I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 178

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#178. Unlicensed Hunter, Yu Dam-deok (4)


Elia’s hand fiercely cuts through the air.

But Aphrodite was not an easy opponent.

[Where… … !!]


When she turns her head as if playing samulnori, her golden hair swings towards Elia like a blade.

“… … !”

Elia instantly turned in the air and stepped aside.

And Elia quietly glares at Aphrodite.

Aphrodite also looked straight at Elia.

[…] … What are you again? Are you on the same side as those scoundrels?]

Aphrodite’s beautiful tone resonates far and wide.

However, despite her question, which was at the level of a main priest, Elia did not respond at all.

Instead, I just glanced back and looked at the giant rabbit that was hesitating.

‘How dare you ignore what I say?’

Aphrodite was dumbfounded.

It was a huge insult that Elia, who was still only a high-class god at best, not only attacked him, but even ignored him.

However, Aphrodite also had a reason why she could not attack hastily.

‘I’m not good at combat.’

However, on the other hand, I felt that the silver-haired goddess in front of me was specialized in combat.

Unique rough and rugged strength.

That was a trait that war-related gods mainly had.

‘Even though he is a high-ranking god, it might be dangerous to come alone.’

Since there had been a major accident last time, Aphrodite did not want to collide with the goddess Elia.

‘Why are you staring at the rabbit like that from earlier?’

Aphrodite’s eyes carefully followed Elia.

Elia’s gaze was still focused on the giant rabbit.

To be precise, she was looking at Damdeok sitting on the giant rabbit’s head, but Aphrodite didn’t have the energy to care about that right now.

I just want to quickly restore stability to the creature I love.

-Kkiing… .

Giant rabbit Sherry.

A perfect creature with fluffy white fur, jet black eyes, plump pink ears and a short, cute tail… … .

[under… … .]

A sigh naturally escaped from Aphrodite’s mouth.

In fact, she truly cares more about that giant rabbit Sherry than the jewels that the dwarves worked so hard to craft, and more than the dazzling dress that her husband Hephaestus made.

Something I desperately want to have, but ultimately cannot have.

Sherry is that cute and lovely creature that is truly sad and heartbreaking!

But look at that guy sitting arrogantly on such a cute thing!


Aphrodite glared fearfully at Damdeok, who was riding on Sherry’s head.

[Get down from there right now.]

Although she was the goddess of beauty and bad at fighting, Aphrodite was one of the 12 main gods in Greek mythology.


As Aphrodite’s terrifying murderous spirit flowed, not only the nearby guards and the garrison commander, but even the citizens who were watching from afar began to groan.

“Okay, suddenly I have a headache…” … .”

“So, the speed is not good. “Wow.”

“Ugh, there’s something strange about my body… … .”

Elia, who was closest to the goddess, also had her expression hardened and her posture straightened.

However, even in the midst of this, Damdeok, the person involved, did not change his expression at all.

No, rather, Damdeok was smiling with satisfaction.

“Brother, I think we’ll finish this quickly?”

At Damdeok’s words, Son Goku, who was still practicing martial arts with his clones, tilted his head.

Regardless of whether Aphrodite appeared or not, he was faithfully concentrating on the role given to him according to Damdeok’s instructions.

“already? “Then can I stop?”

Hwiririk- Cheook.

Son Goku asked, wrapping the female baton around his shoulder.

“okay. Because the target has already taken the bait. “It’s a big fish~”

Damdeok replied with a grin, and his behavior was quite insulting to Aphrodite.

[dare… … . On the subject of humans… … !!]

In the end, Aphrodite became angry and removed the gods’ item, Kestos, from her belt.

At first glance, it was a belt overflowing with unusual energy.

The atmosphere was becoming increasingly serious, but Damdeok was still relaxed.

“Hoo, do I look like a human in your eyes? “That’s right.”

One of the things purchased at a store in return for the name given by the Jade Emperor. The passive skill of Niroroki, the goddess of secrets.

‘It was written in the description that this skill hides the power of one designated person, including me, from the enemy… .’

I never dreamed that it would go to the extent of making him and Son Goku look like humans rather than gods.

‘Wow, this was great value for money.’



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In the Gods’ Store, talents were cheaper than powers, and skills were much cheaper than items, so this was a great opportunity to purchase a large quantity of good value items.

‘There are still many things I haven’t tried yet. ‘I’m looking forward to this.’

Aphrodite frowned as she saw Damdeok smiling like that.

[…] … I guess people these days are crazy because they are so fearless. I will clearly show you the greatness of God.]

Aphrodite said so and lightly lifted the magic belt, Kestos.

At that moment, Elia’s eyes suddenly changed.

“Stand back.”

Elia, who had suddenly blocked Damdeok’s path, glared at Aphrodite and said that.

[Hmm~. I guess you guys were on the same side as me? But how can God do things like harass humans and rabbits? Moreover, you are a high-ranking god, right?]

“… … shut up.”

Elia did not take her eyes off Aphrodite’s fluttering belt.

Once a person was bound by Kestos, they were bewitched by the caster’s charm and had to live like a slave for the rest of their life.

Although it was not a weapon, Elia knew very well that it was a very annoying item.

“Stand back. “Unless you want to live as that woman’s slave for the rest of your life.”

Elia spoke to Damdeok once again.

“Are you really protecting me now?”

Damdeok asked while circling.

“… … no.”

Elia said and waved his hand.

It was a sign telling me to go away.

