I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 177

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#177. Unlicensed Hunter, Yu Damdeok (3)

“… … “What are these crazy people?”

Guard leader Nadoil muttered.

A few minutes ago, the area around the dungeon suddenly shook violently as if there had been an earthquake. Suddenly, a monster rabbit jumped out.

Nadoil and his unit members, who had been waiting just in case, stood up in astonishment, and the scene that unfolded behind them was truly amazing.

“… “What should we do, Captain?”

“Well, what is that? How can a person climb on top of a monster… … .”

The subordinates are chatting among themselves and glancing at their work.

Nadoil gently bit his lip as he watched the tips of their spears tremble.

A huge monster rabbit in front of you.

and… Two unfamiliar men riding on top of it.

It was truly a ridiculous sight.

There’s a person on top of the monster.

And on top of the boss monster that jumped out of the dungeon… … .

‘The hunters who entered in the morning can’t even be seen.’

They were strangers who were not even registered on the dungeon entry report.

In short, it’s a very, very sad situation.

‘Fuck why in my area… !’

Nadoil gritted his teeth and quietly listened to the loudspeaker.

His hands were shaking slightly, but no one noticed.

“Ah- I’d like to tell this to the unidentified people in front! I hope you reveal your identity and affiliation as soon as possible! Repeat once again. Your identity and affiliation… !”

Even when Nadoil was shouting like that in a confident voice, the eyes of his subordinates were filled with anxiety.

“But, are they really humans?”

“Huh, what do you mean ominously? men and horses!”

“That’s right! Have you seen something like a hunter riding on a monster? “Have you heard of it?”

“okay. “Taming monsters is something you only see in children’s books and games.”

“Yes, that’s right. “They might be real monsters!”

“Oh, no way. Everyone, stop making a fuss. Just look at it and you’re human. One is in his early 20s. “One is a middle school student.”

“Oh, no! “He could have been disguised!”

“what the… .”

“Well, it’s a bit strange to hear that. Don’t monsters usually come out of dungeons unless there is a special reason?”

“Wasn’t that a rumor?”

“What are the rumors… .”

As the chatter among his subordinates grew, Nadoil frowned.

‘What on earth? ‘Why aren’t you answering?’

They were sitting cross-legged on the monster rabbit, mumbling something among themselves.

A man who appears to be in his early 20s grins and says something, and a boy who looks a little younger begins to retort with an expression of displeasure.

‘Are we having a strategy meeting?’

Whatever it is, I know very well that this is not a normal situation.

Nadoil glanced around.

The dungeon where the monster rabbit appears has been left unexplored for several months.

Thanks to this, the surrounding area was completely controlled.

There was no need to worry about immediate casualties, but I still felt uncomfortable.

‘I was so crazy about dying.’

Perhaps because the monster rabbit was so large, people’s attention was focused as soon as it came out of the dungeon making a loud noise.

I could clearly see people chatting and holding their smartphones beyond the fence within a 500-meter radius.

‘okay. It’s an empty plain, so it’ll be very visible.’

People taking selfies from far away as if they were visiting a free monster park.

Nadoil shook his head.

‘Really insensitive to safety… .’

In today’s world, even ordinary people have at least a few talents and skills, and the dungeon penetration rate is also clearly high, so it’s reasonable to not think about monsters as a big deal.

‘Because the magic stones in this dungeon are constantly regenerating, I intentionally did not attack it.’

Still, those guys in front of me were definitely not serious.

From a moment ago, it was clear that they were not ordinary skilled people who were acting as if they did not care.

Nado-il opened his mouth with a rather serious expression.

“From now on, we will divide our actions into teams. Team 1 establishes a defensive line around the fence and prioritizes protecting civilians. Don’t forget to request support from headquarters whenever you can. “Because they might be monster hunters.”

Everyone’s expressions hardened at the words ‘monsterized hunter’, but Na Do-il continued to give instructions.

“And Team 2 goes into the dungeon and searches for the hunters and porters who entered in the morning. There is a list of dungeon access reports, so you should look at it and search without missing a single person. Lastly, team 3… .”

I swallowed dryly and slowly looked up.

A monster rabbit the size of a house and the faces of unidentified people clearly came into view.

“… … Come with me and stop those guys. Follow me.”

As soon as the order is given, the garrison members begin to disperse in perfect order.

Damdeok, who had been talking for a long time, stopped.

“Looks like they’re trying to do something over there too. how is it. “Do you understand the strategy now?”

Goku shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I don’t like it because it feels like I’m acting funny in front of others, but… . Anyway, I’m telling you to make a big splash. “Then that Elia or something will find us.”

Damdeok nodded in satisfaction.

His plan was simple.



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Get Elia’s attention by being as indulgent as possible.

Getting her to come to him on her own was the first goal he had to deal with before going to Chaos.

‘Jeoju Soo-yul and the rest of the party are already searching all the places where he might be, but… .’

Damdeok glanced at the message.

「Address rate: I don’t think it exists in the Greek worldview yet. “I’ll move on to the next location.”

It won’t be easy.

After all, the number of dimensions that exist is countless, and isn’t Elia a god who can easily cross even Tartarus, where not everyone can enter?

But Damdeok wanted to quickly move on to the next step.

So, what we are implementing at the same time is Plan B.

‘I guess that guy in the address didn’t think of it… .’

The god who created this dungeon was ‘Odin.’

Naturally, the boss monster, the monster rabbit, was also Odin’s work.

‘When it was made, it was probably made for human training purposes… .’

