for a moment.”

Elia’s voice came from behind.

She was looking at Damdeok, or more accurately, at the shopping bag in Damdeok’s hand, with an expressionless face.

“Can I have that?”

A voice as transparent as a jade bead falling.

The young girl’s voice echoed through the room like water drops.

Damdeok frowned slightly.

“… What are you talking about?”

“Aren’t you trying to work part-time as Medusa? “Those shoes won’t be enough to fly.”

Damdeok’s eyes shook slightly at Elia’s emotionless voice.

‘what. This guy… How did you know that I was trying to work as Medusa part-time…? .’

I’ve added it but haven’t applied yet?

Is it usually possible to predict that just by holding the shoes of Hermes?

That couldn’t have been possible.

‘This guy… Does he have a precognitive ability like Joo-yul? ?’

Elia slowly approached Damdeok, who was wary.

“What are you so worried about? You need Medusa’s head. I will help you.”

Damdeok was unable to say anything for a while as he looked at Elia, who had an expressionless face the whole time even though she was offering to help.



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* * *

A large field near Mount Cylane.

The white cloud was struggling with its limbs and trying to fly even a little.

The cute wings on the shoes were also flapping with all their might to keep Baekgureum’s body afloat.

“Ugh! Fly! Fly! “Aaaah!”

White Cloud’s body rises for a moment, but immediately loses its balance and falls forward.

Pow! Craddangtang!

Snow White, who was watching right in front of me, laughed and rolled around in the grass.

“Ugh! Once more!”

While Baekgureum was constantly jumping and falling, Damdeok was having a conversation with Elia under the shade of a tree.

“… So, to sum it up, all the Medusa party members you recruited were wiped out today, and you went to the post office because you ran out of winged shoes needed for the attack?”


“Did you put out my black flame because you were afraid your shoes might get burned?”


“And knowing in advance that I would support the Medusa party… .”

Damdeok said, ‘Does this make sense?’ I looked at the distant horizon with a curious face.

after. Damdeok let out a short sigh and looked at Elia again with her eyes full of suspicion.

“I knew because you were a prophet… “Is this what you mean?”


Elia just answers ‘yes.’ with an expressionless face the entire time.

Damdeok looked at her and shook his head.

‘You have to believe this or you shouldn’t.’

In what kind of world would a prophet be trampled like this?

‘It’s Prometheus, it’s Prometheus, and now this little kid who wants to cut off Medusa’s head… .’

Of course, Damdeok did not believe everything Elia said.

But anyway, a party with her was essential to working as Medusa, so I had just come out with the intention of having a chat.

‘But it’s not as aggressive as I thought, and it doesn’t seem like it’s up to anything. I keep looking at him but he doesn’t say anything.’

He just said that he just wanted to cut off Medusa’s head.

To do that, you need strong party members, and that’s the whole reason she said she would help Damdeok.

“Why do you want to cut down Medusa so much?”


“I asked first.”

“Forcing others to say something you don’t want to say is bad.”

“… … .”

Tendons suddenly appeared on Damdeok’s forehead.

This kid doesn’t say a word.

As Damdeok just stared at him, Elia opened his mouth dryly.

“Are you done wondering now? “If it’s over, let’s get to the point.”

“What’s the point?”

“I have to catch Medusa. “Anyway, you’re going to work for me, right?”

“… … .”

I was speechless.

The same goes for Grandmother of the Underworld and Asmodeus, so if you want to increase your fear resistance, you have to work part-time as Medusa… Why do I feel like I’m losing my mind when I admit it?

Damdeok thought repeatedly with a sullen expression.

The conclusion came sooner than expected.

‘I can’t trust this guy right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to split up here.’

There were two reasons.

The first is that ours has a lot more pages.

‘Even if this guy is a high-class god with much higher divine power, besides Jusoyul and the kids, I also have wolves and Cerberus.’

In some circumstances, Ettin’s ice army could have been summoned.

At that scale, it would not be easy for even a high-level god to handle it.

Second, you need someone equipped to deal with the target you are trying to attack, Medusa.

No matter how many armies she had, they were useless against Medusa.

This is because all living things turn to stone as soon as they look into Medusa’s eyes, and it was impossible to provide , , and to so many people to defend against it.

‘There is a saying that the enemy of the enemy is our friend.’

This would be even more so if the god was in awe of not being able to kill Medusa.

“so? “What are your plans?”

After finishing his thoughts, Damdeok asked, and Elia slowly looked away.

“First of all, you can’t do that.”

Elia’s white, thin finger pointed at the white clouds.

“Ugh! Ouch! “Wow!!”

In a vast field, this guy was putting on a show all by himself.

