I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 193

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#193. Moonlight Fox, Snow White (2)


“It’s dazzling.”

Alui and Baekgureum narrowed their eyes at the same time.

As soon as we got out of the dungeon, the party was greeted by brilliant sunlight.

“Come over here. “I will guide you wherever you want.”

Fairy King Leaf guided the party with a grin.

Damdeok and his companions hurried their steps in silence.

* * *

“Wow, this is really…” . “That’s fast.”

Fairy King Leaf looks around the kingdom with surprised eyes.

The dwarves’ architectural skills were so great that the kingdom was already being rebuilt quickly.

Ttukkang ttukkang-.

Fairies bring food to the dwarves to the sound of a cheerful melody.

Seeing the warm scenery for the first time in a long time, calm smiles were spreading on the faces of Leaf and Damdeok and the others.

“But this is not our destination.”

They arrived at the kingdom’s main street shortly after leaving the dungeon, but after taking a few admiring glances at the site, which was being restored smoothly, Leaf began guiding the group again.

It was when I followed her guidance and went a little deeper into the forest.

“uh? “The sound of water?”

“It’s the sound of a waterfall, you idiot.”

“Isn’t that it… ?”


The group arrived in front of a waterfall with cool water flowing down.

There was a mysterious aura in the water that gave me a strange feeling as I watched the stream of water pouring down.

In addition, the huge lotus petals floating like a boat in the middle gave an even more mysterious feeling.

“Wow, there are lotus petals that big in the world?”

Baekgureum opens his mouth and begins to examine the lotus flower.

“Isn’t it more strange than that to see lotus flowers floating in such a large valley…? .”

“So, isn’t it usually near a lake or pond?”

Leaf answered with a grin.

“That’s usually the case. But this is a world where fairies live.”

As she said that, she lightly flew over the water and entered the lotus petal.

Damdeok followed her in first, and the rest of the party went through the water in their own way and reached the lotus petals.

“Hey, after all, fairies have different classes!”

“A race that makes even lotus petals luxurious!”

The interior of the huge lotus petal was decorated like a palace.

As the group was looking around and admiring, Leaf hinted.

“Everyone, please sit down. “We’ll be leaving soon.”

“depart… ?”

As soon as I wondered what this meant,


With the feeling that the ground was disappearing, the lotus petals were sucked into the water.

* * *

“Ugh. “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“I already vomited…” . “Yuck”

“Oh, it’s dirty! go away!”

Voices echoing like a cave.

The group stumbled to their feet in shallow water that was lapping up to their ankles.

“It’s dark.”

“It’s humid… .”

“What are those things lying everywhere?”

“Tree roots… ?”

Thick tree roots extend through the ground, through shallow water, and to the far side in the deep darkness.

The group’s gaze moved towards the place where the tree roots were extending out.

And soon, when I found the starting point of the roots and slowly raised my head,

“and… .”

“her… .”

“Hey… .”

Exclamations erupted from everyone.

“Nonsense… .”

“this… .”

“It’s a tree… ?”

Some with sparkling eyes,

Some people say it doesn’t make sense,

And some with eyes of wonder,

The companions just stared blankly at it with their own eyes.

World Tree, Yggdrasil.

The gaze of Damdeok and the others did not seem to fall from that huge tree.



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No matter how much I raised my head, I couldn’t see the end of the tree.

“omg! “Look up there!”

Poppy’s shout continued.

Far above the giant tree, the water’s surface sparkled in the sunlight.

“I knew this was underwater, but… .”

“If the water surface is that high, how deep did it go down?”

“I know. “Even though it’s under water, there’s only a little water here.”

“Isn’t it because the tree roots absorb everything?”

“Is that plausible?”

“Is this really all tree roots? .”

The roots extending out in all directions were so large that their shape was clearly visible even though they had extended far from the water’s edge where the lotus petals were anchored.

“Still, it’s strange that water isn’t pouring up there.”

“There are many strange things in the world that cannot be explained in words.”

Son Goku nods his head at Cheon Tae-rang’s words and taps the tree root.

“Is this the real world tree? I heard a lot from the Jade Emperor… .”

It was then.

“Would you like to come here after everyone has finished looking around?”

Fairy King Leaf quietly called everyone together.

As Damdeok and the group gather, fairies dressed in colorful robes appear from nowhere and surround the group.

“It’s a little early, but I’m going to start the ritual now. Originally, there were a lot of things to prepare over several months… .”

Leaf’s eyes glanced at Damdeok.

“The matter is urgent, and we are the recipients of God’s grace, so let’s just give it a try.”

Leaf said that and slowly closed his eyes.

The consciousness of the world tree.

Damdeok quietly swallowed his dry saliva.

If successful, it was an important ritual that would perfect the imperfect talent of predation and enable Baekseol to meet the conditions for evolution.

The unknown languages ​​of Leaf and fairies began to fill the space.

The group just did as they were told, standing in a circle and watching.

“Can we just stay like this?”

“It looks like a sack of barley that has been borrowed for some reason.”

“Oh, Baekgureum, do you even know that?”

