I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 81

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#81. Iris Cheongunak VS Monster Hunter Yu Damdeok


Cheongunak opened the lid of the humidifier and changed the water.

Psss – Water vapor coming out.

After staring for a while, Cheongunak slowly turned towards the bed.

The patient, lying as if dead, wearing an oxygen respirator, with bandages wrapped all over his body, making it impossible to recognize him, was his only son, Cheon Jung-ak.

Cheongunak, who was looking at his son in silence, opened his mouth with a sad face.

“… “Is it really not life-threatening?”

In response to that question, the doctor standing next to the bed struggled to speak.

“… yes. There is no danger to life. He was hit so skillfully that he was only breathing and his entire body was damaged. so… .”

“So what is it?”

The doctor in charge gently began to speak, applying saliva to his parched lips.

“… For the time being, going to the bathroom alone will not be possible. “Of course, you won’t be able to eat anything, so you will have to constantly receive fluids.”

“… “How much does that have to be the case?”

“To fully recover, you need to undergo rehabilitation for about half a year… .”

A cry of pain flowed from Cheongunak’s mouth.

There were dozens of fractures, tears, and other abrasions.

It was surprising that a person could be beaten this hard and not die.

‘… Did I really raise a tiger cub?’

Cheongunak closed his eyes without saying a word.

Yu Dam-deok.

I never thought my relationship with that child would be this strong. Old things began to slowly emerge from beyond my distant memories.

* * *

“Jungak didn’t go to school?”

This happened when my son was only in the 5th grade of elementary school.

There was a story that my son, who liked to hang out with delinquent kids and show off, never went to school and wandered around the alleys like a vagabond.

“Such an ugly guy… ! Get it now! right now!”

He was always a poor son.

He was a son who was greedy and selfish, and preferred extortion and stealing more than working hard and learning.

Was it because he knew that, as an only child, he would have everything in the guild anyway?

I scolded him harshly, tried to comfort him, and even pretended to be indifferent, but it was only for that moment, and in the end, he had to take extreme medication for the sake of his son’s future.

“Secretary Kim. Please find a child who meets the conditions I mentioned earlier. “He must be a child that makes Jungak feel a sense of crisis.”

The method he chose was simple.

Putting an outstanding child right next to you creates a sense of crisis.

It was a way to instill anxiety and fear that if they continued to live like that, the guild could fall into someone else’s hands.

“I found a child who met the conditions mentioned by the Chairman.”

Secretary Kim’s handling of the work was clear.

A child full of faults who was born poor and without talent, attending the same elementary school as Jungak.

However, even under such difficult conditions, I found a wonderful child who surpassed my son in everything, including grades, personality, and reputation among teachers and friends.

“Bring the child to me right away.”

I was happy.

And I was excited.

In fact, that day, the moment I saw the child for the first time, I knew it at a glance.

In his opinion, he was the child most suited to shock therapy.

The child’s name was Yu Dam-deok.

A child who was born with no talent, but through studying and exercising, gritted his teeth and worked hard, in the end, he was able to achieve as much as others, and even more.

Jungak looked at the child and hoped that only good things would be like him.

So, I treated him like my real son and tried hard to instill a sense of competition in Jungak.

At that time, he was admitted to a prestigious middle school that only children from wealthy families could attend, and he was provided with support for all tuition, pocket money, and living expenses, stimulating Jungak’s desire to compete.

Everything was done for the sake of my son.

But did you say that children do not grow up as their parents think?

“you… “What did you just say?”

“I don’t want to go to the same school as that guy!”

I started this with the hope of having a positive influence, but my son began to grow up in the exact opposite direction of what I thought.

“Chairman, we’re in big trouble! Master… at school today… !”

Perhaps because he had too much sense of crisis, his jealousy toward Damdeok grew day by day, and eventually he indiscriminately assaulted Damdeok, who was untalented, and turned him into a half-baby.

“Such a fool… !”

It was the moment when the sky turned yellow.

I can’t believe that my son, who had talents in spearmanship and fighting, beat Damdeok, a weakling who was born without any talent, so brutally. It was truly a shameless and despicable act.

No matter how harsh the public opinion was at the time, we had to put in a lot of effort to reform Iris’s image for a while.

And from that incident,

His own perspective on Damdeok, who had been looking at him as a tool for thoroughly educating his son, began to change.

“Tsk tsk, you ugly bastard. “Try to follow Damdeok at least half of the time in the hospital.”

“Then I’ll live with that bastard Yu Dam-deok! “Why did I give birth!!”

“What you bastard?!”

Unlike Jungak, who struggled with a sense of inferiority until the end, Damdeok, the victim, received rehabilitation treatment with dignity and studied day and night at the hospital to keep up with his classes.

