I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 183

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#183. Part-timer Yoo Dam-deok becomes an employer! (One)

“Well, everyone can see it.”

Damdeok slowly looked around at his colleagues in front of him.

The very first Alui.

The guy was tightly holding the Spear of Waves, the weapon of Poseidon that Baekgureum first picked up.

That wasn’t all.

‘And Hades’ helmet?’

had the ability to hide itself from enemies.

To put it simply, it is a helmet version of the invisibility cloak.

‘A guy with demon wings has the ability to hide himself and even has a spear that creates waves…’ .’

You may not know it, but Alui’s combat power will increase dramatically, incomparable to what it is now.

‘The white clouds managed to give them away.’

Damdeok’s gaze automatically moved to the white-haired Baekgureum next to him.

The guy was standing triumphantly wearing silver armor from head to toe.

The Achilles armor set that Baekgureum was originally wearing was already thrown away in the corner.

“Tsk tsk, I bought it for you… … .”

“why! “My brother told me to do whatever I wanted!”

“okay. “You must be young.”


It was an armor gifted by Thor, who got along well with Ares, who was very warlike.

‘It was made with great effort by the dwarves of Norse mythology, not by Hephaestus… … .’

The basic performance was naturally focused on tank-like charging and mobility that could quickly kill the enemy.

In addition, the helmet and sword handle were equipped with Hermes’ wings, allowing flight at any time during the battle, killing two birds with one stone.

Baekgureum readily handed over to Alui.

“What do you think, Alui? Is mine much thicker than that guy’s?”

At those words, Alui turned his head and muttered.

“… … “It’s childish.”

Damdeok looked at the two guys and smiled slightly.

Didn’t both guys choose their weapons very well to suit their fighting styles?

It was amazing.

“You picked the right rare item. “What are you looking forward to in the future?”

“Well then!”

Baekgureum nodded with an excited voice.

Damdeok took his gaze away from Baekgureum, who was completely intoxicated, and looked at Adele Sharon next to him, who was wearing all kinds of things.

“Adele… . What the hell are you… … .”

Damdeok narrowed his eyebrows.

“… … why?”

Adele Sharon looked at Damdeok with an expression of confusion.

She was wearing strange hats, tacky scarves, and other miscellaneous items all over her body from head to toe.

Seeing as they weren’t even checked individually in the system, they were definitely trivial items.

As Damdeok’s face became more and more like a shit-chewing face,

“… … Hey, don’t say a word. “This is my shopping style.”

Adele Sharon focused her eyes and glared at Damdeok.

Damdeok waved his hand to do whatever he wanted and then turned his gaze towards his colleagues.

Compared to the somewhat noisy front row guys, the back row was rather calm.

Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang stand quietly.

Damdeok could not help but nod his head in satisfaction.

‘As expected, those two know the key.’

Zeus’s shield, Aegis, was hanging behind Ju Ju-yul’s back as he stood with his arms crossed.


The strongest shield in existence equipped with a Gorgon’s head.

It was truly the pinnacle of armor that could turn even gods into stone.

‘But it looks like there’s usually a barrier in place.’

Fortunately, the Gorgon’s head, which is said to turn to stone as soon as it is seen, was not visible, perhaps because the Aegis was surrounded by soft light.

‘Well, even if there is no barrier and I have consumed Gorgon’s Eye, it doesn’t matter.’

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders while receiving Ju Soo-yul’s gaze.

And next to it is Cheontae-rang.

She was fiddling with her shabby-looking armor… .

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

‘These are stone gloves used by the Titans. ‘You have great insight.’

I guess it’s because it’s a Cheonma.

Damdeok was amazed at how he recognized and selected such an item.

If, in addition to the Heavenly Demon’s martial prowess, the power of the armor used by the Titans were combined… … ?

‘… … The momentum must be truly incredible.’

Damdeok shook his head without realizing it.

It was because I truly felt sorry for the enemies I would face in the future.

“older brother! “Please look at mine too!”

“I’m going to bake cookies with this and eat it!”



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Poppy was smiling brightly while holding Dionysus’ drinking cup, Pao was holding Hestia’s mini oven, and Son Goku was stuffing a lot of gold and silver treasures into his arms in the corner.

“Hey bro, why don’t you pick a weapon?”

In response to Damdeok’s shout, Son Goku grinned while putting the gold and silver treasures in his hands.

“Heng, I don’t need anyone other than Yeouibong. “Only weak people have things like that.”

Goku said, pointing towards White Cloud and Adele Sharon.


“That bastard… … !”

“… … “That’s harsh.”

Of course, the other party members were upset, but Son Goku didn’t care at all and was stuffing more gold and silver treasures into his arms.



“Kkeukkeu, if you take all of these, the Huaguosan family will be rich!”

“… … Seriously, why on earth do you need such gold and silver treasures that are as large as Jecheon Daeseong?”

Son Goku clicked his tongue at White Cloud’s timid revenge.

“Little brother, I may have become a god, but the Huaguosan family are not gods. “Money is an essential element of living.”

