I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 129

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#129. Fallen Angel, Lucifer (1)

“Umm, this is really delicious, isn’t it?”

Adele Sharon savored it with her eyes closed.

In front of her was a variety of food prepared as a sumptuous feast.

The seventh guardian, the flower garden of the dragon race Syaoran.

Jooyul and Adele Sharon had been staying here for several days in preparation for an unexpected attack by Elia.

“Adele, what are you going to do with your training after eating that much from breakfast? “Eat in moderation.”

Ju Soo-yul said that, but Adele Sharon waved her hand.

“What are you talking about, Soyul? It’s an insult to tell people to eat these pretty and delicious foods in moderation! insult!”

Then he turned his head to the seventh guardian, Syaoran, who was grilling meat in front of a huge bonfire.

“Xiaorang! “You’re really good at cooking!”

When he said that while giving a thumbs up, the dragon race Syaorang twisted his body as if he were embarrassed.

“Really, I didn’t know dragon people were this good at cooking. “In our magical world, dragons are a very crude image!”

Adele Sharon was constantly praising and putting in Wagu Wagu food.

“What. “This is nothing special.”

Xiaorang’s body was the color of strawberry milk.

He didn’t turn red because he was embarrassed; he was a pink dragon to begin with.

‘Even if he looks like that, he’s the type that gets really scared when there’s something he has to protect.’

Ju Soo-yul recalled a memory from his past life while looking at the shy pink dragon.

When Syaorang’s girlfriend was injured by a demon, he tore the demon to death so cruelly…


Jooyul sighed softly.

The dragon clan was such a being.

If you put your mind to it, you can turn anyone into a rag.

But even so, there was a reason why Zhou Juyul came here to protect Xiaorang.

‘No matter what, Elia is dangerous.’

If there is a fair one-on-one fight, of course Syaoran wins.

But, Elia would never do something that stupid.

Whether it was a surprise attack, using necromancer abilities, or using the power of Tartarus and the Eyes of the Abyss, which he was instigating, Elia was the one who could kill Syaoran with a single sword.

‘The fact that Xiaorang is very timid and unsuspicious of others may also play a role.’

In many ways, the seventh guardian, Syaorang, was a person of more interest than the fifth guardian that Damdeok went to pick up.

‘At least Lucifer is holding out there, so he won’t be able to kill the 5th Prince carelessly.’

I had no doubt that Ju So-yul believed that. Even if it was Elijah, the Demon King Lucifer was not a man whose shallow tricks would work.

he is···.


Suddenly, Xiaorang screamed.

Surprised, Soo-yul’s gaze quickly shifted to him.

“Why? Are you hurt? (What’s wrong? Are you hurt?)”

Adele Sharon also looked at Xiaorang with her cheeks full of meat.

“Ahaha, no. “I was stabbed by her sharp bone.”

Syaoran’s blunt paws were bleeding as he was preparing the new meat.

The soft part where the claw goes in and out was slightly torn.

“A bone so sharp it can pierce a dragon’s skin…”

Jooyul approached and cast a healing skill.


Xiaorang said awkwardly.

“Ah, this is a six horn cow that only lives in the demon world. “Perhaps because they grew up in a harsh environment, the bones inside are unusually hard and sharp, like a single horn on the outside.”

“okay. I understand, so don’t move. “The treatment isn’t over yet.”

“Ahaha, yes. thank you.”

The magic power of Jooyul’s healing skills has become stronger. The bleeding doesn’t stop as well as I thought.

“The healing skills that Soyul gained from the fairy world are truly amazing. “You’ll get better soon, Xiaorang.”

“Yes, of course. I’m not really worried. haha.”

“But I guess it wouldn’t taste so good if you lived in the demon world, right?”

“It can’t be! The outer skin of this animal is covered in dark magic energy, but the inside is made of very soft and moist flesh. “It’s such a delicacy.”

“It’s a delicacy?!”

“sure! “Are you sure you’ll be surprised?”

