I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 104

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#104. Demon Gate (3)

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The silence of the companions.

Damdeok carefully approached the dog hole.

Something lying face down blocking the front of the opening.

Gray hair.

A black jeogori and skirt.

Two closed eyes.

It was difficult to see the entire face as the large body was curled up,

It was definitely true.

“Grandma of the underworld… .”

As soon as Damdeok muttered that, not only Jusoyul but also the entire group raised their weapons.

The cool sound of blades echoed quietly in the fog.

Nevertheless, the old woman in the underworld remained crouched without moving a muscle.

“why… “It’s not moving, is it?”

Damdeok said without taking his eyes off the crouching old woman from the underworld.

It was strange.

Isn’t that right?

I was so lively last time.

Didn’t he even break the system window and go through all sorts of hardships in the flower garden of Samsinhalmi?

But now it’s just hanging around like it’s dead… .

Damdeok stared intently at the old woman from the underworld, who was crouching in puzzlement.

‘I think I’m carrying something… ?’

The grandmother of the underworld’s back was tightly bent as if she was holding something precious inside the rich hanbok skirt.

‘… Aren’t they hiding monsters from hell?’

That thought suddenly occurred to me.

If it was a grandmother from the underworld, it was a very possible story.

‘Was there an ominous energy emanating from inside that skirt?’


The dry saliva passed.

“Just dead… Don’t you know? “I don’t feel any vitality at all.”

Adele Sharon, who was shining the light, responded cautiously.

Baekgureum, who was right behind him, refuted those words with gritted teeth.

“That’s nonsense. That old lady is a god who destroys systems. This is your base. Why are you dying? And even digging a hole like this… . There are more than one suspicious thing. No, no. It’s very suspicious! “Brother, are you saying we have to attack them all at once and put an end to it?”

It made sense.

But what is this strange sense of heterogeneity?

Clearly, the appearance of the old woman from the underworld was extremely suspicious. And it wasn’t just that.

Originally, there was not a single monster that was supposed to live inside the gate,

The middle membrane connecting the demon world is broken like a hole, and

The old woman in the underworld is curled up alone with her mouth closed… .

‘Is it right to just kill him?’

Honestly, I felt uncomfortable.

Not only did it not look like she was going to die from a single blow, but she thought she was hiding something under that skirt and attacked her so carelessly?

It was then.

“Why are you hesitating? It was an opponent who showed complete hostility. “I have to kill him when I get the chance.”

Ju Soo-yul took out a dagger, which was rare, and approached him with great strides.

‘He is the one who can destroy even the gods’ system. ‘I can’t keep you alive.’

The address rate was judged that way.

In my many past lives, I had no direct interaction with the Underworld Grandmother, so this was the first time I learned that he was able to destroy the system, but in any case, it was clear that the forgotten god known as the Underworld Grandmother was a very threatening being.

‘I don’t know what’s going on… I would be grateful if you would just crouch quietly like that.’

Even though Ju Ju-yul’s dagger was raised high above the head of the old woman from the underworld, she did not move a muscle.

“for a moment.”

Damdeok, who was watching, spoke quietly.

Everyone looked at Damdeok with puzzled eyes.

Damdeok was once again feeling the waves around him.


A place where you can feel an ominous energy.

Clearly, evil energy was spewing out through this hole… .

“I’m not the grandmother of the underworld.”

It wasn’t.

The place where the ominous energy was emanating was not the width of the skirt of the crouching old woman from the underworld, but behind it.

“what do you mean?”

As he asked that question, the dagger of Ju Ju-yul was still pointed at the head of the old woman from the underworld.

“Get out of the way.”

I was curious.

Why does the old woman I met for the first time and the old woman in front of me have such different vibes?



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In addition to the faint energy of life fading away, I can feel the earnest wishes for something that is not evil.

Why is the forgotten god of the underworld crouching, blocking the hole in the demon world?

Why are there no monsters at the gate?

Why is there a black fog hanging inside and outside the gate?

all of it… .

“I’ll have to find out for myself.”

Damdeok said so and slowly took out the club of Hercules.

“you… no way… .”

Soo-yul’s expression was subtly distorted. The expressions on the other party members’ faces were the same.

“What, what are you trying to do?”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

In response to the questions of his companions, Damdeok quietly raised his club.

“okay. “I will capture you alive.”


Along with the sound, the body of the old woman from the underworld shook strongly.

But she didn’t fall.

Instead, a system window immediately pops up.

[This is an opponent who is in the process of using the authority !]

[You take no damage from attacks from the living!]

“… what?”

Damdeok’s eyes wavered slightly.

There has never been a time when Hercules’ club didn’t work… .

You don’t take damage from attacks from the living.

So does that mean the dead have to attack?

For a moment, I remembered Elia’s necromancer abilities, but I didn’t bother to ask for it.

‘That guy… ‘Because it’s clear that he will use this request as an excuse to exploit his weakness.’

As Damdeok stood lost in thought, the companions looked at him and the old woman from the underworld alternately, as if they had no idea what was going on.

“what’s the matter?”

“what? “I don’t think you fainted?”

“Wasn’t the Hercules club a 100% chance of fainting?”

It was then.

The old woman’s stiff shoulders began to twitch.

“Hey, hey… Brother, do something! How can we attack together now? huh?”

Baekgureum seemed anxious as he opened and closed his sword and glanced at Damdeok.

He was particularly weak against ghosts and horror stories.

“Tsk, tsk, how big is our page, don’t be scared, kid~”

Adele Sharon leisurely responded with her arms filled with flames.

But her expression also showed signs of nervousness.

It might be because I heard a story about an old lady from the underworld last time.

