I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 80

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#80. The identity of world number one, Leo Lux

“Where are you looking!”

Leo Lux swung his sword roughly.

Damdeok was smiling evilly while looking at Cheonjungak. Oh my! He made a noise and stepped back.

Leo Lux glared at Damdeok, who leisurely dodged his sword.

“… “Don’t get cocky after only one successful attack.”

At that heavy remark, Cheon Jung-ak breathed a sigh of relief.

“yes? Miss, I… again. .”

Just now, I really thought Leo Lux had lost.

‘That doesn’t make sense. Leo Lux is said to be the strongest among the 9-star hunters.’

He was a person who had a great influence on Hunter history, to the extent that it was said that if there was a God, he would most likely take the form of Leo Lux.

How surprised you must have been to see someone like that down on one knee.

For a moment, I froze from my toes and thought my heart would stop.

‘Hmph, I guess I guessed it right.’

Maybe I got lucky, really lucky, and got it right once.

“Kikik. I also heard that my imagination has become richer. That Leo Lux loses. That doesn’t make sense. “I mean.”

Cheon Jung-ak shook his head and looked at the battle in front of him.

Pachijijijik! Grumble! Kkkwang!!

A rough fight with sparks and flames flying and loud noises.

To be honest, it was a battle that the eyes couldn’t follow, so Cheonjungak looked at it for a moment and then swung! I turned my head.

‘Even if you don’t look, Leo Lux will definitely win.’

Nodding his head like that, Cheon Jung-ak glanced at the address a few times and then walked away, deliberately making nervous noises.

A place where elite members of the Inspection Bureau are located.

They were watching the battle without making a sound.

“Oh, there it is. “What are you all doing?”

Cheon Jung-ak was impressed.

I brought him here to arrest him, but why are you throwing a tantrum here?

‘We should have helped Leo Lux and hit Daguri all at once!’

Then, even if Yu Damdeok caught that bastard, he would have caught it a long time ago.

‘You wouldn’t have even been so arrogant as to ask me to hit you from behind!’

Anyway, he is an unlucky guy.

Cheonjungak gritted his teeth.

“… What are you all doing? “Are you here to play?”

But Executor Na Kyung-soo says, Shhh! He just kept putting his finger to his mouth.

Cheon Jung-ak’s face became even more frowning.

‘Fuck you. I want to curse right now.’

But I had to endure it.

No matter how much of a fool they were, each and every one of these people belonging to Unit 13 of the Inspection Bureau was a four-star or higher hunter.

Cheonjungak himself was a 5-star, but that did not mean he had the skills to deal with twenty 4-stars.

The power of the group could not be ignored.

Therefore, instead of swearing coolly, Cheon Jung-ak gritted his teeth and asked Na Kyung-soo.

“Why on earth are you staying still?”

Executor Na Gyeong-su raised his glasses and looked at Cheon Jung-ak.

“That man… “Isn’t it strange?”

“It’s strange. They run at the world’s No. 1 without any fear. “Kkkkkk.”

“no. “Take a close look at the skills you use.”

Cheonjungak looked at Damdeok with displeasure at Na Kyung-soo’s serious words.

The exterior of Damdeok was splendid in itself.

Black flames wrapped around like a dragon and a pure white ice block covering the entire left arm like armor.

It was like a very cool, well-chosen anime character.

‘Tch, I’ve been listening to a lot of pretense.’

Cheon Jung-ak felt his stomach twist even more as he looked more realistic than himself, adorned with all kinds of expensive items.

“What is that? whatever.”

As Cheon Jung-ak grumbled, Na Kyung-soo added an explanation as if he was frustrated.

“Take a good look. That thing that guy is writing… “It’s not a skill, is it?”

Cheon Jung-ak’s expression turned into bewilderment.

If it’s not a skill, what is it?

In modern society, there is no way to use one’s abilities other than skills that utilize talents.

He opened his eyes and looked alternately at Damdeok’s sword and the heavy ice fist.

Cheon Jung-ak’s eyes widened little by little as he looked at him several times.

‘… what? I don’t think that’s a real skill… ?’

It was real.

Damdeok’s fighting movements did not display the skill’s unique luminescence phenomenon.

No, to be exact, it did happen occasionally, but that fluttering black flame and ice was an exception.

