I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 107

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#107. VIP Rewards (2)

“Underground bunker? “You’re building an underground bunker under our house?”

Jo Yoon-hee, who had been drinking coffee, put down her cup and opened her eyes round.

No, big joint, what is this… .

“Didn’t you go to the dinner party hosted by the president? No, more than that, they said on TV that the banquet was still going on, so why already… .”

Damdeok glanced at the TV that was turned on.

In small letters passing below,

[National hero Yu Dam-deok Hunter, having dinner with the president… Scheduled to end around 9 p.m.]

The text appears.

Damdeok turned his head calmly.

“I just came early. “The TV over there says that the dinner is still in progress, so it can’t be said that the young hunter left first for the sake of respect for the high-ranking people.”

Damdeok laughed mischievously.

He only received confirmation of compensation and politely declined the next order.

I had to go quickly to meet the next guardian, but I didn’t want to waste time being clumsy.

Jo Yoon-hee was just astonished by her son’s attitude.

“No, it’s a dinner with the president. Why are you refusing it?”

Jo Yoon-hee sighed in regret.

After getting healthy, I feel good because my voice is louder like that.

Damdeok was still smiling.

“What do you think? Anyway, you received a plaque of appreciation. Mom, you can take this and show it off to everyone in the neighborhood~”

Damdeok smiled, waving the large thank-you plaque back and forth.

Just then, the news of Damdeok’s dinner came again on TV.

– Yes, a dinner with Hunter Yu Dam-deok is currently taking place inside the Blue House. The schedule was scheduled to end around 9pm, but it was slightly delayed… .


I laughed.

The person involved is already home, so why delay the party?

Damdeok knew the answer.

‘They must be having a heated discussion about how to fulfill my request.’

A fun party would have turned into a headache-inducing affair.

‘Well, that’s none of my business.’

It’s something I’ve always thought about, but I feel good that I’ll be able to handle it without touching it this time.

Jo Yoon-hee took a gulp of coffee and asked again.

“… So what on earth do you mean by building a bunker under our house?”

Damdeok explained with a gesture that it was no big deal.

“Mom, as you know, gates appear often these days. “It has become more difficult to predict than in a dungeon, and the risk has also increased significantly.”

“… so? “You want me to build an underground bunker in my house and take refuge there?”


Damdeok laughed mischievously again.

“It’s not just about having money. You also need to get a building permit. Above all, these professional construction workers cannot be mobilized unless it is a national project due to dungeons or gates… .”

My mother knows very details.

But Damdeok was still just smiling.

Jo Yoon-hee’s complexion turned pale.

“You can’t believe it… I heard the president said he would compensate for anything at the dinner party. Put it in an underground bunker… ?”

Damdeok waved his hand.

“Oh, no way.”

Jo Yoon-hee said, ‘Really? I looked at her damdeok with an expression that said, ‘Isn’t it?’

What is an underground bunker?

Now, this mansion is no different from an incredibly strong castle thanks to its earthquake-resistant design and shock-absorbing materials, but could it be that such an important wish was wasted on building a strong and expensive underground bunker?

Jo Yoon-hee thought that there was no way her son was that eccentric.

She nodded with a smile.

“Is that so too?”

“Then~ Our underground bunker alone isn’t enough. “I asked them to make ten for each region across the country.”


Coffee flowed from Jo Yoon-hee’s mouth.

“Eck! “What are you doing, Mom?”

“What are you doing! Why are they building so many underground bunkers? Is there a war?!”

Damdeok’s face stiffened for a moment at the word , but since she immediately relaxed her expression, she didn’t notice much.

Damdeok quickly took a handkerchief and wiped up the spilled coffee on the floor and said.

“Ah~ Mom, aren’t monsters scarier than war? And the reason I asked them to make 10 for each region was because other people had to evacuate as well. So what I mean is… .”

The atmosphere becomes strange.

Jo Yoon-hee’s expression gradually hardened.

“… evacuation? “Does that mean there’s going to be a real war?”

Damdeok scratched his head.

“uh… Well, it’s similar, right?”

“… … .”

It was only then that Jo Yoon-hee realized that her son’s absurd story about building an underground bunker was true.

“Don’t worry too much. “For now, I’ve found a hotel for you to stay in while construction is underway, so please stay there.”

Damdeok said with a hearty smile, but Jo Yoon-hee just rolled her eyes nervously for a while.



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* * *

Inside the Sangun Guild’s dormitory.

Jusoyul’s room, which had been empty for a long time, was full of a musty smell of dust, but Damdeok and his group each took a seat and had serious expressions on their faces.

“The war of the gods is just around the corner… .”

Baekgureum was the first to mutter gloomily.

What the old woman from the underworld said to her companions before she passed away.

“Preparations for war are almost over. Soon, the Forgotten Gods, including the Demon World, will lead a large army and make the first invasion.”

They said the whole world would become a battlefield.

And it seemed like Grandmother Underworld’s only desire was to protect her children from the coming destructive future.

The grandmother of the underworld said that she would take the children to a place where they would not be discovered by Tartarus.

And then I left some advice:

“Even if you destroy the gate, the space itself does not disappear. Because the core core is just a token of having signed a contract with Tartarus. Even if you break it, it will only close the gate that is open on the ground. Do you understand what I mean?

That means,

This meant that none of the gates built in preparation for war had disappeared.

The only reason the gate appeared and then disappeared on its own was because preparations were not complete.

‘This means that now we are in a state where we can attack as much as we want.’