However, Damdeok came closer behind Elia.

“Then what is it?”

“I told you to stop talking nonsense and step back?”

When Elia waved his hand threateningly, Damdeok easily dodged it.

“Whenever you desperately tried to kill him, in the past you tried to protect him… . haha.”


Elia’s eyebrows rose.

“no. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

“… … .”

Elia glared at Damdeok as if he were dumbfounded, but Damdeok just found this whole situation amusing.

Even Aphrodite was strong in her words, but she was not quick to swing her belt, perhaps because she was afraid of fighting Elia.

‘I can guess why Elia is trying to protect me now.’

The 99th child and the 100th child.

‘He probably thinks I’m in a similar situation to him.’

In short, it is a time when you feel pity.

Moreover, at this time, Elia was torn between the instructions of Chaos and her resentment toward Gaia.

‘It’s a bit mild-tasting Elia.’

In other words, now is the perfect environment to subdue this guy.

“The operation was a spectacular success.”

“Is that so, brother?”

Soon, Son Goku came down and stood next to Damdeok.

Elia looked at Son Goku as if he was bothered, but perhaps because of Niroroki’s skill, he didn’t seem to recognize what kind of being Son Goku was.

Everyone is in a state of hesitation, looking at each other’s thoughts.

Damdeok clapped his hands and stepped forward.

“Now, I think you’ve had enough fun with the situation, so from now on, everyone listen carefully to what I say.”

Elia and Aphrodite’s faces crumpled at the same time at Damdeok’s sudden remark.

From their perspective, it was a natural reaction since Damdeok was nothing more than a weak human being who would die at the snap of a finger.

However, the next words that came out of the mouth of Damdeok, a weak human being, were truly shocking.

“Tsk. “I used some rabbits to bring you all here.”

At those words, the giant rabbit Sherry trembled again.

Damdeok patted the rabbit and then looked at Elia.

“you. “This guy came to get the hand mirror hidden on his body, right?”

Elia widened her eyes at Damdeok’s words.

“How did you… .”

“How and what and how?” “You’ve lived over a thousand times, but if you don’t know it, it’s dementia.”

Damdeok picked his ears and answered.

Elia muttered with an expression of disbelief.

“To live more than a thousand times… . You can’t believe it… . Already all my memories… ?”

“You can think of that as you wish. To conclude, this guy doesn’t have Aphrodite’s hand mirror.”

Elia looked at Damdeok in confusion, but Damdeok just continued talking at a rapid pace.

“I took Aphrodite’s hand mirror. I will also take that magical belt, Kestos, that you are aiming for. “Just like the previous attempt to take Medusa’s head failed because of me, things will go the same way this time as well, so don’t have any unnecessary expectations.”

“What on earth is that…?” .”

Elia’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help but be shocked.

As expected, Aphrodite’s hand mirror and the magic belt Kestos, which Damdeok had just announced that he would take with him, were the items he had been looking for these past few days.

They were perfect defensive items to ward off intruders entering Tartarus.

But how did Damdeok know that, and how could Damdeok, who is still only human, get Aphrodite’s items… … .

[you… . you… . What on earth are you talking about earlier? What happened to my items?!]

Aphrodite, who had not heard anything, screamed loudly.

“After hearing everything, what else are you asking? Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all this is… … .”

Leaving the glowing Aphrodite behind, Damdeok approached Elia.

“I feel bad because I feel like I’m slandering you while I’m still weak. That’s why I’m telling you.”

Elia’s eyes wavered.

I had no idea what the hell this guy was saying.

My mind was complicated.

Damdeok lightly placed his hand on Elia’s shoulder.

“It’s not that I don’t completely understand your feelings… … . Future you were too harsh. right?”

Elia gaped and couldn’t say anything.

Damdeok grinned and took out a small box of items.


“Just cool off here. And then everything will be over.”

Damdeok’s hand slowly moved towards Elia.

Only then did Elia, feeling an unknown sense of crisis, activate her necromancer abilities.

-Well… … !

-Well… … !

“That is of no use.”

Damdeok summoned a larger number of mummy troops.

-Well… … !

-Well… … !

-Well… … !

-Well… … !

Soon, the mummy units riding on top of the wolves summoned with the opening skill began to fiercely push Elia and the skeleton soldiers.

-Krrrrr… … !

-Kung! Cough! Wow!

Overwhelming power difference.

Elia resisted, pouring out all the power and skills she had, but to Damdeok, it was nothing more than the flapping of a small bird’s wings.

[The Jade Emperor’s power, , is activated!]

It was an instant.

Elia and her skeleton soldiers were already inside the Cube of Horus, looking at Damdeok and his soldiers.

“… … you… . you… .”

Damdeok glanced back, leaving Elia, who could hardly continue speaking.

“Hey brother! “It’s all over here too!”

Aphrodite held by Son Goku.

Her complexion was paler than ever.

Damdeok took Aphrodite’s belt and put her into the cube.

[This doesn’t make sense… . dare… . dare… !]

Damdeok, who was looking at Aphrodite who was muttering like crazy and Elia who was speechless, soon motioned for Son Goku’s clones to close the door.

“There are two of us, so it won’t be ideal.”

Kkei Iik-.

Damdeok grinned through the slowly closing door.

“See you again. “When it’s all over.”

Kkei Iik-.

Damdeok’s last words leaked through the increasingly smaller crack in the door.

“don’t worry. “It probably won’t take long.”


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