“Ew, really, don’t start a fight!”

How long has it been?

Soon, small lights like water droplets emerged from each giant root of the World Tree.

Things that looked like glowing dandelion seeds began to cover the entire bodies of the group members who were standing still, including their heads, arms, and legs.

“Everyone, close your eyes now and concentrate.”

Damdeok closed his eyes and said that.

Everyone followed him and closed their eyes one by one.

The expressions on the different faces of the companions were slowly becoming warmer as time went by.

More comfortable than ever.

Soon, the lights of the World Tree were connecting everyone together like a belt.

[The Earth Goddess ‘Gaia’ is very happy!]

[Gaia’s blessings are given to everyone!]

[Memories of the beginning are engraved in everyone!]

Damdeok only smiled faintly as he listened to the system sounds rising like firecrackers.

* * *

“hmm. “It’s definitely different.”

Damdeok was fully feeling the unknown presence hidden deep inside him.

“This is the perfected talent for predation.”

It was a strange feeling.

What can I say?

It felt as if I had become one with the living predator itself.

An unknown being writhing deep inside.

This guy was horribly threatening, but at the same time, he provided a reassurance that was incomparable to anything else.

“Well, before, I didn’t even know what the talent for predation was, so I used it carelessly.”

He didn’t wake up this great guy properly and tried to eat him like Zeus and Odin all by himself… .

‘I had no choice but to get in trouble.’

I can assure you that this guy, like other powers and talents, was not part of the system created by Gaia.

‘This is a guy with a clear substance.’

It was not a tool, but a living, breathing creature.

In other words, the future predation will not be done by you, but by this guy who has awakened inside you.

‘For a guy like this… . It could really eat anything.’

Even if it is Zeus, the Lord of the Gods.

It was something you could definitely understand even without having experienced it.

‘Furthermore, this guy has a firm will to devour Chaos.’

The cries of the throbbing creature were clearly heard.

It felt like all the nerve cells in my body were sharpened towards chaos.

‘Thanks to you, Ares has also become quiet.’

Ares, who had been running wild trying to escape, had already been overwhelmed by this guy for a long time.

‘Should I say it’s a good thing… .’

Damdeok, who was noticeably relaxed, rubbed his stomach a few times and raised his head.

After the ceremony was over,

Each member of the group was looking at the system window that appeared in front of them with a blank expression.

Now that they are connected to Gaia, they are probably looking through the memories of their past lives.

“Memories of the beginning will be engraved in everyone!”

The first 100 people.

Until now, Damdeok had not told his companions the story about him in detail.

Just like Ju So-yul did, those who learn the truth are always at risk of having everything seen through by the eyes of the abyss.

‘But it doesn’t matter anymore.’

He gathered all 12 guardians and perfected his talent for predation.

All that was left was to attack head-on.

Damdeok was feeling deep sorrow as he looked around at the people who were facing the truth of the world.

‘Everyone did well to come this far.’

It is cruel to be reincarnated while remembering everything like Ju Ju-yul, but how pitiful it is to live continuously without remembering everything like them.

We were unable to kill the fateful enemy called Chaos, and were walking down a path of never-ending pain.


A flawless and clear voice broke Damdeok out of his thoughts.

Damdeok silently looked down at Baekseol, who was already looking up at him.

Light of the same color was constantly emitting from its pure white body.

“that’s right. Baek Seol-ah. You are not the original 100, but… .”

Although he was not one of the original 100, the reason he was selected as one of the 12 Guardians was simple.


Baekseol floats in front of Damdeok.

Behind it, the image of Selene, the moon goddess, seemed to be vaguely reflected.

Damdeok opened the conversation with a smile.

“You are the only one who has inherited Selene’s will.”

The will of moonlight.

The ability to separate darkness and light.

Furthermore, the ability to separate good from evil.

That was a special ability that only Selene, the moon goddess, had.

This was also the reason why Gaia was particularly fond of her.

“But Selene is the body of a god, so she cannot stand against Chaos, who neutralizes her power. Her special ability is nothing more than a neutralizing force in front of Chaos. So what about you, who always stayed by her side? As a spirit being, you are a being beyond the power of Chaos, that is, a being no different from humans like us. “What if you could use her unique ability?”

Snow White had already closed her eyes, and the light emanating from her body was glowing even more brilliantly.

And soon, Snow White’s figure, which turned into a ball of light so bright that she couldn’t even open her eyes, slowly grew bigger.


The attention of the group members who were concentrating on the system that appeared before their eyes was instantly focused.



Everyone’s mouths opened slightly at the sight of Snow White finally revealing herself.

[Moonlight Fox has met the conditions for evolution!]

[Heavenly beast Cheonrok is born!]

“Krrrrr… !”

A clear and brilliant growl that I had never heard before rang out.

With a lion-like appearance,

Huge and wide feet like a tiger.

Moreover, there is even a pure white horn in the middle of the forehead.

Baek Seol’s small body, which had fit comfortably in my arms, had now become so large that it could easily carry the entire group.

Damdeok looked up at the guy with a grin.

“nice to meet. “Pandora’s Key.”


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