Jusoyul’s dagger began to glow with an eerie purple color, and even Elia, who was behind him, took a few steps back.

The old woman from the underworld, who had been quiet until then, quietly cried out.

[Cluck, stupid… Did you end up here?]

It was a slightly hoarse tone that made the hair stand on end.

But why?

It wasn’t threatening.

There appears to be no intention to attack at all.

The old woman in the underworld was just crouching and mouthing.

[…] I wish it had just disappeared when I saved it. Cluck, cluck, after all, both humans and gods are foolish… .]

The companions also noticed that the situation was moving in a strange way.

‘Where are you hurt?’

‘I feel like I can’t move… .’

‘First of all, it’s fortunate that it wasn’t aggressive… .’

The condition of Grandmother Underworld seemed bad enough for everyone to think such things.

It was strange.

According to the news, monsters and demons have been infesting the gate for several days.

However, compared to the notoriety, the person responsible, Grandmother Jeoseu, was in an extremely weakened state.

Meanwhile, the underworld grandmother’s ample skirt seemed to be full of unknown things, and that was why everyone hesitated and couldn’t attack.

“Where is the gate core?”

Damdeok asked directly.

First of all, the urgent priority was to close the open gate in the middle of downtown Seoul.

‘The forgotten gods will come out through another gate… .’

It doesn’t have to be our country, right? We planned to close all dangerous gates opening in our country in the future.

‘If you want to fight the war of the gods or something, you can just do it among yourself. Why are you harming the world?’

Damdeok bit his lower lip and looked at the old woman from the underworld.

And Ju Soo-yul was looking at Damdeok with bewildered eyes.

‘Why are you asking where the gate core is?’

It was the same concept as why the sun is called SUN.

‘It’s natural that the core core is in the body of the boss who oversees the gate.’

The with the core core may be a forgotten god or a common monster.

However, whichever of the two was the boss of the gate, their purpose was to use the core to control the remaining monsters, decide where to open the gate, and publicize their existence to the world.

Moreover, when forgotten gods rather than ordinary monsters are the bosses of the gate, the gate core core is actively used to raise their spiritual power by making their names known.

‘That guy says he doesn’t know the specifics yet… .’

Of course, Damdeok may not know everything. But you probably already understand the rough concept… .

Despite Jo Soo-yul’s puzzled face, Damdeok was silently waiting for the grandmother of the underworld’s answer.

[…] Gate core hack? Wow, you sound arrogant. Why are you looking for that from me? I am not the owner of this gate.]

Jusoyul’s pupils widened at the unexpected answer.

However, Damdeok, who actually asked the question, looked like he knew that would happen.

He calmly continued with the next question.

“Then the boss will be behind it?”

A place where you can feel an ominous energy.

Damdeok’s hand pointed precisely toward the devil’s world, across from Grandmother of the Underworld.

‘… … .’

The grandmother of the underworld’s crouched head slowly lifted up.

The black eyes stared at Damdeok for a few seconds, then rolled over and came to rest on Baek Gureum, who had a younger appearance among the group.

A look that lasts for a few seconds without saying anything.

White Cloud began swinging his sword and making threats.

“What you looking at! What you looking at! Mr. Quack!”

The old woman in the underworld stared at the white clouds even more intently, then slowly turned her gaze back to look at Damdeok.

[…] I saved your life last time, so why did it creep back in?]

You saved me.

It wasn’t you who saved my life, it was Grandma Samsin.

However, Damdeok remained silent and only said what he wanted to say.

“I told you. “I’m here to close this gate.”

Silence again.

The old woman in the underworld seemed to be having a hard time, tossing and turning.

At that moment, I noticed something writhing within the wide width of the skirt.

Damdeok’s eyes narrowed.

[I came to destroy the gate… So that means they killed everything here.]

“yes. Now all we have to do is catch and kill the boss.”

A firm answer.

The dark eyebrows of the old woman from the underworld twitched.

Meanwhile, Damdeok’s eyes were still fixed on the suspicious width of the skirt.

[Cluck, click, pale… OK. If you want to see the back, I’ll show you. Look carefully.]

The grandmother of the underworld slowly stood up.

At the same time, the black jeogori and skirt were pulled taut.

Damdeok’s eyes became even harsher.

‘It’s finally happening now…’ !’

The reason he didn’t attack and kept asking questions was because he wanted to check the back of the underworld old woman, but his more fundamental purpose was to attack inside that black skirt.

‘It was difficult to attack because it was crouched tightly.’

Rather than attacking without knowing anything, wouldn’t it be much more advantageous to start a fight by revealing the other side’s identity?

To be honest, I could feel the evil energy from behind. It was a demonic world, so it wasn’t strange if anything was there, but the inside of the hanbok skirt was too suspicious.

‘It’s closer to the energy of death rather than an evil energy.’

It was definitely true.

From earlier, wasn’t Elia’s gaze always focused on the width of the old woman’s skirt?

[Cluck, click… .]


As the grandmother of the underworld slowly moved her large body, her rich skirt was left defenseless.


Damdeok rushed forward and cut the bottom hem of her skirt.


It wasn’t a flashy skill.

Intangible swordsmanship.

Follow the body’s lead and open the sword’s path to cut down in one go.

Not only the old woman in the underworld, but even Juryul could not react to what happened in an instant and only blinked.

Damdeok’s swordsmanship had improved so much.

[you… You, you Goyan… !!]

The angry voice of the old woman from the underworld was heard, but Damdeok could not say anything.

The bottom of the skirt was cut off.

Inside… .



There were children.

Has he just turned six or seven?

Damdeok had no choice but to stand still.


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