I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 154

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#154. War of the Gods (6)

[He will be crowned as the Supreme God and the Heavenly Sword Fighting God!]

Damdeok felt dizzy as he looked at the message that appeared before his eyes.

My eyes, which had slowly opened, close again on their own.

I felt drowsy, as if I had taken a sleeping pill.

A hazy feeling that transcends everything and leaves the body.

above the clouds,

No, it felt like I was floating alone in a higher place.

‘… … I really feel like I’m a god.’

Damdeok was slowly savoring this unfamiliar feeling and situation.

Memories of the moment I awakened to the system from zero talent, the moment I first worked part-time in Thor’s dungeon, the moment I worked part-time as a security guard at Hephaestus’ blacksmith shop, the moment I worked part-time as a caterer for Cerberus, and the moment I worked other unusual part-time jobs for various gods came to mind.

So from the lowest level god to the lower level god, from the lower level god to the middle level god, from the middle level god to the upper level god, and now to the highest level god.

All those days pass quickly through my mind as if I was dreaming.

If it’s short, it’s short,

The times were long.

I met many people and gained many corresponding abilities.

Where will all this end?

Damdeok was looking back at the past in the air for a long time.

* * *

“… … “What is he doing now?”

Adele Sharon asked, looking at Damdeok floating alone in the air.

It was her first time seeing so many gods gathered together, but it was even her first time seeing such a crazy person floating in the air alone in the middle of the battlefield.

“… He really is a born fanatic. No one can follow you? Really no one… … .”

Adele Sharon muttered again and slowly shook her head.

Ju Soo-yul, who was standing next to her, followed her gaze and looked at Damdeok in silence.

‘I can’t believe I’ve already reached the highest level of god… … .’

He hadn’t even started his part-time job at Jecheon Daeseong Son Goku yet, but his growth was much faster than he expected.

‘Anyway, this guy is unknown even after being reincarnated over a thousand times… … .’

Damdeok always showed results that exceeded his expectations.

That’s why it’s a will, but on the other hand, it’s a worry… … .

‘The gods don’t like it when there are more beings with the same power as them.’

There is nothing special about the nature of gods.

Isn’t their universal characteristic that they simply want to be revered by all things and receive attention, and in some ways can be said to be the cult of the cult of the cult?

Having committed such a spectacular act in front of such gods, Damdeok has now become the biggest thorn in the eye, no matter what anyone says.

Either the forgotten gods or the reigning gods.

That’s why I’ve been advising since long ago that if you want to attract the attention of the gods and increase the value of your name, you should do it while keeping an appropriate line.

‘Nothing is rough anymore, right? First, commit and see, right? … … .’

Anyway, this guy has no solution.

The address said nothing more.

This life has long been out of your control.

“No matter what happens now, I won’t have to stay quiet any longer.”

Ju Soo-yul muttered that and asked Cheon Tae-rang, who was standing quietly behind him.

“Are you ready?”

“What do you mean?”

“… Ready to go on a rampage.”

At Ju So-yul’s words, Cheon Tae-rang raised the corners of his mouth.

“That is my specialty.”

* * *



Sigh! Sigh! Damn it!

With an eerie sound, the monster’s body instantly splits into two.

Just as they were intoxicated with victory, another monster rushed towards them, and their expressions immediately hardened and the hunters resumed their attacks in unison.

The coast has suddenly become a mess.

The sea water had already turned red due to the corpses and blood.



With each wave of red blood, madness piled up in the eyes of the hunters and soldiers.


“die! “What the f*ck!!”

Even a bit of hell.

There was no other way to describe the sight of the coast other than those words.

Among them, Baekgureum, a hunter with white hair, was firing his skills at the monsters that were constantly coming… … .

“Mr. Lee… … ! How long do I have to do this shit!! So, let’s go together and wipe it out in one room. If you’re going to do this, why did you go alone?!”

Baekgureum opened his eyes and looked at the other side of the beach where Damdeok had disappeared.

The gate has already become huge.

The giant gate seemed as if it would swallow this world at any moment, as if symbolizing the apocalypse.

“Essi, what on earth are you talking about? Are you alive? … !”



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Baekgureum swore harshly and swung his sword.

Swordsmanship and martial arts that I learned from Damdeok. White Cloud’s martial arts, which subtly combined the two fighting methods and turned them into their own, was now unrivaled.

“Damn it! “I’m dying of curiosity, really!”

White Cloud’s sword split the air again.

When the monster he was trying to defeat was cut in two by White Cloud’s sword energy, Alui looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“You’re swearing. I’m worried. “Do one of the two.”

White Cloud’s eyes widened even more fiercely at Alui’s words.

“Who cares about worrying?”

“You’re looking towards the gate with eyes full of worry.”

“no it’s not?!”

Baekgureum turned around nervously and swung his sword like crazy.

“Ugh, I’m so sick of it!! Get it all out! all!!”



