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#158. Time Eternity (1)


With a roar that shook the heavens and the earth, two gigantic shadows hurriedly retreated.

The supreme god of Greece, Zeus.

The highest god of Northern Europe, Odin.

Among existing myths, these are the two most recognizable. As they were the highest gods of the myth, the battle between Zeus and Odin was unrivaled.

Red lava was already flowing like a river around them, and flashing storms were swirling at the same time as if signaling the end of the world.

But someone had just interrupted their battle.

[…] … Who are you?]

Zeus muttered in a low voice.

In front of me, I saw a small shadow in the black smoke.

A person who suddenly jumps into their midst.

I don’t know, but I’m definitely not sane.

[…] … I’m used to collecting. It smells like Greece. So, isn’t this your faction? There are so many people there, how can you tell who is who? Where did you learn the courtesy of interfering in adult fights? .]

When Odin said this in an uneasy tone, Zeus did not lose and fought back.

[What does that mean? Won, there is no one on our side who would do something big like this. Isn’t that the camp that always likes to fight without courtesy?]

[…] … Why are there thorns in your words?]

[No, that’s right. Now, those black guys are running at you with all their might, but that camp hasn’t been able to use its strength since a while ago… … . Isn’t the mythology of Northern Europe created based on battle? But I don’t want to be able to fight like this… … .]

As Zeus looked down on him as if talking to himself, Odin’s brow furrowed.

[That’s funny. The Greek side is always outwitted, so it only looks like they are fighting well. You’ll see. If the one who is interfering with our battle right now is from that camp, you will have to be prepared.]

[That’s fun. okay. What should I prepare for?]

[That’s something we’ll find out later.]

[Oh my.]


Zeus’ Astrape threw out lightning threateningly.

Odin’s Gungnir was not defeated and unleashed a spectacular killing force.

The forgotten gods Jupiter and Hod, who had been exchanging huge attacks just a moment ago, laughed at the unusual energy of the two.

They, too, had to step back as an unknown person suddenly jumped into their midst.

[what. Are you guys fighting each other before we even figure out who you are?]

[Anyway, there is no unity among those living on earth.]

[Kkeukeu, don’t be so harsh. If those guys are trapped deep underground in Tartarus for tens of thousands of years, they will naturally develop brotherhood.]

[yes. Hehehe, let us help. We need to let those guys experience for themselves how terrible and beautiful that place is. Cancer, of course.]

[But Horde. So what is that guy? Are you on our side? The atmosphere is strange… .]

Jupiter, the forgotten god, swept his dark orange hair and stared straight ahead.

A unique color different from Zeus’ blonde hair. Next to him, Hod also had long gray hair and muttered.

[Hmm… . Well, I don’t know. It seems like it smells like comrades, but at the same time, it also smells like the disgusting smell of Greeks.]

Hod wrinkled his nose and let out a harsh curse.

Even though it seems like quite a bit of time has passed, the smoke shows no signs of clearing.

[How long do I have to stay like this? Those two over there are bickering with each other. Should we play first?]

Jupiter asked Hod, tying up his sprawling hair.

Zeus and Odin’s growls were getting stronger.

[Hmph, you idiots. … Still, wait a moment. I still don’t know which side he’s on.]

[hmm… . Judging by the energy I feel, he’s not an ordinary guy… .]

[therefore. If you came here to help me for no reason, it would be a pain in the ass. Let’s wait.]

[Of course. If you’re on our side, thank you.]


Jupiter and Hod watched the shadow in the smoke.

The same was true for Zeus and Odin.

[Enough with the puns. What is there to gain by fighting among ourselves?]

[I was already going to do that. But what on earth is that guy? The smoke seems to be sticking to that guy.]

[What on earth is this guy doing? It’s very difficult to see your face even once.]

In the end, Zeus, perhaps annoyed by waiting for the smoke to clear, violently threw Astrapae away.

Pretzel Gwang!

As the fire bolt hit the shadow exactly, the smoke that had gathered due to the shock wave was instantly dispersed.

And the figure of a man was revealed.

“It’s hot.”


Damdeok quietly walked out, shaking off the dust that covered his entire body.

[…] … what. Is it you again?]

Zeus was the first to recognize Damdeok and widened his eyes in bewilderment.

[…] … It’s that guy from earlier.]

A gwanjong guy who attracted everyone’s attention in the middle of the battlefield of the gods.

The guy who had just ascended to the position of supreme god had an accident.

Odin clicked his tongue slightly, saying he thought he was a Greek god.

At the same time, the faces of Jupiter and Hod, who saw the scene from afar, also hardened.

[Tch, you were on their side.]

[This is the guy who was floating in the center for a while, right? … I ended up joining here.]

[Of course, right? If they catch us, the war will be relatively easy.]



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[It’s now 3 to 2.]

[okay. Because La looks like he’s busy playing soldiers with mummies.]

[It means that the two of us have to overcome this situation.]


Jupiter and Horde were silent for a moment.

It was Jupiter who spoke again.

[But even so, the incarnations are no match for us, right? is not it?]

His face was full of confidence.

The same was true for the Horde.

It was quite a burdensome situation if Damdeok, who was not a small god and had risen to the position of the highest god, came to help with the battle, but they did not hastily conclude defeat.

[They might think that we are outcasts who have been forgotten by the world for a long time and have no magical powers and are worthless… … Let’s show it off today. Tell the countrymen on earth about the fear of Tartarus. haha.]

[It’s been a while since you said the right thing, Hod.]

While the two were smiling bitterly, Damdeok suddenly came to stand right in front of Zeus and Odin.

[Kid. What kind of bizarre thing is this? I understand you’re here to help, but I don’t think it’s your place to intervene.]

