I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 176

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#176. Unlicensed Hunter, Yu Dam-deok (2)

Cough! Kang!

A cheerful sound echoes in the dark cave.

People were engrossed in digging for magic stones, relying on the light from the flashlights hanging over their heads.

Cough! Kang!

But in reality, everyone was conscious of glancing behind them.

“What did you say just now?”

Junior Hunter Kim Gwang-deok wiggled his eyebrows and glared at Damdeok and Son Goku.

Damdeok was leisurely smiling while holding a shovel, and Son Goku looked sullen, as if he still didn’t understand the situation.

Kim Gwang-deok was dumbfounded.

‘I was in a hurry so I brought in unlicensed people… .’

Just looking at them, they were young guys.

Still, I felt good about myself.

He knew very well how tight money was when he was young, having experienced it himself.

But as soon as these guys came in, they suddenly started making noises… .

“Are you going to go where the boss is?”

Kim Gwang-deok’s voice became even more serious.

The sound of a pickaxe striking between them rang out clearly.

Cough! Kang!

Since they were fighting so fiercely right behind them, it was no wonder that all the attention of the porters following them was focused on them.

‘What on earth is going on?’

‘Why is the porter looking for where the dungeon boss is?’

‘They look young… . Are you a wannabe tracker?’

‘Tsk, tsk, I still don’t know anything.’

‘There’s no way I can get a new skill just by pushing it in like that… .’

Everyone was being handed over Damdeok and Son Goku’s intentions.

It wasn’t common, but it happened occasionally.

Young people full of energy.

Cases where aspiring hunters enter the dungeon by tricking themselves into being porters or helpers and then try to acquire new talents or skills.

Of course, it was illegal, and it was a headache for the guild that took responsibility.

That’s why Kim Gwang-deok’s voice was heard even more.

“They didn’t know that their lives were a waste… . “Didn’t you hear that we only had 10 minutes to stop the boss?”

“I heard.”

“But you’re going to crawl in there?”


“Huh, informal language?”

“I said you should do it first.”

“Oh my gosh, kekekeuk.”

Kim Gwang-deok touched his forehead and laughed.

To him, this situation was absurd and irritating.

“We already don’t have enough workers, but some idiots come in… .”

Kim Gwang-deok muttered quietly and then his eyes flashed fiercely.

Meanwhile, Damdeok was constantly saying something to Son Goku.

“Drill a long passage into the dungeon with the Yeouibong. A passage long enough for the boss monster to go straight outside. “You can do it, right?”

“… … “It can be done, but what on earth does this have to do with catching Chaos?”

“I told you not to worry. “I’ll just check one thing and then go into the main game.”

“okay. I get it.”

“good. “Then let’s go.”

Damdeok passed Kim Gwangdeok and walked toward the back passage.

Goku followed behind without saying a word.

“… … .”

The existence of Kim Gwang-deok, who was full of life, has long been forgotten.

Kim Gwang-deok, whose face was bright red, screamed.

“These bastards aren’t standing there?!”

The loud voices inside the cave made the porters hesitate for a moment with their pickaxes, but Damdeok waved his hand like nothing happened and walked away.

“Sorry sorry. There is a situation here too. “Still, I told you out of courtesy, so don’t be too harsh.”

“This bastard is really… ! “Stop talking bullshit and come back here right now!”

A skill effect erupted from Kim Gwang-deok’s body.


Seeing Kim Gwang-deok’s appearance suddenly change like a tank, the porters throw away their tools and hide in a corner in a huff.

“Well, that… . No matter what, Hunter… to the general public… !”

“You still look young, so what if you get into big trouble?” !”

“Shouldn’t we stop it?”

“How can we stop this man?”

Worrying conversations took place.

But no one actually came forward.

“It is the last warning. “If you don’t come back here right away, you’ll be lying in the hospital for months.”

No matter how low-level a hunter he was, Kim Gwang-deok was a hunter.



