I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 105

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#105. Demon Gate (4)

“What is this…?” .”

Children under the sparkling blade.

Damdeok quickly put away his sword.

I couldn’t immediately understand the current situation.

The grandmother of the underworld was struggling to comfort the children with that scary face, and the children were clinging to the width of the grandmother of the underworld’s skirt and crying loudly.

Ju Soo-yul’s dumbfounded face met Damdeok’s gaze.

“… “What situation?”

“… “I don’t know either.”

The same was true for White Cloud and Adele Sharon. The two were still wary of the grandmother of the underworld, but the tension appeared to have eased a little due to the sudden appearance of the children.

In the back, only Elia was watching the situation without changing his expression.

[Ah, why are you making quiet kids cry?!]

The old woman from the underworld who was protecting the children rolled her eyes with a scary face.

It was Damdeok who barely held back while looking at the children hanging around, almost throwing the Black Fire Chamwol following the Intangible Sword Technique.

‘Why on earth are the kids here…? .’

It was full of things I couldn’t understand, but the situation in front of me was real.

[Damn it! You’re going to close the gate? okay! Do whatever you want! I will get out of here while you struggle.]

After yelling like that, the old woman from the underworld quickly came out of the hole with the children in her arms.

Why the action… .

‘What? It’s a face that says things are going well?’

When I looked at the clothes of the grandmother of the underworld, I saw that they were full of traces of being attacked by someone.

Before I even noticed anything strange,

“Why are you scolding my grandmother?”

“that’s right! bad guy!”

The children poured out resentful words toward Damdeok.

It was truly crazy and crazy.

Those countless corpses I saw last time.

I can still see the terrible scenes reflected in the eyes of the grandmother of the underworld… .

Are you carrying children?

Didn’t he clearly say he was going to eat children?

But no matter who looked at it, the children seemed to sincerely follow Grandmother of the Underworld.

‘No way, I’m going to raise more and eat them… ?’

As Damdeok stood there blankly, the old lady from the underworld leisurely passed by him and added a word.

[No matter how bad I am, I won’t touch the Korean people. Keep your promise. The Nenums said they were closing the gate, so you have to protect those damn bastards from getting out.]

Only then did Damdeok’s eyes turn forward.

As the grandmother of the underworld came out, the hole got wider, and the entire view of the demon world was visible through the empty hole.

Plains, sky and horizon dyed red.

Everything was the same as the last time I saw it.

But there is one difference… .

“… crazy.”

A small curse flowed from the mouth of Ju Ju-yul, who was standing closest to the hole.

The red eyes were lined up like cars on a jam-packed highway.

An astronomical number of low-level demons.

I was sure as soon as I saw it.

The number of demons killed earlier was said to be the blood of a bird’s feet.

From behind, an old woman from the underworld could be heard soothing the children, reassuring them that everything was okay now and that the gods had come to fight in her place.

‘no way… Were those demons preventing us from leaving here…? ?’

The old woman from the underworld was crouching in front of the hole and not moving.

The visibly exhausted figure and tattered clothes came to mind again.

Then, having children… .

The thoughts continued no further.

I don’t know how long the underworld grandmother had been blocking the road here, but as soon as they saw the empty hole, the angry demons started running like crazy.

– Wow!!

– Kyaaa!!


“There are no hordes of zombies!”

A fierce battle broke out again without even considering the circumstances.

The faces of the demons rushing in, screaming and drooling, were extremely terrifying, and the number was beyond imagination.

‘The ones I dealt with from the outside were only a small portion… !’

Damdeok gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Stop it at all costs! “If this number pours out of the gate, it’s over!!”

It is right in the middle of downtown Seoul.

The troops outside have already suffered considerable damage.

‘Furthermore, low-level demons are much stronger than ordinary monsters.’

This was something that could be seen just by seeing the experienced mercenaries struggling earlier.

Moreover, gates have become incredibly powerful these days, so the monster wave that used to be sufficient for just one guild’s is now basically a from three or four guilds, so there is an absurd shortage of manpower.

According to the morning news, there are already 12 gates that have appeared across the country.

