I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 111

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#111. Sphinx’s Riddle (2)

[It’s the first problem, so there’s plenty of time… 1 min! I will give it to you. Kkkkkkk.]

The first one smiled with a very happy face.

The second and third ones on either side were the same.

[You can never solve this in 1 minute.]

[cancer. Don’t be able to solve it.]

They giggled at each other and started scanning the flesh(?) of Damdeok and Baekgureum.

[I think the one on the left is still not that big?]

[The guy on the right has a much better physique. I’ll use that guy!]

[What are you talking about! It has three mouths! We should share it equally!]

As if the outcome was obvious even without looking, the Sphinxes began to engage in a terrible argument.

In front of those predators, Damdeok and Baekgureum were sweating profusely.

White Cloud with a serious face opened his mouth.

“Brother, I know the answer… ?”

“… no.”

Damdeok answered weakly and began to think over the questions written on the floor.









I think I know… .

I don’t think I know… .

If you think like this, it won’t work.

If you think like that, this won’t work.

It was difficult to find a clear answer.

It was a fundamentally different problem from the math problems I studied hard in school.

Even so, in such a tense state, there is no way I could guess it within the one minute time limit… .

[30 seconds left. Kkkkkkk.]

The sphinxes were now looking at Damdeok with their mouths drooling.


Only the sound of saliva falling echoed quietly in the small room.

‘driving me crazy.’

Thump thump thump.

Damdeok’s heart began to beat violently.

The numbers written on the floor were all mixed up and spinning before my eyes.

Perhaps Baekgureum, who keeps swallowing dry saliva next to him, feels the same way as he does.

[20 seconds!!]

The first child began counting down cheerfully, as if he was about to explode a congratulatory gun.

My breathing becomes difficult.

What do we do?

how should… !!

It was a time when Damdeok’s tightly clenched fists were dripping with sweat.

[Poppy: Brother! I’m done with delivery! Where are you! I’m going to help!]

A message from Poppy.

okay. He only took one cube, so it was almost over.

‘Then what are you doing! We’re stuck here now!’

How can I help you?

If Poppy came this way, these guys would only get bigger.

[I don’t know the answer at all?]

[It’s over. it’s over.]

[Ugh. Good good.]

The sphinxes began to surround Damdeok and Baekgureum.

[Keke! Now the 10 second count begins!]




‘damn! This is what happened… !’

Feeling like he was grasping at straws, Damdeok sent a photo to Poppy’s message that appeared before his eyes.

Meanwhile, the sphinxes seemed to be enjoying a feast in their heads, and were frantically wiping away the drool that was flowing down.





[Alright, I’ll eat it!]



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The moment the sphinxes approached from all directions with their mouths wide open, Baekgureum gritted his teeth and pulled out his sword, and Damdeok’s eyes widened.


Suddenly Damdeok hit the floor and shouted.

“answer!! 846!!”

The movement of the sphinxes stopped for an instant.

The first person who raised a problem blinked his big eyes.

[what… ?]

The fangs that were fiercely embedded in his open mouth were clearly visible.

Damdeok slowly got up.

And then he spoke firmly.

“answer. “It’s 846.”

As Damdeok said that, his gaze was directed at the system message, but the Sphinxes actually thought that Damdeok was glaring at them.

[…] cheeky. Explain. You have to solve the problem to get it right.]

First, he said that with a puzzled expression.

Damdeok began to recite the message as it appeared in the system window.

The solution Poppy sent was like this.

First, subtract the two numbers and leave the value fixed at the end,


What if the two numbers added together are multiplied by the previous value, 6?

10+4=14 ‣ 14×6=84

Finish by placing the multiplied value in front of the last fixed number ‘6’.

It was such a simple answer.

Damdeok’s voice became more and more confident as he explained the solution.

‘This is absolutely correct.’

When I solved the other calculations in the same way, I got all the correct answers.

Moreover, the Sphinxes, especially the first one who had a problem, said, ‘That’s ridiculous, there’s no way they could guess this quickly…’ He was looking at himself with a ‘?’ face.

[…] what. Did you really get it right?]

[…] You can guess this in 1 minute? Are you a math genius?]

[I can’t do it. The second problem is more difficult… .]

[Gather together! The next question is one you will never be able to solve… !!]

The sphinxes rush into a corner with angry faces and begin to argue among themselves.

Baekgureum, who watched the scene from beginning to end, looked at Damdeok with an expression of wonder.

“Wow, bro, that’s awesome… Are you good at fighting and smart? “He’s a complete fraud.”

“A fight. “Tell me that he is excellent at swordsmanship and martial arts.”

“Either that… Anyway, it’s amazing… .”

Damdeok smiled at the guy who was looking at him with a blank expression, and then turned his gaze back to the system window.

[Poppy: Brother! how is it? It’s correct, right?]

‘Papi, this guy is amazing?’

It was truly amazing.

How was it possible to solve such a complex problem right away?

Of course, once I knew the solution method, it was a simple rule calculation… .

In any case, Damdeok was truly shocked by the intelligence that did not match his large size at all.

‘I can’t help but ask why.’

Damdeok asked how he was able to solve the problem so quickly, and Poppy’s answer was surprising.

[Poppy: Huh? How? of course… Ah~ I didn’t tell you my full name.]

Full name?

Messages appeared one after another before Damdeok’s eyes as he tilted his head.

[Papi: My full name is ‘Papyrus.’ People call me ‘the oldest math book’… In fact, he is the ‘God of Mathematics.’]

Damdeok’s mouth opened slightly.

Poppy is the god of math.

This was something I had never thought of.

‘A big mafia-like guy was the god of math… .’

