I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 171

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#171. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (10)


Son Goku’s cries echoed throughout the heavens and earth.

With Damdeok muttering, Son Goku grabs the long orphan on his head and starts rolling around.

Kugwagwang!! Boom!! Quang!!

It was so bright that all the rocks and trees around him turned into dust and flew away.

-Ukki… .

-Ukkikki… .

All of the Hwagwa Mountain monkeys, including Goku’s clones, looked at the glowing Goku with worried faces.

Thanks to this, the fierce battle situation became calm in an instant.

“… … what. Is it over?”

“… … It seems so. “I guess the evil business owner did something.”

“Sheesh, I could have finished it all without you helping me.”

“What the hell, so bad.”

“It’s real!”

“Yeah yeah~.”

Baekgureum and Adele Sharon had a playful conversation, but in fact, they were not happy that the battle ended suddenly.

‘I thought I could master lightning magic if I just did a little more… … .’

‘I was thinking of a new sword combination… … .’

Due to the effect of Hwaan Geumjeong, the battle with the monkeys was difficult, but as the difficulty increased, the effectiveness of the training they thought was doubled.

‘It’s a shame… … . I have to catch up with my brother quickly.’

‘Isn’t there something higher than the level of the 9th Circle? … ?’

Putting his colleagues’ regrets aside, Damdeok was in a state of deep meditation, muttering a spell without even realizing it.

‘… … that’s interesting. ‘This is what it feels like.’

All power principles, skills, and powers. Weapons and items. Harmony of various energies.

Damdeok was looking fully at this mysterious power that was welling up from deep within him, and yet he could not control it and was overflowing all around him.

A scenery that seems to have a soft rainbow spreading everywhere.

The feeling of being able to accomplish anything was spreading throughout every inch of my body.

‘As expected, even if they were the highest gods, they were not all at the same level.’

Damdeok slowly closes his eyes and focuses on his inner strength.

Thanks to this, the spell stopped for a moment, and Son Goku, who had been running here and there, quickly ran up and grabbed Damdeok by the collar.


“This bastard… !! What are we going to do now?! “Why don’t you take this off right now?!”

Damdeok looked at Son Goku in silence.

Ju Soo-yul and Cheon Tae-rang simultaneously grabbed Son Goku’s arms and tried to separate them, but Damdeok shook his head and stopped them.

“it’s okay. Leave it alone. “The die has already been cast anyway.”

Ju Soo-yul nodded silently at Damdeok’s indifferent remarks.

Cheon Tae-rang also roughly read the atmosphere and took a couple of steps back.

is already filled.

Now, Son Goku is in a position where he has no choice but to listen to Damdeok’s words.

“You bastard… !! When you say something nice, take this off right away. Unless you want to be the most horrible person in the world @#$%… !!”

But Damdeok didn’t even blink.

Instead, he asked back with a face that said he did not understand.

“That’s so strange.”


“Before, you clearly told me to fill in , right?”

“that… !”

“When was the last time you confidently told me to fill it up, and now why am I asking you to take it off again? I’m sure it’s not like you’re going to play a game of cover-up and take-off with me… .”

Damdeok took a step closer to Son Goku with a serious expression.

“What? “Why are you doing that?”

“… … “Stop talking nonsense and take off this damn right now!!”

“So why me? “You should stop talking nonsense and let go of this.”

Damdeok’s eyes were focused straight on Son Goku.

Goku knew.

If I don’t let go now, that poor foreigner will recite the spell of again.

“profit… !!”

Son Goku’s hand let go of Damdeok’s collar.

His face was red with anger.

‘Damn, I let my guard down. ‘I let my guard down!!’

You’re repeating again. Son Goku could never tolerate this humiliating moment that came again after thousands of years.

‘It’s a mistake. ‘It’s completely dried up!’

okay. This was definitely a critical mistake that I would regret for the rest of my life.

‘I never thought he would become stronger so quickly… … . no! In the first place, this was all because that old man gave all the money for the name to that guy… !’

Many thoughts quickly passed through my mind.

Feelings of resentment and resentment rise at the same time.

No matter how many accidents he caused, didn’t he sincerely come forward and help when this world was in danger?

Not only the monkeys of Mt. Huagu, but even clones made of their own fur! This means that we have worked together as one to protect this world.

But in the end… !!



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“Damn you!! “Is this only the price?!”

Son Goku once again shouted at the sky.

The only anger I could express right now was to the sky.

Jade Emperor.

All that old man does is sit on the throne and stroke his beard. How much hardships have you and your Hua Guasan family endured on behalf of an old man who is now out of fashion… !

“Is this the result? “Why can’t they just treat me like this?”

However, the sky was silent despite the sounds of Son Goku’s evil.

The Jade Emperor is probably busy eradicating the external forces that are entering the country right now.

“It’s so noisy.”

Damdeok picked his ears and babbled.

Son Goku’s eyes became fierce again, but unlike before, he couldn’t take the action of running up and grabbing him by the collar.

“So how long are you going to deny reality like that?”

“you… . You’d better shut up. It seems like I got full of luck after trying once. No matter what I do, I will bone every single one of you and bury you deep underground… … .”

The unspeakable, harsh swear words continued for a long time.

“… … I’m going to do that, so just shut up. okay?”

