I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 143

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#143. Heavenly Demon Cheontaerang (4)

“Okay… .”

Cheon Taerang sat cross-legged and showed his discomfort.

‘This place has been completely dried up.’

The black-haired woman’s strange technique, the moment something that I don’t know whether it’s a soap bubble or a memory bubble touches my body,

All the information about the suspicious people in front of me flooded into my head like a flood.

Each person’s own circumstances.

A life lived.

Even the reason they came here.

Irresistible memories kept flooding in like waves.

All Cheon Taerang did was frown for a moment, but when he opened his eyes again, the feeling of facing them was completely different.

“… “Are you asking me to believe this now?”

“Can you stop being so hard now? If you were as skilled as you, you would have instinctively figured out the truth of the memory just now, right? Besides, they knew from the beginning that we weren’t strong people, so they didn’t attack us and just accepted us. If you had any doubts, you wouldn’t be talking to us like this. is not it?”

Cheon Tae-rang’s brows furrowed at Ju So-yul’s bold rebuttal.

He seems like such an arrogant guy… .

But that is not necessarily wrong.

It was true that Cheon Tae-rang also had a lot to think about after the first attack was blocked.

‘Actually, I might have guessed it from then on.’

The fact that the guys in front of me might not be Kang Ho-in.

Of course, I was very curious about the identity of the guy who cut his Heavenly Demon Wavelength Technique in half, and honestly, I felt comfortable dismissing the suspicious people as an assassination group hidden by the Murim Lord, but regardless of my will, other suspicions were already sprouting in my mind. there was.

‘There’s no way an assassin would walk around in such an eye-catching outfit.’

Moreover, in cases where the same side appears only after all of them have been annihilated… It was even more strange.

Assassins who live by ambushes and assassinations are standing on top of a mountain peak and looking at themselves?

Opening your eyes blankly at the tragic scene where everyone in the old group was massacred?

It was strange, but it was too strange.

Actually, I knew there were a lot of strange things from the beginning, but I guess I didn’t want to think about it any more.

Because I was too lazy to admit it. Because it was hard to think any more.

So, words different from what he had thought were coming out of Cheon Taerang’s mouth.

“That’s funny. Using this strange technique… “Can you please believe that you guys are not strong people?”

In your head, you know that what they say is true, but the actual words they say come out crooked.

In a way, it was a natural reaction.

Just a little while ago, he wanted to end everything and die.

Thinking about the betrayal of those I trusted as subordinates, the sadness of losing my blood relatives, and the despicable tricks of the Murim Alliance, I still felt like my blood was boiling.

Didn’t he kill the world by doing so?

Didn’t he want to stain his hands with the blood of the world and end his own worthless life in a pit of that blood?

But now they want to save me because I’m not a strongman… .

It was a moment when my feelings felt so different.

“Do you really want to do this? Because I don’t have time. You clearly saw why we came. You felt it. You knew everything. “You probably know better than anyone that now is not the time to be like this, right?”

Jo Soo-yul insisted as if he did not understand.

He’s usually a guy who pretends like he can’t win at this level, but why is he holding on so persistently this time? .

“Don’t you dare give orders to me. Have you forgotten that your lives are entirely in my hands?”

“okay. “So you’re going to kill us all?”

“wait. “I’m thinking about it.”

“How long are you going to think about it?”

“Didn’t I tell you to wait!”

“ha… .”

Ju Soo-yul sighed, and the other colleagues were busy looking around.

Damdeok, who could not see anything, stepped forward.

“Why are you so excited, so unusual for you? “Try to calm down a bit.”

Damdeok patted Ju Soo-yul on the shoulder and looked at Cheon Tae-rang.

Jet black hair.

His black hair, tightly tied like an old samurai, reached down to his waist, and his blood-soaked, gold-embroidered black robe had already faded to the point of fading.

Her clothes were all disheveled and messy, but her eyes were shining brightly, but even so, she couldn’t see the same life as before.

‘The killing intent has definitely disappeared.’

It means that they have no desire to kill us at all.

But why is it holding on like this?

I don’t know the exact reason, but after thinking about it for a while, I quickly came up with the answer.

Damdeok smiled.

“you… “Are you lonely?”

As Cheon Taerang’s eyes narrowed, his colleagues also looked at Damdeok as if they were crazy.

“Brother, please understand the atmosphere!”

“You evil business owner. You know, just being still helps… .”

Even before the group’s fuss was over, a sneer appeared at the corner of Cheon Tae-rang’s mouth.

“Did you say you were lonely?”

“okay. “Just looking at it, it’s like that.”

Damdeok shrugged his shoulders and said.

“No, that’s right. It looks like the desire to kill us has already disappeared, so why are you holding on like this? In fact, don’t you think it’s strange that they killed so many people down there and didn’t kill us?”

Cheon Tae-rang just kept his mouth shut.



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“Right? I feel like I’m being special and pretentious for thinking that way. Well, that’s how it is. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill us for no reason because we aren’t even strong people. “I can’t do this, I can’t do that, so I’m riding on a crooked path for no reason right now.”

“… “Shut up.”

“Just shut up.”

“… “Do you really want to die?”

“Hey, let’s be honest. I’m not sure what your situation is. Is this the typical behavior of lonely people? I know this well because I used to be an Assa. “Cancer~”

Damdeok completely canceled Baekseol’s transformation and sat down.

“If you just want to talk to us, you can. Don’t just think about this and that alone. “Let’s talk openly with each other.”

“… This seat is.”

“Stop talking about that bastard. “You look like an old man.”

“… … .”

There was silence for a moment.

It was Cheon Tae-rang who opened his mouth again.

“… “What on earth are we talking about?”

