I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 102

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#102. Demon Gate (1)

“If you call someone, say something.”

Elia, who was grabbed by the shoulder, looked at Damdeok and said that.

But Damdeok had no choice but to swallow back what he wanted to say.

“… … .”

A name that suddenly came to mind in the stream of unconsciousness just now, Pandora.

“Pandora’s box, which will bring true disaster, has not yet been opened.”

“Find Pandora. If you find him, you will gain strength to face the world.”

According to Prometheus’ prophecy, Pandora is a being that brings disaster, but is also a being that has the power to stand against the world.

In short, it was said to be a being with more power than anyone else.

I don’t know the extent of Elia’s true power, but he was a sufficiently doubtful candidate.

‘Because he is a high-ranking god whose identity is unknown, and despite being human, he uses the gods’ system.’

Aren’t there just one or two strange things?

However, there was one strong error in the assumption that Elia was Pandora.

“Pandora is not a ‘woman’ in mythology.”

Prometheus clearly said that the Pandora of the prophecy was not the ‘woman’.

But no matter who sees Elia in front of them… .

“Why aren’t you saying anything? “If you have nothing to say, let go of this.”

Elia shook off Damdeok’s hand.

Then, he looked at Ju Soo-yul and Damdeok alternately with a look of disapproval.

“… Now I see you two, do you even listen to other people? It’s not worth listening to what a stranger says. What is this? “Do you think everything I say is a lie?”

When Elia said that, Jooyul gestured to Damdeok as if he was no longer worth dealing with.

It was a gesture to leave this kid alone and mind our own business, but Damdeok wanted to solve the powerful curiosity that had arisen now.

“you… .”

“Why on earth have you been acting away and not talking? “Are you going to ask me how great it is?”

Unlike the first time, Elia’s behavior became more talkative, and Soo-yul’s eyes became nervous again.

Ju Soo-yul pretended to be calm and grabbed Damdeok’s arm.

“Don’t deal with it and just go. We have a lot of work to do in the future. If you listened to everything this kid said… .”

“wait for a sec.”

Damdeok took Jusoyul’s hand away and took a step forward.

“Are you a girl?”


Elia asked back as if it were absurd.

The address rate was the same.

What kind of nonsense is he talking about now?

They both looked at Damdeok at the same time with these eyes.

“Are you a woman? Well, he was a male when he was born, but how did medical technology change him… “It’s not like that, is it?”

Damdeok was more serious than ever.

Elia’s face was now going from absurd to absurd.

Looking at Elia, who was speechless and unable to say anything, Damdeok realized that his guess was nonsense.

‘Well, there’s no way we’d find Pandora this quickly.’

According to Prometheus’s words, if you find Pandora, you will gain the power to take on the world.

Isn’t such a huge feat usually achieved by defeating the final boss or discovering a hidden stage in a hidden dungeon?

‘If you get it easily, it won’t be the Pandora of the prophecy. cancer.’

Damdeok nodded and turned around.

Elia shouted in a slightly embarrassed voice.

“Hey, you’re just leaving like this?”

“Then what? Since you are a foreigner, you may not read the news in our country, but there is a lot of chaos in the middle of Seoul right now because of the mutant gate. “I don’t have time to stay here like this.”

In fact, my phone was on fire with text messages from earlier.

All are summons orders for disaster situations.

After a few discussions with Jooyul, I was about to go straight to destroy the gate, but strangely enough, Elia intervened and I was delayed like this.

‘As long as this guy isn’t Pandora, that’s fine.’

This is the end of my curiosity.

Of course, I was curious about the fact that Elia was human and how he came to use the gods’ system, but what can I do if the person in question doesn’t tell me even if I ask?

‘Then that’s the end.’

I didn’t want to waste time.

In the midst of this, Damdeok held up his cell phone and said, remembering the missed call from Namgung Do-eok.

“Priority. “We will solve this first.”

After saying that, Damdeok turned around and walked away.

Elia spit out the words as if holding them back.

“… you really. Aren’t you curious about his identity at all? “Aren’t you going to listen?”


Damdeok turned around again.

“Identity? “What, address rate is not a prophet?”

A sour tone of voice.

In fact, the topic did not interest Damdeok.