That is why the gate at Dongnimmun Station was able to reach the 112th wave.

Adele Sharon, who was walking back and forth, swung! Twisting her body, she screamed.

“We’ve only gathered the third guardian yet! oh my god?!”

Damdeok answered calmly.

“We should quickly go pick up the fourth guardian.”

“The old lady said it would be soon! Anyone can see that gathering twelve people together is impossible, right?”


It’s impossible.

but… .

“There’s nothing you can do. “I have to do as much as I can.”

There was no other way.

Even if the War of the Gods breaks out with less than half of the 12 Guardians gathered, we have no choice but to fight back as best as we can with our current strength.

“As for the fourth guardian, you two leave first. “I have to stop by with Adele.”


Adele Sharon looked at Ju Soo-yul with a face that said it was her first time hearing such a thing, but she just stared at Damdeokman in silence.

“okay. Are you going to level up?”

Damdeok said with a smile.

Ju Soo-yul quietly nodded.

“In the current situation, it would be much more efficient to split into two groups rather than four people working together.”

Damdeok nodded.

I agree.

I’ve already heard a detailed explanation of the fourth guardian so much that my ears are watering, so I don’t think I need Joo-yul’s guidance.

“The team’s strength will be slightly reduced, but… .”

Damdeok looked Baekgureum up and down and gave him a look that said, ‘Do you think you two can do well with this guy?’

The guy immediately got angry and ran away.

“I’m pretty strong now too?! Would you like to join us?! “You always use the same sword technique!!”

“You’re laughing. “You still have a long way to go~”

Actually, if you look at his profile, he has grown a lot, but that’s okay.


The intoxicated guy glared and glared, but when he realized there was no other way, he shook his head again! I sat down.

After all, there is a taste for teasing.

Damdeok, who was giggling, held his weight and spoke.

“good. So let’s summarize it like that. Because the grandmother of the underworld said that she would send a message right before the war of gods begins. Until then, we’ll just do our best to gather guardians.”

Damdeok said that while checking the system message.

“Wow, that old lady suddenly became a spy.”

“Is the old woman from the underworld our spy?”

Adele Sharon and White Cloud asked at the same time.

At these two words, and , Elia, who was quiet in the corner, flinched.

Damdeok glanced at Elia.

‘Why on earth is that guy following me? .’

It was Elia who silently helped in the battle when fighting against the demons.

But he doesn’t actually answer anything when asked.

Of course, it’s no use telling me to go.

Anyway, a strange problem followed.

‘Ugh, let’s not focus on unnecessary things.’

I had already given up on the address rate anyway.

Damdeok shook his head and spoke to Baekgureum.

“We leave in three days.”

It was the day the underground bunker was completed.

Still, I felt better about going after making sure my mother was safe.

Because you never know when war will break out.



By the time the meeting about the future direction was concluded,

The door burst open.

“… Elia was here too. “She said she’s been looking for a long time!”

It was Leo Lux.

Everyone took turns looking at the two siblings with frowns on their faces.

“it’s okay. End of meeting. let’s go.”

Ju Soo-yul went out the door with Adele Sharon first.

Elia and White Cloud followed suit.

“Uh, where are you going! Elia!”

Damdeok watched closely as Elia coolly left and Leo Lux followed behind.

A person who was exceptionally suspicious from the beginning.

The prophecy of Prometheus vaguely came to mind.

“Pandora is not a ‘woman’ in mythology.”

Then maybe… .

Damdeok watched the back of Leo Lux walking away for a long time.

* * *

“Wow, it’s really spacious~”

Every time the white clouds chatter as if in wonder, their voices echo like in a cave.

A week after receiving the president’s promise of an underground bunker.

Within a week, a spacious bunker was built under Damdeok’s house.

“Of course, once the country’s capital is invested, things proceed smoothly.”

Damdeok, who carefully looked around the completed underground bunker, nodded with a satisfied expression.

‘This is enough.’

Because the entrance is designed like a maze, the monsters will not be able to enter even if they use their intelligence.

New shelter-like bunkers are being built all over the country.

‘Because we can’t prepare for the war of the gods with the existing equipment.’

Air-raid shelters capable of withstanding a nuclear attack were being built in quick succession.

Of course, it was an unreasonable request, but it was possible because Damdeok’s influence was that great.

“Then shall we go?”

Damdeok looked back at Baekgureum.

Elia was behind him too, but he didn’t care.

‘Ju So-yul already left with Adele three days ago.’

Leo Lux is also persistently pursuing Elia, but has decided not to worry about anything for now.

‘I only think about power reinforcement. Reinforcement of power!’

Damdeok made that promise and posted a part-time job.

[(Daily worker) Pyramid courier loading and unloading!]

Employer: set

Spiritual power: Regardless of spiritual strength

Experience: Beginner possible (as long as your arms and legs are intact!)

Job Description: Delivery of parcels to each secret room of the pyramid! A must for carrying heavy loads! You have to overcome mummies, bugs, and the heat! Laziness will be punished harshly!

Business hours: Until everything is finished! (No break)

Salary: Random!

A word from the boss: If you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat!!!!!

It was a part-time job announcement that had a very intense atmosphere, but I couldn’t do it.

‘They said the fourth guardian is sleeping somewhere in the pyramid… .’

Rather than searching from room to room without any help, sneaking in as a courier would not seem suspicious and would be better in many ways.

“Whew. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a delivery service.”

It reminds me of the hellish old days.

Damdeok’s finger, filled with a strange sense of excitement and excitement, touched the system.


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