I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 126

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#126. Demone Alui (3)

“now… .”

“what… ?”

The faces of the official instructors crumpled.

Let’s compete against ourselves?

The swordsmanship of the foreign god in front of me was definitely excellent.

It’s clean, heavy, beautiful, and efficient.

One, that’s it.

In the demon world, you cannot control everything with swordsmanship.

Of course, if you are an intermediate level god, your skills will be recognized to some extent outside of the country. But, this is the Demon World.

Demon world.

A place where their specialty, magical energy, overflows.

To put it in other words, the arrogant foreign god’s remarks are tantamount to a soccer player challenging deep sea divers on swimming, diving, lung capacity, etc. just because he is good at soccer.

It was ridiculous, absurd, and unfeasible.

Kun, the martial arts instructor who was the most hot-headed among the official instructors, stepped forward.

“Your arrogance is through the roof. okay. Are you that proud of something that is just called swordsmanship? “Because of your small pride, you will fulfill your duty here today.”

Kun took out various blades from his belt.

They are raw and unrefined to be called weapons, with jagged shapes and no handles.

They are all surrounded by dark magical energy and begin to float in the air.

“There’s no need to go all out. “I’ll tell you exactly what my true weapon technique is today.”

Kuhn is holding a large spear in his right hand and a long sword that looks like a madman’s sword in his left! He spread his black wings.

Alui’s expression suddenly froze.

The meaning of the demons spreading their wings was clearly a sign that they were going to kill the opponent.

‘no. Like this again… .’

Alui felt suffocated when he was with his formal instructors.

Those who always emphasize their disgusting devilishness and force only disgusting actions… .

In fact, the presence of assistant instructors from abroad was not a true instructor’s role for Alui, but rather an existence that gave him breathing room.

At least they didn’t force themselves to do evil things.

“no… “You can’t kill me!”

As Alui shouted, Kun and the official instructors looked on with shocked expressions.

However, Alui was soon stopped by his butler Albert.

“Prince. Didn’t that foreign god ask for a fight first? “Then it is the devil’s duty to kill you as cruelly as possible.”

Alui’s face was twisted in pain.

“Albert. You are the same. “Please stop talking about that damn devil’s ways!”

“Fifth Prince… .”

Albert looked at Alui with a sad face, but he just bit his lip.

There is no way that foreign god could beat a weapons instructor.

It’s frustrating, but in the demon world, you can’t lead a battle with swordsmanship alone.

The only one who rose to the top with a sword was Asmodeus, the 88th-floor demon king known as the King of Swords.

‘Why on earth did you suddenly come out… !’

From Alui’s perspective, it was an incomprehensible action.

So spontaneous and stupid.

Even though those words may scratch my pride as a warrior, are they more precious than life?

In addition to giving me a breather for the first time in a long time, I felt like I had met a real instructor!

I liked the freedom of swordsmanship practiced by foreign gods more than anything!

I ended up dying before I could learn them or even talk about them.

Allui just looked at the foreign god with a sorrowful face.

“Why are you doing that? Let’s compete, don’t you take out your weapon? “You’re not saying you’re going to fight me with that rotten wooden sword, are you?”

As Kun scoffed, Damdeok glanced at the wooden sword and threw it back.

And suddenly, a pure white fox appeared on Damdeok’s shoulder.

Everyone froze.

An exceptionally white and shining being in the demon world where only red and black things exist.

A noble spiritual energy was leaking from the fur that seemed to be soaked in moonlight.

Spiritual object.


Kun’s sneer broke the silence.

“Yes, I thought you knew how to do some tricks, but did you have a spirit creature with you? So, is she going to fight with that fox? “Then do you think you can beat me?”

Kun’s sarcasm was actually coming from anxiety.

Demons are weak to sacred things.

And spirit creatures belonged to the divine side.

In particular, the elegance oozing from the white fox’s fur was clearly different from ordinary ones.

The instinctive repulsion embedded in my DNA was telling me not to get close to that white fox.

But Kuhn didn’t show it.

No, it didn’t show up.

Because he too was just a devil full of pride.

– will!

Snow White showed off her unique brilliance and transformed into a pure white Excalibur.

The sword in Damdeok’s hand began to hum and resonate.



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The faces of the demons were filled with shock, as if they had not expected the white fox to turn into a weapon, but Kun, who was involved in the sparring, tried to keep a calm face.

“joy! I guess it’s 2 to 1 because I have a conscience. However, I should have done something like that to increase my chances of winning. Otherwise, how would you have any way to defeat me? My blades controlled by demonic energy will rush towards you throughout the battle, and I am not only skilled in swordsmanship, but also in spears, axes, and all weapon skills! Plus, I have wings for aerial combat. You, who only practice swordsmanship, will never… !”

“Wow, it’s really noisy. yes. is it so. Because I knew you were chowder. “You can stop talking.”

“What, what? Job… bang?”

I don’t know the exact meaning, but I know for sure that he meant it in a bad way.

Before Kun’s face was distorted in horror, a skill effect occurred on Damdeok’s body.


“A blade controlled by magic power? “Is that really that big?”

[Activate the skill!]

