I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 128

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#128. Demone Alui (5)

“what… “What are we going to do?”

Alui asked.

He seemed anxious about what he might say if he noticed something.

Damdeok answered simply.

“It’s about playing.”


Alui frowned.


In the demon world, what is called ‘play’ refers to the pleasure of catching and killing or torturing creatures that are smaller and weaker than oneself.

‘As expected, this guy is just like other demons.’

Alui’s eyes became cloudy with disappointment.

“Come on, Baek Seol. “You go back there.”

– will!

Damdeok sent Baekseol behind Alui.

Then he put down the wooden sword in front of him and began to warm up with his bare hands.

Alui’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

“What are you doing now…? Are you really going to ‘play’ with that cute little fox?!”

Emotions heightened without one’s knowledge.

Alui couldn’t stand it.


How could you play such a terrible game with such a small creature!

However, Damdeok maintained a smiling attitude throughout.

“Yes, that’s right. From now on, the rules will be explained. The game is called ‘Touchdown’! If I start from here and touch Baekseol behind Alui, I win. Alui, you have to stop me from touching Baekseol.”

“it’s okay! Go back now! You’re fired! “I’ll tell my father that I don’t need an assistant instructor from now on… Wait, what?”

Damdeok tilted his head.

“Don’t you understand? I’m going to run to touch Baekseol, and Alui just has to stop it. “It’s easy, right?”

Alui’s mouth was half open.

“That’s it…? Rather than hitting, harassing, and torturing…?”

This time Damdeok’s face frowned.

“What on earth are you talking about? Baekseol is my precious friend. If there is a guy who does that, I will do everything in my power to kill him.”

A deep murderous spirit flowed from Damdeok.


That was sincere.


An exclamation escaped from Alui’s mouth without me knowing.

What is it?

This situation.

What on earth is this part-timer doing?

“Okay then, shall we go?”


Damdeok’s body shot out like a spring.

It passed right by Alui’s body and ran straight to Snow White.

Wow! With a sound, Baekseol’s body entered Damdeok’s arms.

“You bastard! “Where are you running away from?”

Damdeok was rubbing Baekseol’s head back and forth.

Wow! Wow! The sound of a fox’s laughter echoes quietly through the training ground.

Damdeok smiled slightly and put Baekseol down.

“I won so easily. I guess the prince isn’t feeling well yet? Now, let’s go one more time.”


Alui looked at Damdeok, who was slowly returning to his original place.

“···Is that really all there is?”

“What do you mean?”

“Play. Is it really all about touching that white fox…?”

“of course. “Do you still not understand the rules?”

“It’s not like that…”

Alui hesitated.

It was my first time taking a class like this.

“···Then all you have to do is touch it. Why were you holding the fox and laughing just now? “Is that also a rule?”

Damdeok was speechless for a moment at Alui’s serious question.

Where and how should I explain this?

“It’s… um… it’s just one of those games. Snow White couldn’t touch me, so of course he tried to run away, and I just held him in my arms so he couldn’t run away. If Alui wins, you can hug Snow White and share the joy of his victory.”

Alui’s mouth opened again.

It seemed like he couldn’t believe it.

“really? “If I win, I can hold that spirit creature and pet it…?”

Alui’s eyes widened.

The widened eyes were suddenly sparkling.

“Well, you are stating the obvious. “Isn’t the point of play primarily about the fun of hugging each other and being happy when you win?”



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Damdeok chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.

Alui’s expression was already touching.

‘I knew it.’

Damdeok cheered in his heart.

It was a moment when my expectations were met without a doubt.

‘It is clear that the Demon World has only taught classes in a coercive manner so far.’

In a world where hitting, trampling, and using all kinds of dirty tricks to defeat one’s opponents are considered a virtue, it could be said that such a type of class is natural.

But for Allui, all of that must have been too painful to bear.

‘I don’t know why, but Alu seems closer to an angel than a devil.’

All of his thoughts and actions were based on absolute goodness.

Thus, although he is a devil, he has become a half-devil who is not like a devil.

‘For a guy like that, the human way suits him better than the devil’s way.’

When humans educate young children, don’t they do it in the form of play?

A secret to continuously increase fun, enjoyment, and learning achievement.

‘Play and reward.’

It was a teaching method that was perfect for the kind-hearted Alui.

“Okay then, let’s go to the second game.”

Damdeok stood behind the wooden sword that marked the starting line and prepared to run.


As Damdeok’s feet gain strength, Alui’s body becomes tense.


Damdeok’s body jumped out like a spring, and Alui quickly blocked Damdeok.

“Oh, it’s pretty good?”

“I’m going to touch it this time! fox!”

“It’s not easy.”

Damdeok activated the wind sprint skill.

Alui also concentrated his magic energy on his legs.

Baek Seol’s head moved back and forth in the fast-paced battle.



Damdeok overtook Alui and ran toward the empty space.


As his hand slipped and approached Baekseol, Alui flew his body loaded with demon energy and snatched Damdeok.



With a sound, Damdeok and Alui rolled around on the dirt floor.

Damdeok grinned amidst the dust fluttering about.

‘As expected, I have good fighting sense.’


As Damdeok shook off the dirt and stood up, Alui also jumped up and blocked Baekseol’s path.

It seemed like he was already immersed in the ‘touchdown’ game.

The face of a knight protecting a princess.

Damdeok burst out laughing at that serious look.

“The prince won this time. “It was a good tackle just now.”

Alui’s expression, who was breathing heavily at the sudden praise, gradually relaxed.

A bright smile soon spread across his serious face.

“···Wow, I won! I won! Fox! “I protected you!”

