I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 106

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#106. VIP Rewards (1)


Jo Yoon-hee, who was doing bonsai on the second floor, glanced down at the yard.

Damdeok and his companions are sitting at the table with serious expressions.

“He told me to eat some fruit and go out, but I couldn’t stand it and went out… .”

Jo Yoon-hee clicked her tongue and took back her hands from tending the plants.

In the morning, my son was resting comfortably in a hammock in the garden, so I took a plate full of amazingly cut fruit, but my son had already disappeared.

I came into the living room feeling sad and was binge-watching some overdue dramas, but soon after, a news bulletin suddenly came out and I was cut off.

[(Breaking News) Successful destruction of Dongnimmun Station gate!]

In the video that followed, the son’s face was clearly visible.

“There is no such thing as a very famous person. Now, even if I just sit still at home, I can immediately tell what my son is doing… .”

Jo Yoon-hee, who remembered what happened earlier, glanced at Damdeok below as if she were being mean, but there was a smile that she couldn’t hide on her lips.

Isn’t this something unimaginable compared to before?

Jo Yoon-hee’s happy gaze lingered on Damdeok, who was sitting proudly among his friends.

Then, his gaze shifted to a new customer sitting across from Damdeok, an old woman in black hanbok.

Around her, the sounds of children running around the garden trying to catch butterflies could be heard peacefully through the window.

Jo Yoon-hee’s hands naturally crossed her arms.

“It may be rude to say this, but my grandmother feels a little…” .”

The grandmother who appeared with Damdeok a little while ago seemed a little, no, very strange.

“You said you were the godmother of the hunter industry and that you would discuss free hunter work to be done in the future… .”

Why do I feel creepy for some reason?

‘I covered my face with a black cloth… The hanbok skirt underneath is torn to shreds… .’

There were more than one strange thing.

What I thought was the most strange was that she was clearly an old woman, but her physique was much larger than Damdeok’s.

‘Grandma is over 180 cm tall.’

The first time she saw her grandmother, Jo Yoon-hee’s eyes widened in surprise, but Damdeok just quietly pushed her back, telling her not to worry and to go home.

“… “I heard he sometimes treats his mom like a sack of barley.”

Jo Yoon-hee muttered in disappointment.

Well, honestly, in today’s world, it wouldn’t be that surprising if my grandmother was as tall as a 2 meter basketball player.

This is a world full of status windows, dungeons, and hunters. Isn’t this a world where nothing is strange no matter what happens?

“Yes, grandma can grow a little taller.”

okay. That’s possible.

Jo Yoon-hee shook off these thoughts and placed her hand back on the flower she was growing.


Just then, the bright voices of children are heard.

Jo Yoon-hee’s bonsai scissors stopped.

The children who came with their grandmother, I felt a strange feeling the moment I saw them for the first time.

“I wonder if the kids are a little dark… .”

This did not simply mean that the children’s faces or expressions were dark.

The atmosphere and the energy emanating from the children were dark.

To be more specific… Doesn’t it look like living children?

Jo Yoon-hee was momentarily startled and shuddered.

“Oh my, what am I thinking now! You shouldn’t judge people just by looking at their appearance. Moreover, with such angelic children… .”

It was only for a moment, but Jo Yoon-hee felt somehow guilty for having such a thought.

It was then.

I heard a rustling sound and looked out the window to see a black old woman standing up.

Ju Soo-yul and the silver-haired Western siblings did not come together when they came in, so the only people facing the grandmother now were Damdeok, Baek Gureum, and Adele Sharon.

“Hmm, I guess the story is over.”

As the grandmother raises her bloodless hand and waves it up and down, the children gather in an orderly manner.

“… Are you planning to go already? “I couldn’t even treat you like this.”

It was Mrs. Cho who came in without even being able to say hello properly because Damdeok was so angry that she just wanted to stay in.

“oh? Looks like you’re really leaving. “Still, I have to say hello properly when I go.”

Jo Yoon-hee hurried out to the yard, but her grandmother was already nowhere to be seen.

“Why does everyone disappear when I come today?”

In the yard, Damdeok and his friends were the only people looking in the direction where the grandmother had disappeared with blank expressions.

* * *

“Do you believe that?”

Baekgureum said so and swung his fist repeatedly.

puck! Pow!

Crab-type monsters that fall off easily.

Damdeok and Baekgureum were busy organizing the small gate.

Damdeok smiled bitterly at the guy’s question and swung his sword in silence.

My brother asks if he believes that.

That’s a story about a grandmother in the underworld.

‘It’s a hard story to believe… .’

Damdeok recalled the stories he had heard a moment ago and continued practicing the formless sword technique.

The crab-type monsters fell like leaves in a cold wind.

“A forgotten being… .”



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Damdeok muttered without realizing it.

The things that the old woman from the underworld told me resolved Damdeok’s questions about the gate and the forgotten god to some extent.

‘Because the address rate has always conveyed only limited information.’

A gate created to prepare for the war of the gods.

Forgotten gods who increase their divine power by making their presence known through such gates.


In order to connect the gate to other worlds, a medium from the middle world is needed, and that medium is the demon world.

‘So to sum it up simply.’

The Demon World acts like a tunnel for forgotten gods to go to another dimension.