Adele Sharon responded to those words.

“that’s right. Money is essential. “I don’t know about the kid.”

“Because you’re not a kid?!”

Leaving behind the huffing white clouds, Damdeok looked down at the weapon he had chosen for the last time.


It was a sword that was reborn by melting down the sickle of Cronus, who had driven out Uranus, the god of the sky, a long time ago, before Zeus was even born.

‘Because it was enough to neutralize the king of the gods at that time. ‘It cannot be denied that it is more powerful than any other weapon.’

There were so many additional options that it was difficult to read them all.

‘Basically, it has the highest level of attack power enhancement, attack speed enhancement, bleeding effect, and amplification of the black flame attribute series.’

It was truly a top-class weapon.

But there was one thing I liked the most… … .

Among the many effects, Damdeok looked at the phrase that particularly drew his heart.


Effect: Kronos’ great sword is a sword stained with desire and curse as it has consumed blood. Absorbs the power of anything the blade touches!

“It would be a great match for the talent of predatory.”

Damdeok grinned and raised Kronos’ great sword high.


A heavy blade.

And the echo of the curse rings out.


Everyone in the group frowns.

Damdeok slowly took out the club of Hercules that had been hanging behind his back for a long time.

And right away,


As Hercules’ club was broken in two, a system message appeared.

[ vampire effect is activated!]

[Randomly absorbs the weapon’s optional effects!]

Ignoring the surprised looks of his companions, Damdeok calmly straightened his sword.



[The stun option has been added to !]


Damdeok nodded with a satisfied face and put the greatsword behind his back.

White Cloud and Alui were looking at the scene in fascination.

“Wow, how cool… . “It was really crazy.”

“As expected of you, Master.”

The gods who were watching from afar couldn’t bear it and started swearing.

[…] … Now, let’s do it, even Kronos’ great sword!!]

[Zeus! Are you really going to leave it like this! Not only your shield, my spear, and the helmet of Hades, but even the great sword of Kronos will be taken away!]

Poseidon, who had been holding back well until now, could not hold back and exploded with anger for the second time.

But Zeus just looked back at Poseidon with a scary face.

[…] … Shut up. Poseidon. Do you think I’m quiet because I don’t know anyone?]

Zeus’s solemn tone of speech, which is rarely seen.

Poseidon had no choice but to keep his mouth shut again.

There was an awkward silence among the gods.

And Damdeok went before those gods without hesitation.

“I will keep my promise.”

Damdeok took out the Cube of Horus and gestured towards Son Goku.

“Brother, please bring Aphrodite.”


Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang followed Son Goku and went in together. This was a measure to prevent Elia from escaping.

Sure enough, several loud roars erupted from inside the cube.

Kugung… !!

Coo… !

thud… !!

Soon Goku tied up Aphrodite and dragged her out of Horus’ Cube, which became quiet.

“Wow, brother, this guy’s resistance is so strong… … .”

[This guy!! How dare these crazy people… !! I will definitely tear you to death! If Olympus finds out about this, you all… … !!!]

Aphrodite stopped crying and closed her big eyes.

This was because Zeus and the other Olympian gods were already in front of him.

[…] … What on earth is this… ?]

Zeus sighed softly as he looked at Aphrodite.

[Hurry and come this way.]

[yes… ? yes… .]

After Aphrodite hesitated to go over to the gods, Damdeok stood face to face with Zeus again.

“This is the end of the deal.”

Zeus frowned with a troubled expression.

[…] … What about Ares?]

“Oh, I think it will take some time to tame that guy.”

Damdeok looked down at his stomach for a moment.

The faces of Zeus, as well as the gods behind him, were distorted with anger.

“But don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. “I will definitely promise you that.”

Damdeok said that in a voice without any malice or good intentions.

The gods behind him were already in a state of disbelief because of the absurdity, and Zeus was spinning his pounding head as fast as he could.

‘If I bump into this guy right now… … .’

Zeus’ gaze extended beyond Damdeok to the group behind him.

He has already given up all of the weapons of the Olympian gods to avoid conflict.

The odds of winning were slim before, but now they were close to zero.

‘It’s a shame… .’


The reason why he thinks of his father, Kronos, whom he drove out in this situation.

Because of that great sword?

Zeus felt that his old self was overlapping with the image of Damdeok in front of him, and he slowly opened his mouth.

[…] … Promises must be kept. The words that will not harm Ares.]

Damdeok smiled and nodded.

After perfecting the talent of predation, he had to devour all the gods and go to Tartarus.

And that time will go by much faster than you think.

“Do not worry. “We will all meet together soon.”

Zeus paused for a moment at Damdeok’s meaningful words, but that was all.

Zeus was aware that the talent of predation was more dangerous than anything else, but he did not think that it could swallow all the gods.

Because it was truly unimaginable.

“Okay then.”

Damdeok left his last words and turned towards his colleagues.

Zeus just stared quietly at the hanging on Damdeok’s back.


In a flash of bright light, Damdeok and his companions disappeared from the gods’ sight,

Zeus and the gods stood there for quite some time.


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