– will?

Alui hugs Baekseol tightly and starts spinning around.

Snow White’s eyes also rolled around.

Damdeok watched the scene in silence.

‘The tackle just now was outstanding.’

I thought it was a distance that could never be reached, but the distance narrowed in an instant.

Moreover, the speed at which he was blocked was unusual.

Well, I just didn’t swing the sword. If done correctly, it was a skill that would make you break into a cold sweat.

‘It would be worth watching if you and Baekgureum sparred.’

Of course, that too should be considered a form of play.

‘Even if he’s the 5th prince or a high-ranking devil, he’s still a kid.’

If you continue to train intensely under the guise of play, demonstrating your skills in a competition will be a piece of cake.

Damdeok approached Alui with a much more relaxed mind.

“How about a running race with the cloud wolf next?”

“Cloud wolf?! Isn’t that also a spiritual creature? “It’s a spirit thing, right?”

“yes. It’s a spirit thing. It’s white, big, and fluffy… Ah, the next game is dodging the sun wolf’s flames.”

“Wow! oh my god!”

that day,

Alui performed all classes perfectly from beginning to end.

It was the first time this had happened since I was born in the demon world.

* * *

“What kind of wind is blowing…?”

“That’s right. “This is the first time I’ve seen Alui’s eyes look so clear before a match.”

“When we said that, he didn’t even listen… Anyway, he’s a damn kid.”

“Be careful what you say. “Lucifer is near.”

The eyes of the official instructors all turned to the highest point of the Demon King’s Castle.

The throne is still empty.

Demon Lord Lucifer had not yet arrived.

“···Hum hum, I’m excited.”

Kun’s pale expression cleared up and he cleared his throat slightly.

The other formal instructors continued their conversation with their arms folded.

“Still, if we win this battle, won’t Lucifer recognize our loyalty?”

“Looking at the look in Alui’s eyes right now, it seems like he’s really going to accomplish something this time.”

At the end of their gaze were Damdeok and Alui.

A wide square inside the Demon King’s Castle.

Since this match was a team match rather than a one-on-one match, there were many other princes as well as Alui.

Among them, the 1st and 4th princes, who were considered strong contenders for the championship, were standing with fierce eyes, but Alui seemed to not care about them at all and was concentrating on warming up.

Seeing him even laughing at Damdeok and the white fox who came with him from time to time, it made me wonder if the 5th prince’s soul had changed in just a few days.

Of course, the other princes were glaring at Alui, who had become so bright, with disapproving eyes.

“Hey you idiot Alu.”

The 4th prince approached and started an argument.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd princes could only watch from a distance.

Damdeok was bothered by this banal situation.

So I pretended not to hear, picked my ears, and took Alui to the end of the square.

Of course, the 4th prince, who had been so rudely ignored, shouted loudly behind his back, but he soon had to be pushed out by the supervisor’s intervention.

Damdeok’s ears were mercilessly bombarded with harsh swear words filled with demonic energy, but Damdeok waved his middle finger and walked away.

‘Anyway, wherever you go, adolescents are a problem.’

Some energetic teenagers.

“Alui. are you okay?”

Damdeok asked.

Over the past few days, we had become quite close through training disguised as play.

The fact that I spoke naturally was a bonus.

“are you okay. “Those guys always do that.”

“Aren’t you angry?”

“not really. “They’re just like that.”


Damdeok looked straight ahead again.

Looking at the 4th prince going to the other princes and making fun of them, it looks like he is planning a very cliché and stupid plan.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

In the first place, his goal was not to fight against the demon king.

And Alui also has a clear goal…

Damdeok opened his mouth with a calm expression.

“Alui, you didn’t forget what you promised, right?”

“Yes, I didn’t forget. “Don’t forget your promise, Master.”

“In what country is it the law to speak informally while calling someone ‘Master’?”

“All demons are like this.”

“what the. “The guy who doesn’t look like the devil the most.”

“But I’m probably the strongest among the devils, right?”

“What the hell. “He speaks well.”

Damdeok and Alui laughed while exchanging pointless jokes.

And soon after,

The host went up on the castle wall.

“Then, from now on, the 46th Battle for the Demon King will begin.”

At the same time, a magnificent trumpet sound echoed throughout the castle.

It seems like demons are similar to humans in wanting to act like they exist.

The devils cheered and the host explained the rules of the game.

In an instant, the square became noisy, and Damdeok’s expression naturally frowned.

Even though I listened to the voices carrying demonic energy, I could not get used to them.

“Wow, it’s really noisy. Anyone who sees it will think there’s a festival going on. But the Demon King hasn’t arrived yet, so are we just starting?”

“Father always comes in the middle of a fight.”


“It’s already been quite a long time since the battle took place, so it’s no wonder you’re bored.”


What an indifferent father he is.

So many people are so desperate to follow in their footsteps.

After the host explained the basic rules, the theme for this episode was revealed.

The noisy square suddenly became quiet.

A theme that changes each episode.

Depending on that, the way the match would proceed changed.

The host opened his mouth vigorously.

“The theme of this 46th competition is !! The rules are the same as before! Killing and taking are also permitted!”

As the devils cheer, red and black flags wave and trumpets sound louder.

Damdeok quietly nodded his head.

‘It’s a treasure hunt… it’s not that difficult, right?’

Since it was in the form of a game, Alui would not be burdened, and more than anything, she had the power to unite the sword and body.

‘If you use your intuition, finding treasure is a breeze.’

When Damdeok thought that, he raised the corners of his mouth.

In the distance, among the robed princes, a familiar silver-haired head could be seen.

Damdeok’s body stiffened for a moment.



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