I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 127

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#127. Demone Alui (4)





A child covered in black blood is crying.

Around them, many children were pointing and singing.

“S-stop… .”

“I don’t like it~?”

“What kind of devil are you?!”

“okay! “You angelic bastard!”

“Alui is an angel~! “He’s an angel~!”

“Stop, please stop…” .”

The child eventually sat down.

He was not an angel.

He was a proud demon.

He was a member of the Demon World and a proper devil.

But… why?


“He’s an angel~”

“He’s an angel~”

The children’s chorus became a dagger and struck Alui’s whole body.

It hurt.

I couldn’t understand.

Alui’s eyes fell miserably into a pit of blood.

The shapes of the children reflected in the blood are scary.

Alui buried his head even more.

“Ugh… .”

Alui sobbed.

The more they crouched, the louder the children’s laughter became.

That moment,


A faint tremor echoed through the blood.

As Alui followed the sound and turned his gaze, his eyes met a child buried in a pit of blood.

A child of a low-level demon.

The young devil, who seemed to be about the same age as him, had his entire body torn to pieces.

Did I get hit by another demon, a monster, or the kids up there? In any case, the child’s life was in danger.

A body half submerged in blood.

A sore mouth.

Fingers that can barely twitch.

“Ugh… sorry… sorry… .”

Alui hugged his knees even more.

He just wanted to heal this child.

I don’t know how, but I wanted to be of strength.

So as soon as he saw it, he pushed the kids who were watching and jumped into the pit.

I tried clumsily to stop the bleeding and used the power of recovery with all my might.

But it was impossible.

No matter how hard he struggled, the child in front of him was dying quickly.

Dark red blood flows continuously from the slender young devil.

The blood soon formed a deeper blood pit.

Is it because it’s in a tight pit? Alui felt his heart tightening.

“why… “Why are you just watching?”

In the end, Alui burst into tears.

The children’s singing stopped.

Soon, one person said, “Poof!” I burst out laughing.

The laughter spread as if it were contagious.

“Look at that. “Alui is crying again!”

“You idiot! “You’re not even a prince!”

“Don’t go and tell me you’re a prince like us!”

“You useless bastard! “He’s like an angel!”

The curse song began again.

Alui sobbed.

He just wanted to save lives.

Is that so wrong?

Is it so terrible that the devil himself is stigmatized as an angel?

Why did this young devil have to die like this?

Why do demons rejoice at the death of life?

Alui couldn’t understand at all.



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“Class time is almost over, what on earth are you doing here!”

“Come here quickly!”

The nannies appeared.

The 1st prince’s nanny.

The 2nd prince’s nanny.

The 3rd prince’s nanny.

The 4th prince’s nanny.

They each quickly disappeared from sight, taking their respective princes with them.

Next, a dark shadow fell over Alui.

“… … .”

The Fifth Prince’s nurse looked down at Alui in the pit of blood.

She didn’t say anything.

He just looked back and forth between Alui and the young devil’s body with eyes full of annoyance.

“wake up. “It’s almost time for class.”

The nanny spoke in an emotionless tone.

Instead of answering, Alui looked straight ahead.

The young devil’s fingers, which had been twitching slightly just a moment ago, had suddenly become as hard as stone.

“I told you to wake up quickly.”

The nanny said nervously.


Alui stood up quietly.



Blood is dripping.

The whole time I was walking holding my nanny’s hand,



Blood continued to drip.

A world where everyone despises life.

A world that cheers at the death of life.

Alui realized.

All beings in this world and myself are completely different creatures.

that day,

A pit of blood formed in Alui’s heart.

A pit of blood that never dries.

Inside, Alui lived alone.

* * *

“Ahaha, my seniors treat me like this, so I won’t hesitate!”

Damdeok joked and accepted the official textbooks of the Demon World.

Clap la la rock!

Damdeok nods his head as he quickly scans the class content, and the formal instructors watch him disapprovingly.

“Then, you are free to take charge of the class today. “Starting tomorrow, we will do it in rotation.”

“Yes yes! Seniors, rest well~”

Damdeok said that without even looking at the official instructors.

The expressions on the official instructors’ faces all looked like they had chewed shit, but on the other hand, they also had some expectations about Damdeok’s unexpected skills.

‘The 5th prince is so stubborn that he doesn’t even listen to us.’

‘If such a talented person steps forward and provides sincere guidance, there will be no harm from our perspective.’

‘If I achieve any meaningful results, I can leave a mark on Lucifer.’

‘Even if that’s not the case, it’s better because you can blame everything on the assistant instructor.’

Their calculation was simple.

“Let’s go. “It’s nice to have some time to rest after a long time.”

“okay. “Let’s go first.”

The formal instructors walked away with a lighter heart.

Today, as Damdeok requested, I decided to give him the entire class time.

The corners of Alui’s mouth rose slightly.

‘I’m not dead.’

This is the first assistant instructor who did not die even after directly challenging the official instructors.

No, it was the first time that an assistant instructor confronted the official instructors.

A spark of hope bloomed in Alui’s heart.

Maybe this assistant instructor is… .

Alui approaches as if possessed and is staring intently at Baekseol, the white fox sitting on Damdeok’s shoulder.

Lantern Lantern.

Feeling the pressure in his eyes, Damdeok quietly lowered the textbook.

