I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 186

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#186. Part-timer Yoo Dam-deok becomes an employer! (4)

“Elia, what are you doing?”

A young voice is heard.

Has he just turned three or four years old?

A familiar boy stood in front of Elia with a bright smile.


Laughter is heard from afar.

A garden where children from the beginning played.

In a place filled with abundance thanks to the power of Gaia, Elia was alone in a corner, suffering from solitude.

The boy opened his mouth innocently.

“Why are you always alone? “Let’s go over there and play together.”

Cheerful voice.

Elia unconsciously glanced at the boy in front of her.

When I see this guy, I feel a bit sad.

“You go and have fun, you idiot.”

In Elia’s eyes as she blurted out words, there was a reflection of Jooyul and other children playing happily in the distance.

‘My mother always spends time with him… .’

Elia’s eyes grew helpless for a moment, but then became harsh.

Jump up! Elia got up and pushed the boy who was still standing in front of her with all her strength.


“Get out of the way, idiot. “We don’t know what kind of situation we are in.”

“… … “What situation are we in?”

Elia hesitated for a moment in response to the boy’s question with anxious eyes.

But soon he spoke without hesitation.

“I’m the 100th, so I’m last. You are number 99, so you are second to last. “Don’t you know what that means?”

“… … “Do you really need to know that?”

“of course!”

Elia screamed without realizing it.

I can feel my mother’s gaze from afar.

Elia hastily turned his back.

“You don’t want to spend even a moment with an idiot who doesn’t even know his situation, do you? So, don’t bother me and if you want to have fun, just go and have fun.”

Elia said and quickly passed by the boy.

The boy just watched in silence as she moved to a deeper corner.

But that was only that day, and from then on,

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing here.”

“What are you doing to day?”

The boy constantly approached and talked to Elia, who was alone.

Even if you kick them out, they always come back and what are you doing? It seemed that my senses would be relieved only when I said the words.

One day, Elia finally exploded and poured out sharp words.

“Oh really. “You idiot!!”

“Even if it bothers people, it’s oily resin!!”

“What do you care if I’m alone or not!!”

“I’m so sick of this that I’m dying, so please stop talking about what he’s doing!”

The boy quietly watched Elia fuming in anger. And then he holds out his hand without saying a word.

“How can you leave me alone? “We are one family.”

“Oh, really you… .”

Elia stepped back as if she was tired.

“Don’t be alone. Come with me.”

“… … .”

That day was the first time Elia failed to chase away a boy.

“What are you doing?”

A deep voice is heard and old memories are scattered.

A familiar voice.

Elia slowly raised her head.

“Why are you suddenly silent? Tartarus. “I will go with you or not.”

‘Damdeok… . ’99th child.’

The guy in front of me was no different from a thousand years ago or now.

‘He’s still stupid and doesn’t seem to have any real tension.’

Since ancient times, this guy has been gifted with the talent to leave others speechless.

‘So it’s a similar situation now.’

Elia looked at Damdeok with that thought in mind, and Damdeok was truly puzzled by Elia’s gaze.

‘what. ‘Why is this happening all of a sudden?’

Isn’t that right?

When I was so excited and attacking just a moment ago, what does that faint look in my eyes mean?

When Damdeok looked at him strangely, only then did Elia slowly look away.

“… … “I tell you, don’t insult your father.”

“Not my father, Chaos.”



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“I’m not in the mood to play with words. If you insult your father one more time… . “I will kill you.”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders at Elia’s resolute attitude, looking at Jusoyul standing next to him.

But she didn’t respond at all, as if she had been preoccupied with something from earlier.

Damdeok took a bite, wondering why they were both like this, and then spoke again.

“Anyway, I didn’t bring up the topic of Chaos to provoke you, so I won’t do it if you really don’t want to. But I hope you know that it is clear that he is using you.”


In an instant, life erupted from Elia’s body.

“If you do it one more time… . “You said you were going to kill me, right?”

“Wow… . Were you always this aggressive? In the past, people spoke less. “Didn’t you really act like Little Joo-yul?”

Elia gritted his teeth.

“Do not be ridiculous. “I’m different from him.”

Damdeok gestured that he understood and took a step closer to Elia.

“I don’t know what it is, but the atmosphere seems a little lighter than before, so let’s just get to the point. “I don’t have much time, so I want you to answer quickly and briefly.”

At those words, Elia glared at Damdeok fearfully.

As scary as it must have been to stare at the silver-haired kid, Elia was chosen by Chaos and had tremendous power potential.

Although he is still only a high-class god, his power is definitely different from that of ordinary gods.

A normal person would probably have lost strength in his legs and lost his will to fight, but Damdeok didn’t even bat an eye.

“Just say it. I hate it, I like it. Oh, I forgot to tell you, but if I say no, you have no choice but to stay stuck here until everything is over?”

“You said warmly earlier that you would help, but you quickly changed your attitude?”

“There is a price to be paid to being a fool who doesn’t recognize the help that is right in front of him.”

“Who said I was stupid?”

“Who are you?”

There was silence for a moment.

Elia spoke first.

“I’ll be honest. I don’t understand why you’re suggesting this. Now that I hear you say it… .”

