I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 188

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#188. Complete, 12 Guardians (1)



“This is killing me!”

Exclamations of exclamation come from all over.

Damdeok and his companions were hungrily devouring their food in front of a sumptuous feast prepared in a variety of colors.

All around, the giant dragons were busy carrying meat and vegetables and making fires.

Xiaorang, a pink dragon with strawberry milk-colored scales, smiled brightly and turned his head.

“Does everyone enjoy it?”

Everyone in the group nodded vigorously at Xiaorang’s words. Adele Sharon, in particular, was almost on the verge of tears.

“I missed you Xiaorang, your cooking… . The special quality of meat aged by dragons… . Fresh vegetables full of mana… . “I missed everything so much!!”

“to? “When have we seen each other again?”

Xiaorang tilted her head, but Adele was already busy eating it with her nose in it.

Zhou Juyul glanced at him for a moment, but soon laughed it off and brought out freshly boiled soup.

“Anyway, I’m serving you as an apology, so I hope you enjoy it to your heart’s content. Because our clan is so closed-minded, we can’t understand the true intentions of the saviors… . Since they attacked first, phew… .”

Xiaorang expressed his apology with a very sorry expression.

At those words, the other dragons who were working hard to make a fire and move ingredients cleared their throats and delivered apologies.

Damdeok nodded with a proud face, and Ju Soo-yul just looked at Damdeok with an expression that said he was truly amazing.

It was Damdeok who succeeded in beguiling all the dragons with Aphrodite’s belt.

Afterwards, to the dazed dragons,

“We have come to protect the dragon’s nest from being devastated by the war of the gods!”

“I came as a savior to you, but you came out so aggressively… . “Isn’t this truly insulting!”

By shouting, “He was effectively brainwashed.”

The effect of Aphrodite’s belt was better than expected, and soon the dragons began to blush and apologize.

That was the reason why Syaoran, who had particularly excellent cooking skills among the dragons, came forward and served food to Damdeok and the group.

“Still, if you could make one excuse for us… . There are many unborn eggs and young hatchlings still growing here… . We had no choice but to become extremely sensitive to intruders. “I hope you know that.”

Xiaorang’s sincere apologies continued every time he finished one dish.

“… … But it still remains foolish.”

As Syaoran said that, his head turned slightly.

Elia is eating alone far away.

And next to it, a bone dragon called Kaliles was lying with its huge body coiled.

Unlike when I ran the day before, there was no such thing as a very mild amount.

“The way Kalileth shows such intimacy with a strange intruder already proves that you are the saviors.”

As a bone dragon, Khalileth was the most ferocious and warlike of all dragons.

Not only did he not get along well with his fellow countrymen, but his only specialty was destroying the bones of any intruder.

But a bone dragon like that is so obedient… .

Thanks to this, it was natural that the brainwashing of other dragons became even stronger.

Damdeok, who was looking at Elia and Bone Dragon following Syaoran’s bright gaze, put down his fork and knife and slowly stood up.

Damdeok approached Syaoran and cautiously began speaking.

“Then, as I promised earlier… .”

Xiaorang smiled broadly and nodded.

“sure! Is it okay if I become your priest as an apology for the rudeness of my clan? “I’m confident in cooking, so please leave it to me anytime in the future!”

Damdeok looked embarrassed at the situation being resolved so easily.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll ever order anything to cook, but… .”

“sure! That’s it. If you need our clan’s power in the future, please let us know at any time! Everyone will act like it’s our job. “Right?”

Syaorang turned his head and looked at the other dragons.

The dragons who were moving the ingredients and lighting the fire nodded with puzzled faces.

“Everything, of course.”

“Dragons are a race that lives by honor and dies by honor.”

“Didn’t we make a mistake by not knowing our benefactors? Even if I don’t say that much, of course… . “Keuhum!”

Although they were still embarrassed, everyone had clearly decided their position on Damdeok and his group.

Damdeok nodded in satisfaction and displayed a system message to Syaoran. Soon, a light emanated from Syaoran indicating that he had become a priest.

* * *

“Whoa. full.”

White Cloud lay down on the lawn, pounding his stomach.

Inside a huge circular courtyard.

Outside the yard where the battle took place, repair work was in full swing.

After the grand party was over and the dragons had cleaned up after themselves, they were immediately put to work on the exterior repairs.

Knock knock knock-.

Thump thump thump-.

Although the loud noises continued to ring out, there was virtually no noise coming from inside the yard where the group was resting.

“Hmm, is it a barrier? There are many amazing races in the world. After all, they are no less than the Huaguosan family.”

Son Goku lay down and patted a blade of grass as if he was having fun.

Cheon Tae-rang also took a seat in the middle of a quiet corner and took a sitting posture.

“It’s full of mysterious energy. “It’s a perfect environment to have a good luck breakfast.”

A place where huge dragon nests are densely packed like a checkerboard.

The place where various eggs and hatchlings lived together was an extremely peaceful and comfortable space.

“Wow, they look really cute. Soyul, come here!”



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“… … bothered.”

