I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 182

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#182. Report of Olympus (3)

[what… … ?]

[What was that guy saying just now? How dare you go to Olympus’ treasury in front of us?]

Behind Zeus, the gods began to murmur in unison.

[…] … Things are crazy these days.]

As Poseidon muttered, the other gods also showed their anger.

[that’s right. You must be crazy!]

[Even if you lose your head, you still have oil… … .]

[Do you think we will accept such a proposal?]

The atmosphere is turning ugly.

At the same time, people who specialized in combat, such as Joo-yul, Cheon Tae-rang, and Son Goku, were nervous and slowly walked forward.

But in the meantime, Damdeok just looked at Zeus calmly.

Apollo seems to have been irritated by that sight and walks forward, huffing.

[Isn’t this truly arrogant! father! I will handle it!]

However, contrary to expectations, Zeus quietly raised one arm and stopped him.

[father… … ?]

[I told you not to call me that outside.]

[…] … but.]

[But whatever, just stay still. Don’t make yourself suffer even more by getting caught.]

Apollo had no choice but to remain dumbfounded.

No, even though he is the god of the sun in name, he doesn’t say it as if it’s natural for him to be caught by such a bald foreign god without even being able to use his strength.

Except for Apollo, the other gods were equally embarrassed by Zeus’ remarks.

‘Someone who is not a Greek god covets the treasury of Olympus… … .’

‘… Stay still? What the hell is this… … .’

‘Besides, just from what he says, it seems like Apollo is no match for that guy.’

[…] … Are you kidding? My name is that I am the god of the sun… .]

Apollo was dumbfounded and looked at Zeus.

But Zeus only uttered one word with a stern expression.

[Step back, Apollo. Don’t say it twice.]

[…] … .]

In the end, Apollo had no choice but to take a step back.

Damdeok, who watched the series of situations, slowly opened his mouth.

“I have taken what I wanted from Aphrodite, so if you give me the key to the treasury of Olympus, I will have no more business here.”

[Well, that… … !]

[This is crazy… … !]

[Another ridiculous statement… !]

The gods were once again indignant at Damdeok’s request, but Zeus took no action.

He just exchanged glances with Damdeok without saying a word.

Damdeok sighed softly.

“… … “If you are willing to refuse.”


The talent of predation that had died down after swallowing Ares began to emit brilliant golden light again.

Damdeok’s eyes also flashed the same golden color, and the same round sphere as before surrounded Damdeok’s body.

The talent for eating.

As soon as it appeared again, Hermes and Demeter’s bodies began to tremble.

They had already lost their will to fight after seeing Ares being eaten.

“If we refuse, we have no choice but to go a little too radical here.”

Damdeok said that in a low voice.

[Uhm… .]

Zeus let out a groan of pain without even realizing it.

The image of Damdeok before his eyes was on a completely different level from when he was just standing there a moment ago.

‘… … ‘I’ve been wrong all this time.’

The talent for eating.

Did you predict that if you confront that thing, a second Titan Crisis would occur?

It wasn’t.

‘If we face someone like this, Olympus may face a disaster that will make it impossible to recover… .’

Therefore, Zeus was unable to hide the sound that flowed from his mouth without his knowledge.

However, even in the meantime, the gods of Olympus gathered behind Zeus were each raising their voices and expressing anger, saying that Damdeok should be imprisoned in the legendary dungeon, Tartarus.

[father! Why are you staying still!]

[The majesty of our Greek gods is falling to the ground day by day!]

[You must never leave it alone… !]

Amid the clamor, Zeus, who felt a sense of disconnection from reality, slowly raised one hand.

All the gods became quiet.

At the same time, the gods grabbed their respective weapons and began glaring at Damdeok with the intention of killing him at any moment.

Zeus spoke slowly.

[…] … The key is a symbol of Olympus and cannot be handed over to a foreign god.]

The cheers of the gods could be heard from behind.

That’s all right! It was a triumphant expression.



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Their bodies were tilted as if they were going to jump forward,

Damdeok’s eyes changed drastically.

It wasn’t anger.

The eyes clearly showed annoyance that the situation had turned out this way.

“… … Hmm, then it’s a rejection?”

At the same time, the predation talent surrounding Damdeok began to hum and resonate.

The energy of the unknown becomes stronger and stronger.

Zeus felt cold sweat forming on his back as he faced it.

For the first time in my life,

No, in fact, the feeling I had felt for the first time in a long time was the clear ‘fear’ of an unknown power.

But he made no effort to show that he was scared.

I just calmly convey my opinion to the monstrous god in front of me.

[No, you have to listen to God’s words until the end. I can’t hand over the key, but if what you want is within the treasury of Olympus, I can gladly take you to it.]

Damdeok’s expression softened a little.

“I can’t give you the key directly, but I will open the Olympus report for you?”

[…] … yes.]

When Zeus said something unexpected, all the gods who had been triumphant fell silent with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Damdeok thought for a moment and nodded with a brighter face.

“good. egg plant.”

Damdeok withdrew his predation talent and turned around.

Only then was Zeus able to secretly breathe a sigh of relief.


[why… … ?]

[does not make sense… … !]

[I’m disappointed. Zeus. If you cannot do it, Poseidon will personally judge you.]

The gods except Zeus could not tolerate this absurd situation.

They did not have the power of the like Zeus, so even though they knew that Damdeok was strong, they believed that he was not strong enough to fight them all.

Therefore, it is natural that there will be backlash.

However, Zeus looked back at the 12 gods with a more solemn expression than ever.

[From now on, no one… … .]

