I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 122

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#122. Zeus’ sheep ranch

[Protect Zeus’ sheep ranch!]

Employer: Zeus

Power: over 300,000

Experience: Know how to handle animals (especially sheep!) well!

Job description: Shepherding duties (Cloud wolves, sun wolves, and lightning wolves near Olympus are constantly biting the sheep! Protect the flock from them!)

Business Hours: Until Apollo’s Sun Chariot Passes Over!

Salary: 100 Zeus

‘It’s shepherding work… .’

It was a part-time job that felt too relaxed at a time when you never knew when the war of gods would break out, but there was nothing you could do about it.

Damdeok displayed information about the opening decree in his profile window.

[Number of groups following you: 107]

‘We lost too many wolves in the pyramid.’

The number of wolves that had been tamed here and there, numbering over 300, fell to around 100.

Of course, in addition to the wolf armies, Damdeok also had Ettin’s ice giants and Pao’s mummy army, but that wasn’t enough to make him feel at ease.

‘The Demon World is on a different level from other peaceful divine realms.’

As the next destination was the Demon World, it was necessary to make sure to reinforce the power.

‘Once the wolves have been reduced, we need to quickly tame them again.’

In a large-scale gang fight, there is always a need for numbers.

Aren’t numbers everything?

‘The opportunity has come, so I have to take it.’

The task of protecting the sheep ranch from the wolves of the New World.

‘Earn the value of your name and tame wolves.’

It was a part-time job that killed two birds with one stone.

‘After all, time flows differently in the divine world and reality.’

One day, at least, until Apollo’s sun chariot passes.

In reality, only a few hours had passed.

Damdeok nodded and glanced at the living room.

Poppy is handling guild business at the table by the window, and Pao is giggling while watching TV.

And Baekgureum, who didn’t know when he went out, was warming up in the yard holding a wooden sword.

‘Let’s go to this part-time job quickly and come back alone.’

Anyway, if anything happened, I could just call God’s call, and I didn’t want to disturb Baekureum’s training and Pao’s enjoyment.

Damdeok quietly moved to the backyard and clicked on applying for a part-time job.

* * *

[Shh! Be quiet!!]

As soon as Damdeok arrived, he had to be thrown onto the lawn with someone’s hand covering his mouth.

“What is this…?” !”

I twisted my body and tried to get up, but the difference in physical strength was too great.

Zeus was gently holding Damdeok in the form of a child.

A situation where you can’t turn your head or move your body.

After holding his breath for a while, Zeus released the hand that was pressing down on Damdeok.

[Phew, gone.]

“What is this… .”

I was about to ask him if it was something he did, but Damdeok was momentarily speechless.

Little Zeus was in reverse before my eyes, but behind him, an unknown goddess was standing shyly, wrapped in silk.

Damdeok was dumbfounded for a moment, then his eyes widened in astonishment.

“this… This can’t be… .”

I quickly looked around.

A wide field visible beyond the bushes.


Herds of sheep running around.

And even the back of the goddess who seems to be looking for someone in the distance.

I don’t know, but that was definitely Hera.

Damdeok looked back at Zeus with a puzzled look.

Zeus was comforting the surprised goddess behind him with a more kind face than anyone else.

Huh, indeed.

Was this guy hiding here and cheating?!

Zeus must have sensed Damdeok’s explicit gaze. I cleared my throat and turned around.

The honey-filled eyes from a moment ago had disappeared and quickly returned to a solemn look.

Even so, I didn’t feel the weight because I was like a little kid… .

[Uh, yes, part-time worker. So, there’s nothing special about my part-time job today… huh? wait for a sec. You’re the guy I saw last time, right?]

Zeus’ eyes sparkled with interest.

[Hey, I thought Hades would kill you right away after that, but you managed to survive? Well, he’s going to be very busy right now. I was lucky haha!]

He speaks very nicely.

As Damdeok stood there with a disapproving look on his face, Zeus nodded with an understanding look.

[Don’t worry though. They even swore an oath in front of me, so why should I kill them so blatantly? However, you might want to order someone to kill you, so you’d better be careful. cancer.]