“what… Are you doing it?”

“Yes, sightseeing. “I have never seen such a white and sparkling spirit creature in the demon world.”

It’s white and shiny.

In Damdeok’s eyes, Alui’s face was whiter and sparkling now.

But Alui paid no mind and just watched Snow White.

I looked at Damdeok while pretending to look at Baekseol, and looked at Baekseol while pretending to look at Damdeok.

Alui’s face was smiling the whole time, as if he had found a precious gem.

– will… .

Baek White must have felt burdened by Alui’s gaze, so he quietly walked away.

To avoid eye contact, he alternately moved over Damdeok’s right and left shoulders.

Even in the midst of this hectic state, Damdeok was engrossed in other thoughts.

‘As expected, he’s a strange guy.’

It’s one thing for a high-ranking devil to protect a tied up goblin, and the other for liking Snow White because it’s white and shiny… .

Above all, his eyes were so pure.

Are these really the eyes of the devil?

It’s full of unknown things.

‘After all, if you want to find out more, you have to get to know each other first, right?’

Damdeok is a hit! I covered the textbook.

Isn’t physical contact the best way to become friends?

“Then from now on.”

Damdeok cries. I relaxed.

“Let’s start class.”

* * *

Percussion! Faaah!

Sigh! Pow!

A dull bursting sound echoed throughout the training ground.

Damdeok brandished his wooden sword and examined Alui’s posture.

‘As expected, his swordsmanship skills are quite high.’

It wasn’t just swordsmanship.

If you mix up your martial arts skills to induce a counterattack, you can easily counter them.

No, to be honest, Alui was better at martial arts than at swordsmanship.

‘You said you like swords more… .’

It was visible in Damdeok’s eyes.

When Alui instinctively throws a fist loaded with demonic energy, the attack comes out more naturally and powerfully than when she swings her sword.

‘At this point, I wonder how strong the other princes are.’

From what I heard from Albert, he said that they were all just kids, so in his opinion, there wasn’t much difference in their skills… .

To be honest, I didn’t think Alui’s combat power would be overwhelmingly inferior to the other princes.

However, Alui said that he has never achieved victory… .

‘I think I know why.’

Damdeok suddenly opened his eyes.

“Make your attacks sharper.”

Damdeok said that and pushed her further, but Alui continued the sparring passively, providing minimal defense.

“You can never win with such a sloppy defense. Are you saying you should be prepared to kill your opponent?”

Huh! Hung!

Even when Damdeok swung his wooden sword roughly, Alui only frowned and took a step back.

“Please attack! “With all my heart!”

Alui seemed to have no choice but to counterattack only when a short punch or kick came in.

No matter how many times he attacked and tried to deliberately create an opening to lead the attack, Alui did not land a blow on him.

‘This isn’t a skill issue.’

Alui had no will to attack his opponent.

All they do is match the sparring as if they were playing house.


Damdeok eventually stopped in place.

Alui followed suit and stopped.

“Why don’t you attack?”

“Why do I have to do it?”

“You have to attack to defeat your opponent.”

There was a glimpse of disappointment in Alui’s eyes at Damdeok’s firm answer.

“… Do you really have to win like that?”

It was a sad voice, but Damdeok pretended not to notice.

“Didn’t you want to become the devil?”

“I want to be.”

“Then we have to win.”

“… … .”

Alui played with the wooden sword and bit his lip.

A similar facial expression as when dealing with formal instructors. It was a face that made him realize that Damdeok was no different from other instructors.

Damdeok, realizing his intention, let out a small sigh and asked.

This time the voice was much softer.

“Are you sure you don’t want to hurt the other person?”

Alui’s eyes widened slightly.

Ruby-like eyes rolled back and forth as if trying to understand the intent of the question.

However, when he faced Damdeok’s calm eyes, he immediately responded with a sullen face.

“… I don’t know why you have to trample on others to become the devil. Even if you don’t do that, you can still rise to the position of Demon King.”

“I won’t trample on others and become the devil…” “How on earth do you mean that?”

“now… Now even we devils help each other! Cooperate! Without being swayed by Tartarus or anything like that!”

Alui shouted in an excited voice, but then closed his mouth.

Damdeok was shocked at the last word Tartarus, but he didn’t make an effort to show it.

Alui continued speaking with sad eyes.

“… it’s okay. Anyway, you say the same things as other instructors. The assistant instructors who came so far were the same. “At first, they act different from ordinary demons, but later they say the same things as regular instructors.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that the devil must be devilish.”

“I don’t say that.”

“… lie. “You just said something like an instructor just a moment ago.”

Alui pouted his lips.

“I thought you were a good guy because you had a white spirit with you… .”

Alui’s gaze glanced towards Baekseol behind him as he mumbled.

He must be amazed by the red soil of the Demon World, pabababak! He was digging in the dirt and rolling around.

Alui’s eyes began to sparkle little by little as he looked at that scene.

Damdeok was watching the whole thing.


It was clear that this young prince had his own values.

And that’s probably a value that a devil should never have.

‘He is a devil who is not like a devil… .’

We need to win the battle for the devil with a guy like this.

And based on that bond, you must subjugate him as your priest.

‘It’s extremely difficult.’

Damdeok thought for a moment, then seemed to think of a good trick, and said with a smile on his lips.

“Then how about doing it this way?”


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