Zeus’s anger was clearly conveyed between his clenched teeth.

[…] No one should step forward.]

Even Poseidon, the god of the sea, gently lowered his spear again in response to Zeus’ unusual reaction.

[…] Please don’t say anything, don’t do anything, just stay still… . Stay still. entire… … .]

Zeus’s expression suddenly went beyond anger to reveal sorrow.

The twelve gods could not say anything at the sight of Zeus.

* * *

“Wow, awesome. “Are you crazy here?!”

Baekgureum’s lively voice resonates like a cave.

A treasure trove of gods hidden atop Mount Olympus.

The huge stone chamber was filled with all kinds of gold and silver treasures and the weapons of the Olympian gods.

“… … “It’s much more fancy than the Demon King’s armory.”

Even Alui, who had been quiet the whole time, looked around with curious eyes.

“Hey, can you compare it to the Demon King Castle? Didn’t you hear from your brother? They say Olympus is the biggest among the world of gods. Awesome! It’s a treasure trove for the strongest guys, so of course it’s gorgeous. Wow, what is this? “The trident is full of charm!!”

Alui muttered bluntly while looking at the white clouds running around excitedly.

“… … The demons were just not revealed on the outside. “Is it strong?”

However, White Cloud was already in a trance state and was not listening to Alui’s words.

“brother! Can I really pick whatever I like?! Something like this?!”

While saying that, what Baekgureum was holding in his hand was the used by Poseidon long ago.

A legendary weapon that, once wielded, sends a huge wave crashing down on the enemy.

The expressions on the faces of the Olympus gods who were watching from the entrance were gradually rotting.

Of all the weapons, the original owner of the weapon, Poseidon, had a distorted expression on his face.

But unlike before, no one was shouting and getting angry.

I just quietly let go of my anger and grit my teeth.

Even Zeus, who was standing in front of the gods, just kept his arms crossed and remained silent.

Damdeok glanced at the gods and then nodded to Baekgureum.

“It doesn’t matter what. “Choose everything you like.”

“Oh yeah~!!”

Baekgureum got excited and started looking through the report in earnest, and Alui also spread her wings with her eyes sparkling with vitality.

“Why aren’t Poppy and Pao going?”

In response to Damdeok’s question, Poppy gave an emotional look.

“Um, can I choose a sword too?”

“Why not?”

“B-but I’m not much help in battle… .”

“Why can’t it help? “Because you are the god of math?”

When Poppy hesitated, Damdeok laughed and slapped her back.

“Go quickly. Basically, all fights have a big impact on tactics and mathematics. Pick anything that allows you to demonstrate your abilities. While I’m at it, I also pick out pao.”

“Ha, Jim, there is no need for that.”

“Pao is a mummy, so she spends a lot of time sleeping, so it would be nice to be able to cover for that.”

“yes!! “Please leave it to me!!”

Pao, who is hanging on Poppy’s back, also begins to excitedly search through the treasure trove.

Damdeok looked back at his companions who were still next to him.

“What are you doing?”

“… … You’re a vicious business owner. “You are truly amazing.”

“Why have this much?”

“No, really. In particular, that villainous temperament seems to be evolving day by day. Kidnapping the goddess and threatening her with imprisonment… . And now there’s robbery?”

Damdeok glanced at Adele Sharon with a shit-chewing face.

“… … So you don’t have the armor of the gods? “Just try to take at least one.”

“no! That’s not it! What can’t I say! I just tried it once. I’m going to choose too! Soyul, come quickly!”

Adele waves her hand and runs out.

“Soyul, hurry up! No matter how strong you are, it would be nice to become stronger, right? So, beat the evil business owner and become the boss. “This girl will happily become your employee.”

At Adele’s urging, Ju So-yul reluctantly follows her.

Now all that’s left is… … .

“what are you doing?”

Cheontaerang is waving his military uniform and glaring at Zeus and the gods.

“There must be a lot of good items here, why don’t you take a look at some?”

However, despite Damdeok’s words, Cheontaerang did not move and just glared at the entrance.

“This seat is… . “Never show your back to the enemy.”

“You don’t have to worry about the Greek gods. Zeus will take care of stopping it.”

“… … How can you be so sure? Have you not felt their full power? If we wage an all-out war, our losses will be enormous. Some of the weak ones will die helplessly. Is it still okay? or not… … .”

Cheon Taerang’s black hair slowly flowed.

A cool feeling settled over her eyes.

“Have you always been the type to abandon the weak?”

Damdeok looked at Cheon Taerang, who suddenly appeared serious, and smiled.

“That can’t be right.”

“But you’re turning your back on your enemies? Didn’t they obediently bring him to their treasury and stand blocking the entrance, emitting such an evil aura? Anyone can see that we are at a disadvantage… … .”

Cheon Tae-rang could not finish his sentence.

It was because he felt infinite power from Damdeok, who was smiling at him.

“… I admit that you have become stronger than before. But when you have a family, you have to take other things into consideration.”

Damdeok nodded slowly and said.

“I know. But don’t worry too much. “No matter how many puppies there are, they will never be able to attack a tiger.”

Cheon Taerang kept his mouth shut.

The anxiety of the Greek gods felt at the entrance.

And Damdeok’s leisureliness clearly contrasts with that.

Cheon Tae-rang calmed down his internal strength little by little.

“Where are you going?”

Damdeok asked.

Cheon Tae-rang answered quietly without even looking back.

“What are you asking?” “Shouldn’t I get one too?”

Meanwhile, Cheon Tae-rang looks at the gods’ weapons among the group.

Damdeok looked at that and smiled softly.


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