Even world-class hunters like Leo Lux consume an astronomical amount of mana to use lightning-infused skills.

And the splendor of most skills was proportional to the amount of magical power consumed.

‘On the outside, it looks flashier than Leo Lux’s Thunder skill… ‘Yoo Dam-deok has that much magical power?’

At first glance, it is a skill that appears to consume quite a lot of magical power. Even if Yu Dam-deok was a 7-star hunter, it made no sense to keep it that long.



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“If it’s not a skill, what is it?” .”

Na Kyung-soo responded to Cheon Jung-ak’s muttering as if he were possessed.

“… Magic.”


Cheon Jung-ak looked at Na Kyung-soo with a puzzled look.

But Executor Na Kyung-soo’s eyes were sparkling inside his glasses.

“Magic… Magic! “If it’s not magic, what is it?”

“What nonsense… Are you really an executive officer of the Inspector General? “They say it’s a position only for smart people, but that’s nonsense, tsk.”

Cheonjungak clicked his tongue and turned around.

Magic in the 21st century.

This is nonsense.

Moreover, the person named Na Kyung-soo was widely regarded as an obscene person who liked fantasy movies and novels.


What magic are you looking for in practice?

Cheon Jung-ak openly ignored him, but Na Kyung-soo didn’t care.

“It’s jammed. Does it make sense for hunters to use status windows and skills, but magic doesn’t?”

“Tsk, don’t give me sophistry. “Magic is just a story in movies or novels.”

Cheonjungak was resolute.

Honestly, give in a hundred times and say magic? Even if there is such a thing, how is it different from the talents and skills of modern hunters?

Rather than such a stupid and ambiguous argument, Cheonjungak just wanted to quickly arrest Damdeok right in front of him and bring him to his knees.

‘Don’t look at it, just throw it away!’

Cheon Jung-ak looked at the back of Leo Lux with anxious eyes.

He was fighting quite hard, but it didn’t look like the fight would be settled easily.

Quack!! Let’s go!!

Damdeok raised his left arm and threw away the debris due to the strong shock wave.

The left arm, covered with ice attribute mana, served as an excellent shield that blocked most objects.

“… It’s not ordinary ice. How far has monsterization progressed?”

Damdeok looked at Leo Lux gritting his teeth and sighed softly.

“… Hey, I’ll say it again, I have nothing to do with that monster transformation thing?”

I roughly heard the definition of monsterization.

As soon as I heard it, I burst out laughing.

Because it was such a ridiculous story.

“Did you say Leo Lux? You should think carefully. All I have to do is just kill the guy running around behind there. I heard you are number 1 in the world? “Even if you win against me, you’ll get your money’s worth, but if you lose, you’re a fucking shame.”

Damdeok decided that there was no gain in continuing the all-out war with Leo Lux.

Honestly, his skills were beyond imagination.

In modern times where magic has not been established, isn’t he a crazy person, or rather a crazy genius, who has taught himself to control lightning attribute mana?

You may not know it, but you may already have three or four circles forming near your heart.

‘Learning magic by intuition… ‘It’s worth it to be ranked number one in the world.’

He was a person with a different mindset than other hunters.

That’s why Damdeok didn’t want to fight with him.

It wasn’t that I thought I couldn’t beat Leo Lux.

‘If you give your all, you can win. But there is one catch.’

As soon as Leo Lux used lightning attribute mana, something occurred to him.

A line that Vermouth, the god of great wizards, spoke in passing.

Damdeok clearly remembered those words.

“Where are you from just now?”

“korea? Hmm, this is the first dimension I’ve heard of, but seeing as the letter ends with ‘guk’, is it a similar dimension to the god who came from a place called America last time?”

Damdeok swallowed his saliva.

‘At that time, I was in no mood so I passed on… .’

Vermouth clearly referred to the person from America as God.

At first, I wondered if there were myths in America too, but soon after seeing Leo Lux, I became convinced otherwise.

A human who can manipulate the gods’ system like himself.

‘There is an address rate, but there is no guarantee that it will not exist in another country.’

Damdeok’s eyes flashed sharply.

I wanted to either overpower Leo Lux with all my might, or persuade him and talk about the system.