But even so, Damdeok just snorted.

“Wow, that’s funny. “You know what means to you, but you’re still yelling at me like that?”

Damdeok laughed lowly.

Son Goku wanted to smash Damdeok’s head right away, but he couldn’t.

No, I couldn’t do that.

“Damn it!!!”

His angry cries resounded widely, and the more he shouted, the more the monkeys on Huagu Mountain became helpless and depressed.

To those who did not know the situation, it seemed like Damdeok and his group were villains, but it was a situation where there was nothing to say.

“Hey, whenever they attack you with their eyes turning red, there are no such gentle rabbits these days.”

“I don’t think you’ve ever seen your leader so embarrassed?”

“I guess so. He’s the kind of guy who can’t even mess with the Jade Emperor’s system. But whatever happens to my brother, that’s what happens in the end. “Hehe.”

“Really, since when are you my older brother?”

“Ah, a long time ago.”

“Wow, you must be so young.”

Baekgureum looked proudly at Damdeok’s back, wearing his sword.

Unlike when they first met, Baekgureum now wanted to move in the same direction as Damdeok, rather than defeating him.

“I feel reassured. “Brother, I am very confident!”

With White Cloud’s laughter coming from behind, Damdeok’s body slowly moved towards Son Goku.

“Do not come!! You bastard!! “I’ll kill you!!”

Son Goku growled lowly and grabbed hold of the female baton.

It was a distance that could have cut Damdeok in two with the effect of Yeouibong, but Damdeok didn’t care and kept getting closer.


Damdeok’s steps stopped right in front of Son Goku.

Damdeok chuckled as he looked at Son Goku growling lowly.

“Do you plan to keep fighting even though Gingoa is filled?”

“of course. “I’d rather die with my head broken by than listen to you!”


That doesn’t make sense.

Then, instead of grabbing him by the collar, he should have immediately attacked with murderous intent.

‘You’re instinctively afraid of .’

Perhaps that old trauma is playing a role.

‘He’s a tricky guy. If you want to tame a guy like this as a companion… .’

Damdeok took a step back.

Goku’s eyebrows twitched.

“… … “What are you doing?”

“I told you not to come closer.”

“… … .”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders at Son Goku’s face full of doubt.

“I don’t like it like this. I don’t like it either. Which beat are you telling me to go to? “Are you more scared than I thought?”

“what… !!”

Damdeok made a suggestion after interrupting Son Goku’s angry conversation.

“Well, anyway, I don’t want to waste any more time.”

After a brief pause, Damdeok made direct eye contact with Son Goku and continued speaking.

“I plan to have you as a colleague in the future, what do you think?”

“joy! You’re so crazy. As I said just now, I will never go with you. Rather just memorize the spell. “Because I will die honorably to .”

How is it honorable to die as an item?

Damdeok clicked his tongue and looked at Son Goku carefully.

“Why don’t you want to be my colleague?”

“I don’t work with people who are weaker than me.”

“You don’t work with someone weaker than you… … .”

Damdeok’s gaze slowly returned.

The monkeys of Huagu Mountain were looking at Sun Wukong pitifully.

Goku shouted in embarrassment as his eyes looked like he was about to cry.

“no! They are an exception! You’re family! “It’s family!”

“Oh yeah… .”

Damdeok nodded with an unimpressed face.

“Stop saying strange things and settle the matter. From now on, I’m prepared to break my head… .”

Damdeok interrupted Son Goku again.

“But that’s strange logic. I filled you with the that no one has been able to do before, so why are you saying I am weaker than you? ?”

“… joy! Are you being so arrogant that you stuffed that one thing into my head? Being strong isn’t like that. You have to break your opponent’s head to be strong! A kid who doesn’t know anything… !”

Son Goku shouted energetically.

“Hmm, really? You have to break the opponent’s head to be strong… … .”

“okay! And it’s not just the difference in skill between you and me! The Huagua Mountain family is much stronger than your group, so how can you and I be equal? No matter who sees it, we have the upper hand!”

“Ah, you have the upper hand in terms of power?”

“okay. In many ways, I have the upper hand. I’m saying that walking around with you just because you have one of these iron chains on your head is something that will be shameful for generations to come. cancer.”

Goku nodded and decided that he would never give in to .

‘I will die with honor as the strongest person in the world!’

However, it was an instant for Son Goku’s eyes to widen.

“how is it? “Is this level of power somewhat similar?”

Hundreds of thousands of troops were already lined up behind the grinning Damdeok.

-Krrrrr… !!

-Krrr… !!



Pao’s mummy troops riding on giant wolves. Ice dwarves. Ice elves. Ice giants of overwhelming size, White Cloud, Alui, and Adelesharon each riding on the three heads of Cerberus.

Son Goku could not help but be taken aback by the sight of Damdeok and his companions suddenly becoming incredibly powerful.

“W-what… . this… . Suddenly, where did this many numbers come from… .”

And looking at Son Goku like that, Damdeok slowly took out a club from behind his back.

“What did they say next? “Did you say that you have to break the opponent’s head to be stronger than you?”


Damdeok quickly swung the club of Hercules that he held tightly.


With the sound, Son Goku’s eyes turned white, and Damdeok grinned and whispered quietly.

“There’s nothing else to say this time?”


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