I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 187

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#187. Part-timer Yoo Dam-deok becomes an employer! (5)

[(Daily Labor) Taming the Bone Dragon]

Employer: Yu Dam-deok (天劍鬪神)

Divine Power: Greater than that of a high-ranking god

Career: Necromancer experience

Job Description: Taming the Bone Dragon in the Dragon’s Lair (including neutralizing it)

Business hours: time negotiable

Salary: 100 yudamdeok (paid on the day)

A word from the boss: Give and take! Fair trade^_^

“… … under.”

A bleak laugh flowed from Elia’s mouth.

As I was glaring at the window that appeared in front of me, I felt particularly obnoxious at the sight of Damdeok twirling beyond it.

“… … “Does this make sense to you now?”

“I won’t talk too much.”


Damdeok pointed to the window with his chin.

It meant that I should quickly accept a part-time job.

Elia closed her mouth for a moment.

It was nonsense.

Being a part-time worker meant that he had to serve Damdeok as his employer.

‘I have to escape somehow.’

However, none of Damdeok’s companions surrounding him were easy opponents.

Elia’s eyes quickly scanned them.

“He’s a part-timer. As expected, he’s a natural.”

“Accept it quickly! “I don’t have time!”

“Your hands are slow. “I don’t like that type of person.”

“… … “Can you really trust him?”

When I first met them, they all seemed to have an ordinary appearance, but before I knew it, their appearance, fully armed with the shiny armor of the gods, was truly intimidating.

‘It’s impossible to run away… .’

Elia bit her lip out of nervousness.

“What are you doing?”

“… … “I was clearly not wearing any of that equipment.”

“Oh, usually inactive mode is on. Doesn’t Chaos support this kind of thing?”

Damdeok laughed while showing off his Hercules armor.

“… … “What happens if I refuse?”

“You don’t have a part-time job? “Then what?”

Damdeok smiled coolly and took out the Cube of Horus.


The small box suddenly becomes huge and blocks Elia’s path.

“Should I go back in?”

“… … .”

Elia frowned.

It was truly a dilemma.

But my worries didn’t last as long as I thought.

If I had to choose anyway… .

“You will keep the terms of the contract, right?”

Elia glared at Damdeok.

“of course. Do it quickly.”

Eventually, Elia’s hand touched the system.

At the same time, a new message appeared before Damdeok’s eyes.

[Your application has been received!]

[Check the part-time worker’s profile!]

[Name: Elia]

[Powers: , , , … (omitted)]

[Talents: Spearmanship (A+), swordsmanship (S+), martial arts (S), magic (A)… . (syncopation)]

“Hoo. Were you able to check the profile as well?”

Damdeok looked at the window that appeared in front of him in wonder.

‘There are many powers related to the abyss.’

In other words, Elia had most of the abilities given to her by Chaos.

‘Should I call it naive? Should I say it’s stupid?’

There is nothing more foolish than relying on someone else rather than yourself.

‘If he betrays, everything he has built up until now will be in vain… .’

Elia looked at Damdeok like that and made a disapproving expression, but there was nothing he could do.

“good. “My first part-time job.”

After thinking, Damdeok stood in front of Elia and smiled.

“Then shall we go to work?”

* * *




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bang! Ujikkeun!

The refreshing sound of the blow echoes throughout the place.

The dragon’s nest, which had been peaceful until just a moment ago, has long since been devastated.

“How dare humans invade this place directly! What… !”

The huge red dragon roared.

But the situation had already deteriorated rapidly.



The dragons’ screams echo from all directions.



Every time Aphrodite’s belt in Damdeok’s hand was swung like a whip, the dragons’ movements strangely became slower.

“Everyone, come to your senses! mental!!”

Among them, the red dragon, which had the most aggressive personality, continued to yell.

The red dragon joined forces with the dragons that were still intact and was struggling to drive out those arrogant humans.

“I will destroy everything!!”


Lava-like breath spurts out one after another.

It was all aimed at Damdeok, who was using strange powers.

However, there was someone who blocked that terrifying breath,

[Heavenly Demons in chaos, waves!]

Tukan!! Tukakang!!

An impact sound as if metal colliding rang out, and smoke rose from Cheon Taerang’s hand as he struck the breath.

The dragons watched the scene, mesmerized by the absurdity.

“Well, that’s ridiculous…” .”

“How can you control the dragon’s breath with your bare hands…” .”

“It’s normal for everything to melt away… .”

However, contrary to their concerns, Cheon Tae-rang’s hands, who received the Titan’s Stone Gloves, were in extremely good condition.

The dragons’ astonishment did not end there.

[Spear of the Waves, Type 1!]

Alui, hiding behind Hades’ helmet, powerfully swung Poseidon’s spear.


A huge wave hits the dragons like a tsunami.

Thanks to this, a situation continued to arise where some dragons had to be swallowed before they could fire their breath.

Is it not only that?

Subsequently, Son Goku, riding Geunduun, began to drive out the dragons by waging a guerrilla war.

“Grow up, Yeoui-bong… !”

Doo doo doo!! Tukakang!!

The gigantic Yeouibong repeatedly struck the dragon’s iron-clad scales like a washboard.

The dragons had to be pushed away helplessly due to the physical shock of a different level.

“Hey! “Of course it tastes like this!!”

