I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 170

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#170. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (9)

“now… … . 120,000… … ?”

Ju Soo-yul looked at Damdeok with an expression of disbelief.

Back in the day, the name value I received from working as a part-time worker for Thor was only 12 Tor.

But 120,000.

By simple comparison, the name value was 10,000 times more expensive.

Besides, that is definitely worthy of the name of the Jade Emperor.

Since I had obtained the value of the name of the highest god in this dimension, I couldn’t even guess how many times its value would increase when exchanged.

“That crazy… … .”

A sigh mixed with admiration escaped from Ju Soo-yul’s mouth without me even realizing it.

Damdeok was frantically touching the system, looking more excited than ever.

[Purchase Irangjingun’s power, Suram (水攬)!]

[Purchase Cheonseongrangrang ((天仙娘娘)’s power Luck (幸運)!

[Purchase Ilgal, the power of the Great Emperor of Dongak!]


Damdeok swings the waterfall-like stream of water in his hand like a whip.

The power of Irangjingun, Suram (水攬).

The power to hold and manipulate water.

Damdeok was launching an even more threatening attack by adding his water attribute mana to it.




Thanks to this, most of the monkeys that were running were swept away by the water and were unable to move their pulse.

“oh. “Isn’t this power quite interesting?”

Damdeok’s eyes were shining and he continued to swing the stream of water, and Son Goku kept swinging the Yeouibong to stop Damdeok.



When the huge stream of water collided with Yeouibong Peak, showers fell everywhere.

Damdeok looked excited every time that happened, but Son Goku just frowned even more.

“Do you think you can defeat me just because you gained a few powers?”

“of course. “I will fight with the power of many gods.”

“joy! “It’s useless!”

However, contrary to what he said, most of Son Goku’s attacks missed or were weakened due to the monkeys on the same side blocking his path.

“profit… ! Move! Get out of the way!”

“What seems to be going wrong?”

Damdeok giggled and dodged the attacks.

Of course, Son Goku may not have noticed, but all of this was thanks to the power of Instinct, .

“Hehe, after all, it’s good to have maximum luck. Is this what it feels like when everything turns out okay?”

Damdeok smirks and continues activating his natural power, .

Thanks to this, Son Goku’s Yeouibong, which rose to its peak, continued to fail to hit Damdeok.

“What on earth did this damn old man give you and how much!!”

Only then did Son Goku guess that Damdeok had acquired another power.

“Hey, it’s embarrassing to say that again. Perhaps because this is the name of the Jade Emperor, the Taoist god-related items are also discounted? how is it. “Do you like these abilities because they are somewhat familiar to you?”

“You crazy! Shut up@#$%!!”

Goku cursed harshly and began summoning stronger monkeys.

Puff puff!

Puff poop!

“Cut it out!! “Let’s get rid of that guy first!!”

Following Son Goku’s command, the monkeys turned in unison.



When all the monkeys that were dealing with the group behind him changed direction and rushed towards him, Damdeok, who was excitedly testing his power, stopped for a moment.

“and… . You really have a simple and ignorant style. “Is it okay to just attack like this?”

“Noisy! You’ve made a huge mistake now. Anyway, in this worldview, I am the strongest. I guess I could use the powers of some of those guys… !”

“You said you were the strongest, but you couldn’t pierce the power of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Diamond Buddha, right?”

Son Goku’s face widened at that sound.

“That’s an exception! But that doesn’t mean he beat me!!”

“okay. But that doesn’t mean you won.”

“profit… !”

Son Goku turned his wand sharply with his face becoming even redder.

“I do not need! Anyway, whatever you bought at the store! “Those little guys’ techniques don’t work on me!”

Damdeok chuckled.

“Oh, really? “Then, shall we buy something even more awesome this time?”

“what… ?”

“Didn’t I say I only buy things from these gods? “There are many different gods in the world.”

[I purchased Thor’s power, Lightning!]

It was an instant.




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To the threatening sound of thunder, the monkeys’ movements stop all at once.

“… … Did the name still have value? ?”

Son Goku, who sensed something unusual, also ground his teeth and stopped the other monkeys.

At the same time, Goku orders everyone to step back.


Lightning struck in all directions.

At the same time, the eyes of hundreds of monkeys turn white.

The monkeys are frozen in place in such an intimidating landscape that even if they were not struck by lightning.

Damdeok glanced at them and smiled.

“I saw somewhere that what creatures fear the most is fire… “You said it was lightning again?”


A thin line of smoke rises above the bodies of the fallen monkeys.

Damdeok walks leisurely in the middle of it.

Vivid lightning was wrapped around both of his hands, as if it were a special effect.

Let’s go!

The monkeys watch and take a step back.

Son Goku was swearing and cursing the Jade Emperor.

“Crazy grandpa!! How much did you give to a foreigner?! “It’s a topic that I can’t keep locked up, so it’s frustrating!!”