[Activate the skill!]

[Activate the skill!]


Daggers suddenly appeared around Damdeok.

Without giving anyone time to be surprised, Damdeok immediately recited the next line.

“And what, wings for aerial combat?”


Damdeok’s body came to mind slightly.

The fluttering shoes of Hermes instantly caught the attention of the demons.

“And what else did you say…” He is skilled not only in swordsmanship, but also in spears, axes, and various other weapon techniques… .”

[5Use Zeus to purchase the talent!]

[5Use Zeus to purchase the talent of !]

Even though I bought two talents, I still have 90 Zeus and 100 Hera left.

This is the best value for money.

“Baekseol, through the window.”

– will!

Damdeok grabbed the pole of the spear and swung it around. Of course, he was moving while remembering the battles he had seen so far.

The same goes for ax techniques.

“Baek Seol, with the axe.”

– will!

From Namgung Do-eok’s ax technique, which I saw for the first time, to the dwarves’ axing, and Thor’s hammering. Movements that are natural but show off their power in each movement. Damdeok swung the ax and fell lightly to the ground.

“I think we’ve roughly completed the preparations, shall we begin now?”

Damdeok suddenly had a sword in his hand.

Kun felt dispirited.

What is all this?

I know that all of that is just a performance.

His spear and ax skills just now were clearly inferior to mine.

However, at least it wasn’t enough to be ignored just because he knew how to use a sword.

Damdeok clearly indicated that.

‘Just passing over quietly is not the solution.’

Damdeok held his sword tightly.

The reason he was subjected to such a low-level provocation was because of his characteristics as a Demon Realm.

‘A world of strict law and order.’

The official instructors were ignoring not only him but also the 5th prince, Alui.

They maintain a high-handed attitude by taking advantage of the fact that they are high-ranking devils, and although they are able to get the attention of Alui, who is a prince, their position as assistant instructors is not as good as cow dung on their feet.

‘If this continues, neither porridge nor rice will work.’

Think about it.

When did an assistant instructor who only assists in class become so close to the 5th prince that he brought up stories of the war between the gods and even made him a priest?

Participating in the next battle together did not mean everything was a success.

Special measures were needed.

‘Suppress the spirit of the official instructors and gain the trust of the 5th prince.’

Looking at them, it seems like the 5th prince doesn’t like them either, and if he shows his skills clearly, the 5th prince will be able to greatly support his participation in the class.

“Let’s get started.”

That’s why Damdeok planned to pour everything into it.


Of course there is.

No matter how high-level a demon they are, there’s nothing they can’t win if they fight one-on-one.

“This arrogant guy… to the end… !!”

Kun charged in, swinging his spear and sword.

Dark magical energy flowed out, but Damdeok had a secret plan to offset it.

[The first title effect of is activated!]


The blades imbued with Kun’s demonic energy are the essence! It flew away, but Damdeok had the skill to offset that too.

[Activate the skill!]

[Activate the skill!]

[Activate the skill!]

“Die, die!!”

Kun was engaged in aerial combat by flapping his black wings, but Damdeok also had wings.

And finally,

Wow! Whip! Kaga River!

When Kun’s weapons all lost their power and fell to the ground,

Damdeok still had the power to offset his many things.

Damdeok has not yet drawn out the black flame, has not used ice attribute mana, and has not used any powers, let alone the opening decree.

“Ugh. Damn… .”

Therefore, Kuhn had no choice but to admit defeat.

I realized it instinctively.

That foreign god can never be defeated.

Although he is a mid-level god, he is no longer within the scope of a mid-level god.

“Instructor Kun! “What on earth is this?”

“okay! “The prince’s official instructor lost to an assistant instructor!”

However, the opinions of the official instructors who were watching were different.

I just assumed that Kun had lost because he was usually hot-tempered and not good at self-control.

So the official instructors jumped at Damdeok like moths to fire.


“You just have a loud voice. Martial arts is the art of communicating with the body.”

Damn it!


Martial arts instructor ‘Wurang’ could not withstand the attack covered in black flame and ice.

“joy! The divine power of foreign gods is no match for demonic energy!”

“When did I say I only use divine power?”

To Damdeok, who uses energy sources such as divine power, mana, and aura in a variety of ways, the magic management instructor ‘Ciel’ raised a white flag.

“How stupid! “When it comes to cruelty, you can’t match the demons.”

“well. “I also have a merciless nature when I have to.”

Instructor Kio, who teaches cruelty, also collapsed helplessly due to Damdeok’s murderousness, which even ate Gorgon’s eyes.

“The demon army cannot be built without even a decent level of leadership!”

“Is that so?”

Lastly, even ‘Hyeon’, who teaches leadership skills, froze with his mouth wide open when Damdeok summoned hundreds of spirit wolves and Cerberus.

All of this in just thirty minutes.

In just thirty minutes, Damdeok’s sparring with the official instructors came to an end.

Although no one was hurt, the sparring confirmed who was the strongest among them.

Damdeok quietly put away his sword and bowed his head to the bewildered formal instructors.

“Thank you for your effort.”

Alui’s face, who was watching, suddenly became brighter.


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