Strangely enough, there was someone among the gods who coveted this dungeon… .

Damdeok chuckled as he recalled memories of his past life.

‘Aphrodite. He was very fascinated by this monster rabbit. The cutest and most perfect creature in the world or something… .’

It’s funny, but among the gods, there were many who couldn’t bear the boring daily life and became obsessed with these useless things.

‘People who don’t know anything know that this dungeon is constantly creating magic stones, so they are not attacking it on purpose.’


It was all Aphrodite’s will.

‘I knew that humans wanted magic stones more than conquering dungeons.’

The goddess’s intention was to prevent anyone from touching her beloved rabbit.

In fact, A-level guilds attacked from time to time, promising to clear the area, but they failed every time.

why? Because the rabbit had the blessings of the goddess Aphrodite.

“By the way, you are blessed too, right?”

Damdeok smiled while petting the rabbit.

The rabbit trembled under Damdeok’s touch, but it had already been beaten so severely that it was unable to resist even once.

[Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, is punished for your shameless actions!]

[I give an angry command to the rabbit to come down from the top immediately!]

“Kkeuk, if you’re worried about the goddess, come down yourself.”

Damdeok sarcastically looked at the sky.

A monster rabbit created by Odin.

Aphrodite covets it.

In fact, Aphrodite went directly to Odin and expressed her desire to own the dungeon, but was rejected.

This was because the survival training of humans was more important during the upcoming war of the gods.

Aphrodite said she couldn’t understand what was the problem if she didn’t have that one thing, but in the end, she had no choice but to give up when even Zeus reprimanded her.

So what does this have to do with Elia?

Damdeok muttered in a voice that no one could hear.

“Elia. “Because he will definitely come to kill this rabbit.”

At this time, he was going around the world collecting all kinds of items to strengthen Tartarus’ defense line.

“I don’t know where he is, but he better show up quickly.”

Damdeok smiled and looked at Son Goku.

“Come on, brother. “Are you ready?”

“okay. In any case, in the end, it is to protect Mt. Hwagwa. “I’ll go on a wild rampage once.”

Son Goku slowly stood up and swung his baton.

Every time there was a hum-hum sound, the bodies of Nado-il and the guards were shaking.

Damdeok scanned the surroundings once again.

Although it was outside the fence, many citizens had already gathered. Of course, the broadcasting station reporters had nothing to say.

Damdeok looked at Son Goku, who was nodding his head and spinning his baton brilliantly.

“Hey brother, I’m telling you this, don’t hurt the people around you. All you have to do is show off your abilities to the public and attract attention.”

At those words, Son Goku waved his hand and told him not to worry.

“Don’t worry, brother. “I’m also amazingly good at tricks.”


Goku’s body jumped toward the sky.

Nado-il shouted “Attack!!” with a solemn expression, and Damdeok also raised his body and stood straight on the rabbit’s head.

“Shhh, stay still, rabbit. Otherwise, your pretty skull will be shattered right away… ?”

As Damdeok speaks softly, the giant rabbit begins to tremble and whimper.

“Right, right, good~.”

Damdeok said that and started adding barriers around the area.

[The power of the olive tree god, the barrier of gravity, is activated!]

“God of olive trees? Who was that… .”

Abilities consumed through the power of and abilities acquired through shopping sprees at the Gods’ Store.

Damdeok’s profile was now filled with so much content that it was difficult to read.

If it wasn’t a major scene, it was natural that I wouldn’t even remember his face.

“Well, that’s not important right now.”

Damdeok stretched out his hand.

A thick barrier is erected around the fence of the dungeon dividing line, and several layers of protective shields are added around the bodies of Nadoil and the guards.

“W-what! Captain! “Suddenly I can’t move!”

“Ah, I feel like I’m trapped by an unknown force!”

“Oh shit, everyone calm down…” !”

In an instant, they became unable to move within the barrier room that Damdeok had set up.

Now they are forced to watch Son Goku’s spectacular aerial show.

“Come on, everyone, stay safe and enjoy a top-notch show~. Who knows? “That guy is really Son Goku, also known as Jecheon Daeseong.”

Damdeok giggled and looked at Son Goku floating in the air.



“Look carefully. Humans-. “This is Son Goku’s 10,000 self-immolation technique!”

Son Goku’s clones explode in the sky like fireworks.

And at the same time, 10,000 swords wielded by Son Goku were unleashed in the air.

“This is Son Goku’s magic that embarrassed even Shakyamuni Buddha!”

“This is Son Goku’s magic that embarrassed even Shakyamuni Buddha!”

“This is Son Goku’s magic that embarrassed even Shakyamuni Buddha!”

Son Goku’s voices combine and the magnificent shout of an army of 10,000 spreads far and wide.

People could only stare at the scene with their mouths open.

Damdeok smiled in satisfaction and tapped the rabbit’s head.

“Now then, shall we join in?”

Threatening a giant rabbit to indulge in it was something that could stimulate both Aphrodite and Elia at the same time.

Of course, if the address discovers Elia before then, all of this will just be a service for the public… … .

“Kkeuk, which of the two will come first?”

It was at that time that Damdeok ordered the crying rabbit to move forward quickly.

[This shameless bastard!! What on earth are you doing to the poor rabbit? !!]

A sound like clear glass beads rolling came from the sky.

Damdeok looked up.

The dazzlingly beautiful Aphrodite was coming down from the clouds with an angry face.

And right behind them, a silver-haired woman reached out for Aphrodite’s hair.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth quirked up.

“It’s a large vessel.”


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