I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 103

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#103. Demon Gate (2)

“eww… uh?”

The rookie mercenary opened his mouth dumbly.

The man before my eyes was a national hero.

No, it would have been nice to say God.

He is a 7-star hunter and the only one among humanity who can destroy the gate.

It is a national resource,

The children’s president,

Hunters’ hero… .

“Are you okay?”

Such a great man was reaching out to him. And with a dazzlingly bright smile.

“… “I’m fine!”

The rookie mercenary suddenly stood up.

When I felt the wet leg of my pants sticking to my skin, I was belatedly overcome with shame and embarrassment.

‘I am the one who has to hunt the monster… ‘It’s like this because I can’t overcome that fear.’

Because of this, he was dishonorable not only to the country but also to his children at home.

Without even being able to raise his head, the rookie mercenary clenched the sword in his hand.

“… It may be small, but it will be of some help! From now on, I will show my true skills…!”

Gritting his teeth, the rookie mercenary raised his head with all his might.

His eyes, which were burning with fighting spirit, could not help but become blank for a moment.

The scene unfolding before my eyes.


Blah blah blah!



All kinds of gorgeous effects were covering the battlefield.

Battles reminiscent of movie CG.

It felt like I was inside a large screen.

“Oh, I’m glad you look okay. You can show your real skills next time. as you see… “I think the battle will end soon.”

The man said that with a grin.

Behind him, who looked infinitely kind, I saw numerous packs of wolves, ice giants that overwhelmed the battlefield with their size alone, and several familiar celebrities fighting splendidly.

The situation where they were outnumbered had already been reversed.

“What is this…?” .”

The rookie mercenary’s eyes were busy.

A wolf wrapped in fire,

Wolf wrapped in ice,

Wolves of all kinds fight against monsters! It was killing me.

– Crrrrr!

– Wow! Wow!

Is that all?

Over there, an exotic blonde woman shoots a pillar of fire,

Grumble! Grumble!


On this side, a silver-haired Western man was swinging a lightning sword,


“That’s pathetic. “I can’t even catch these monsters.”

The boy, known as the swordsman genius of the East, cut off the limbs of monsters with an excited look on his face.

Squeak! Suddenly!

“Everyone die!! Haha!!”

The Sangun Guild’s superstar Ju Soo-yul was carrying a dagger and quickly disappearing and appearing repeatedly, performing one-shot, one-kill actions.

The scene before my eyes was as spectacular as if I was watching an action movie.

Avengers of the hunter world.

It was no wonder that the rookie mercenary was at a loss for words.

The man asked worriedly.

“Oh, your complexion doesn’t look good. “Is this really okay?”

“Oh, yes, yes…” .”

The rookie mercenary kept nodding his head and secretly looking at him.

There were bluish magic daggers floating around the man.

Although his gaze was directed at himself, the magic daggers that floated were accurately pierced into the breathing tubes of the attacking monsters, and every time he swung his hand, black flames and chunks of ice shot out, causing most monsters to die without even being able to get close to them.

The disgusting gate monsters gradually disappeared before my eyes, and the strange demons with black wings also fell down without any control.

The situation was being sorted out incredibly quickly.

‘We went from not being able to use it for days to just a few minutes… .’

Is this a difference in skill?

With a strong sense of separation, the faces of my wife and children suddenly came to mind.

The relief of being alive.

The body of the new mercenary, relaxed, slumped down.

The man gently held him and shouted somewhere.

“Here you go! “It’s an emergency!”



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Then, several healers came running from afar and began to look after his condition.

“Are you okay?! Oh my, there’s a severe stab wound on my back… !”

“I will cast a recovery skill!”

Soreness and heavy pain came rushing in at the same time.

As my vision blurred with pain, I could see the back of a man moving further and further away.

“wait for a sec… yet… I couldn’t even say thank you… .”

“You are not allowed to talk during treatment!”

“Take it easy!”

The healers’ cries just seem annoying.

The man was moving straight towards one place.

The black fog covering Seodaemun Prison, filled with terrible monsters… .

“uh… There… I can’t… .”

“Patients are not allowed to talk!”

“Everything is okay now, so relax!”

The body was lifted and placed on a hard stretcher.

These people are really frustrating.

There is a hero of humanity heading into danger, so why is no one stopping him?

I raised my trembling hand and stretched it out to him, but the man led the army and slowly disappeared into the black fog.

* * *


Damdeok swung his sword frantically.

In the black fog, there were far more demons than monsters.

They were much more disgusting, vicious, and outrageous… It was strong.


No matter how many times you cut it, it will keep attacking you as long as it still has its breath.

There were no zombies.

Even though I tried to find the entrance to the gate, it was difficult to move forward due to the endless crowds of them.

Normally, he would have already been exhausted, but Damdeok was still cheerful.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

Wedge! Wedge!

Excalibur has long-distance attacks that extend in all directions and swings much more smoothly than before.

Everything was easy.

‘I guess it’s because Snow White has leveled up quite a bit.’


I checked the guy’s profile.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the numbers, organized in a way that looks better than before.

[Moonlight Fox (Lv.22)]

– Hardness +39.4 – Agility +45.2

– Cleverness +57.6 – Perceptiveness +72.3

– Loyalty +35.9 – Magic Power +65.4

In the beginning, even though I leveled up, my stats increased so little that I didn’t feel it… .

However, after reaching level 20, the sensation itself was clearly different.



The feel of cutting becomes much softer, and the cut edge comes off cleanly.

“It’s not just that.”

Damdeok grinned.