Adele Sharon and Xiaorang had a friendly conversation, but Ju Soo-yul remained silent throughout the treatment of her wounds.

Is it because of my mood?

I had an ominous feeling for no reason.

Four days have passed since I went to the dragon’s nest and found Syaoran.

However, there was no significant sense of assassination yet.

“It’s done.”

The healing skill stopped.

Xiaorang smiled brightly and expressed his gratitude to Jusoyul.

Then, he goes back to preparing the meat and starts talking excitedly about food with Adele Sharon.

Ju Soo-yul could not hide his anxiety as he looked at the two.

Her eyes twitched slightly.

‘Could it be that Elia went to the demon world…?’



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* * *


As Damdeok mumbles, Alui, who was warming up next to him, stares at him.

“Master, what are you doing?”

“uh? ah···.”

Meanwhile, Elia, wearing a robe, had disappeared among the numerous participants.

It’s definitely true.

It was Elia.

Damdeok’s eyes shook wildly before calming down.

‘It’s something I had to face anyway.’

Unless you were the one with the address, didn’t you already expect that it would come to you?

However, if there is one question, it is that she is not participating in the role of an assistant instructor, but as a prince.

‘He was wearing a participation badge that was only given to princes.’

Moreover, the tall man next to him who appeared to be an assistant instructor also looked unusual.

The man was wearing a black robe that was darker than Elia’s, so I couldn’t see his face…

‘It feels uncomfortable.’

Even after just looking at it for a moment, I felt a sense of suffocation.

A deep magical energy that was not felt by formal instructors.

Who is it?

Didn’t they originally say that none of the assistant instructors are stronger than the official instructors?

Is it related to Elia’s participation as a prince?

Or was Elia originally a demon?

A variety of thoughts followed, but I decided to put them aside for now.

There was no way I could find the right answer anyway.


Damdeok’s face hardened.

‘Anyway, the fact that Elia showed up here… .’

Damdeok’s gaze glanced at Alui.

“What? “What’s going on?”

The 5th prince, Alui, is looking at him with bright eyes.

Snow White was also sitting on the guy’s head and tilting her head.

‘I came to kill this guy.’

I had no idea how I came to the competition wearing a participation badge.

From now on, all he has to think about is escaping the demon world safely with Alui.



“You didn’t forget your promise, right?”

“Are you saying that again? Tell me how many times. I said I didn’t forget. I will leave the Demon World after this battle. What the teacher said… “I will participate in protecting life.”

At the end, Alui scratched the back of his head as if it was awkward as he said the words ‘protecting life’.


Damdeok quietly nodded.

After becoming acquainted with Alui through Snow White and the Wolves, he told her all about the war between the gods.

The words that once the war begins, everything will disappear and many people will be killed without a move were enough to move Alui’s heart.

It was said that the reason he wanted to become a demon lord in the first place was because he wanted to protect the lives of the demon world.

Alui is loud. I cleared my throat and began to slowly relax again.

“In return, Master, you must also keep your promise. When everything is done, I will return to the Demon World and become the Demon King.”

“okay. “You said you would establish a peaceful demon world, right?”

“huh. Because I’m going to straighten this rotten world. “You have to give your strength then.”

Damdeok smiled and nodded.

He’s a good guy.

Who can fully understand the feeling of being born as a devil and thrown into the demon world alone?

Damdeok’s eyes filled with strength.

No matter what trick Elia used today, the promise that he could never hurt this guy as much as he did was engraved in his eyes.


– will!

Looking at Snow White who had transformed into pure white Excalibur, Alui tilted her head.

“In the beginning, we will only be looking for treasures, but are you already trying to pick up a sword? “It won’t be too late to take out the weapon after finding the treasure.”

As Alui said, no one had already drawn their weapons.

Not far away, other princes were booing.


“Are you taking out your weapon already?”

“why? “Are you afraid of getting stabbed while hunting for treasure?”

Despite the snickering and sarcastic remarks, Alui remained resolute without a single frown.

“Master, are you paying attention to what kids like that say?”