Elia looked at Damdeok and Jujuyul alternately with eyes that still couldn’t believe it.

“… So, it seems like you have already found not only your memories of me, but all of your memories from your previous life, so why did you give me this opportunity? “It’s useless, wouldn’t it be easier to just lock it up?”

“I need your help. To be exact, that is the easiest and fastest way to go. And if you help me, I will help you in return. “It’s a win-win, right?”

Damdeok said that in his characteristic confident tone.

Elia slightly shook her head.

“If your help means separating me and my father, you are wrong. I guess they were trying to get sympathy in the name of family or brothers… . That sounds like a no-brainer. “You will regret ever offering me this.”

“Why are you talking around like that? “Anyway, you’re accepting it, right?”

Elia’s face became expressionless again.

“I will stab you in the back whenever I get the chance. “You all know this well, but I’ll say it again.”

Damdeok grinned.

“That’s not something you should worry about. Anyway, has it been decided?”

Elia didn’t answer.

Rather than being trapped in this strange cube and not being able to do anything, her priority was to go outside no matter what was offered.

“good. If you decide, let’s go. “You have a lot of work to do in the future.”

Elia looked blankly at Damdeok, who was grinning again, and shook her head from side to side as if trying to shake off useless thoughts.

And then Elia, with a stern expression on her face, slowly left the cube, following Damdeok and Ju Soo-yul.

* * *

Near the dragon’s nest.

In a lush forest.

Damdeok and his companions were walking in silence.

Awkward silence.

Even the white clouds, which were always chattering while moving, kept their mouths shut.

Damdeok, who could not see anything, opened his mouth.

“Ah, why is the mood like this from earlier? Dragon, you say it’s no big deal? Besides, Syaoran is a good dragon who understands.”

Then, as if it had been waiting, a white cloud came closer to Damdeok.

“Ugh de hun tteun euzu ne (It’s all because of you)”

“… What is he saying now. Speak Korean correctly. men and horses. How good does everyone here speak Korean? uh? Even Alui, a demon, speaks Korean better than you. uh?”

When Damdeok scolded Baekgureum, he muttered rapidly.

“That’s because the dimension to which the system is bound is all language interpretation… ! No, more than that, why did you suddenly bring that woman out… ! Wasn’t she captured to keep her locked up? !!”

White Cloud lowered his voice as much as possible and spoke in a whisper, but Elia’s face, who was following from a distance, was already slightly distorted.

Damdeok glanced at Elia, sighed a little and patted Baekgureum on the shoulder.

“I explained everything earlier, but why are you doing this again? You gave a lecture that lasted for an hour. Is it still not enough? Should I do more? Elia’s necromancer ability is the only way to control the Dragon’s Nest, the strongest boss, Bone Dragon… .”

Damdeok started repeating what he said.

A little while ago, when Elia was brought out of , the group outside was momentarily frozen.

Of course, we had given notice in advance, but when we actually faced Elia, everyone froze.

‘It’s only natural that we came here, crossing time and space, because of Elia’s fog attack.’

Except for Son Goku, who was extremely optimistic, and Cheon Taerang, the Heavenly Demon who was the only child in the world, everyone seemed anxious about Elia.

‘But it was surprisingly easy to sort out.’

There were two reasons.

First, Elia was an essential party member in the Dragon’s Nest.

The second reason was that the power of Damdeok and other colleagues, especially Son Goku, Cheon Tae-rang, and Ju Ju-yul, was strong enough to overpower Elia.

“No, at first I thought I agreed because my brother was so good at talking, but… .”

“Now that I think about it again, it’s not true?”

“uh! Don’t you remember that he tried to exterminate all of us?! In the first place, he killed the Fairy King, and after that, he showed up wherever we went… ! Bring in Asmodeus too! Even rides on the eyes of the abyss! Stop the battlefield of the gods! What about the fog of death at the end? Why can’t you trust a guy who always hides in a dark dimension… !”

White Cloud begins to speak passionately.

In the meantime, I didn’t forget to lower my voice while glancing at Elia from time to time.

It seems that the trauma about Elia still remains.

‘I can’t afford to comfort them one by one. now… .’

Stand tall.

Suddenly, Damdeok’s steps stopped.

As the white cloud tilted its head, a strange crying sound rang out from in front.


The group reflexively begins to prepare for battle.

Damdeok leisurely let Baekseol, who was about to jump out, into the armor.

“There’s no need for you to come out yet, Snow White. … … “Elia.”

At Damdeok’s call, Elia, who had been watching from behind, slowly walked out.

“Know this one thing. I can stop the Bone Dragon, but I can’t do anything about the other dragons. “I admit that you have become stronger, but when adult dragons swarm and attack, even Zeus runs away.”

I know this, but Damdeok kept quiet on purpose.

“… Well, if I could die here with all of you, that would be of help to my father.”

“hmm. Okay, okay. And what more can I say?”

Elia looked at Damdeok with puzzled eyes for a moment.

“… I definitely warned you. “You should have had at least one more part-time job before you barged in like this.”

Damdeok smiled.

“Are you not going to work part-time anymore?”


Damdeok was still smiling.

With Kronos’ great sword attached to his back.

He smiled and opened his mouth.

“My part-time job is over now. From now on, I will hire gods.”

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