Then, the demons that were charging around without hesitation hesitated.

[ title effect is activated!]

[The momentum of ‘fear’ is rising!]

Enemies who were discouraged by the title effect did not pose much of a threat.

Damdeok smiled in satisfaction and cut down the low-level demons in front of him without hesitation.



Ju Soo-yul watches silently from behind as Damdeok swings his sword with excitement, wondering what’s so exciting about it.

‘I’ve grown a lot.’

Yu Damdeok had already become a mid-level god, and his spiritual power had also increased significantly.

‘It looks like Snow White is over level 20.’

At this rate, by the time she goes to meet the Fairy King, Snow White will be well over level 50.

‘Now we have to move separately.’

So far, he has only played a supporting role, giving Damdeok all the experience he needs to help him grow quickly.

However, the final battle could not be resolved just because Damdeok was strong alone.

Not only you, but all Guardians must grow evenly.

‘I should take this opportunity to visit that world as well.’

I needed to go training alone for a while.

The next guardian had an unusual personality and was not particularly picky.

Moreover, in order to keep the variable called in check, I had no choice but to become stronger.

‘I need to get the power to find out this guy’s identity.’

Ju Soo-yul, whose expression hardened for a moment, let out a small sigh.

‘Anyway, it’s already time to go recruit that guy.’

The fourth guardian, synonymous with slander.

The guy had a personality, but the world of Egyptian mythology he belonged to was truly troublesome.

‘The mummies are also disgusting… The gods who protect the relics are also extremely conservative… .’

But is there anything else?

Damdeok and himself are destined to move forward.

* * *

“Hmm, strange… “Isn’t it strange?”

Adele Sharon looked around with suspicious eyes, as if she were a detective.

“What’s strange? “You idiot.”

Baekgureum answered bluntly.

His sword was covered in black blood.

It was the result of diligently hunting demons along with Damdeok.

Adele Sharon pointed at the White Cloud Sword and frowned.

“The blood on your sword, that! Black blood! Have you ever seen anything like that?!”

“… The blood of monsters varies from individual to individual, right? Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen black blood. “What is that?”

Baekgureum said indifferently, shaking off the blood on his sword.

“Black blood is the blood of demons.”

Jusoyul, who was walking next to me, quietly told me.

“Demons?! Wow, devil or something?! “Then I cut down the devil?!”

Baekgureum’s eyes then became round. She seemed quite satisfied with the fact that she had grown to the point of cutting down demons.

Adele Sharon clicked her tongue.

“It’s so dull… So, you will never be able to defeat him.”

Tick. Damdeok was standing where he pointed with his chin.

“Why did you suddenly include me?”

Damdeok was walking at the front of the group.

In thick fog.

After frantically killing an astronomical number of monsters and demons, I finally found the entrance to the gate… .

As soon as I came inside, I couldn’t tell what was in front of me.

If outside the gate was gray due to fog, inside the gate… .


It seemed as if it had been laid on its own.

What was even more strange was that as soon as I entered the gate, I could not feel any sign of monsters or demons.

‘There’s nothing. ‘How can this be?’

This was my first time seeing this kind of gate.

Fortunately, Adele Sharon was acting as a flashlight with flames wrapped around both hands, so I was able to secure immediate peripheral vision.

‘Black flames don’t help in times like this.’

Grumble! Good luck!

Her hands flashed around dazzlingly.

“ah! It’s a surprise!”

Adele Sharon, who was looking around, noticed Elia quietly following behind her and backed away in surprise.

“… Why did you follow me here again?!”

“Never mind.”

“what? He’s a really funny kid. “What about your brother?”

“Don’t worry about that either.”

“This kid is really… .”

Elia completely ignores the shaking Adele Sharon.

Jooyul quietly glares at Elia.

Damdeok was just silently ignoring this whole situation.

White clouds came close to me and whispered.

“Brother, what is he? “Are you going to come with us from now on?”


“But why are you following me? “They say only gods can enter the gate.”

“He’s a god too.”


“You and I can use the gods’ system together.”


“oh my god.”

White Cloud and Adele Sharon’s heads turned at the same time.

Elia was not shaken at all.

Just look ahead and move forward.

‘Really, what is that kid thinking…? .’

Damdeok glanced at Elia and then looked away again.

I don’t know what his intentions are.

There were more than one or two suspicious things, but in the current situation where there were clearly enemies to fight, there was no time to worry about anything else.

‘Do whatever you want. ‘Because I will go my own way.’

Our goal is to prevent a war between the gods, not to fight with a suspicious kid like that.

Damdeok, who had been walking for a while, suddenly stopped.


An ominous energy spread through my highly sensitive nerves.


Everyone stopped at Damdeok’s words.

Transparent membrane inside the gate.

Damdeok was fumbling around and found an empty hole.

It is probably the world beyond the gate, the demon world.

“Could this just be open?”

Damdeok asked Jooyul.

Wasn’t it a curtain that could only be opened with the divine power of a mid-level god or higher?

It seemed like he didn’t even know the English address.

‘I feel an extremely ominous energy behind this curtain.’

I didn’t want to see it, but what can I do?

To destroy the gate, we had to find the guy who had the core.

Maybe it’s the grandmother of the underworld.


Damdeok bowed his waist.

The darkness appears unusually thick.

Beyond the small, dog-hole-like hole, I could see something crouching in the dark.

“… Hey, look at it.”

Adele Sharon gulped at Damdeok’s words and stretched out her flame-covered hand, slowly pushing away the darkness.


Damdeok’s face hardened in an instant.


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