I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 133

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#133. Tartarus


Black blood flew in the air.


Several lines of blood were drawn on the red ground.

[Ugh… !]

Asmodeus staggered back.

His six arms waved helplessly in the air.

[How dare this brat… !]

He weakly dropped the knife and grabbed his neck tightly with both hands.


Even though I was trying hard to stop the bleeding, blood was leaking out through the cracks in my hands.

[Keuuk… ! damn… !]


Asmodeus stopped staggering, stabbing his sword into the ground like a staff with his four remaining arms.

He stared straight ahead in disbelief at this whole situation.


A large sword hovering above Damdeok’s head.

The huge sword made of blue magical power was drenched in Asmodeus’ blood.

As I was looking at the huge flashing blade, memories from before flashed through me clearly.

The deep cut on my neck began to throb violently.

If the cut had been a little deeper, maybe… .


More strength went into my arms to stop the bleeding.

Asmodeus’ eyes became more grim than ever.

“It’s over.”

Damdeok looked at him expressionlessly and said.


A blue greatsword that somehow feels majestic. The huge blade was slowly aimed towards Asmodeus’ neck.

The distance between Damdeok and Asmodeus was about 5 meters, but the large size of the great sword more than offset the distance.

A distance that can hit your head in one go.

[cheeky… This guy… !]

Asmodeus’ frown crumpled.

However, he only spewed out nothing but fierce anger and did not take any action.

No, I couldn’t act.

Although he escaped instant death, the wound from the previous blow was quite deep.

Perhaps he was in a state of temporary shock, but three of his six arms were already shaking and showing no strength.


One of the four swords that were holding on like a staff broke.

Asmodeus’ body swayed and collapsed.


[Ugh! To a kid like that! I… !]

Asmodeus ground his teeth in shame.

Perhaps because of the blue light of the brilliantly shining great sword, Damdeok’s eyes were sparkling blue as he looked at himself.

His appearance was so detached that it only added to the humiliation of the situation.

Asmodeus’ face became even more distorted.

Where on earth did that great sword suddenly appear?

Unlike the white sword he wielded directly, the blue greatsword floating above his head was moving on its own.

As if the sword was alive, on its own.

Because of this, distance control failed.

‘That’s why it ended up like this.’

I never thought I would lose so ridiculously.

It was so absurd that I burst out laughing.

Asmodeus grinned and slowly opened his mouth.

[…] okay. So what the hell is that damn knife? Where did it suddenly appear?]


Asmodeus frowned even more at Damdeok’s dry answer.

There was already silence in the open red land in all directions.

Everyone who was fighting was looking this way.

[Kkkkkk, this is humiliating. It’s so humiliating.]

Asmodeus laughed again.

Every time he laughed, a fountain of blood came out from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t seem to care at all.

[…] Hehehe, I’ve seen it before. A kid like you.]

This wasn’t the first time.

A strange power that allows the sword to move on its own.

It was a sight that once seen, could never be forgotten.

[He was a fun guy. He was a man worth fighting with.]

“What a useless story. If your goal is to waste time, you made the wrong choice. “Because I’m going to cut you right now.”



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Damdeok took his stance.

As he flashed his white Excalibur and took an attacking stance, the blue greatsword pointed at his neck also began to hum and resonate.

In an instant, a thick murderous feeling filled Damdeok’s surroundings.

But Asmodeus continued speaking regardless.

[The cheeky kid… Don’t be flattered that you succeeded in attacking while you were caught off guard for a moment.]

“That is also your mistake.”

Damdeok, with a cold expression, took a step forward.

The blue greatsword also headed towards Asmodeus’ neck.

Damdeok’s pitch-black retina was suddenly flickering wildly with blue light.

[…] okay. It’s definitely my mistake. Even though I swung six swords, I lost with just one sword.]

Asmodeus, whose eyes were filled with resignation and regret, slowly raised his head.

A blue greatsword with a fierce lethal force was located right in front of his eyes.

He slowly opened his mouth.

[But, you are not the only one in the world who uses such a knife. Hehehe, you too might get killed in such a ridiculous way someday.]

“Is that the story from earlier? “There was a kid like me?”

[okay. That guy said he came from a place called Moorim.]

Asmodeus’ voice was not very loud.

However, there was no one who could not hear him in the already silent land.

Damdeok asked quietly.


[okay. Moorim.]

As soon as the word ‘Murim’ came out, Jusoyul, who was far away, flinched for a moment, but no one noticed.

Asmodeus continued speaking.

[He was a strange guy who, when people laughed at him for saying he had mediocre power, would respond by saying it wasn’t power, but martial arts.]

“Whether it’s power or martial arts, it doesn’t matter. “Anyway, you die here now.”

[You don’t say anything rude. Even so, I am a long way from your senior when it comes to holding a knife. I wonder whose head will fall to the ground when you meet him later. Kkeukkeuk, my prediction is that you will definitely lose.]

“You talk a lot. “Are you afraid of dying?”

[you’re welcome. I just thought back on the fights so far.]

“Let’s get this over with.”

