I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 185

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#185. Part-timer Yoo Dam-deok becomes an employer! (3)

“and… .”

“what’s this… .”

The companions’ eyes widened.

The place where Damdeok arrived riding Geunduun to save his spiritual power.

The scene that unfolded before my eyes was just like the primitive Earth.

“The atmosphere is very gloomy.”

“Is this what Mother Nature looks like?”

“Does this look like something Atlaum scholars would like?”

Plants so gigantic that they cannot even be compared to modern times.

A vast wasteland stretching out to the horizon.

And strange cries can be heard from time to time in the dense jungle far away.

-Keeeeeeee… !

The group members just stared at the scenery in fascination, each with their mouths slightly open.

“oh my god. Must be here… . “It’s like the Jurassic period, right?”

Baekgureum was the first to open his mouth.

His eyes were already bright.

“Jurassic? what is that?”

Adele Sharon asks, tilting her head.

Baekgureum thought that this was his chance and started sharing his knowledge.

“Wow, you don’t even learn that in Atlaum? It’s the age of dinosaurs. It’s the age of dinosaurs. ball. “Ryong.”

Baekgureum spoke with a smug gesture, but most of the group members still looked like they didn’t know anything.

“What, you guys don’t even know about dinosaurs? Wow, ignorant… … .”

When even Alui, who had always been condescending and pointed out his swordsmanship, looked at him with a completely clueless expression, Baekgureum looked back at Damdeok.

“Brother, I don’t think they know what a real dinosaur is? Hehehe, you’re not idiots, you idiots!”

At those words, Cheon Taerang, who was quietly looking around the scenery with his arms folded, glared at Baek Cloud.

“Hmm, I’m not saying they’re all idiots… . No, let alone Pao, who is an Egyptian, Papi, you are a god and you really don’t know?”

Cheon Taerang, who takes his gaze away from Baek Gureum, who hastily turns his horse around, slowly touches the soil and feels its energy.

Poppy, who was shot while remaining still, screamed as if she was wronged.

“In the first place, the Egyptian gods were trapped there for a long time. Pyramid forced labor using gods… . Don’t you know?!”

“Yeah, really? what… . Anyway, this place is similar to the Jurassic! “Everyone just needs to know that!”

“So what is that dinosaur or something?”

Adele Sharon asked with narrowed eyes.

“… … “A dinosaur is a dinosaur or something.”

“I didn’t really know what was going on. “Smug.”

Adele snorted and turned around.

Alui also turns his head with an expression that says you are like that.

“Hey! “There are so many things that even dinosaurs didn’t know about!”

“Hey, let’s go, Alui. Don’t deal with him. Hehe~.”

“… huh. “I’ve been meaning to do that from the beginning.”

Looking at the white clouds screaming at Adele and Alui, Goku opened his mouth.

“Hey, brother. So, if you sum up your plan so far… … .”

Damdeok had explained in detail his plans for the future after coming here.

Especially Jo So-yul, Son Goku, and Cheon Tae-rang. To these three people.

‘Because the other party members are still not enough to deal with the adult dragons.’

Adult dragons were beings that even the gods could not mess with.

Although White Cloud, Alui, Adelsharon, and Pao had great power as guardians, it was still too much to handle dozens of creatures that even the gods could not control.

‘But with the help of these three… … .’

Son Goku, who was continuing to say something, paused for a moment and looked at Damdeok.

“Brother, are you listening to me?”

“uh? Oh well then.”

Actually, I didn’t hear it.

Son Goku looks at Damdeok with suspicious eyes.

Cheon Taerang, who had been smoothing the dirt, shook his hands, stood up, and opened the door.

“… … So what you’re saying is that from now on, you’re going to walk the path of defeat, aren’t you?”

“Paedo? “What is paedo?”

Goku tilted his head again.

Cheon Taerang frowned slightly and gestured.

“Keep the child still.”

“This bastard, how old am I now, but I’m still a child! “It’s easily over 1,000 years old since Mt. Huaguo!!”

Cheon Tae-rang lightly ignored the rampaging Son Goku.

Damdeok looked at Cheon Taerang and nodded.

“Well, that’s right. If it is the path of Paedo, it is the path of Paedo. Because it’s about conquering with force. Power for power. Reign of terror. Paedo politics. “Because those things are the best for short-term results.”

Damdeok smiled happily for the first time in a long time.

“Ah, did you mean to conquer with force? You said that already. After all, brothers. It’s a strategy I really like. haha.”

Only then did Son Goku, who had been running wild, understand and lightly turned his baton.

Taerang Cheon also gave a positive answer.

“The path of Paedo is not the style I prefer… . “I don’t think the person who destroyed Gangho and followed you has anything to say now.”



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Damdeok nodded in satisfaction and looked at Jusoyul one last time.

But she had always had a worried look on her face.

“I said it before… … .”


Damdeok cut her off.

“Are you saying that no matter how much we can match the power of the Supreme God, it would be impossible to deal with dozens of adult dragons?”

“okay. Even if you have Aphrodite’s Belt, you can only handle about five or six at most. The number of dragons living here is said to be over 20. Moreover, among them, there is a bone dragon that even Zeus dislikes. It really doesn’t make sense to rule over them all… .”