The major guilds in Seoul were scattered all over the country to block the gates, making it difficult to concentrate their power.



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Of course, the government strengthened support by bringing in overseas healers and mercenaries at high prices, but it was still too much to do.

‘Gates are getting bigger all over the world… .’

They also don’t know when a gate will appear in their front yard, so they can’t just send mercenaries and healers to another country.

‘The monster wave will also get longer in the future.’

This time it was the 112th round, but it may be extended to the 1,000th round from the next gate.

‘That will never happen.’

Impatience began to creep into Damdeok’s heart.

It wasn’t just because of my mother.

Can’t we just let people who got involved without knowing anything die?

I no longer live in a world like my old self, where the weak are left to suffer silently… !

Squeak! Quang! Kwakwakwakwa!!

Damdeok poured out his skills at the demons that were rushing in like crazy.

Every time the sword energy penetrated a gap between them, a large amount of black blood was splattered everywhere.

Nevertheless, the number did not decrease, so Damdeok had to grit his teeth and constantly swing his sword.

Even Elia was unable to watch leisurely and ended up summoning skeleton soldiers over and over again.

Jooyul’s flashing flash skill shines and disappears like a neon sign in a club, and Adele Sharon’s 6-circle flame magic roars like a radiator! The demons were swept away.

Baekgureum was fighting alone like a guerrilla agent, combining swordsmanship and martial arts, and was charging like a yaksha.

Although the number was a bit large, the good news was that they were all low-level demons.

Since all team members had higher combat power than 5-star hunters, there seemed to be no problem if they focused on fighting.

‘Grandmother of the Underworld…’ ?’

Taking advantage of the moment, Damdeok turned his gaze.

In a place far away from the boundary of the demon world, I saw an old woman from the underworld curled up holding children in her arms with the power of .

‘… Why are you doing this when you say you’re leaving? Anyway, a strange old lady.’

Damdeok turned his head again and boldly swung his sword at the charging demons.

The demon world is starting to crack.

The demons are constantly increasing.

They are dangerous, with a fighting power that is on a different level from that of monsters.

Damdeok was thinking so.

‘I have to find the boss.’

Damdeok’s sword continued to cut down opponents in front of him, but he kept his eyes far away and observed his surroundings.



The gate boss who can end this situation… .

Damdeok’s eyes lit up for a moment.


While the black demons are constantly charging,

In the distance, I noticed a shadow standing alone and motionless.

Damdeok quickly kicked the ground.

[ skill is activated!]

The demons cling to Damdeok, who runs fast.

Damdeok cut off the limbs of those bastards and, without panicking, went straight to where the bastards were.

– Huh?

A physique about 1.5 times larger than that of lower-level demons. The wings folded behind it were hard to see, but at first glance, it looked much larger than the lower-level demons.

– Kyaaaaa!

I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Seeing him spread his folded black wings wide and threaten me reminded me of the nightmare of the day I first encountered Asmodeus.

– Ugh!

The creepy sound of metal was also similar.

‘Even so, you are not Asmodeus.’

Nevertheless, Damdeok did not give in and attacked the guy.

The guy in front of me is a mid-level demon.

Even though the guy didn’t use any divine power, I could tell just from the terrible energy he was giving off.

This guy… .


At the very least, it was clear that he was strong enough to have a clear advantage over Baekgureum and Adele Sharon, who were fighting fiercely over there.


“You’re weaker than me.”


Damdeok’s body instantly tore off one of its black wings and flew up.

The guy screamed and attacked, but it didn’t reach Damdeok.

“You’re not the only one with wings.”

Damdeok was already flying in the sky of the demon world.

The shoes of Hermes are filled with divine power.

Damdeok attacked the guy from the air.



What if your feet touch the ground? With a straight attack!

Da da da da!


Soar again and counter!


One more time while descending quickly!


Truly insane attack range.

The intermediate demons were already in a state of confusion.



Damdeok’s last sword strike pierced the guy’s heart.


His already tattered body fell down helplessly.


Perhaps due to the nature of the race that only pursues strength, the surrounding demons did not dare to attack Damdeok and hesitated.


Damdeok plunged his sword into the guy’s heart and immediately took out the core.