Alui tried to comfort Damdeok by saying that there was no need for that.

Damdeok chuckled and ruffled Alui’s hair.

“Listen carefully. Today you decided to participate in the competition to the best of your ability. Because it will be before retirement. Right?”

Alui nodded silently.

“So you do your best.”

I didn’t need to add, ‘Because I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t die.’

Damdeok’s eyes were solemn, and before he knew it, Alui’s eyes began to look similar as well.

“huh. I’ll do my best.”

“okay. let’s go.”

Damdeok and Alui took a powerful step forward.

All the other demons had already left and the number in the square was noticeably reduced, but the two didn’t care.

‘Master, you are right.’

‘If I want to protect something, I have to prove that I’m strong.’

‘This time, I will definitely show them my strength!’

Alui is like Alui.

‘There are quite a few participants wearing robes.’

‘Elia will definitely come by surprise.’

‘I will never let this happen quietly.’

Damdeok is Damdeok-daero.

The two simply moved forward, moving forward, pledging their respective goals.

* * *

Area 51 of the Demon World.

Abandoned fields.


In the desolate field, Elia lowered her robe slightly.

Silver hair was blowing in the wind. Elia stroked her hair with her fern-like hand and looked at the red-hot panorama of the Demon World.

There were a few participants around, but most of them were far away.

“Lucifer also has really bad taste. The Demon World is so vast that you can’t wait to find treasure in a place like this. Still, I wonder what kind of treasure he hid?”

When Elia raised her hand once, white skeleton soldiers rose up.

They each started digging and searching the ground.

The tall man next to Elia muttered.

[Lucifer is basically a stupid guy.]

The sound of language filled with deep magical energy. A person in the demon world who dares to say without hesitation that the demon lord is stupid.

Elia’s eyes turned to him.

A man twice or even three times bigger than himself.

He was covered in a black robe from head to toe, and even if he tried to see his face, all he could see was pitch black, hidden in the shadow of the robe he was covering.

It looks like a messenger from hell.

But Elia didn’t care.

I spoke to him as if I were talking to an old friend.

“Do you hate Lucifer that much?”

[Because he is an abominable guy.]

Elia smiled slightly at his answer.

In his eyes, both Lucifer and the man in front of him were equally evil.

No, maybe Lucifer is a little better?

[Elia, Tartarus is moving. This is not the time to leisurely go on a treasure hunt.]

“I know. Stop urging me. “I’m doing more work than anyone else?”

[You are saying something foolish. ‘That day’ is already just around the corner. Eliminate them as quickly as possible.]

Elia pretended to cover both ears.

A boring, dirty nag.

Elia had not liked that man for a long time.

If it weren’t for my father’s instructions, I wouldn’t have had to go with him… .

The gloomy voice rang out again.

[Elia. Are you listening?]

A voice I don’t want to hear.

It was a voice that I could not relate to.

“Noisy. Stop nagging. That’s why you’re lurking here. “It should be done in a place where there are no witnesses as much as possible.”

[How can we be sure they will come here?]

“I’ve already laid the groundwork, so you can just sit back and watch. Since I have nothing to do anyway… .”

The man growled lowly inside his robes.

[You have a bad habit of speaking. dare… .]

Elia turned around calmly.

After all, I wasn’t participating in the battle by getting involved with that guy.

‘Why did my father listen to this guy?’

The original operation was a solo raid, but the operation was changed just before that.

‘How dare you team up with such a devil… .’

The man was a devil.

That’s also the type of devil that Elia least likes.


A familiar scent drifts in from afar on the wind.

Elia slowly raised her head.

“You’re here.”

The man wearing the robe also seemed to have noticed something and was letting out a low laugh.

[Really. Elia, you’re doing a lot better than I thought.]

Elia frowned and muttered at the creepy voice.

“Please don’t call my name in that voice.”

Familiar silhouettes were walking across the field in the distance.

“It’s time to go now.”

Elia’s eyes had suddenly sunken.

“let’s go. Asmodeus.”


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