In any case, a large number of allies were needed to stop the war of the gods.

“… Look, I don’t want to get into this pointless fight. If you know anything about the system, I think there’s a lot we can talk about together. how is it?”

It was a euphemism, but if Leo Lux was someone who used the gods’ system, he would definitely understand.

However, Leo Lux did not respond to Damdeok’s expectations.

“system? Are you talking about the status window? You’re saying something strange. Who among hunters doesn’t know about the status window says that? also… You are not normal now. It would be better to catch him quietly before he goes even further than he is now and causes damage to many people. “I’ll finish it in one blow without any pain.”

Leo Lux wrapped a slightly larger amount of lightning around his sword.

Let’s go! Partschut!

Perhaps because the sword was a weapon made of iron, lightning began to fly freely.

Damdeok hardened his expression.

Now that it was like this, there was no other option.

At that moment, Cheon Jung-ak, who was watching from behind, shouted with a frustrated look on his face.

“Oh, it’s frustrating! Get it over with quickly! “Why are you procrastinating so much?”

“It’s noisy. “Trash.”

Leo Lux looked back at Cheon Jung-ak with bloody eyes.

The guy had to keep his mouth shut.

Leo Lux began releasing as much lightning as he could handle.

“It will hurt a little. But don’t complain too much. “You will thank me later.”

Damdeok also took a firm stance, gripping his sword tightly.

‘I’m going with all my might, too.’

It was an instant.

Kwazijic!! Quack!! Kagagagak!!!

From a distance, the fight looks like just a ball of lightning colliding with a black fireball.

Leo Lux and Damdeok were fighting with all their might than ever.

‘I’m sorry, but… ‘I’m still one step ahead.’

Even though Damdeok was sweating, he regained his composure.

Leo Lux was in the opposite position.

‘Nonsense… ! There’s an opponent I can’t beat even if I give it my all… .’

It was a reality that he did not want to believe, or rather could not believe.

Kagang! Patsutsutsu!

Damdeok sent a shock wave of lightning through his left arm covered in ice.

‘Because water attribute mana is mixed, the current can be concentrated here.’

Thanks to this, my left arm is tingling and numb, but I’m okay.

I have a right arm.

“It’s over!!”

Damdeok’s sword rushed fiercely.

[I am casting the skill!]

Leo Lux felt an unbearable darkness rushing towards him.


The black half-moon aura struck his face in an instant.

As soon as Leo Lux’s body floated up, he had a hunch.

‘This is it… .’


The black half moon was passing by without stopping.

The screams of the inspection team members were heard from behind, along with the sound of all the trees, grass, and soil being cut down.

‘I… again’ .’

Leo Lux was resentful of his body falling unusually slowly.

It was shameful.

Rather than losing his place as number one in the world to an unknown Asian man, now is the time when he once again faces his own weakness in being unable to protect his younger sister Elia… .

Leo Lux’s eyes became watery as pain throbbed throughout his body.

‘I… again’ Can’t you protect it? .’


My body was lying on the cold dirt floor.

The pain of numbness, like being turned into a stuffed toy.

A hazy figure hovered before Leo Lux’s eyes.

“yes… I… I have to stop it… .”

Leo Lux’s trembling fingers stopped.

The surroundings were quiet.


Only the sound of the blowing wind filled the silence.

Jo Soo-yul was the first to open his mouth.

“… ha. “Regeneration skills require a lot of strength.”

She shrugged and walked towards the destroyed trees.

In Jusoyul’s both hands, the fairy power, , was waiting to be activated. Perhaps all the destruction could be restored in half a day.

Damdeok was quietly looking at the fallen Leo Lux.

‘This guy, is he hiding his use of the gods’ system?’

It was a strange feeling.

I think I’ll have to discuss it with the address rate once everything is sorted out.

“Then first… .”

Damdeok quickly raised his head and looked at Cheonjungak.

The guy who had run away from the incoming was hiding behind a tree with members of the inspection unit and was trembling.

A face that looks half-mad.


When Damdeok approached, he was scared and took a step back, as if he had seen a ghost.

It didn’t last long before it collapsed! Damdeok warmed up and approached Cheonjungak, who was hit on the butt.

“You waited a long time, right?”


“It’s paru time. “You bastard.”


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