He did not forget to say thank you to Cheongunak, who gave him a large amount of settlement money, and he simply did his job quietly without showing any resentment.

It was hard to believe that he was a middle school student.



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As time passed, Damdeok’s not giving up, innate tenacity, passion, and tenacity grew. All of this began to capture Cheongunak’s heart even more.

“Damdeok. I guess I was wrong. From today onwards, I will be your sincere supporter.”

* * *

Cheongunak shook his head to shake off the useless old memories.

Through my blurred vision, I could see my son lying motionless.

Something hot rose up from deep in my heart.

Pure anger.

He truly thought of that child as his son.

Even when he belatedly achieved the flowering of talent that was thought to be impossible, I sincerely blessed him.

It was the same when he became a 6-star hunter by achieving rapid growth with the experience of a non-talented person, and it was the same when he became a 7-star hunter not long ago with unbelievable performance.

But now it is clear.

He no longer wanted to be on Yu Dam-deok’s side or that child’s side.

I don’t even want to argue about what is right and what is wrong.

The fact that his only bloodline was beaten to a pulp was just an unbearable split.

“The old feelings end here… I should have kicked you out a long time ago… .”

Cheongunak’s clenched fists were shaking, and the doctor standing in the corner did not know what to do in the heavy atmosphere.

It was then.


A knock was heard.

“come in.”

The person who opened the door and came in was Han Yu-ri, Cheongunak’s direct secretary.

Upon seeing her appear, Cheongunak sighed and asked.

“okay. Did you catch it? No, of course I caught it. I need to take a look at that guy’s face before I hand him over to the Department of Corrections. “Where are you now?”

Immediately after this incident occurred, Damdeok’s transformation into a monster was openly reported to the media, and even the South Korean army’s hunter unit was mobilized, which was an act of evil.

It was very easy to stir up public opinion since the monster transformation caused enormous damage just two days ago.

‘Yoo Dam-deok. No matter how strong the child is, he cannot overcome the military power of a country.’

However, contrary to Cheongunak’s thoughts, Han Yu-ri’s expression was extremely dark.

“Where is that guy now?”

“… That’s it, Chairman. There are difficulties in the current operation… .”

Cheongunak’s eyebrows rose sharply.

“… Don’t play around. There are only 5,000 troops. 5,000!! “5,000 people were deployed to catch one person, so what kind of difficulty is there?”

“that is… The correct thing is that it is better to watch the news now… .”

Cheongunak glared at her for a moment and nervously picked up the remote control.


Inside a high-end hospital room, a news screen appeared on a large 70-inch monitor.

– yes. As you can see, the current situation is a confrontation between Hunter Yu Dam-deok and the South Korean military… !

The screen moved as a reporter wearing helicopter earmuffs gestured toward the ground in an excited voice.

A large army lined up in pitch black.

The screen slowly zoomed in.

Cheongunak, who was watching the enlarged screen with his brows furrowed, could not help but be astonished.

The size of the troops seen from the sky was enormous. The force included many of Iris’s special elite units and mercenary units known for flying around.

It’s truly ridiculous to deal with that many troops alone.

Even if Yu Dam-deok is a 7-star hunter, it is impossible. It was absolutely impossible.

However, Damdeok on screen was not ‘alone’.

– yes. As you can see, there are numerous wolves surrounding Hunter Yu Dam-deok. None of them are ordinary wolves. These are wolves clad in flames or covered in pure white snow!

The reporter continued his heated explanation of the situation.

– Dear viewers! What’s even more surprising here is the identity of the giant monster that Hunter Yu Dam-deok is riding! Three heads! Doesn’t it look exactly like Cerberus from mythology?! Moreover, behind them, unidentified giants are standing in line! It’s really huge!

It wasn’t just the wolves.

The image of Damdeok captured on the drone screen was standing tall on top of a giant three-headed monster. With hundreds of wolves on both sides and the protection of huge ice giants standing behind them, they were looking at the ROK military unit with a majestic, childlike appearance.

The reporter’s voice rose even higher when he saw that.

– really! It’s truly amazing! Has Yu Damdeok Hunter really become a monster?! Is that why they treat so many monsters like subordinates?! Whatever it is, it’s really awesome!!

Looking at the reporter who seemed somewhat excited, Cheongunak shook his fist.

“What on earth is going on right now?” .”

Hearing his muttering, secretary Han Yu-ri bit her lip and glanced at the screen.

“So… No matter how many troops you have, the damage you inflict against such monsters is extreme… .”

Cheongunak glared at Han Yuli without saying a word.

“The President gave an order to wait for a while… .”