‘The gate is .’

It was said that the monsters at the gate were not created like monsters in a dungeon, but were monsters that used to live with humans.

in other words,

It was said that even monsters were forgotten beings.

‘Tartaros is the one who brought together forgotten beings and planned all of this.’

For an instant, Damdeok’s eyes became sharper, and all the crab-type monsters froze.

It was thanks to the title .

While Baekgureum was excited and beat the frozen guys like a punching bag, Damdeok continued his thoughts.


The forgotten king of the gods and the main culprit of the war between the gods.

A being that becomes a world in itself and another darkness.

Grandmother Underworld explained that it is something that all forgotten gods fear.

‘Then there is a high probability that the final boss seen in the fragment of memory is Tartarus.’

My thoughts are calmly organized.

Accordingly, the swordsmanship also became noticeably calmer.

‘In the first place, the grandmother of the underworld said she made a contract with Tartarus to protect the children.’

The Forgotten God is a being that is gradually losing its divine power and disappearing, so it must have been judged that it could not protect the children if it remained silent.

Instead of being provided with an environment where they can raise their children to their heart’s content, they decided to participate in the war of the gods and regain their former glory together.

It would not have been a bad choice for the grandmother of the underworld.

‘But the demons are not a race that can just leave children alone.’

As expected, it took four months in the end.

As the children died helplessly due to their mischievous pranks, the angry grandmother of the underworld reached the point where she wiped out all the lower-class demons.

‘It is said that low-level demons and high-level demons from other places came to hear the news… There must have been chaos.’

During such an intense battle, a crack was created in the barrier of the demon world, creating a hole, and the lower-level demons, who had not been able to deal with the upper-class demons, opened the gate and ran out in excitement, even though it was not yet the right time.

‘To stop those guys, the old woman from the underworld came out after them.’

It is said that the reason the black fog was spread inside and out was to prevent the demons from running wild and at the same time provide a hiding place for the children inside the gate.

‘At the same time, the plan was to prevent humans from coming near the gate.’

Everything clicked into place.

The corpses that the grandmother of the underworld showed at that time were all the work of demons,

The reason he broke his system window was just to scare him away from the gate.

‘If he really wanted to kill me, he would have pierced my neck instead of the system window.’

This means that the old woman in the underworld looked scary, but was just a good old woman who cared about her children.

‘The gate at Dongnimmun Station, which is considered the worst gate in history, actually happened by chance due to the loving anger of Grandmother God…’

Baekgureum suddenly interrupted Damdeok’s continued thoughts.

All of the crab-type monsters had already turned their stomachs.

“brother? Did you hear me? “I asked if what the old lady said was true!”


“I guess I’m strange. If you’re like that old lady, you can just kill all of her demons or whatever. is not it? Why was he curled up in a hole like that at the end of or something? “It’s too artificial~”

Baekgureum said this while shaking off the blood on his fist.

This guy is all good, but his flaw is that he sometimes doesn’t understand what’s being said.

“That’s the story that explains it all. The Grandmother of the Underworld has a contract with Tartarus, so she can’t act like that. Moreover, Asmodeus tried to kill all of his higher-ranking demons… No, the King of Swords appeared and told me not to touch the demonic forces anymore.”


The guy said that he was currently focused on the battle for the Demon King and wasn’t curious about anything outside the gate.

‘That’s why I haven’t seen him since that day.’

Memories of that day keep coming back to me.

I felt my blood run cold.

“Let’s go out when we’re done.”

As Damdeok spoke heavily, Baekgureum grumbled and took out the core from Captain Crab.

“Anyway, Grandmother of the Underworld is a forgotten god, so I think it’s strange that she’s telling us such magical information. “I heard you’re too soft sometimes.”


What he said is right.

But at least most of what I heard this time is probably true.

“It’s probably right.”

“why? “Why are you so sure?”

Damdeok smiled and answered.


* * *

“I really don’t know how to thank you for this… .”

Inside a gorgeous building with chandelier lights and red carpets.

The Minister of National Defense repeatedly bowed his head and expressed his gratitude to the young man in front of him.

He was a hero who not only destroyed the gate at Dongnimmun Station, which everyone had been struggling with, but also destroyed all 12 gates spread across the country simultaneously, in just three days.

Not to mention the domestic press, the foreign press is already in an uproar.

“The President has promised the best compensation commensurate with Hunter Yu Dam-deok’s performance, so he will probably not be disappointed. haha.”

Several distinguished guests nodded happily and applauded quietly at the Minister of National Defense’s words.

After a while, the president himself will come in and praise Damdeok for his achievements.

In a situation where even Iris and Sangun guilds, which were considered the best in the world, were struggling with gates, it was truly a blessing that such a talented young man was a citizen of the Republic of Korea.

While everyone is in good spirits,

“The President is entering.”

A VIP from Korea appeared in a solemn atmosphere.

Formal procedures such as awarding commendations were carried out, and Damdeok, Jooyul, Baekgureum, and Adele Sharon could not hide their bored faces.

And finally,

It was when the president, sitting at the dinner table, was about to talk about .

Damdeok lifted his body from the soft backrest as if he had been waiting.

Then he leaned over and whispered in the president’s ear.

“I have something to say about that… .”


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