[The power of the dark attribute is weak!]

Looking at the rising system window, Damdeok proceeded to eradicate all the remaining demons.

* * *

In front of Dongnimmun Station gate,

Temporary base camp.

A lively voice was heard from under the tent where many injured people were recovering.

“Ah, then~ It’s true! Where did you see dad lying to our princess? I heard that my dad fought bravely along with that hero, Yu Dam-deok! ha ha ha!”

As low-level mercenary Kim joked with his daughter on the phone, fellow mercenary Choi next to him also looked at him with a happy expression.

“Oh, this person too! Where was that fight? We were saved by a hero. “Kkkkkk.”

His arm was wrapped in white bandages. Originally, the injury was severe enough to require amputation, but thanks to the quick action of a top-level healer, he avoided losing his hand.

“This person… ! Doesn’t the child listen? Be quiet, be quiet! Shh!”

Mr. Kim, who was talking on the phone with his daughter at Mr. Choi’s teasing, put his finger to his mouth and was embarrassed, and the people around him started giggling.

The mercenaries were trying hard to maintain a cheerful mood.

“by the way… “How are you going to see it to the end this time?”

A mercenary was lying on a stretcher, staring vaguely ahead.

At those words, everyone stared straight ahead in silence.

Near Dongnimmun Station, which became a mess.

Many of the injured had already been recovered, and the corpses of the monsters and victims had almost all been moved away, but the dark red bodily fluids splattered on the asphalt remained like tattoos.


Black fog still covers the gate.

“… “But what if the hunter who is said to be the best in our country entered the game?”

“Draw. Look at it earlier too. As soon as that one person shows up, the tide turns in an instant.”

“That’s right, silly! I heard there is no option for today’s military. The superiors always disobey me! “Damn it!”

“Hey man, is that only the fault of the higher-ups? “Can’t you see there?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the mercenary’s polite nod.

It was Namgung Do-eok of the Sangun Guild, a middle-aged man lying dead with bandages wrapped all over his limbs.

“… That man was at the forefront and saved the lives of many people. “You’re 100 times better than the Iris guild leader who guards small gates in the countryside, man.”

“… “That’s true, though.”

The atmosphere suddenly became solemn.

The mercenary who had been swearing at his superiors quietly opened his mouth.

“Well, well. If it weren’t for Hunter Yu Dam-deok, we would already be all… Oh my gosh, I become a hunter and get help all the time… !”

The mercenary who was swearing roughly wiped his eyes.

“You damn man! Don’t say that. Isn’t that person a 7-star hunter and we are 1-star rascals? “It’s so embarrassing to get help.”

“Okay, that’s enough. “She just needs to be alive.”

Pat pat-

The mercenaries patted each other on the shoulders.

It was then.

To the side, under the broadcasting station tent, there was a murmur.


“uh! Look over there!!”

Following someone’s shout, everyone’s eyes turned towards the gate.

“I guess it was successful?!”

“I did it! I did it! “The gate was destroyed!”

A black fog that is slowly clearing.

The people who were drooping began to stand up one by one, cheering.

The broadcasting station camera reporters also hurriedly checked their equipment and kept an eye on the area.

Soon after,


Something flew through the thinning fog.

“It flew… ?”

People’s heads moved in unison to follow it.

On their faces, they thought, ‘No way, another monster with black wings has appeared.’ Anxious expressions passed by.


“Yes, it’s a person!”

“It’s a person!”

A mixture of joy and exclamation erupted, and at the same time, the man who flew leisurely grinned.

Then he broke something in his right hand with such force.


At the same time as the core was shattered, the gate was destroyed and a shock wave spread out in a circle.

Boom~! Psssss.

When the fog completely cleared, people could not help but be astonished.


What I saw before my eyes was a huge army.

Deadly hounds, sun wolves, ice wolves, giants, and even skeleton soldiers… .

Covered entirely in black blood, they stood firm in the scattered fog.


Damdeok landed lightly in front of them.

“… … .”

However, the loud cheers he had expected did not erupt.

However, the expressions of the people who had been silent for a moment gradually brightened, and only the sound of strong applause echoed throughout the street.


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