As the surrounding monsters were easily crushed, the hunters who had been cautiously pushing the monsters toward the white clouds let out exclamations.

“Wow, of course Iris Guild!”

“Hey, no. “When did he transfer to the Sword God Guild?”

“okay? But don’t you think that guy has become a lot stronger than before? How many go down with one swing? Wow… … .”

“I know. “Did you change from Iris to Sword God after receiving some sort of low-level skill?”

“The Sword God Guild Leader is such a hot topic.”

When White Cloud suddenly turns towards the hunters who were chatting among themselves and shoots a burning look, everyone clears their throats and turns their backs.

Baekgureum had already killed all the monsters that had gathered, leaving the surroundings empty.

“If the kids don’t have skills, don’t step forward. “If you participate in the battle because you want to receive subsidies, you have to fight with all your heart!”

Baekgureum glared at the hunters who were making fun of themselves.


With a sound, Alui suddenly landed next to me.

“It seems like this place has been roughly organized. Now let’s go help the other side.”

“Stop telling me to go help him!”

“Why are you angry?”

“This place has been fine since a while ago. Now let’s go help over there. “How many times are you saying this?!”

“… … That’s our job. “Master said he would leave the coast here to us.”

“It’s a shame to leave it to him. I just went because I wanted to show off my strength! Look over there, see the gate bulging!”

Alui couldn’t understand the suddenly grumpy white cloud.

But given the situation, I knew for sure that there was no time to argue with him.

“If you don’t like it, quit. “It will end faster if we both sort it out together, but if you don’t want to do it, I’ll go help you on my own.”

Alui spread his black wings.

Baekgureum was still glaring at the Pacific Gate with his eyebrows narrowed.

“Don’t think about useless things. “I have no intention of taking you there.”

White Cloud’s eyebrows twitched at Alui’s words.

“I go first.”

With those words, the sound of flapping wings was heard, and White Cloud stared at the huge gate in front for a long time.

* * *

Battlefield of the Gods.

And the gods looked blankly at Damdeok floating alone in the middle of it all.

Bewilderment, bewilderment, and surprise.

At a time when many emotions were mixed and no one was taking the initiative, a male god came forward.

[You are so arrogant.]

Blonde permed hair.

Eyes with dark circles.

Although he resembled the sun god Apollo, he had a somewhat gloomy appearance.

The forgotten god Helios.

he shouted, looking back at his camp.

[Comrades. Look at how they buried our authority and name deep underground, and gave the authority of the highest god to that humble brat! Isn’t it terrible!]

At his instigation, the current gods looked puzzled as to what he was talking about, but the expressions of the forgotten gods darkened in an instant.

How many years have they been trapped in Tartarus without seeing a single ray of light?

After swallowing and swallowing all that sorrow, they finally started a war, and even in places like this, they are proudly praising one little god as the highest god.

I couldn’t help but feel angry.

This was a clear provocation.

[Ugh, damn you guys… … !]

[Why are you the only ones using the name value!!]

[I absolutely cannot tolerate this!]

[I’ll chew it all up… !!]

Forgotten gods with grimly distorted expressions gave off a dangerous atmosphere, as if they were about to run out at any moment.

Helios stood in front and pulled the trigger.

[Comrades! Whether it’s Olympus or Asgard, they are all things we ruled in the past!! Now our time has come! Everyone charge!!]

Helios shouted and rushed at Damdeok, who was the first to float in the air.

[Lament your life that was used as a party piece and abandoned in a battlefield like this!]

Helios’ scythe swung with all its might towards Damdeok, who had his eyes closed.

At the same time,


[Kill it!!]

[Let them also taste the darkness of Tartarus!!]

The forgotten gods rushed furiously.

Zeus and Odin, who were watching the situation, looked at each other and nodded.

Let’s go!

As Zeus extended his weapon, the lightning Astrape, Odin’s Gungnir pierced the neck of one of the forgotten gods who ran first.


This was the moment when the war of the gods began.


Damn it!

Bloody effects that could not be compared to the fight between the monster and the hunter began to explode simultaneously.

As the gods were intertwined and fighting each other, Damdeok was already grabbing Helios’ neck.

[Ugh… ! Uh, how… … !]

“Who says it’s for a party? “I achieved this with my own strength.”

Blah blah blah!

Damdeok’s left arm begins to become covered with ice.

[Ugh! Let go of this!]

Helios resisted fiercely and spewed fire.

As the ice melted in an instant, Damdeok quickly swung his intangible sword covered in black flame.

As soon as the giant intangible sword was pointed at him, Helios sensed something was wrong and quickly ran downward.


This was when Damdeok immediately turned his gaze downward to chase after him.

“… … !”

Damdeok saw the gods in a fierce conflict.

The appearance of forgotten gods who are similar to the current gods, like twins.

As soon as he saw them fighting desperately, Damdeok cried out in front of his eyes! A message came to mind.


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Fragments of new memories have been discovered!]


[Discovering fragments of new memories… … .]


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