Quang! Burst!

Cheongunak couldn’t bear it any longer and kicked the trash can.

He glared at the screen again, unable to overcome his anger.

Cheongunak, who had been glaring for a while, calmly continued speaking.

“… It’s better. The entire nation saw that guy with such monsters. “Isn’t this proving that monsterization is in progress?”

In any case, Yu Dam-deok will have no choice but to be caught.

They say they can’t attack, but isn’t the situation already surrounded?

Even though I struggled, I was like a rat in a poison.

However, Han Yu-ri opened her mouth cautiously, sweating profusely.

“I… Actually, the monster hunter that the chairman claimed is also a bit problematic… .”

“What else!!”

In the end, Cheongunak could not stand it anymore and screamed.

Before the sweaty secretary could say anything, Damdeok’s face was brightly reflected on the TV screen.

– We would like to inform the public. I, Yu Dam-deok, make it clear that I have absolutely no intention of harming the citizens.

“That’s crazy… Now who believes that… !”

A harsh curse leaked from Cheongunak’s mouth.

In the screen, Damdeok seemed to be looking at Heavenly Gunak.

Damdeok said with a smile.

– It’s just a ridiculous rumor that I’m in the process of becoming a monster. Fellow citizens, monsterization presupposes self-splitting. This means that your judgment becomes clouded and you eventually lose your sense of self and become a monster.

The surroundings were quiet.

Everyone seemed to be listening to Damdeok.

Damdeok continued speaking without hesitation.

– But just today I destroyed three gates. For my people, for my country, the Republic of Korea. If I had truly become a monster, I would not have been able to maintain my sense of self in an environment filled with monsters. This is the first proof.

Cheongunak gritted his teeth.

Although I couldn’t hear it, I instinctively felt that public opinion was stirring beyond the screen.

Damdeok’s words were becoming more and more relaxed.

– And now, the hundreds of monsters surrounding me are not attacking the national army. Of course, this is because they move according to their own will. This is the second proof.

Damdeok’s eyes were full of confidence. The eyes were clear and clear.

The eyes were completely different from the monster hunters who gave off a red glow.

Damdeok’s screen shrank to the right and the studio screen appeared.

Both anchors and monster transformation experts started commenting that it was necessary to check again whether monster transformation was in progress due to the look in the eyes.

Cheongunak had no choice but to gently bite his lower lip.

When I said it was pretty, the media went crazy and went crazy.

What should I do when my dog ​​climbs up?

He was thinking of all the possible ways to do it.

‘Even so, he is designated as a level 1 alert anyway.’

Since I will be taken to the Hunter Correctional Department, let’s discuss it with the Inspector General and work out something more.

Just as that conclusion was about to be reached,

Suddenly, an unexpected person appeared on the screen.

– Hello citizens. This is the address rate.

Why is that kid suddenly here… ?

A look of puzzlement flashed across Cheongunak’s face.

– As the successor to the Sangun Guild, I greatly regret this incident. I heard that Iris is behind this incident. Let me ask you. Iris, were you a group that would not hesitate to do such despicable things to get Hunter Yu Dam-deok?

Cheongunak felt his head pounding.

Why is Ju So-yul, who appeared out of nowhere, talking about turning him into an enemy?

No matter how proud and powerful the child was, wasn’t he a child who always carried himself properly as the successor to the Sangun Guild?

But how dare you attack yourself in such a public place?

I couldn’t believe it.

“Are these people crazy as a group? .”

It’s natural that the Sangun Guild’s position will be in trouble with just one word, and there’s no way Joo-yul doesn’t know that, so why on earth would he be so foolish… .

While Cheongunak was grinding his teeth, the screen reversed again and a familiar white head was shown.

– hmm! The guild leader was anxious to recruit Damdeok. How do you know? Of course, since I belong to IRIS. But guild leader… Still, isn’t it a bit much to retaliate in this way? Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed… .

Baekgureum looks straight at the screen and pours out words of disappointment to himself.

Cheongunak felt dumbfounded and burst into laughter.

“her… .”

Damdeok’s face appeared again before his eyes, at a loss for words.

– Let me take this opportunity to state clearly. I will not belong to the Iris Guild, the Sangun Guild, or any other guild. I will fight simply as a hunter for the Republic of Korea and will not represent the interests of any one organization. So, please stop spreading unfounded rumors. Because I won’t belong to anyone. And I! This is not a monster hunter. This is the final reason why I am not a monster hunter.

As Damdeok finished speaking, a faint sound of applause was heard.

Even if you don’t look at the atmosphere of the scene, you can hear shouts from time to time, so it was a video.

Cheongunak’s face had suddenly turned red.


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