I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 165

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#165. Huagu Mountain Stone Monkey (4)



The group was immediately surrounded by a group of monkeys.

White Cloud and Alui drew their swords with troubled expressions.

“They say a real accident is a variety.”

Alui said, wriggling his spread wings.

Then an angry white cloud screamed.

“This is what happened because you kicked the monkey, man!”

As the golden long goa hanging around his neck began to squirm, Alui quickly frowned.

“Are you blaming others like that? Anyway, thanks to me flying in at the end and attracting attention, I was able to come out with .”

“Wow, is that what caught your attention? Are you just going to stick it in the entrance of a small cave and let it splash out? And if I hadn’t dragged you out from the beginning, telling you to jump out quickly, you would have already been done… !”

But Alui just shrugged his shoulders.

“at all. “I will never be bullied by monkeys like that.”

“What the hell. “So much.”

It was when the two were having a trivial argument.

“… … “Are you crazy?”

A small curse was heard.

Everyone’s eyes automatically turned towards the source of the sound.

Son Goku’s eyes, which had seemed dead just a moment ago, were flashing gold.

Hwaan Geumjeong (火眼金睛).

When I face Son Goku’s sparkling eyes, goosebumps appear even under the scorching sun.

Adele Sharon instinctively used fire magic and stepped back.


Jooyul also took out a dagger and took a defensive stance.

“Ac. I knew it.”

“Anyway, not a day goes by quietly.”

Alui and White Cloud, who were standing aggressively, also slowly took a step back due to the incredible momentum of Son Goku, whom they had never seen before.


The force was such that even Cheontaerang, who was performing the fortune-telling ceremony despite the monkeys’ noise, gently laid his body down on the rock.

-… … .

-… … .

It was an instant.

When Son Goku let out a low curse word, the monkeys that had been running wild suddenly became silent.

In that quiet silence, Son Goku cursed without hesitation.

“… … Hehehe, how dare you little bastards come in&%$#@… #[email protected]%… .!”

A swear word spit out as if rapping while being crushed by a cliff. Everyone’s bodies froze at the longer and more specific swear words than the first.

“… … what. It’s not a cursing grandmother, it’s a cursing boy… ?”

Adele narrowed her eyes and muttered softly.

White Cloud also stared at Son Goku with a puzzled look on his face.

“… … “Does that kid look similar to us in age?”

“Hmm~ That kid?”

Goku snorted loudly and looked straight at the white clouds.

As the golden eyes flashed once again, the white cloud hesitated and took a step back.

“What, what, man! How old are you? … Just looking at it, we are only one or two years older… .”

Alui, who was watching from the side, interrupted White Cloud.

“… … Please don’t say it’s us. “To begin with, the lifespan of demons is different from that of humans.”

“Even in this situation, do you want to judge right and wrong?”

“It’s not a mistake, it’s a correction. Plus, that guy named Son Goku. “I don’t know, but he’s probably a lot older than you.”

“know! I know! A guy who doesn’t know anything about Journey to the West. I grew up watching it since I was little! Master Samjang! Son Ogong! Those eight worlds! Saojeong!!”

“What on earth are you talking about…? . Anyway, don’t provoke yourself unnecessarily and just stay still. “Even if the opponent can’t move his body, no one knows what will happen.”

“Don’t try to teach me! “I’ll take care of it!”

Goku’s chestnut eyebrows twitched at White Cloud’s shout.

“Hoo, you’re reciting a series of familiar names? “You seem to know me very well, kid~?”

Baekgureum nodded quietly with a shocked face.

How many cartoons and movies are there based on Son Goku?

To be honest, the reason I wasn’t more scared than necessary was all because of the good image of the character Son Goku.

‘He’s always just a prankster.’

In comics, the image is like everyone’s friend. Even in heavier movies, I’ve never had a scary role.

Therefore, Baekgureum was looking at the image of Son Goku that he had seen since he was young.

But was it a wrong idea?

Suddenly, Goku’s body began to shake rapidly.

“Kkekekeke, I thought the Jade Emperor had sent some troublesome guys again, so I tried to pretend not to notice, but if you welcome me with open arms like this, I have no choice but to repay you… !”


The brilliance emitted by Son Goku’s Fire Eye Gold Jewel began to become more powerful.

At the same time, the rocking cliff follows the shaking body.

Coo coo coo coo coo.

With a loud roar, the heavens and earth are drowned out by the sound.



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“You had an accident.”

Ju Soo-yul glanced at Baek Gu-reum and took a firm stance.

Adele also strengthened her fire magic while casting white clouds.

“Why are you doing this to me? We went together, together! Alui is also part of the team! And this guy kicked the monkey wrong in the first place… !”

But no one listened to Baekgureum’s words.

Son Goku’s body, which was shaking like a broken washing machine, was breaking free from the huge rock little by little.

“Kkeukkeuk, how dare you come into my house and steal even Gingoa? They seem like cheeky cat thieves… .”

The whole place shakes left and right, up and down.


The monkeys were moving around the ground as if they were following a rhythm, as if they were familiar with the situation, and Cheontaerang was a disaster! He came down from the cracked rock and silently looked at Goku.

“Is that guy a monkey who is stronger than God? “I will personally test whether you are stronger than Asura.”

At the same time as Cheontaerang increased his strength, the huge cliff that was weighing down Son Goku split in half in an instant.

Blah blah blah!

With his lifeless golden eyes flashing, Son Goku slowly began to approach the group.