Damdeok’s right foot stumbles. The earth was crushed.

I had no intention of listening to any more stories.

There was only one thing on his mind right now.

‘Don’t relax and finish it once and for all!’

Asmodeus is a terrible bastard.

A demon known as the Demon King of the 44th floor and the King of Swords.

This is a guy who killed himself countless times in his past life, so his strength is something that cannot be explained in words.

‘When the opportunity arises, you must kill him at once.’

Damdeok’s entire body gained strength.

[Excalibur’s first attribute, , is activated!]

[All stats will double for 10 minutes from now!]

A thick aura flowed from Damdeok’s body.

“for a moment!! stop! If you kill him, things will be more complicated in the future… !”

Elia shouted from a distance, but it could not go any further.


The white Excalibur pierced Asmodeus’ neck.

The blue greatsword pierced even lower than that.


That was the end of it.

Contrary to expectations, he did not resist.

Damdeok’s attack, which put all his nerve and concentration into it, was successful in just one attempt.

Dark red blood flowed down the white sword.

Due to the size of the large sword, Asmodeus’ upper body was already half gone.

A moment of silence passed and Damdeok pulled out his sword.


As a huge fountain of blood gushes out, the body that was Asmodeus collapses helplessly on the ground.


Damdeok turned around with an expressionless face.

A terrible silence fell on the earth.

It wasn’t just Elia and her colleagues.

Beyond the hill in the distance, other princes and numerous demons who had come to watch were gathered like a cloud.


[The demon king on the 44th floor has been killed!]

[Show infamy throughout the Demon World!]

[Your spiritual power increases significantly!]

[Your spiritual power increases significantly!]

Ignoring the dizzily floating system messages, Damdeok stared at one place.

A woman standing in the middle of skeleton soldiers with her long silver hair flowing.

“it’s over. Elia. “Your plan ends here.”

At Damdeok’s words, everyone’s eyes were focused on Elia.

Elia closed her mouth that had been open in a daze.

“… “You have been there since long ago.”

Damdeok stared at her in silence.

“Since olden times? “You make it sound like we’ve known each other for a long time.”

Elia waved his hand without trying to say more.

“… it’s okay. good. I will give up the fifth guardian. “Everyone withdraw from here today.”

At one word from her, the skeleton soldiers at the front began to sink into the ground, making a screeching noise.

Damdeok’s eyebrows narrowed.

“Whose will it be? You can’t even take one step away from here. “I have to finish it.”

“Finishing it? what do you mean? Are you saying you’re going to kill me?”

Elia laughed and provoked.

Damdeok’s face hardened as if it was obvious.

“The sixth guardian has already died by your hands. “If you interfere with our plans any further, we will have no choice but to kill you.”

Elia burst out laughing at those words.

After laughing, she lowered her head.

It seemed like he was muttering something, but the shape of his mouth was not visible.

She raised her head again and opened her mouth with a cold expression.

“But I don’t hate you. “I hope you survive.”

“What on earth are you talking about…? .”

Damdeok’s words could not continue any longer.

Coo coo coo coo coo coo.

The ground began to shake violently.

It was not the concept of an earthquake.

It’s like… .

“Everyone get back!! Avoid the black-stained ground! “Don’t step on it!!”

Jusoyul was the first to shout.

She, who was closest to Elia, quickly snatched Alui and Baekgureum who were nearby and ran away from them.

“Aaaah! what!”

Adele Sharon, who was continuing the fight in the rear, also screamed and chased after Jooyul.

“Everyone retreat!!”

Ettin and the ice giants also sensed that something was unusual and all retreated, following the lead.

Even in this crowded situation, Damdeok stayed still and glared at Elia.

“What a trick… !”

Damdeok’s shouting did not continue this time either.

Coo coo coo coo!!

The ground shook even more violently.


It was to the point where I couldn’t stand on my own two feet.

My vision was shaking like crazy, and I could see the ground turning black under my feet.

“Quickly get off the ground!!”

Jusoyul’s cry was heard from afar.

“Damn it, what the hell!”

Damdeok instinctively sensed danger and flew into the air.

The land is turning pitch black and being encroached upon.

It was incredibly fast.

“What is this now… .”

Damdeok swallowed dry saliva.

Because all those pitch black things were heading towards Elia.

In an instant, the surrounding land, except for the ground Elia was standing on, was stained with darkness.

A landscape as if the entire earth had been reduced to ashes.

A bad, rotten me came up from all directions.

Damdeok looked at his comrades who had evacuated across the dark land.

‘I’m glad Address Rate responded quickly.’

I felt uncomfortable.

What on earth are these black things?

Elia looked at Damdeok in the sky and smiled.

“Bye. “I hope you survive.”


With a tremendous roar, the entire earth, which had been stained black, began to tremble.

Damdeok’s face gradually hardened as he watched the scene from the air.



A darkness that swells like a swamp.

Elia and the skeleton soldiers were slowly being sucked into the darkness.

Damdeok couldn’t say anything.

This is because the honey snail faced clear eyes in the middle of the darkness.


[The eyes of the abyss are looking at you!]


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