The sphinxes are still buzzing in that corner.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth rose strangely.

This might be… .

The next question might be easier to answer… ?

* * *

The Sphinxes, who had been discussing the problem among themselves for quite some time, spoke solemnly, as if they had made a great decision.

[…] So the second problem is not a math problem.]

The moment he heard those words, Damdeok looked like he had chewed shit.

‘Tch, I thought it would be easy.’

I thought that with Poppy, the ‘God of Mathematics’, I would be able to solve the remaining problems with ease… .

‘That medicine means they won’t go to math from the next problem onwards. It’s a stupid sandfish.’

Poppy’s role as a math god was limited to the first problem.

Damdeok glared at the sphinxes.

‘What on earth are we going to do for the next question?’

Their faces were overflowing with confidence.

Seeing that he was smiling so unpleasantly, it seemed like he had come up with a very clever problem.

‘What. Why are you doing that… .’

It was a time when anxiety began to creep in.

The third king searched through the sphinx statue they were trapped in, took out an old sword and threw it to them.


Damdeok stared at the sword that had fallen at his feet.

‘knife? Throw a knife at me for making a problem?’

The second ping came forward.

[Kkkkkkk. Now on to the second problem! First, pick up that knife!]

Damdeok picked up the old iron sword with a disapproving look on his face.

[Okay, I’ll explain this just once, listen carefully. We’re going to eat you soon… As you can see, you are ‘two’ and our mouths are ‘three’, right?]

[Answer how you should cut your body with that knife so that we can share it equally. That’s the second problem. Kkkkkkk.]

As soon as they heard it, Damdeok and Baekgureum’s expressions became frowning.

This meant solving problems by imagining cooking yourself.

‘You’re kidding me.’

‘Cruel bastards.’

Seeing the expressions of Damdeok and Baekgureum that suddenly hardened, the eldest and third children began to help out as if they were excited.

[However, the sword can only be used once!]

[Just assume that the masses of the two of you are the same and solve the problem. So, without considering things like height or physique, all you have to do is divide it equally with one cut.]

[Kkkkk, yes, yes! [Do we need to be able to taste the same parts equally?]

[Time limit: 1 minute! start!]

The sphinxes were busy talking excitedly among themselves.

“this… Seed… .”

Baekgureum let out a small curse.

“Bro, can’t you just hit me?”

“That’s nonsense. The difference in physical strength is significant. “You will be killed.”

“Then what about running away?”

“That’s also impossible.”

“Miss, what should I do then? “Does this make sense?”

“… … .”

That was correct.

It was truly a bizarre problem.

‘With just one use of the knife, those three can share the food between us equally… .’

The problem itself was extremely uncomfortable, but the level of difficulty was also extreme.

I used to solve this question a lot when I was young, ‘Split the pizza equally between Cheolsu and Younghee.’ Isn’t this a problem on a different level from other similar issues?

I asked Poppy just in case, but the answer I got was that even a rookie in mathematics had no idea about this problem.

I don’t know how to divide numbers up to decimal points, but I can’t divide objects exactly… .

Ssuk suk-

Damdeok sat down on the floor and drew two strings.

And I started trying various things with the old iron sword.



No matter how you divide it, three people cannot share the food equally between two people.

Baekgureum, who was watching Damdeok’s actions, also sat down and started racking his brain.

[30 seconds left!]

The sphinxes were almost in a festive mood.

He seems to think that he will definitely be able to eat fresh meat this time.

Damdeok gritted his teeth.

‘Damn… There must be an answer… .’

The Sphinxes would not have given a problem without an answer.

That’s probably the last bit of pride for guys who like to cause problems.

‘Then there is definitely a correct answer… .’

I looked at the shiny mouths of the three Sphynxes and the Sphynx drawn on the floor.

uh… ?

Damdeok’s eyes, which were staring intently, sparkled for an instant.

[Kekeke!! Now 10 seconds!! The countdown is on!]



With Damdeok’s answer, the stone room suddenly became quiet.

The sphinxes were looking at Damdeok with eyes that said that could not be possible.

[answer… ?]

[That’s the correct answer… ?]

[What correct answer… ?]

Damdeok stood up silently, holding his iron sword like a cane. There was a faint smile on his lips.

“Bro, really… ?”

Baekgureum, who was solving a problem next to me, widened his eyes.

The skinny man under his feet had already been split into more than a hundred pieces.

Anyway, that persistent guy.

Damdeok slowly approached the sphinxes with a smile on his face.

[really… you… You found the answer to this problem?]

The second person who raised the problem, Ping, asked in disbelief.


Damdeok walked right in front of the sphinxes who were looking at him with distrust, and he swung his iron sword over his shoulder.

“okay. I found out the answer. Just use the knife once, and let the three of you share the two of us equally. “The key here is that we have to share it ‘equally’, right?”


The sphinxes swallowed their saliva.

[Yes, yes! So the correct answer is… What?]

[Don’t waste time, speak quickly! What is the correct answer? !!]


Damdeok’s sword was pointed at the third king who used evil.

The uvula to be exact.

A sword aimed at a vital spot.

[What is this… ? Are you using dragons because you want to die right now? ?]

A low growl escaped from between its jagged fangs.

A thick murderous feeling that seemed as if it would tear Damdeok to pieces at any moment filled the room.


Baekgureum pulled out his sword as if he was fed up. It was an instinctive action caused by fear.

But Damdeok didn’t even move. Instead, he just stared straight at the tip of his sword aimed at the guy’s neck.

From the tip of Damdeok’s sword, a deadly force as strong as his own was coming out.

[ The title effect ‘Fear’ is activated!]

Damdeok said with a grin.

“answer. “Reduce your mouth by one.”


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