Son Goku screamed loudly towards Heavenly Mountain where the Jade Emperor was located.

He was anxious now.

It was one thing to purchase so many powers at once, but what was more surprising was that he was able to immediately and skillfully use the powers of other gods.

‘I’ve never seen or heard of a god like that before… !’

Son Goku, who was looking at Damdeok approaching him, soon made a cruel expression on his face.

In an instant, a chill begins to surround the surroundings.

Although Son Goku had the face of a young boy, the energy radiating from him was clearly that of the Jade Emperor and more.

“Hmph, good. “Then, from now on, I will do it with all my heart.”


Goku’s eyes begin to flash with red light.

At the same time, tens of thousands of nearby monkeys also began to have blood-red eyes.

“Uh… ?”

“Oh, what’s scary again!”

“I don’t feel good.”

Baekgureum, Adele, and Cheon Taerang muttered uneasily as they looked at the strange scene.

-Kirrr… .

-Krrr… .

A low growl escapes from the blood-red-eyed monkeys.

Soo-yul recalled a previous memory.

A warning that if the monkeys of Mount Huaguo open their blood-red eyes, all nearby land will turn the same color.

“Everyone, prepare well. “Those guys are going to go on a rampage from now on.”

At her words, a tension that could not be hidden appeared on the faces of her companions.

An imminent situation. But even so, Damdeok just stopped his approaching steps and stood expressionless.

Son Goku smiled, drawing a half moon with his red eyes.

“bantling. Did you say you were curious about humane tactics earlier? I’ll show you myself. “What is true numerical superiority?”

Goku’s hand twitched very slightly.

At the same time, the monkeys, with their eyes shining sinisterly, rushed forward all at once.

There were so many of them that from a distance it looked like huge, black tanks rushing at them mindlessly.

“We have to stop it! Never watch it! “The fight will continue until one side dies!”

The group quickly ran out at Jusoyul’s shout.

But for some reason, Damdeokman continued to stand still.

“Hmph, these strange guys seem to be busy buying powers, and now they’re out of money?”

Son Goku’s sarcastic face gradually hardened.

Damdeok did not stay still.

His eyes were constantly scanning the air, and his fingers were moving faster than light.

“what. I wonder if it’s still… … .”

Goku’s eyes wavered uneasily.

That was ridiculous.

No matter how high the name of the Jade Emperor is!

No matter how expensive the name price of 120,000 is!

“You already bought a lot… ?”

It’s surprising that you can buy the power of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Diamond Buddha, but haven’t you also bought the power of many Taoist gods? These were not just any gods, they were all the powers of the highest god.

“I should have already spent it… ?”

Moreover, the god named just now was so famous that even Son Goku himself had heard of it.

But even after buying all of that, I still have money left over… ?

“does not make sense… … . Where are you bluffing!! “I will personally check your origins!!”

Son Goku’s body quickly flew towards Damdeok.

Meanwhile, Damdeok’s hand was touching the air so fast that it was invisible.

[I purchased Artemis’s power !]

[I purchased Apollo’s Power !]

[The stack effect attribute is activated!]

[You have purchased the Power of Osiris !]

[I purchased Set’s power !]

[The stack effect attribute is activated!]

[I gained a new skill!]

[I gained a new skill!]

[New skills… … !]

A brilliant golden light emanated from Damdeok’s body.

All the attacks of the red-eyed monkeys were being repelled.

Damdeok was fully aware of what was happening to him, regardless of whether there was an attack from outside or not.

[All powers are organically connected!]

[All talents are organically connected!

[All skills are organically connected!]

It was something I had never experienced before in my life.

‘Everything I have learned and mastered… … .’

It feels like the scattered pieces of clay are coming together into one huge lump.

[Your understanding of will grow further!]


[I have mastered the essence of !!]

[Your understanding of will grow further!]


[I have mastered the essence of !!]

[Your understanding of will grow further!]


[The essence of … … !]

Even without using any of his powers, Damdeok felt that time was infinitely slowing down like a stretched tape.

‘This is a world where I can do anything… … .’

A slight change in Goku’s expression as he flies towards him. A world where you can observe every single hair and eyebrow blowing in the wind in detail.

Damdeok just looked at it all.

Like I had done before, I didn’t try to take advantage of the opportunity to attack.

Damdeok was simply feeling everything around him.

[I have mastered all the principles!]

[You have reached the level of true supreme god!]

[The name of Yu Dam-deok, the Heavenly Sword Fighting God, is known throughout the world!]

“What are you doing standing there so stupidly!!”

Finally, Son Gokong came right in front of Damdeok and swung the Yeouibong.

Damdeok said nothing,

With an infinitely light gesture, he placed his hand on Goku’s head.

… … !!!

A fleeting moment,

Son Goku looked up at Damdeok blankly.

“This doesn’t make sense… … .”

Before I knew it, the golden had been placed on Son Goku’s head.


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