If you’re going to tell me to be careful, could you have told me earlier? When did that happen, and you’re only telling me now?

[Haha! Is this lucky? If it were you, I could trust you and leave it to you today~ Ah, Dia! You too say hello! This guy is a really great friend.]



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Zeus turned and joked at the goddess named ‘Dia’.

In fact, Dia was not a goddess, but the wife of King Ixion of Thessaly, but in Damdeok’s eyes, she was seen only as a goddess who was having an affair with Zeus.


Damdeok sighed inwardly as he looked at Zeus and Dia, who were smiling happily.

I guess the reason I got a part-time job as a shepherd was purely to manage the flock.

‘Other people’s family affairs are none of my business.’

I didn’t like it very much because I felt like I was acting as a lookout for something very petty.

[Now, today’s lamb. I’ll explain your mission, listen carefully.]

Zeus approached me with a playful face and started explaining about part-time work.

There was no particular content.

After the wolves near Olympus tasted the lamb here, their eyes rolled back and they kept trying to eat the lamb.

And more importantly, Hera planted a spy wolf among those wolves.

[If Hera discovers the scene, it will be over. It’s really over!]

Zeus hissed! He made a gesture and raised his face solemnly.

[Hera’s wolves attack without a word. From the outside, they are indistinguishable from real wolves. Even if I threaten you with lightning, that’s the only time? therefore… You probably know what you’re going to do today without me saying anything, right?]

Zeus looked firmly at Damdeok with eyes that said, ‘I only trust you!’

“… ha. All right.”

Damdeok reluctantly nodded, and soon Zeus waved his hand brightly and disappeared, taking Dia with him.

* * *

“You’re going to hurt yourself like this.”

The attendant fidgeted and placed a silk wing robe on Hera’s shoulders.

Hera was lost in thought as she bit her nails.

[Obviously Zeus is around here… Around here… .]

Zeus’s sheep farm was located quite far from Olympus, and with cliffs on all sides, it was an ideal environment for raising sheep, but in other words, the only way to get out of here was to the sky, not the ground.

[The sky is guarded by my cute babies, so I can’t escape yet. right? Rael, you didn’t see Zeus leave either, right?]

“Okay… “It’s long.”

Rael reluctantly nodded.

That’s right, but what does it mean?

Anyway, Zeus would be whispering love in the bushes of this sheep ranch.

‘It’s clear that he wasn’t thinking about running away from here in the first place.’

He was the highest god of Olympus, both in name and reality.

He thought that hiding from Hera’s eyes and whispering his love to her was the best consideration for her.

Wherever he cheated, it didn’t really matter to him.

‘Zeus too… Just do it so you don’t get caught… .’

How many times is this?

As this uproar occurred several times a month, it was only natural that Hera’s disposition was sharply reflected in the public eye.

‘He’s usually warmer than anyone else… .’

The servant just looked at Hera with sad eyes.


Suddenly Hera let out an exclamation.

It seems he realized something.

[Rael, why didn’t I think of this? Zeus might be hiding among the sheep, right?]

The field was open on all sides, but since she wasn’t the type of person to openly commit suicide, she didn’t pay attention to the field with the sheep in the first place.

Rather, I just wandered around in the forest where natural barriers were erected everywhere, but there was no real gain.

Then there is only one place to be.

However, there were so many sheep that it would have been too foolish to look for them through the gap.

[okay. You can just look at it from the top.]

Hera’s steps became faster.

Servant Rael also followed her.

Not long after, Hera climbed onto the hill overlooking the sheep ranch and looked around the field with her brows furrowed.


The peaceful bleating of sheep and chirping of birds sounds like harmony.

In such a romantic place… .

Hera’s expression became increasingly grim.

From start to finish, Rael looked carefully and spoke carefully.

“···No matter what, I don’t think Zeus would hide among the sheep and make love… .”

Although the sheep were so large that it was easy to hide them, they were moving irregularly as they grazed on the grass.

