I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 175

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#175. Unlicensed Hunter, Yu Damdeok (1)

“That old man… … .”

Goku trembled and clenched his fists.

Damdeok just shrugged his shoulders while looking at Son Goku.

“Is that something to be so upset about?”

Son Goku got angry at those words and shouted.

“of course! They always treated me with all kinds of mistreatment, so how could they even think of handing over the entire name value to a foreigner… !!”

“Are you saying that again…?” .”

Son Goku was so angry that he couldn’t even finish his sentence, and his fists were clenched.

The people next to me glance and leave.

Damdeok gestured for everyone to calm down.

“The Jade Emperor must have had his own reasons.”

“what reason?”

“… … Well, at first it was probably a simple reason.”

In the midst of a huge event called the War of the Gods, he had to completely control the troublemaker named Son Goku.

“It may be because the Jade Emperor is too weak to handle everything at once, but I think the Jade Emperor has the ability to see into the true nature of others.”

“A peek into the essence? That means, brother, that you have a superior essence than me, so the old man entrusted the task to you… ?”

Goku’s eyebrows twitched.

“Fuha! Is that really true? So, I was going to tell you step by step from earlier, but you kept getting upset… . “Just listen first.”

Damdeok openly told the story of the conversation he had with the Jade Emperor.

「… … “I have never thought of giving Son Goku to someone else in my life.”

“Is that so. “I am the first.”

“okay. And he came directly to me and asked for it… . At first, I thought your arrogance was disgusting and funny, but now my thoughts have changed. okay. “I’m curious as to why you can make such a bold request.”

“Didn’t I tell you everything? Only then will this world and everyone in this world be able to survive.”

「… … Will you come closer? “I think I can only make a decision if I look inside you.”

Damdeok did not reject those words.

I just quietly took a step closer to him.

At the same time, the Jade Emperor’s huge hand approached without hesitation and placed it on his head.


The moment his hand touched my head, I felt like I was losing consciousness, but it wasn’t threatening.

It was exactly like when Grandmother Samshin touched me in the past.

It was a warm touch.

In that split-second moment when sunlight seemed to hit his head, Damdeok was certain.

Because of this, the Jade Emperor’s heart completely turned towards him.

“good night. To you… … . weekend.”

When I opened my eyes again and looked ahead, the Jade Emperor’s face appeared clearer and more detailed.

His eyes were shaking wildly.

It’s probably anxiety.



It was a look that was a mixture of all of those things.

Damdeok smiled in victory.

I didn’t know at the time.

What those eyes mean… .

“So you’re saying you’re giving me Goku?”

“No, everything… … .」


「… … “I will give you everything.”

Numerous system windows appeared in front of Damdeok.

Tiring! Tiring! The blaring alarm almost sounded like a siren.

“This… .”

It was about ‘everything’ that the Jade Emperor declared to give to Damdeok.

“If it’s destruction that can’t be prevented anyway… . “I have no choice but to walk towards you, my only hope.”

The Jade Emperor was mumbling like this and pouring all the names of the Taoist worldview on Damdeok.

The name value of all gods that exist in this dimension.

Naturally, Damdeok’s spiritual power increased like crazy as he accepted it, and the message appeared and disappeared endlessly.

“What the hell is this…?” .”

Damdeok was momentarily taken aback by the sudden situation, but soon he began to fall into overwhelming joy as he felt the power rushing through his entire body.

‘Such a name value at the same time… !’

It was a bigger amount than I initially thought.

Deep in my bones and in each and every cell, divine power was permeating everywhere, as if I had been blessed by a goddess.

With this level of divine power, it was clear that it would not be enough to buy powers and items at random from the Gods’ Store.

Because of that, the thrill of pleasure was stronger than ever.

‘at las… . Am I finally becoming a true god? !’

As the situation progressed like that, Damdeok had no time to think deeply about what the Jade Emperor was looking at and giving him the value of his name like this.

In any case, the Jade Emperor judged that it would be difficult to protect this world with his own strength, so he thought of sharing his strength with himself.

“… “I still have a long way to go.”

Damdeok muttered that, remembering the look in the Jade Emperor’s eyes at that time.



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A burst of laughter came over me.

When he, the head of one dimension, made such an extreme choice, there was clearly a good reason… .

“I was too simple. The Jade Emperor saw it through me at that time. “Elia’s primordial fog is engulfing the entire dimension.”

At the same time, he must have realized that it was an event that he could not possibly prevent with his own power.

“And you must have realized that I am the person who can bring out Geunduun’s primordial power.”

Of course, we cannot be sure of all this.

But maybe definitely… . I can only assume that was the case.

“It’s ridiculous that I didn’t know about Geunduun’s hidden power.”

Son Goku, who had been listening to Damdeok’s words with a displeased expression, suddenly raised his head.

