I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 121

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#121. Sword God Guild

“What is that… .”

The Hunter Association president looked at the young man in front of him.

A customer who suddenly comes to see you without an appointment.

He usually refuses meetings unless they are scheduled in advance, but when he heard the guest’s name on the intercom, he couldn’t help but jump out of his seat.

“You didn’t have a schedule, right? Just send it back.”

“ah… But, President of the Association. “It’s Hunter Yu Dam-deok. Should we really send it back?”

Yu Damdeok Hunter.

An unprecedented hunter who rose to 7 stars in the shortest amount of time.

Originally, there were many rumors that he was untalented, but the story that it was actually his big plan to survive his school days has long since become established theory.

‘I hid it all during my school years just to get attention once I became an adult…’

I wonder if that’s really possible, but if you look at his usual actions, it’s probably not impossible.

‘There’s even a nickname floating around on the Internet called the God of Indulgence.’

Normally, it is as quiet as a mouse, but when a large gate that is too large to handle opens, it appears, leisurely destroys it, and then disappears.

Not only did he have the amazing ability to destroy gates, but he also had army summoning skills comparable to that of a necromancer, making him a hunter who attracted attention in many ways.

‘If it weren’t for the requirement of having more than 10 years of experience to qualify as an 8-star hunter, isn’t he already being evaluated as being able to beat the 8-star hunter and aim for the 9-star hunter?’

But that person suddenly came to see me.

“So what you’re saying is… .”

The president of the association glanced at Damdeok.

He was a man who gave a refreshing impression with his neatly shaved head and prominent forehead.

“Why are you doing that? “Am I asking you a favor that I can’t do?”

The president of the association waved his hands with an embarrassed expression.

“no! Absolutely not! Of course, if you want to create a guild, you should do it. cancer!”

The association president nodded exaggeratedly and instructed the secretary to prepare the documents needed to create a guild.


The president of the association sat on the sofa, loosening his tie, and smiled awkwardly as he glanced at Damdeok and Baekgureum.

It was surprising that Damdeok, who had been wandering around as a free hunter until now, was founding a guild, but it was even more surprising that the person who came with him was Iris’ key talent, Baek Gureum.

‘No matter how much they say they stick together, that Baekgureum guy is definitely from Iris… .’

Surely this doesn’t mean you betray Iris and stick with Damdeok?

The president of the association swallowed his saliva.

Isn’t there a spark that started flying just because I was watching this for no reason?

The head of the Iris guild was a person that the president of the association could not handle.

“Haha, yes. But why do you suddenly want to create a guild? ? There must be a couple of troublesome issues, including management issues and tax issues. There are many advantages to being a free hunter, including tax breaks.”

Whoop. After finishing speaking, the president of the association took a sip of coffee and looked relaxed, but inside he was anxious in one way or another.

“Oh, that’s… .”

Damdeok seemed to think about what to say for a moment, then smiled politely and opened his mouth.

“Because I want to integrate and manage all guilds around the world. First of all, I think it would be better to be a guild leader rather than an individual.”


The president of the association squirted coffee and started gurgling.

“Fine… “Do you like it?”

“Ah, ah, I’m sorry! “Cluck!”

The president of the association, who had been snoring for a while, touched his mouth with a handkerchief and looked at Damdeok.

This is more than I thought… ,

Are you crazy?!

His eyes were dizzy with confusion.


Just then, a secretary came in with documents.

Damdeok’s hands were busy following the explanation given by the kind secretary, and soon after, when Baekgureum started filling out documents to join Damdeok’s guild, the president of the association looked at the two blankly with a pale and angry face.

* * *

click! click!

A place filled with camera shutter sounds and questions from reporters.

Damdeok was calmly making explosive remarks in the middle of the press conference room.

“Everything I have said so far is true. The dungeon is a training box created by the gods for humans, and the gate is a passageway for the invasion of forgotten gods. Soon the war of the gods will break out in the middle of the Pacific, and the whole world will face a terrible disaster.”

The camera shutter sound became more intense.

A barrage of questions from reporters poured in, but Damdeok remained silent and only conveyed what he had to say.

“Accordingly, as of this time, I am establishing the Sword God Guild and making a statement to guilds around the world.”

“First, from now on, all guilds must stop pursuing private interests and act for humanity.”

“Second, establish a cordon near the Pacific Ocean and gather all troops from each country there.”

“Third, create as many spaces as possible for civilians to evacuate, and prepare thoroughly for attacks by creating simple feeding stations, simple medical facilities, and garrison lodging.”

“Finally, I declare that I, Yu Dam-deok, the guild leader of the Sword God guild, will be the overall commander of this terrible war.”

“This concludes the press conference.”

The reporters’ cries filled the press conference room, but Damdeok had leisurely disappeared using dimensional travel.

* * *

East coast of Gangwon-do.

Looking at the troops lined up along the coastal lowlands, Damdeok nodded.

“The deployment of troops has been good, but the numbers are still far short. “Please maintain that formation, but form additional defenses in layers behind us.”

At those words, the older guild leaders standing behind nodded their heads in agreement.

Among them were Iris’s Cheongunak and Sangun’s Namgung Doeok.



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The day Damdeok held a press conference.

Domestic as well as overseas guilds were all overturned by Damdeok’s explosive remarks, but in the end, in less than a week, the integration of domestic guilds into Damdeok’s Swordsman Guild was completed.

The reason was this.

First, Damdeok knew the truth about the gate and predicted this ridiculous war in advance.