Even Zeus would not be able to control all the movements of these many sheep.

But Hera couldn’t hear what she said.

[There are too many sheep! This is why it’s so hard to find!]

“yes… ?”

[I can’t do it. Rael, call some nearby wolves. If you reduce the number of sheep, it will be more visible. Let’s show Zeus an example… !]

“But that…” .”

Rael had a hard time swallowing the words about how pitiful the innocent sheep were.

Hera’s eyes were already burning.

“all right.”

Rael has left.

Hera was still watching the sheep carefully.

In the middle, a god who appeared to be a part-time worker was lying in the field and whistling, but Hera didn’t care about that at all.

‘Zeus… ! If I get caught this time, it will be very… !!’

In fact, it was impossible for him to punish Zeus, the highest god, but it was possible to catch him in the act and humiliate him.

Although it may only be Zeus’s time, there is nothing he can do about it.

If you do this, you will be able to relieve some of your anger.

Eventually, Rael brought the wolves from beyond the western sky.

They were all wolves with extraordinary appearances.

Soft and fluffy.

A cloud wolf with fur like pure white whipped cream,


A solar wolf wrapped in flame,


Even the lightning wolf with sparks flying all over its body.

A smile spread across Hera’s face as she saw the wolves floating in the sky.

[yes. Rael. Only at that level can we find Zeus.]

Because Zeus’s sheep were closer to spirit creatures rather than livestock raised by humans, ordinary wolves would not even eat them, but would be blocked by their fluffy fur and would not even be able to put a single fang in them.

However, the story is different for cloud wolves, sun wolves, and lightning wolves.

[Start. Lael.]

Hera said, raising the corners of her mouth.

If killing Zeus’s beloved sheep was the price of revenge, then it was the price of revenge.

Zeus, who had been hiding, might reveal himself at once if he saw his sheep fall.

From beginning to end, Rael spoke in a reluctant voice.

“Come on, cute wolves. “It is the moment of the feast.”

– Kkkkkkk!!

– Cough! Wow!

– Crrr!! Kungkkuong!!

Even if you guessed it, hundreds of wolves were pouring down towards the sheep at once.

Hera quietly looked down at the figure with her arms crossed.

‘Now it’s one of two things.’

Zeus jumps out to protect the sheep.

Or Zeus, who was hiding among the sheep, foolishly shows up!

But Hera’s confident expression was instantly distorted.

[Um, what is that doing… ?]

The part-time worker who was whistling suddenly stood up and ran towards the wolves coming down.

The part-timer’s movements were so fast that it seemed as if he was seeing Zephyrus, the god of the north wind.

[ skill is activated!]

That wasn’t all.

Hundreds of wolves that were fiercely charging suddenly began to hesitate as if they were frightened.

[The second title effect of is activated!]

[Exuding the momentum of ‘fear’!]

Thanks to this, not a single wolf could approach the sheep.

Hera was dumbfounded.

I knew that Zeus often uses part-time workers at his sheep ranch, but a part-time worker who can easily fend off hundreds of wolves like that?

I had never heard of it.

Isn’t it natural that someone with that much spiritual power wouldn’t take on such low-level part-time jobs?

Moreover, that part-time worker was even wearing Hermes shoes.

[Who on earth is that guy? .]

Hera’s eyes narrowed.

But her surprise didn’t end there… .

“That’s right~ That’s good!”

“Yes, yes! kind!”

“okay! “I’ll pet you too!”

Hundreds of wolves frozen in fear.

The part-timer was stroking the heads of each of the wolves. And at a very fast speed.

It was bizarre.

Hera looked at the part-time worker with her mouth slightly open, and before she knew it, the servant Rael next to her was doing the same.

[He… What is it?]

“well… .”

While the two were dazed, Damdeok completed taming the last wolf.


Damdeok grinned and shouted.

“sit down!”

How dare you!

“Get down!”




A feast of hundreds of wolves taking place in the sky.

“Keuk, is this spectacular?”

Hera and Rael’s mouths finally opened as they saw the unfamiliar part-time worker giggling and having fun.


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