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In the dungeon being conquered by these four guilds, the word of the guild’s hunter is the law.

The porters, who only had muscle strengthening skills or shoveling skills, did not have the courage to stop hunter Kim Gwang-deok.

I just hope those young people come to their senses quickly.

“But that thing has been really bothering me since a while ago.”

Son Goku, who had been lost in thought until now trying to figure out Damdeok’s intentions, slowly began to react to Kim Gwangdeok’s provocation.

“Are you going to tie me up tightly and throw it to the family?”

The Huagu Mountain monkeys liked picking on humans.

Especially humans who were tied up alive.

He didn’t do anything bad, he just scared him, but if he did it, wouldn’t it be one of the most terrifying memories of his life?

As Son Goku muttered quietly, Damdeok tapped his shoulder.

“let’s go. sibling. “We have a ‘greater cause.’”

At the word , Son Goku’s eyes returned again.

“okay. “Only by eliminating chaos can we protect Mount Huaguo.”

Damdeok nodded, put his arm around Son Goku’s shoulder, and hurried his steps.

Kim Gwang-deok, who was ignored once again, tapped the strings of reason! I let it go.

“these guys… ! “I definitely warned you!!”

The porters’ complexions turned pale.

“Well, that… .”

“Hey, this happened… .”

It was an instant.

Kim Gwang-deok screamed and his body rushed towards Damdeok and Son Oh-gong.


Although it was an F-class charging skill, it was a sufficiently threatening skill for those without attack skills.

The complexions of the porters, who had personally experienced the dungeon murders they had only seen on the news, had gone from pale to pale.


When Kim Gwang-deok’s large body attacked Damdeok and Son Goku,


A cheerful sound echoed within the cave.

The sound of the impact was too clear to be the sound of an enormous force crushing two young men.

“It sounds a little… .”

“It’s strange… ?”

The porters’ eyes gathered together quietly.

Kim Gwang-deok stops tall just before he attacks Damdeok and Son Goku. The large figure slowly fell to the side.


The porters’ eyes widened in an instant.

Damdeok stands there without even looking back. And his left hand is slightly raised.

“Um, what is that?”

“Ta, Takbam?”

It wasn’t a fist.

Takbam using the middle finger and thumb.

Damdeok slowly lowered his hand and tilted his head.

“Hmm, I can’t control my strength well.”

Hung- Hung-.

Damdeok walks away while practicing in the air, and Gwangdeok Kim collapses helplessly.

The porters could only stare blankly at the incredible sight.

* * *

“Ac! No more! “Let’s get out of here!”

One hunter fell backwards, bleeding.

The other hunters lined up and took a defensive stance and fell back.


“Ugh, that monster rabbit. “I’m scared that it will appear in my dreams.”

“Let’s leave it at this. It’s no longer possible. Anyway, our goal wasn’t to completely conquer it, so that was enough. “I also upgraded my skills to the next level.”

“All you have to do is level up, man! “I haven’t done it yet!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. stop. “We’re out of potions, and Jeonghwan, the healer, is exhausted, so it’s only right that we end here today.”

“I agree too! Since I took enough time, I’m sure I’ve mined enough magic stones! “Contact Kim Gwang-deok!”

The hunters quickly communicated while keeping the giant rabbit monster in check.

The hunter in charge of contact frowns.

“Oh, this bastard, why can’t I contact you!”

“Can’t you contact Kim Gwang-deok?”

“That bastard is bothering the strict porters again, right?”

“Anyway, she’s nice, but she’s got a bad temper… .”

-Krrrrr… ! Wow!


The speed of the monster rabbit, which can easily reach 5 meters, is the same as that of a nimble feline monster.

The claws were so sharp that you couldn’t even rub them with store-bought weapons worth several million won.

The hunter, who appeared to be a leader, signaled a complete retreat with a hand gesture.

“If you just run away, they will definitely come after you, so Seong-hwan and Ji-hye prepare to block the entrance to the boss zone.”