* * *

“Hwiyu. “I’m going to die from exhaustion.”

Damdeok wiped away the sweat that had accumulated.

It was white everywhere.

No, it would be correct to say that it appears white because it is close to the sun.

“How high did you climb?”

When I looked down, I saw clouds lined up like cotton candy far beneath my feet.

It was a landscape that felt truly unreal, with puffy clouds gathering below.

“Huh. Huh. older brother! “I can’t take it anymore!”

Poppy sat down as if she was tired.

Pao, who was riding the wooden horse, nodded as if he understood everything.

“It’s just exhausting. “I climbed all these stairs carrying my luggage.”

As Pao says that, at the end of his gaze, there is an endless spiral staircase, like the bean tree connecting the sky in Jack and the Beanstalk.

“Poppy. You’ve been through a lot… .”

Damdeok looked at Poppy lying down with pitiful eyes.

“Huh. Huh. “Why can’t I teleport here?”

The convenient function of the system of moving to a desired location using a name value was useless here.

“It’s a common system exclusion zone. “Because the Taoist gods do not want to acknowledge the system created by the Greek gods.”

There may be exceptions to areas such as Hwagwasan Mountain, where Son Goku lives, and the Five Elements Mountain, which is like a barrier, but most areas cannot be accessed through the system.

“Why on earth is it like that? So does this mean that all the gods here walk on feet?”

Poppy was panting as if she was going to run out of breath at any moment and made an expression that she didn’t understand.

“Well, rather than walking around on your feet… .”

Before Damdeok could even continue speaking, Piyung! Something passed through the air with a sound.

It sounded like a bullet, but it was clearly a cloud.

“cloud… ? “Is it a sword that rides on the clouds?”

“okay. “Poppy, you’re an Egyptian god, so you don’t know about oriental gods?”

Damdeok smiled and comforted Poppy.

Taoist gods were completely neutral to the world.

‘If you want to end everything in this life, you need to get them involved first.’

This is not a problem that can be solved by just picking out guardians and forming them into a team.

Anyway, it’s a fight between those who want to destroy the world and those who want to stop it.

Killing Chaos will become easier if we create a battle structure in which the fate of the world is at stake, rather than a selfish fight like the War of the Gods.

‘Ellia, that guy too… … .’

Well, I couldn’t exactly predict what his future actions would be, but there’s one thing I can guess right now.

‘Son Goku won’t be able to do anything on his own, so even the remaining guardian, the dragon Shaorang, will try his best to do something.’

I was able to speak with confidence.

That’s all nonsense.

‘The dragon race is by no means an easy race.’

Although they are extremely individual, they are creatures that change more frighteningly than ever when the life or death of their species is at stake.

‘Ju Ju-yul has already sent a message to Xiaorang telling him to be careful.’

When dragons team up, no one will be able to harm them.

“Still, aren’t you glad that your luggage is still light?”

This was what Pao said as he looked up at Damdeok, who was tightly tying the bandage that had loosened a little on his forehead.

“If possible, stop giving Poppy a hard time and walk on all fours, man.”

Damdeok patted Pao’s head and stood up from where he had been sitting for a while.

“Come on, we’re almost there. “Let’s cheer up a little.”

As Damdeok said that and clapped a couple of times, Poppy stood up with a look on her face as if she were about to die.

“Uh oh, it’s my older brother… .”

“Cheer up, cheer up! Everyone else in the group is doing their best too! Think about it, protecting that eccentric monkey from escaping, and sneaking into Hwagwa Mountain, where millions of such monkeys are gathered, and stealing the treasure called . “Isn’t something simple like this much better than such a complicated mission?”

Damdeok grinned and tapped Poppy’s back.

But despite all that comfort, Poppy was still in tears.

“I don’t understand your high intentions at all… . Why on earth are you going up here? … .”

But when Poppy looked up and said that, Damdeok was already walking up the stairs.

In front of him, Pao was looking at him with his eyes wide open.

“What are you doing, Poppy? “Pick up your luggage quickly.”

Poppy sighed deeply, picked up Pao and hurriedly followed Damdeok.

How far did you have to walk up like that?

It’s been so long since I’ve been in the heavenly space that I can’t even see the clouds under my feet.

The end of the spiral staircase was finally in sight.

“Damn it. We should at least build an elevator. In this cutting-edge era… !”

Damdeok smiled as he watched the gentle Poppy muttering harshly as if she was going to swear at any moment.

“Was Egypt also in a cutting-edge era?”

“Oh, I will correct that. This is the story of my brother’s world… . Delivery food… elevator… spar… “Aren’t these things like karaoke rooms all state-of-the-art facilities?”

“Okay, okay, I’ll let you enjoy them later. So now… … .”

Damdeok suddenly looked back at Poppy and Pao in front of the huge white door.

“I told you all the precautions. “You know we are the key to this operation, right?”

Poppy swallowed and nodded.

Pao, who had already come down, nodded with a solemn face that did not match his youthful appearance.

Damdeok grinned once again.

“Okay then, let’s go.”

Damdeok pushed hard against one side of the huge white door.

It was a door so heavy that an ordinary god would not be able to budge, but for Damdeok, who was the highest god, opening the heavenly gate was not that difficult.


With a heavy sound, the heavenly gate begins to open little by little.

Damdeok’s steps moved without hesitation through the open gap.


[This is private land that is not affected by the system!]

[You have invaded the space of the Jade Emperor!]


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