I was more worried about the address rate than I thought.

It was natural.

Because only the memories of failure over a long period of time, number 1869, are engraved.

But this life is different.

Damdeok truly thought so.

Now he has recovered all his memories, read all the memory fragments that were diaries from his past life, and even succeeded in traveling back in time and space while maintaining the abilities of the Supreme God.

‘I’ve pulled out all the cards I can hold in this life.’

There has never been anything like this before.

Even if you start your life with one or two advantages,

There has never been a life that brought out everything and every advantage like this.

So this life will be different.

Therefore, Damdeok,

Damdeok spoke truly confident words to Jooyul.

“It’s not the same as countless lives before.”

“… what?”

“It’s not the same. Memories of the countless failures you had to go through. “Forget about that now.”

“… … .”

The address didn’t say anything.

Damdeok had a vague idea of ​​what she was thinking.

The loneliness that I endured for so long alone, the disappointment of wondering what the hell you know. And there will be a bit of resentment mixed in as well.

‘Over those many years, you must have seen your closest colleagues die before your eyes hundreds or thousands of times… .’

Damdeok smiled bitterly.

I couldn’t even imagine how she was feeling, so I didn’t dare offer any consolation.

Still, I had to open up.

Damdeok slowly opened his mouth.

“… … “This time, I won’t make you carry it all on your own.”

Ju Soo-yul looked at Damdeok without saying a word.

“Thank you for your words. But it’s not up to you. It’s my mother’s will. “If we fail anyway, everyone will lose their memories.”

Instead of sadness, there was a deep, indescribable sense of loss in her eyes.

“trust me. “There is no chance of failure this time.”

“So how on earth…” … .”

“I’m going to try something that’s never been done before.”

“what is that?”


Ju Soo-yul’s mouth opened slightly at the name that suddenly appeared.

Damdeok paid no heed and continued speaking firmly.

“I’m going to use that guy.”

For a while, Ju Soo-yul could not close his gaping mouth.

* * *

“… … “Did these go around?”

Elia muttered softly.

Damdeok and Jusoyul were standing in front of her.

“They suddenly imprisoned me in such a strange way, and they suddenly came in and did it… . “Are you telling me to stand by your side?”

Elia’s sneer echoed within the Cube of Horus.

“Hey, address rate. you tell me “Why on earth is he doing this?”

Despite Elia’s sarcastic question, Jooyul just kept his mouth shut.

“what the. I live and live because it’s absurd… … .”

Elia laughed as she said she would look at all the crazy people, and even as she did so, her eyes were rolling quickly.

Eye movements trying to somehow find a way out.

However, Son Goku and Cheon Taerang were standing guard at the entrance to the Horus Cube.

‘The probability of beating me and Joo-ryul, and beating them both… … .’

For Elia now, it was zero.

Damdeok quickly approached her.

In an instant, Elia’s eyes became sharper.

“… … away. “Unless you want to be buried alive in this narrow cube.”

“You won’t be able to use your abilities freely inside Horus’ Cube?”

They said it was made of the same material as the pyramid of the gods.

But Elia was not discouraged at all.

“Oh yeah? “Then I guess it’s the same for you too?”

“Even so, you can never defeat me now. “You know it well, right?”

At Damdeok’s words, Elia’s eyes narrowed further.

“under! okay. yes. What on earth did they do to make this person, who was obviously untalented just a few days ago, gain such terrifying power? Actually, that’s what I’m most curious about right now. Why did your mother give you a blessing again?”

Elia gritted his teeth and looked straight at Damdeok.

Unlike the normally calm Elia, she was extremely angry.

Damdeok looked straight into her eyes without backing down.

“You don’t know anything about that. What I want to say is… … .”

“okay. What on earth do you want to say? I’m really shocked and embarrassed by this situation. So, let’s stop trying to appease and tell your mother#@$%… .”

The venomous words that Elia spits out in rapid fire.

Damdeok immediately cut off Elia, who was madly excited.

“So I will help you.”


Elia’s rant stopped.

Her eyes twitched slightly.

“… … What is he saying now. Why are you helping me? “Why do I need help from you?”

Damdeok sighed.

“Why? We are all brothers. “Children from the beginning.”

Elia’s face was momentarily dumbfounded by Damdeok’s remarks.

Jooyul, who was watching, slowly touched his forehead as if he knew something was coming.

“… … Haha, you really can’t wait to say that.”

Elia hesitated and took a step back.

“What are you guys doing now?” ? No, how did you know that before that? … Children of the beginning. You probably don’t remember the address either. Your father said that he erased your memories from the beginning. But how… ? No way… . “That can’t be possible?”

Elia’s voice was trembling slightly.

Damdeok drove a wedge into the confused Elia.

“The one you call father. Chaos is using you.”

“Do not be ridiculous!!”

Elia’s hand sharply cut through the air.

Damdeok easily dodged the attack, but Elia was still glaring at Damdeok with an angry face.

“Do not be ridiculous… . Where are you doing this nonsense? !!”

Damdeok spoke softly to Elia, who had become extremely sharp.

“If you don’t believe me, you can come with me.”

“what… ?”

Damdeok stretched out his hand.

“Tartarus. “Come with me.”


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