If the goal was not to completely conquer the boss, but only the magic stone, it was good manners to trap the boss like this and retreat.

Otherwise, that monster rabbit will come out of the dungeon and wreak havoc on the city center.

“good. Prepare for retreat. “Everyone go to their positions!”

“To location!”

“To location!”

The hunters begin to move skillfully.

Although they were still only a low-level guild, they were also very adept at hit-and-run strategies.

“Now, let’s start right away. Ji-hoo blocks it once with a barrier, Seong-hwan and Ji-hye block it twice with rocks, and finally, the others add another barrier! okay?!”

“Leader! “Aren’t you tired of saying the same thing every day?”

“We’ve already memorized the retreat formula!”

“The intermediate guild qualification exam will begin next month, so let’s trust it now!”

The hunters’ leisurely laughter echoed through the cave.

“You guys. “You always talk like a high-level guild.”

While the leader hunter lures the monster rabbit deep into the depths, the remaining hunters take turns executing the operation.


A barrier dedicated to monsters is added,

The leader Hunter, who was using the bait, quickly joined his colleagues,

Coo! thud!

Blocked once again with chunks of rock,


Finally, one more barrier!



“great job.”

“Everyone worked hard.”

Hunters join hands to strengthen teamwork.


I could hear the sound of a monster rabbit hitting the barrier like crazy from behind, but I wasn’t worried.

“We hit one barrier really amazingly.”

“Kkeke, hunters have to be good at strategy, but just like helpers, they can use it if they hit the barrier well.”

“What? Now it’s an hour saved, right? “I saved you from almost dying earlier!”

“Come on, stop. It’s okay because everyone is safe. “Let’s go back quickly and not provoke that damn rabbit for no reason.”

Captain Hunter encouraged his teammates and hurried their steps.

I didn’t want to even imagine that monster rabbit coming out.

“But there’s a garrison waiting outside near here, right?”

The new hunter asked with wide eyes.

As it was their first battle, their hands were shaking as if they were nervous.

“Even if we have a garrison, it will be difficult if that monster rabbit gets out. So let’s move away as quickly as possible.”

Captain Hunter spoke softly.

The new hunter tilts his head and asks.

“But anyway, it’s C rank, right?”

At that, another hunter next to me joined in.

“This kid is talking strangely. Are we at a level comparable to C rank? It is said that only low-level guilds can be targeted at D rank or lower. “I mobilized all my academic connections and finally got permission from the official in charge and came in!”

Captain Hunter spoke softly again.

“C rank can only be conquered by mid-level guilds or higher. All of the guild members will have to come for that too. “There’s nothing like the garrison outside.”

From B rank onwards, it is a high level guild.

From A rank and above, the top guild and the upper-mid guild had to join forces.

“The reason we gave permission today is because our guild has excellent barrier skills, so we thought it was quite possible to just dig up magic stones and run away. “No matter how close you are to your school background, you can’t accept something that’s unreasonable.”

“you’re right. Leader. Anyway, it was a good opportunity to make a lot of money for the first time in a long time, and we established a solid barrier as promised, so now all we have to do is get out. newcomer. Understand?”


It was a time when everyone was walking happily.

I thought I could hear the wind in front,

“Everybody get down!!!”

When they heard the leader hunter’s shout, all the other hunters instinctively fell to the ground.

And above that, something heavy flies in the wind.



Barriers and rocks crashing down with a tremendous roar.

-Krrrrr… !

The bodies of the hunters who encountered the monster rabbit again froze.

Ignoring their reactions, a voice came from the darkness.

“Hey, brother… . I told you not to hurt anyone. “What if I destroy it too hastily?”

“You don’t know, but I handled it with the utmost care. “The Yeouibong is not such a light weapon.”

Two young men suddenly appeared.

And the barrier was completely shattered.

Captain Hunter Kim Musae’s eyes wavered uneasily.

“What are these crazy people… .”


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