Second, Damdeok announced without filtering the fact that he had awakened through a system called ‘Albanara of the Gods’.

Thirdly, if everything that national hero Damdeok said was true, there was no guild that could handle the catastrophe of the War of the Gods.

Of course, the fact that Iris, one of the world’s top 10 guilds, and Sangun Guild, Korea’s second-largest guild, were the first to announce their intention to participate in Damdeok’s statement announcement also played a role.

‘Iris must have suffered quite a blow from her image being tarnished last time.’

‘I never thought the tail would fall this quickly.’

‘Then why are you labeling such a strict person as a monster hunter?’

‘They say that son is the problem. ‘Tsk, tsk.’

Although no one showed it, they had a vague guess as to why Iris’ Cheongunak was the first to respond to Damdeok’s request.

“How are the evacuation facilities doing?”

“As I said, all essential facilities, including restrooms, cafeterias, simple medical facilities, and the deployment of garrison units in the air-raid shelter, are progressing as planned.”

“We must thoroughly allocate shelters to each region to avoid confusion. In areas where all evacuation shelters have been completed, please conduct evacuation drills three times a day without a hitch starting today.”


Following Damdeok’s instructions, Korea was completing its preparations for war faster than any other country in the world.

And after a few days,

– Following the American Lionheart Guild’s announcement of Korea’s Yoo Dam-deok Hunter’s statement… .

– The Eiffel Guild of France also sympathized with and expressed its intention to participate in the statement issued by the Gumsin Guild of Korea… .

– As Germany’s Berlin Guild decided to respond directly to Korea’s statement… .

Famous guilds around the world began to move.

It all started with the Lionheart Guild, which includes Leo Lux, announcing that it would actively participate in Damdeok’s statement. Following this, Asian countries such as France, Germany, Japan, China, and India and the European Union came together, and soon the whole world began preparing for the war of the gods.

– China decided to actively utilize the Great Wall of China in preparation for the War of the Gods… .

Baekgureum, who was watching the news, looked at Damdeok with a proud face.

“Hey, bro! “Isn’t this enough to conquer the world?”

“What is world domination? Don’t be immature. “The war of the gods is just around the corner.”

“But whatever. That’s amazing. “They say all the world’s famous guilds come under our guild.”

Damdeok chuckled.

It’s not about coming under us, it’s just cooperation.

But it was surprising that that little colt called himself our guild.

In the past, I thought I would run amok alone, but now I feel like I have a lot of camaraderie.

“Did you see it then too? Heavenly army evil… No, even the guild leader couldn’t criticize me! Even though I said I was going to join my brother’s guild, he said, ‘Yes.’ All you could say was this one thing. “Kkkkkk.”

Damdeok shook his head.

It’s not that Cheongunak can’t speak out against himself, but he’s just keeping quiet because he’s afraid of public opinion.

After Damdeok’s press conference, citizens’ anxiety reached its peak.

It was only natural that a promising young hunter who was praised as a national hero suddenly predicted a war between the gods.

In addition, Damdeok’s specific and credible testimonies further amplified citizens’ anxiety,

It was recently that civic groups and students all rose up and even started a protest saying, ‘The vicious guilds that still do not follow the command of the Geomshin Guild do not have the right to live in Korea!’

Ignoring Damdeok’s words in this situation when public opinion was deteriorating like this was tantamount to committing suicide as a guild operating in Korea.

For that reason, everyone is following Damdeok’s words.

‘I never thought that my indulgence to raise the value of my name would have such an effect.’

Even if you go to Moro, you just have to go to Seoul.

In any case, I was glad that things worked out as expected.

‘But once all of this calms down, the evil of heaven will reveal its claws again.’

I wonder if all that will be of any use once the war of gods breaks out… .

To protect our world from the war of gods.

Now our world will be overwhelmed with just that one goal.

“Damdeok! “We’re out of cupcakes!”

Suddenly, Pao held out a bowl.

I was seriously thinking about it, but it all fell apart.

Pop! He frowned and pointed toward the refrigerator.

“It’s in the refrigerator, man. Take it out and eat it.”

“This is outrageous! “It is customary to give anything to the king!”

This little guy. If it’s not a guardian, take a hit! I want to squeeze it.

Damdeok glared at the guy, then roughly opened the refrigerator door and took out a cupcake.

“ruler. “You cheeky little boy.”

“Hehe, this is so cruel!”

“Either laugh or get angry.”

“Didn’t I say it was cruel? lol.”

Pao twitches his cheek while looking at the cupcake. Damdeok stroked the guy’s head once and sat down on the sofa.

“Poppy, you are now in charge of the guild ledger. Please be nice to me.”

Damdeok said to Poppy, who was working hard on a calculator at the table.

Poppy decided to take care of all the annoying things that the association president was worried about.

“older brother! Don’t worry! Am I not the god of math? There are too many alliance guilds on our side right now, so please don’t talk to us because we are busy calculating various things!”

“I get it.”

Damdeok chuckled and turned his attention to the TV.

The news was still pouring out various opinions from experts about the war of the gods.

“It looks like this place has been roughly cleaned up now… .”

Although only a week had passed, preparations for war were being completed quickly as countries around the world were making all their efforts.

‘Still, it will take some more time to evacuate everyone to remote areas… .’

Perhaps it will be concluded quickly and quickly.

“Then what’s left now… .”

Damdeok’s eyes turned to the list of part-time jobs that came to mind.


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