“Anyway, the conclusion is that the old man completely trusted you, and I, the guardian deity, didn’t trust you at all! That’s the part that pisses me off! “You are new to our world, but I have lived there for hundreds and thousands of years!”

“Kkeuk, yes, yes. I know what you mean. But what can I do? “It seems like the Jade Emperor only thinks of you as a completely out of control colt.”

Goku’s face became even more distorted.

“Tsk, I should have locked that old man deep in Mt. Hwagwa@#$%… .”

Damdeok chuckled as he watched Son Goku muttering another curse word.

“Well, maybe he’s trying to protect you from a huge power? They say your arms are naturally bent inwards. “You might not want your family to do something dangerous.”

At that sound, Son Goku’s eyes were torn apart.

“Do you want to talk like a dog?”

“Speak kindly.”

“You… !”

At the same time that Goku got up from his seat in anger, a large man in front of him shouted.

“Start deploying porters! Come quickly! “The boss in this dungeon is tricky!”

At those words, the people around Damdeok and Son Goku began to grumble one by one.

“No, there’s no way to send in porters without clearing it.”

“We don’t have any fighting talent.”

“Tsk, I was anxious ever since they said they would give me double daily wages.”

Despite the outpouring of complaints, the big man only frowned even more.

“Are these people kidding me? Do you think our guild does business by digging in the ground?! Don’t talk nonsense, go in quickly and grab Maseok or Kaeo Show! “Let alone clearing it, it seems like all our combatants can do is hold out for 10 minutes!”

More than half of the people waved their hands and took a step back at the man’s threats.

“Ugh, who goes into a dungeon that you haven’t even cleared when you only have one life?”

“I feel sad that I have to stop earning living expenses by mining magic stones.”

“So, that’s right. They take all the magic stones anyway. “You want us to risk our lives in exchange for a small amount of money?”

“Let’s go. “Guilds that violate the rules on site like this should be notified to the community and ordered to be buried.”

“Ah, I just wasted the waiting time for no reason. “Tsk!”

Two-thirds of the people quietly leave the room, swearing.

Damdeok and Son Goku were sitting on the old wooden bench.

“Anyway… . I’m full, I’m full! Hunters do all the dangerous work, so what are they doing? what the! Go, go! Who knows who will be disappointed? “Kyaak, tut!”

Even the large man, a low-ranking hunter from a low-level guild, did not give up and continued to shout evil.

But no matter what, the loot must be recovered.

The man looked at the few porters still remaining.

Among them were Damdeok and Son Goku.

“Hmm, I’ll punish the people who are still here now, including the crew of those who left there. It’s not as dangerous as you think. “The boss is blocked at the end of the dungeon anyway, so all you have to do is quickly go in and mine 10 kilos of magic stones.”

The man soothes the remaining people with a slightly softer voice.

At his words, two porters who seemed to be in dire need of money willingly stepped forward.

“Keep your promise. “If you double the daily wage plus what they do, you’ll have to pay four times as much.”

“I will give you five times as much as four times as much.”

“Okay, let’s go!

“I like it too!”

The porters who had been looking around and looking hesitant began to follow willingly.

However, there were still more porters who couldn’t make a decision and were confused.

“The rest of you won’t come? Ah, great! “I’ll give away 10% of the price of the magic stone sold today, so come quickly!”

The atmosphere suddenly changed at the large man’s generous words.

10 kg of magic stones are worth well over 3 billion won, but if you take 10% off that amount, the amount would be 300 million won.

“Hey, I don’t know. “If you die once, die twice!”

“I’m going to die this way or that way anyway!”

“let’s go! song!”

Most of those who remain carry pickaxes and shovels with fierce determination.

Son Goku looked at Damdeok bluntly.

“What on earth are you doing?” . So brother, why do we have to do all this digging? “Is it a magic stone or something?”

“Well, it might be easier to understand if you think of it as a gem.”

“under! jewel! Are you doing this here to dig for gems? “When are you going to get in shape and say you’re going to pick off that guy, Chaos or whatever?”

Damdeok chuckled and put an old shovel on his shoulder.

“Just follow me. “You need to prepare thoroughly before entering the main game.”

“So why are you doing this to me and leaving the other kids alone?”

Damdeok seriously tapped Son Goku on the shoulder.

“Because you think you can buy and hit the most flashily?”

“… … .”

At the end of the line of people disappearing towards the dungeon entrance, a large man shouts once again.

“there! You two! What are you doing? I will do it, I will not! “If you’re not going to do it, get out of the way quickly, and if you’re going to do it, come along quickly!”

The reason they suddenly spoke informally was probably because Damdeok and Son Goku looked younger.

“Yes, I’m going~.”

Damdeok hummed and approached the dungeon.

“What kind of accident are you making so flashy about?” … ?”

Son Goku looked at Damdeok like he was displeased, but then he sighed and followed behind.


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