I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 194

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#194. Moonlight Fox, Snow White (3)

“Pandora’s… .”

“It’s a key… ?”

The companions’ mouths opened slightly.

Damdeok smiled alone.

Ju Soo-yul quietly closed his mouth again and looked at Damdeok.

“… … you. “Since when did you know the key to Pandora?”

“From when I entered the Jade Emperor’s palace? Even in Taoist mythology, it was the only place not affected by the system. Even though I found all my memories from my past life, for some reason I couldn’t remember much from there. “Isn’t it strange?”

So what does that mean?

The other party members were looking at Damdeok with that expression.

The address rate was the same.

Damdeok smiled and replied.

“No, that’s right. I found all the memories of my past life on the battlefield of the gods, but why can’t I remember anything except about the Jade Emperor? Moreover, Goddess Gaia’s power permeates every corner of this world, so why doesn’t the system work only here?”

“As far as I know, it’s not like you can’t use the system there at all. “It is purely the Jade Emperor’s will not to use the system.”

“that’s right. I know it well. But why is that so?”

“That’s because the Jade Emperor maintains a neutral position in the war… “I guess.”

Ju Soo-yul’s voice became slightly quieter.

She was confused between her past self, who thought she knew everything, and her present self, who did not even know the key to Pandora.

“that’s right. There’s a reason for that… .”

Damdeok started talking while stroking Baekseol, who was purring as she thrust her huge head towards him.

“The Jade Emperor made a deal with Chaos.”

The companions’ eyes widened.

Among them, the one whose eyes widened the most was Son Wukong, the king of Mt. Flowers.

“that… . That old man made a deal with a guy called Chaos? That can’t be possible? He’s stubborn and annoying, but he’s not an unreasonable old man… ?”

Goku muttered in disbelief.

“okay. The Jade Emperor is not that kind of god. “The deal I was talking about was not a backroom deal to make a profit, but a kind of peace treaty to protect the Taoist worldview?”

Damdeok began to give detailed information about what he had discovered while negotiating with the Jade Emperor.

At that time and there, the Jade Emperor explained why he had to stop Son Goku and how his world had no choice but to remain neutral.

“Chaos… . It has no form and I can’t feel the end of its power. When he touches, there is only destruction.”

“I knew as soon as I saw it. This guy is the source of destruction and the abyss of evil. It was clear that even if we fought against it, we wouldn’t have any chance of winning.”

“So, despite my shame, I reached out to him. “When the final war breaks out, we will not contribute our strength to the other gods, so please leave us out.”

The Jade Emperor’s proposal was extremely simple.

“lets think. From Chaos’s perspective, there would have been no reason to refuse if the Jade Emperor took the initiative to do so.”

In any case, his main enemy was Olympus.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one fewer annoying enemy?

“Just as Chaos erased some of your memories and kept only Elia’s memories intact, it took similar measures with the Jade Emperor’s palace. However, the restrictions were only enough to be unlocked and locked by the will of the Jade Emperor.”

In the first place, it was out of Chaos’ interest.

It was also outside of Goddess Gaia’s interest.

Therefore, it was a place where the power of the two was inevitably limited.

“That’s how the small space inside the palace where only the Jade Emperor and his subjects live was able to escape the influence of the system.”

“Wait a minute, then you don’t mind using the system at Mount Huaguo, just the palace there?”

Son Goku asked.

“okay. Did you forget that we used the power of Geunduun to go back in time? It would probably have been burdensome to set Chaos, the Jade Emperor, or the entire Taoist worldview as a system blocking area. I couldn’t have done that. and… .”


“Chaos’s condition was that the Taoist gods, including the Jade Emperor, be disarmed. Blocking the system was also part of that direction.”

Son Goku stared blankly at the stone with an expression as if he was wondering what it was.

“So, the more you go after me, the more the Jade Emperor will not keep his promise to disarm, and the less he will be able to protect his world.”

Son Goku looked at Damdeok with a confused face for a moment.

“Actually, when we arrived, gates were opening all over the world. Why is that so? “A peace treaty was signed.”

Goku’s face suddenly darkened.

“At that time, you had an accident and were pinned under Mt. Marble, right?”

In the midst of the intensifying war, Son Goku’s immature antics upset Chaos.

What on earth was the Jade Emperor thinking as he watched gates popping up all over his world?

“The Jade Emperor was in such a desperate situation that he handed over all the name value to me. If things continue like this, the promise of neutrality that we worked hard to obtain will be broken, and of course, our world will not be safe either. And in the world he wants to protect… . “It also included Hwagwasan.”

Son Goku’s expression looked more than sad but depressed.

“… … “I just”

Damdeok patted the shoulder of Son Goku, who was muttering helplessly.

“know. You just wanted to have fun, right? That’s why I brought you here, brother. “You don’t have to worry anymore.”

Son Goku closed his mouth as he looked at Damdeok, who was grinning.

“Okay, let’s end the explanation here. “Let’s see how much our Snow White has changed!”