Three black shadows approaching the dragons that Son Goku had cornered.

“Kkeukkeuk, I’m not a swordsman like my brother, but I’m now at least a sword king.”

White clouds equipped with Ares’ winged armor set,

“It happens again. “Don’t let down your guard and do your best, kid.”

Adele Sharon, wearing all the gods’ miscellaneous items, and Jusoyul, armed with the Aegis shield, began to gradually neutralize the dragons who had already lost their momentum.

“You can’t be pushed out of here!!”

“Stop it!! Stop it!!”

The dragons’ cries erupted from all over.

Their resistance was very rough and threatening, but there was no way they could withstand Damdeok’s men, who were heavily armed with items from the gods.

The group’s brilliant combo continued smoothly without a break.

“Good. Until there.”

The ending was Damdeok.

He quickly approached the dragons that his companions had neutralized and used Aphrodite’s belt like a whip.



After using it a few times, I realized that the effect was more direct if I covered the dragons’ eyes with my belt and then opened it, rather than just swinging around recklessly.

[Use the power of Aphrodite’s belt, !]

The dazzled dragons remained dazed for a moment, and Damdeok used the momentum to swing his belt several more times.

Then, the charmed dragons turned around and started blocking the other dragons.

“Why are these crazy people like this!!”

“Come to your senses! “Is this all the mental power of a great dragon is?!!”

The situation was truly chaos.

Contrary to their initial momentum, the dragons had no choice but to fall helplessly.

As Damdeok and his companions worked together, the dragons’ unity was disintegrating like a sand castle swept away by waves.

“Wow, isn’t that really amazing…?” .”

“That’s right. “There is no need to carry extra luggage.”

Poppy and Pao just watched the scene from afar, picking up snacks and eating them. The cookies baked in Hestia’s oven were very delicious.

An eerie sound was heard from behind them while they were crossing the river.

“Krrrrr… .”

Poppy and Pao, who were eating snacks together, slowly raised their heads.


A large, sticky drop of spit falls into the middle of the two.

“entire… . I will tear you to death… .”

Before we knew it, the Bone Dragon had emerged from a huge hole in the ground and was standing right behind Poppy and Pao.

Poppy’s mouth opened wide.

The Bone Dragon is known to be the most dangerous among dragons.

It’s a fitting device!

The huge bones begin to move in unison, making a creepy sound.

“Ugh!! older brother!! Brother Damdeok!!”

Poppy ran with Pao in his arms.


“Krrrrr… .”

The Bone Dragon’s huge feet were already on Poppy and Pao’s heads.

“Kwaaagh! Pao! “I’m telling you to try something!!”

“Jim, I’ll solve it! “Pa, the mummies of the Pharaoh!!”

It was at that time when Pao turned pale and started talking gibberish.

Someone directly blocked Bone Dragon’s feet.

“Father, I command you by the power of Chaos… . You who will return to the land. Answer my call.”

As Elia frowns and mutters, the Bone Dragon’s movements suddenly slow down.

It was Elia who had already fought a battle with the Bone Dragon underground.

Her whole body had been covered in dirt for a long time.

“Krrrrr… . dare… . Such a trivial god… .”

The Bone Dragon was strongly rejecting Elia’s mental control.

However, because he had already been exposed to Elia’s power several times, his mental strength was noticeably weakened.

“Krrrrr… . dare… .”

Elia’s tense expression gradually eased as she watched Bone Dragon repeating the same words with difficulty.

‘it’s over.’

Of course, it would still take a little more effort to completely tame it, but at its current state, it was only a matter of time.

Elia held both hands outstretched towards the bone dragon and looked at Damdeok, who was excitedly subduing other dragons.

‘Monster-like bastard…’ . ‘How did you grow so much?’

The unbelievable, no, unbelievable growth rate from when we first met until now.

No matter how great Mother Gaia’s blessings are, they will never reach this level… .

Elia bit her lip.

Whatever it was, I couldn’t just be held here like this.

‘After all, the part-time contract was to tame a bone dragon.’

“Krrrrrrr… . dare… .”

Bone Dragon continued to mutter meaninglessly.

A state in which consciousness is closing.

‘At this level, it’s almost like I’m incapacitated.’

This was the last chance to escape.

If you did your job well, the contract could be canceled right away.

That was the only right of a part-timer in God’s Albanara.

He is angry, but there is nothing he can do when Damdeok and his companions are watching him.

But isn’t everyone busy fighting dragons right now?

‘I’m sorry, but I’m going back to my father. Unlike you, who have no speed, that is my only hope.’

Elia opened the system.

And, rather than having the employer complete the part-time work, we touched on a manual system in which the part-time worker ends the part-time job himself.

[Do you want to complete your part-time job?]

[There may be a penalty depending on the judgment of the employer.]

‘Even if it were a penalty, it would mean paying less part-time salary.’

Honestly, I didn’t mind taking that part-time salary.

I never thought that Damdeok would obediently give me part-time pay.

Without hesitation, Elia reached for the part-time job completion button.

It was then.


His hand reaching towards the system was blocked.

Elia’s head slowly turned.

Damdeok suddenly appears. He was blocking his own hands, holding Aphrodite’s belt in one hand and Kronos’ great sword in the other.

“Uh-huh, if you do this in a shameful way, it will be used.”


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