Adele Sharon screamed happily as she saw the hatchlings running around.

Ju Soo-yul just watched Adele making a fuss with a shocked expression on her face.

Alui was already playing with one of the hatchlings, showing off his demon wings, and Poppy and Pao were also prioritizing giving snacks to the hatchlings instead of eating baked goods this time.

A group of people each taking a break.

Damdeok left his companions behind and approached Elia, who was alone.

“go away.”

“It’s too much. To the employer.”

Damdeok chuckled and sat down next to her.

At the same time, Elia’s sharp gaze fell on Damdeok.

“… … “You cowardly bastard.”

“cowardice? I? why?”

Elia shouted in an angry voice.

“All you had to do was tame the bone dragon. But you… !”

Damdeok accepted it obediently.

“okay. I modified the part-time job announcement and added to the contract terms that I be guided to Tartarus. “Are you saying you don’t like it now?”

Such was the power of the Supreme God.

Of course, it took a lot of spiritual power to edit the notice, but it was still a lot of money for Damdeok.

‘Even if you can’t make Elia a priest, it’s much easier to control her if you keep her as a part-time worker.’

It was possible to find out where the part-time worker was, what he was doing, and how strong he had become.

‘Even in the world of gods, the employer is the absolute best.’

Damdeok had no intention of giving up these advantages.

“Don’t think too badly. If you were in the same situation as me, you would have done the same. Right?”

Instead of answering, Elia turned his head.

Silver hair blows coldly.

Damdeok smiled slightly and stood up.

At the same time, a message appeared before Elia’s eyes.

[I received 100 Yudamdeok as a reward for taming the bone dragon!]

Elia’s eyes widened for a moment.

She slowly looked up at Damdeok.

“… … Are you crazy? “Can you give me some strength in this situation?”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders.

“Why is that?”

“… … “As I get stronger, your chances of survival will continue to decrease.”

“okay. “If you can, do it.”

The difference between Damdeok and Elia now was the difference between heaven and earth.

She didn’t know that either.

Damdeok added to Elia, who closed her mouth in exasperation.

“You are too weak now. I’m giving it to you to help you get stronger quickly, so don’t think it’s too strange. Cheer up, part-time worker.”

As Damdeok turned away with a grin, Elia just looked at him with a complex and subtle expression.

* * *

In a dense forest that is different from the dragon’s nest.

Syaorang, who had been smelling the scent at the front, turned around.

As her light pink hair fluttered in the wind, Poppy’s face turned bright red when she saw it.

“what. Poppy. “Are you in love now?”

“Oh, no!”

“No! “It’s completely turned red!”

Poppy’s face, embarrassed by Baekgureum’s teasing, became even hotter.

When Xiaorang was cooking, I didn’t know much about him because he was half-human and half-dragon, but now that he is fully humanized, I find him very attractive.

But regardless of what Poppy and Baekgureum say or not, Syaoran was faithful to his role… .

“Hmm, that’s strange. “There used to be a barrier in front where fairies lived, but now I can’t feel it at all.”

After hearing Xiaorang’s words, Damdeok looked back at Jusoyul.

“You said earlier that you couldn’t feel anything, right?”

“okay. “It’s a little different than usual.”

“Is there anything you can guess?”

“I’ve never been here during this time, so I’m not sure. However, there is a high probability that something happened that made the fairies disappear like this.”

“That’s right… .”

Son Goku, who had been quietly listening to the conversation between Damdeok and Ju Soo-yul, opened his mouth seriously.

“Brother, I think… .”

Damdeok and Ju Ju-yul’s attention was focused on Son Goku, who was holding his weight to the fullest.

But the answer I get is,

“If you don’t have a sharp move, you might as well go back and have some fun… .”

“… … hey.”

When Damdeok makes a sudden face, Son Goku urgently adds.

“No, how nice it was in the dragon’s nest, brother. “What is so urgent that you have to leave so quickly?”

“When are we going to move forward quickly? “You want me to run wild as much as I want?”

“that… . Still, I’ve had a blast, so I need to get some rest. I thought I’d spend a night there. Who would have thought that it would start right away like this? “Brother!”

Damdeok looked at Son Goku with a dumbfounded expression.

Although he is a guy who likes to play and eat, I didn’t know he would like the dragon’s nest this much.

“Hmm, this seat is also a bit disappointing. “It was overflowing with mysterious energy, making it the perfect place to dine on good fortune.”

To make matters worse, Cheon Tae-rang also joins in and shows a sad look.

Son Goku, who was always aggressive, and Cheon Tae-rang, who rarely opened his mouth, wanted to stay longer in the dragon’s nest, which was peaceful and overflowing with delicious food, not only for these two but for most of the group.

It was just that Damdeok had no choice but to leave quickly because of his firm plan.

“I told you. “We don’t have time for that right now.”

“Tsk… . “Brothers can be so cruel sometimes.”

It was a time when Son Goku was grumbling.

Syaoran’s expression, which was shaking his head, became serious.

“Wait a minute, something is coming.”


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