“The story of how you committed such genocide, and yet we still want to have you as a comrade?”

There was a small silence again.

Cheon Taerang’s gaze turned downward for a moment.

Corpses build up mountains and blood flows down rivers.

It was a terrible sight.

Created by yourself… .

Many memories pass by.

His father, Cheonak Taegun, was the only child in the world, and his weak eldest brother, who could not properly live up to his father’s expectations.

The second brother had ambition, but was not supported by natural talent.

Even my sickly youngest sister who just wanted and wanted a healthy body.

He was born with the strong character, natural talent, and healthy body they all wanted.

“I’m lonely… .”

Cheon Taerang muttered.

The mysterious eyes of my two brothers and sister flash before my eyes.

Eyes that are a mixture of envy, envy, jealousy, and envy.


Surely his life may have been lonely.

Because she was a girl, her father neglected his martial arts training, and thanks to that, there was a time when she was able to freely enjoy happiness after meeting someone she loved.

But that only lasts for a moment.

The two brothers failed to live up to their father’s expectations, and when his father eventually noticed their natural talent,

「Kkeukkeuk, as expected!! also!! There is no way my blood has gone somewhere!! cancer!! Taerang!! From now on, you will succeed me!!”

Father’s eyes sparkled with madness, as if he had found an oasis after a long thirst, and from then on, his merciless martial arts training began.

“Wake up!! wake up!! Heavenly Demon is the heaven of the Demonic Cult!! “I can never kneel like this!!”

Fortunately, he was the right person to inherit his father’s post-human abilities and body, and unlike his previous two brothers, he quickly began to approach the level of an expert.

“yes!! yes!! Taerang! Without you, this loon wouldn’t have been able to hold her head up! Oh, my one and only blood! “Thank you!”

And finally, as a necessary procedure to teach the final stage of the Heavenly Demon Divine Technique, my father took me into a deep cave and began performing a strange ritual.

“Don’t worry. “I’m just giving you the things that should have been returned to you.”

The screams of the two brothers were heard in the pitch-black darkness.

“Puke it out!” Throw it up! Spit out everything!! “Have you been wasting your time with useless things?”

A dangerous ritual in which the internal skills that had been passed down to the two brothers were forcibly taken out of their bodies and then transferred back into one’s own body.

The terrible screams of her brothers and the pain as if her flesh and bones were being crushed were repeated for days.

One day, when my mind was dying to the point where I couldn’t tell if I was alive or dead, the dark cave suddenly began to look as bright as midday.

Every cell in my body opened, and my body began to become as light as a feather.

It was a day when the ecstatic and overwhelming feeling lasted forever, as if it were the moment of facing death in the beginning.

On that day,

It was the day when I reached the state of mythification.

And at the same time,

It was the anniversary of my two brothers’ deaths.

He was immediately appointed as the leader of the Demonic Cult, but his younger sister passed away due to illness, the person he loved suddenly disappeared, and it was around that time that he began to feel fetal movement.

Cheon Taerang’s eyes became cloudy.

“Did you say that I am lonely? right. Thus, my throne became the Heavenly Demon.”

Okay. As he spread his arms and smiled, Damdeok and his companions watched in silence.

If the eldest brother was born with all the talents and ascended to the position of Heavenly Demon, as his father wanted… .

If that were the case, wouldn’t he have had to live a life like this?

Would it have been possible to live a normal life in a village on the outskirts where the sun rises, with the person she loved and her beloved child?

Cheon Taerang’s laughter became more intense.

“It’s all pointless… .”

Damdeok cautiously approached the stumbling figure of Cheon Taerang.

Even though it was a thousand horses, teetering on the edge of a cliff seemed quite dizzying.

“Hey, okay, let’s talk slowly… .”

Cheon Taerang raised one hand and interrupted Damdeok.

“done. As you said, I have no intention of killing you. okay. “I’ve been a little grumpy.”

“… Why are you suddenly admitting it?”

“Isn’t that enough? “I have no intention of killing you.”

Crack. widely.

Before we knew it, Cheon Taerang’s feet were hanging precariously over the cliff.

Soil debris falls endlessly behind.

Cheon Taerang’s eyes glanced towards the sky as he looked at the small piles of dirt that had fallen into the pool of blood.

“Like you said, this place is lonely. But… .”


Cheon Taerang’s body rose into the air above the cliff. A body without any energy. It was obvious that if I fell, I would end up in the same situation as the corpses lying around below.

“This is real!!”

Damdeok’s body instinctively jumped out, but was stopped by Cheon Taerang’s hand gesture.

Asura religion!

Black hands came out and immediately tied up the bodies of Damdeok and his companions.

“What is this!!”

“It won’t come off!!”

“Adele!! Burn it!!”

“Magic doesn’t work!!”

Damdeok and his companions were confused, and Cheon Taerang smiled and closed his eyes.

“Goodbye. “Isn’t the Heavenly Demon inherently lonely?”

I feel a sense of floating.

A loud noise was heard.

I thought I would go quieter than anyone else in the end… .

Still, I didn’t really hate it.

Is it because I stole their memories one by one?

Whatever it is, I hope you achieve everything you wish for… .

Cheon Taerang opened his arms once again, feeling the sensation of floating quickly falling.

‘It’s freedom.’

It is the day when we are finally free from everything in this world.

* * *

“… what?”

When Cheon Taerang opened his eyes to the strange feeling of touching his back, he saw that his body was being supported by blue ice giants.

“… “What is this?”

Cheon Taerang’s eyes widened.

Apparently, they were the only people around me who seemed popular… ?

“Surely there was another party?”

A sight I have never seen before.

It wasn’t just the blue giants.

Numerous wolves and mummies were coming down towards him, holding each other like strings.


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