“Purr… !”

Baekseol laughed happily at Damdeok’s shout.

Ju So-yul caught Damdeok as he turned around and stopped him.

“You still haven’t explained how you knew that Snow White was the key to Pandora.”


Damdeok smiled slightly, looking like he had forgotten.

Son Goku, who had been dazed for a moment, also raised his head.

“that’s right! They say that Pandora or something is the key to going down to Tartarus… ? So is that giant fox opening that door? “How do you do it with that big body?”



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“Well, first of all… . To answer Joo Joo-yul’s question first, when all the names were handed over to the Jade Emperor, the system blockade was lifted, and all my memories came back. Of course, the memory was about Snow White evolving and what abilities she gained. It seems that in his previous life, he had mainly evolved in the Taoist worldview… .”

Damdeok hesitated for a moment.

He was worried that Ju Ju-yul might blame himself for not remembering again, so he kept an eye on him.

But she had already regained her composure a long time ago.

‘As expected, I understand one mental aspect.’

Damdeok continued speaking.

“Because Yggdrasil extends to every world, there would have been no problem evolving there as well. but… .”

Damdeok’s narrowed eyebrows turned towards Elia.

“There were so many unexpected variables in this life. Thanks to that, we had no choice but to escape from there.”

“No, but why do you say that while glaring at me?”

Elia asked back with an expression of incomprehension.

Contrary to her, the rest of the group were all nodding their heads.

“Because we had to go see Leaf too. This is where the evolution ceremony took place. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. Actually, I wanted to surprise you a little. haha.”

As soon as he said that, a chuckle came out of Ju Soo-yul’s mouth.

“Do you feel like you want to surprise me even in this situation?”

“He’s an evil business owner, right?”

“that’s right. That brother was originally a government official… .”

The other party members were also in a relaxed mood.

“So brother. What is the answer to my question? “How can that pale guy open the door to Tartarus?”

“Oh, that’s… .”

Damdeok trailed off and looked up at Baekseol.

Snow White, now huge, was tilting her head with a slightly solemn expression.

Damdeok smiled and continued.

“You will find out soon enough.”

* * *


Inside a cave where thick water drops fall.

Leaf began speaking with a restless expression on her face.

“Oh, no. That’s very dangerous… !”


Damdeok covered the mouth of the Fairy King Leaf.

The other fairies were horrified by the rude behavior, but Leaf only quietly waved them off.

“Of course, now that I know the whole truth, I have no reason to oppose it, but this is such a dangerous thing that I think again… .”

Leaf tried to persuade him calmly, but Damdeok had already passed her and jumped onto Baekseol’s huge back.

“Listen carefully. Baek Seol-ah. All you have to do is go in there and eat up all the light you see. A new concept seed mukbang! got it?”

The place Damdeok pointed to was inside the huge roots of the World Tree.

The roots, which became denser toward the center, contained mysterious lights beneath the huge base.

‘Seed of Yggdrasil.’

The seeds of the so-called world tree were stored within its roots, and naturally, they possessed miraculous efficacy.

‘If we eat all of them, even Snow White, who just evolved, can play a sufficient role as a key.’

The seeds of the World Tree are only effective for elves and spirits, so it was unfortunate that the rest of the party could not eat them.

‘But where can you eat even Baekseol?’

That’s it.

Damdeok patted Baekseol’s huge head and jumped down again.

“Yoo Dam-deok, I don’t want to get in the way of what you’re doing, but… . “Like Leaf said, this is a dangerous thing.”

Jusoyul’s voice is heard as soon as he lands on the ground.

Damdeok turned his head.

“I know, it’s dangerous. But you also took out the seeds from there and fed them to Baekseol, right?”

“okay. It did. But back then, I risked my life too. And I could only get one. But now you’re telling Baek Seol to eat everything there. The World Tree will not stand still. No matter how strong we are, we will never be safe if we are cursed by the World Tree. “How could you go back in time and then waste your opportunity like this?”

He said it as if he was worried about the address rate.

Damdeok looked at her and answered confidently.

“don’t worry. “Because you can eat the seeds without being detected by the World Tree.”

“what… ?”

“go. Baek Seol-ah. “Go and do as I tell you.”

“Krrrrr… !”


Snow White kicked the ground.

Fairy King Leaf’s expression turns pale.

The address rate was the same.

However, Damdeokman still had a relaxed expression.

No matter how great a god is, the curse of the World Tree cannot be avoided.

Because it was a curse with primordial power, there was not even a law to destroy it.

“We can’t let Snow White get swept up in that curse. “I know it well.”

Before we knew it, Snow White had reached the bottom where the seeds were hidden.

And soon,


A bright light began to emanate from Snow White’s body.

Damdeok watched the scene with a grin.

“It’s as simple as not getting caught by the World Tree, right?”

Several system windows appeared before his eyes.

[Excalibur’s third power has been unlocked!]

[ skill has been created!]

[For one minute from now, we will hide in King Arthur’s shadow!]


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