After jumping and rising a few meters, he tries to walk in the air, shaking, but soon stumbles like a deflated balloon, loses his balance, and falls straight into the grass.

When did Baek Seol go outside again? He was watching it with pleasure.


Elia said as she watched the white clouds fall once again.

“Hermes shoes are difficult for beginners to control. “With that, you’ll become siren food before you even reach Gorgon Island.”

“… Now, does that mean that instead of Hermes’ shoes, I need to get something else that can be used as wings?”

At those words, Elia turned her head and looked at Damdeok.

“Why are you looking at me like that all of a sudden?”

When Damdeok asked curiously, Elia looked away expressionlessly.

“… Ah, I think I’m smarter than I thought. “I didn’t expect you to understand it all at once.”

“… … .”

Are you a goddess or something and should I give you a hard time?

Regardless of whether Damdeok looked at her with deathly eyes or not, Elia continued talking.

“Anyway, beginners can’t just use Hermes’ shoes. “I need to equip additional Icarus wings or buy a Siren flight ticket from the store.”

“How big are Icarus’ wings?”

“If converted to Hermes divine power, it’s about 200 Hermes?”

It’s also expensive.

“What about Siren’s flight ticket?”

“A round-trip ticket to Gorgon Island will cost about 150. But sirens are very mischievous… .”

I couldn’t hear Elia’s next words.

Anyway, both were expensive.

‘Is there some way?’

Damdeok, who was thinking, suddenly brightened his eyes.

“You said you wanted to cut down Medusa.”


“Then give me an advance payment.”

Elia looked at Damdeok with a face asking what he was talking about.

“You put up the Perseus shield with Medusa’s part-time salary. “I don’t need a shield, so please give me an advance for the name.”

Elia responded coolly to Damdeok’s bold request.

“I am not a famous god, so my name value is low. Even if I give you 100 Elia as salary, there is nothing you can buy at the store.”

“Because I understand. Just give it to me.”

Damdeok said with a grin.

Elia stared at Damdeok for a moment and eventually opened the system.

“I paid you in advance, but if you run away without doing your part, I will cut off your head instead of Medusa.”

It was a harsh word to come out of the mouth of a young goddess, but Damdeok didn’t really care.

“okay. “Just give it to me quickly, kid.”

“Don’t call me a kid.”

“Ah, yes, yes~”

Elia, who was glaring at the sly Damdeok, touched the air a few times.

[100 Elias will be paid to Intermediate God Damdeok Yu!]

As soon as he sends the price for his name, Damdeok starts fiddling with the air in the same way.

Elia was looking at him expressionlessly.

What kind of plan is this?

There’s probably nothing worth buying at the store with that money.

However, regardless of Elia’s thoughts, Damdeok, who had finished manipulating the system, was quickly approaching Baekgureum.

“Take it off.”

“Eh? ah! Come on! “Hey brother!”

A fierce battle unfolded between Damdeok, who was trying to take off Hermes’ shoes, and Baekgureum, who was trying to defend himself from being stolen.

Elia just stared at the scene with an expressionless face.

‘Am I trying to practice?’

I’m sorry, but it was useless.

Hermes’ shoes are always on the best tab in the Gods’ Store, but most people buy them to put in their closets, and there are very few gods who actually wear them and fly.


This is because winged shoes, flying in the sky relying only on your own two feet, are more difficult than you think.

‘It takes at least a year to get used to it.’

But today you wear them for the first time and fly in the sky? It was an almost impossible probability.

“evil! really! “My brother said he would let me wear them!”

“You’ve never been able to fly, man.”

After a struggle, Damdeok took the shoes and put them on with a relieved expression.

“Oh, if I had just done a little more, I could have flown! Just a little… !”

“Move. “You bastard!”

Damdeok stopped the rushing white clouds and stood in the middle of the field.


The cool wind blowing feels good.

Elia was still staring at Damdeok.

Damdeok grinned and stood facing each other so that Elia and Baekgureum could look directly at him.

“Look carefully. Hey kids. “This is the power of an adult.”

At the same time as he spoke, Damdeok’s feet kicked the ground powerfully.


At that moment, Damdeok’s body boomed! It rose into the sky.

Although it was only about 2 meters high, Damdeok’s body was clearly floating in the air.

“Kkeke, did you see it? saw?!”

At Damdeok’s excited voice, Baekgureum, Elia, and even Baekseol, who were on the ground, opened their mouths in a daze.

“How can it be done all at once?” ?”

Elia’s eyes, which had been expressionless until now, slightly wavered.

“and! “It kills my mood!!”

Although he stumbled, Damdeok never fell.

As he smiled, the system message that came up just before remained in front of his eyes.

[Use 100 Elia!]


[You have purchased the Flight (SS) talent!]


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