Zeus asked.

Odin was grumbling next to him, wondering what the manners of the gods were and what the authority of the highest god was.

Damdeok didn’t respond at all.

Around him, orbs of light surrounded him, emitting a soft glow.

There was no way Zeus and Odin could not have noticed the enormous power of Damdeok, who had acquired the name of the Supreme God, the God of Heavenly Swords.

However, the reason they thought Damdeok was still just a kid was because of the overwhelming difference in experience.

[I am not disparaging your efforts to rise from the lowest level to the highest level, but it is not easy to demonstrate your skills right now.]

Zeus and Odin were the highest gods for thousands of years.

There was a high possibility that Damdeok, who had just become the highest god, would intervene in a battle that was difficult for even them.

‘It looks like he can’t control his power yet… .’

The energy coming out was unusual.

‘Especially that Won-gu… … .’

It was strange.

A power I have never encountered before.

‘As expected, even if you reach the top position, the world is still full of things you don’t know.’

Zeus was comforting Damdeok with an unusually warm voice.

In any case, it cannot be denied that Damdeok, who has risen to the position of supreme god, will be a great force in the future war of gods.

[I will receive your kind heart. But there are many places other than here that need your strength. Look. Can’t you hear the cries of your fellow gods? Go there and use your newfound power to your heart’s content.]

I tried to appease him with a solemn tone that didn’t work, but Damdeok still stood there without even twitching his eyebrows.

Odin, who could not see anything, shouted.

[…] Are you saying you can’t hear me? I’m telling you to go back. They say you’re just a nuisance here. Baby!]

It was then.

Damdeok slowly lifted the pure white sword in his hand.

Zeus and Odin’s eyes narrowed at the same time.

‘what… ?’

‘no way… ?’

They never expected that Damdeok would attack them, so a fierce sword energy poured out in front of them.


Zeus and Odin were embarrassed and instinctively received the attack.

[This crazy guy… !!]

[What on earth is this… !!]

It happened in an instant when they were caught off guard, but it took less than two seconds for both of them to deflect all the attacks as befits the authority of the highest god and attack Damdeok in return.

[Odin! Don’t kill me! You could be being manipulated!]


Zeus’s relatively weak attacks and Odin’s angry attacks rained down on Damdeok.



But Damdeok was relaxed.

No, it looked relaxed.

[I activate the river god Akelous’ power, !]

A strong stream of water spurted out from Damdeok’s hand.

Zeus’ lightning was blocked by the stream and returned to him.




Odin passed by Zeus, who was shaking from being electrocuted by his own lightning, and rushed at Damdeok with a grim look on his face.

[What an idiot! Are you planning to kill me too, Zeus? Get out of my way! This little guy, there are limits to how much attention he wants… !]

Odin’s Gungnir reached towards Damdeok.


[Active the power of the apple tree god Abellio, !]

Odin lost his balance and stumbled due to the sudden weight.

Without missing that moment, Damdeok raised his intangible sword and aimed at Odin’s neck.

[Can you cut me down with that thing?]

Odin swung Gungnir as if it were ridiculous and bounced the intangible sword away.

But Damdeok still didn’t change his expression.

[I activate the power of the star god Tawarat, !]

For a moment, Odin’s vision brightened as if a flashbang had exploded.

[Ugh, this arrogant guy… !!]

Odin flashed his single eye and stretched out his hand.

He was planning to grab Damdeok right in front of him and break a few of his bones with his bare hands.

But at that moment, something grabbed each of Odin’s thick arms and dragged him down to the ground in an instant.



[Hmm, I don’t know what happened, but it’s good if you guys fight each other!]

[Horde! Go with all your might!]


[Ugh! When did these guys… !]

Jupiter and Horde, each holding Odin’s arms, poured out their attacks in that state.


It was an instant.

As tremendous energy was transferred while their bodies were touching, Odin’s eyes turned white.

[joy! What is the highest god of Northern Europe?]

[If I die here, I will never be able to go to Tartarus. Oh, what a pity. Haha!]

Just as Jupiter and Hod were whirling, Zeus appeared above them with a roar like a thunderbolt.


Jupiter was the first to react and rushed at him.

[come. Zeus. I’ll make you vomit up everything you’ve eaten!!]

[Hey, this cocky… !!]

Zeus and Jupiter faced off first.

Hod, who was watching the scene from behind, shifted his gaze to Damdeok.

[Khaha! I don’t know who it is, but thank you? Thanks to you, the thousand-year-old congestion has been alleviated!]

Even though they were the same Supreme God, the opponent was a newcomer who had just ascended to that position.

[I am thankful to be thankful, but wouldn’t it be hypocritical to show mercy to my enemies?]

Hod smiled leisurely and approached Damdeok.

His crude spear blade began to hum and resonate.

Damdeok looked at the scene with an expressionless face.

[Don’t blame me. That’s right, I heard that being able to walk well on a rope is also important for saving one’s life. From today onwards, all present gods will be extinct… . What are you doing now?]

The blade of Hod’s spear extended straight towards Damdeok’s uvula and then stopped.

This was because Damdeok, who was standing in front of Odin, who had already fainted, was muttering something.

[…] … What are you mumbling?]

It was an instant.

The sphere of light surrounding Damdeok burst open and swallowed Odin, the highest god, in one bite.


… … .

There was silence.

Horde did not understand the situation that unfolded before his eyes.

[now… ate… ?]

What did you do?

This was a sight that had never been seen even in Tartarus.

The moment Hod looked at Damdeok curiously, his vision flashed again.


A huge light coming towards you.

Horde’s eyes wavered helplessly.


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