I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 91

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#91. Pandora’s Box (1)

[Ep.1,002 Prometheus’ prophecy.]

In his previous life, defeating Asmodeus was his greatest achievement.

Is it because I have achieved such great achievements?

This life was extremely boring compared to my previous life.

A life that developed strength normally, fought enemies normally, and was killed normally.

However, the reason I am writing down these boring records is because I know that someday, when discover these records, a tremendous synergy will be created.

I will write it down.

Even in this life, I could not kill .

However, we were able to find a crucial hint from Prometheus, the god of prophecy.

The prophecy I heard from him was something I had never heard anywhere else in over 1,000 lives.

Although his body will now crumble and the memories of his past life will disappear, I hope that his prophecy engraved in my ear will never be forgotten.

okay. If possible, my body in the next life.

Pandora. Remember about him in the prophecy.

– Yu Dam-deok, 1,002nd record –

“… “What, is this the end?”

Damdeok, who was reading with concentration, made an absurd expression.

, , .

I think there were three important keywords, but there was no substantive explanation.

“No, so what is the content of the prophecy…” ? “You said that was the most important thing, but why didn’t you write anything down?”

The cutting technique was truly a work of art.

I scrolled up and down several times, but that was really the end of the 1,002nd record.

‘This is outrageous.’

What kind of record do you leave behind like this?

I felt like I had left the bathroom without cleaning up the poop.

‘Hmm, I couldn’t kill it… .’

It was strange.

Even though it was just a word written on the system hologram, the word was filled with an unknown sense of fear.

‘Anyway, I couldn’t kill even in my 1,002nd life.’

Doesn’t that mean that you haven’t been able to kill in all your previous lives?

‘Is it like the final boss?’

If so, he would most likely be a god who exerts enormous influence in the war of gods.

Many gods passed through my mind.

Zeus of Greek mythology?

Odin of Norse mythology?

Ra in Egyptian mythology?

Even if we only think of the highest gods, there were countless gods.

Damdeok shook his head.

‘It will be impossible to reason right now.’

Even if he could find out its identity, there was no way he could kill it with his current strength.

Damdeok’s expression became quite serious.

‘First, let’s calmly collect the 12 guardians. If you wander around, you’ll find more fragments of memories.’

‘But who is Pandora in the last sentence? Are you talking about the Pandora from mythology?’

‘To figure that out, I guess I’ll have to find out what Prometheus’s prophecy is… .’

‘It’s right in front of you right now, so if you ask naturally while handing over the letter… .’

Hundreds and thousands of cases were swirling in Damdeok’s mind.

‘ha. driving me crazy. Since it was a memory from a past life, I thought it might be of help… .’

I think my head hurts more than when I didn’t know what happened to my past life.

“Ugh, it’s a goal.”

That was when Damdeok held his head with both arms and lowered his head.


The white cloud next to him struck Damdeok’s side.

Damdeok answered without raising his head.

“wait for a sec. “I’m thinking about it.”

But the white clouds hit the side harder as if to show off.


“Ah, why are you like this, man!”

Damdeok and Baekgureum raised their heads with a small sound, and their gaze was directed straight ahead.

A small moan came out of Damdeok’s mouth as he turned his head to follow the gaze.

– Wow!

Before I knew it, the eagle, which had eaten all of its liver, was gliding in the sky, and Prometheus, covered in red blood, was glaring at Damdeok in silence.

* * *

[Read it.]

Hearing Prometheus’ dry words, Damdeok carefully opened the letter.


As soon as I took out the letter, the envelope was blown away by the fierce wind blowing between the cliffs! and flew away.

“ah… .”

[Okay, just read it.]



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Damdeok secretly exchanged glances with Baekgureum and then opened the letter.

It was a letter from Zeus, written in arrogant scrawl.

“… purple. Descendants of the promiscuous titans. Even though you have committed an unforgivable sin and are tied up there, you still have not stopped resenting me. The God of all things should have patience rather than resentment, and reflection rather than regret, so why do you… .


Prometheus turned his head with a frown.

It was a gesture that no one wanted to hear.

Damdeok looked at the letter and Prometheus alternately with troubled eyes.

“… “There is still some content left.”

Actually, not a little, but a lot remains.

Even by rough estimate, there seem to be about 30 lines left.

But Prometheus was adamant.

[it’s okay. Because it’s obvious at first glance. Anyway, it means reflecting on the past and sincerely apologizing to yourself. And as an apology, I am asking you to reveal all the prophecies I know.]

“that… hmm… .”

Damdeok quickly skimmed through the contents and quietly put down the letter.

It was all true.

There was an awkward silence for a moment.

Now that I’ve finished my last delivery job, I should be able to leave feeling relieved, but for some reason, my legs felt like they were stuck in the ground and wouldn’t move.

“I’m bleeding a lot.”

Damdeok’s eyes were focused on only one place.

Red blood was constantly flowing from Prometheus’ chest.

“Can I help you?”

It was half sincere and half selfish.

The coexistence of the compassion that humans should feel in such situations and the selfishness of wanting to hear Prometheus’ prophecy.

But he was not a soft opponent.

[Don’t do anything useless. Because it plays automatically at night.]

Despite his blunt tone, Damdeok could not easily take his steps away.

There was definitely a reason for wanting to hear the prophecy, but more than that,

‘What kind of person could just pass by with so much blood spilling out in front of their eyes?’

Isn’t it natural for humans to feel sorry for something?

Moreover, Prometheus was naked and had nothing on.

To be exact, she was wearing silk cloth underneath instead of panties… Anyway, I was almost naked.

I couldn’t believe having my liver pecked out by an eagle with my bare body on a cliff with the cold wind blowing like this.

‘No matter how wrong it is, this is too cruel.’

The image of Prometheus, helpless and unable to do anything with his bound body, overlaps with his own past as a untalented person.

[…] Hey, kid. Stop showing foolish sympathy. When you’re done with work, please leave. Since when was Hermes’ post office such an idle workplace?]

Damdeok responded bluntly to Prometheus’s sarcasm.

“Today’s quota is already over. “Whatever I do from now on is my freedom.”

The corners of Prometheus’ mouth quirked up.

[Don’t be funny, kid. I have to report to Hermes that today’s delivery was successfully completed. Who are you trying to deceive on the subject of a minor god?]

A spark flew between the two for a moment.

Baekgureum swallowed his saliva and gently tugged on the end of Damdeok’s clothes.

But it was Damdeok who glared at Prometheus regardless.

“… “I’m not at the bottom anymore.”

[under. Are you speaking informally to me just now?]

“no. No way. I just corrected it. “Because I am not a minor god.”

[…] … .]

Prometheus quietly looked at Damdeok with a face that asked, “What is this?”

Damdeok confidently met his gaze.

“why? “Do you think you’ll be able to ask for some help now?”

[…] He’s a bully. How on earth are you going to help me? As I said just now, when it comes to healing wounds, my regenerative power is much more powerful than your shallow power… !]

Prometheus, who was about to pour out sharp words, stopped.

This is because Damdeok, who was glaring at him with defiant eyes, suddenly brushed off the snow on the ground with his feet and flopped down next to him.

[…] What are you doing now?]

“I asked how you could help me.”

[Is sitting next to you helping? How do you think this is helpful?]

“At least it’s not cold when we’re together. It’s not even appropriate. “I will stay with you until your wounds heal.”

Prometheus was speechless for a moment.

It’s not that I’m impressed or anything like that, it’s just ridiculous.

[…] Are you a crazy god?]

“No way.”

[Then what are we going to do now? Do you know what it means to sit next to me?]

Even though he was stamped by Zeus and his ugly fur was firmly pinned on him, he was in a situation where he had nothing to say.

I heard that the arrogance of young gods these days is sky-high. Is this the kind of attitude they are talking about?

There was no such feeling of sudden change.

To make matters worse, the young human who had been watching with a dissatisfied face from earlier also trudged forward as if resigned.

“Ugh, really, what sin did I commit in my past life…” .”


The warmth of the human child sitting right next to Damdeok reached his skin.

The person he thought so fondly of. Because he loved humans, he gave them , the exclusive property of the gods, and in return, humans, a race that has never once held a grudge even though they have been bound here for thousands of years.

Such a human child was now sitting close to him.

“Ah, really bro! “When are you going to come down?”

“Wait a minute, man. With temperament. Anyway, you were whining earlier that it was hard. “Let’s get some rest.”

“ha. Really old guy… .”

Prometheus, who was listening to the conversation between the two, suddenly felt warmth in his eyes.

[Brother… This is truly my first time seeing a human call God ‘brother’… .]

Honestly, it was a culture shock.

Baekgureum, who was grumbling, jerked! I looked up.

“Then why don’t you call me older brother? So, his name is… Frome… Oh my, it’s difficult. Anyway, Brother Eagle, stop giving up. Because that guy is absolutely stubborn. “I’m going to be sitting here for at least an hour now.”

Prometheus’ mouth opened slightly at the white cloud’s outspokenness.

[Brother Eagle… ? Could it be that that title is now reserved for me…? .]

Baekgureum nodded resolutely.

“Of course it’s my brother’s nickname. I saw him being pecked at by an eagle earlier, so I gave him a delicious nickname… ah! “Why are you hitting me?”

“Speak sparingly. “You simple ignorance.”

“Grrr… !”

“Are you a dog? “Wake up, man!”

“Ugh! “Stop hitting me!”

Prometheus quietly looked at the two muttering creatures.

For over 2,000 years, the only people who visited this place were his younger brother Epimetheus, Zeus who stopped by to threaten him, and several mindless gods who came to make mocking provocations.

The last time was 150 years ago.

‘It’s been a while. In many ways… .’

Before he knew it, his wariness toward Damdeok and Baekgureum was fading away.


Prometheus, who was quietly listening to the sound of the bitter wind, opened his mouth.

[you. name is?]

“This is Yu Dam-deok.”

[It’s Yu Dam-deok… But why did they bring humans? Even though it is a world where gods and humans coexist, it is a dangerous place for humans to come to.]

At those words, Baekgureum opened his mouth as if it were absurd.

“Huh? Are you ignoring me now? Even after all this, I am a Korean swordsman… “Eup!”

Damdeok hurriedly covered the mouth of Baekgureum, who was furious.

“This guy is my priest. “There are still many things I lack, so we go around and practice together.”

[is it. Young people these days… No, young gods sometimes live between their priests and older or younger brothers. It’s good. The world has changed so much.]

“haha. Yes.”

Prometheus’ eyes were vaguely filled with old memories.

The conversations he had with his younger brother Epimetheus long ago when he was creating humans, the day he was recognized as the highest god by Zeus, the day he first welcomed his priest, and even the days when the grand temple was built.

[I don’t know if she’s okay… .]

Prometheus’ voice suddenly became softer.

Damdeok did not miss that golden opportunity.

“By her, are you by any chance referring to Pandora?”

Prometheus’ gaze shifted frighteningly at Damdeok’s words.

[you… How do you know Pandora… ?]


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