After seeing the fragment of memory, he had already developed the hypothesis that Ju Ju-yul might have been reincarnated infinitely like himself.

‘If everything recorded in the system is true, Joo-ryul and I have been continuously reincarnated for 1,869 times.’



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Perhaps the decisive reason why he can handle the gods’ system lies in his past life.

Of course, we don’t know the exact reason yet, but we can already guess at several possibilities.

Damdeok asked so calmly, and Elia asked back, taken aback.

“… Aren’t you strange? “A child who is not even a prophet speaks as if he knows everything about the future?”

“He is not a prophet, but he knows the future… Well, then what about reincarnation? Or a returner?”

Damdeok’s outspoken remarks froze not only Elia but also Joo-yul, who was involved.

There was a bit of tension, but Damdeok paid it no mind and continued talking.

“Whatever it is, it’s probably one of two things. Either a reincarnation or a regressor. is not it?”

Hearing his words full of confidence, the two people were speechless, like dumb people who had been fed honey.

“Are you done talking? “Then I’m really leaving now~”

Damdeok coolly turned around and waved his hand bye.

Elia and Jooyul just stared blankly at Damdeok’s back.

* * *

In front of Dongnimmun Station.

A place where heavily armed troops line up endlessly.

They were facing the Seodaemun Prison, which was buried in black fog.

“All large! from now on!!”

Just like that.


Perhaps because the entire road was closed, the sound of footsteps echoed unusually loudly on the quiet street.

A bleak tension flows,

Namgung Do-eok, the general commander of Dongnimmun Gate, let out a loud voice.

“One minute to go!! The 112nd wave will begin soon!! Everyone standby!!”

Just like that.

The sound of weapons being raised was heard in unison.

A whopping 112 rounds.

The longest recorded monster wave in Korea so far was the 12th wave.

One, that damn gate was still pouring out monsters, recording over 10 times the number.

A new mercenary adjusted his helmet and whispered to his colleague.

“… Is this a fight we can win? “How long do I have to repeat this before I can stop seeing the monster bastards?”

“This person. Be quiet. Haven’t you heard that if you say something that lowers morale, you will be disciplined? “Don’t say unnecessary things.”

A fellow mercenary put his finger to his mouth and looked around.

However, the rookie mercenary’s complaints did not stop.

“No matter what, it’s too much to do. Are you just telling me to fight indefinitely and then die? “If there is no solution, there is no solution!”

As the voice grew louder, the surrounding mercenaries began to glance.

His fellow mercenaries continued to pay attention to him and quickly comforted him.

“Hey, then what should I do? It can’t be helped. A variant gate like that has appeared in the middle of Seoul, so if this is breached, Jongno will also be breached, as well as the Blue House, City Hall, and so on… “Then it’s all over!”

At those words, the rookie mercenary’s eyes turned red.

“Damn, really. My second daughter was also born this time… .”

A fellow mercenary who was urging stopped.

He also had a 3-year-old son who wouldn’t hurt if he put it in his eyes.

This morning, I was filled with tears as I remembered the laughter of a child playing with a toy car.

He silently stretched out his hand and tapped the father of two on the shoulder.

“… So let’s cheer up. We have a country… “Aren’t they people who protect their families?”


The trumpet sounded.

It was the signal of a monster wave.

The hand that had been patting slowly came down and grabbed the weapon.

The mercenaries’ bloodshot eyes stared straight into the black fog.


Terrible monsters will appear and the road will be filled with blood and screams.

“Ugh, damn it… !”

The new mercenary, who was very frightened, raised his sword with trembling hands.

The combatants already lined up around them were all holding their weapons and taking deep breaths.

“Whoo, whoo.”

My breathing became rough due to the tension.

Creeping –

The black fog seemed to stir for a moment, and then an unidentifiable howl began to be heard from inside.

“Get in formation!! Don’t scatter!! Everyone get ready!!”

Namgung Do-eok’s voice rang loudly.

– Crrrrr!

– Kyaoooo!

– Kaaaaagh!

A variety of monsters broke through the fog and jumped out.

At the same time, Namgung Do-eok’s hand stretched forward powerfully.

“Turn around!!”


Coo coo coo coo coo-

The asphalt ground shook as if there had been an earthquake.


The rookie mercenary felt his body being pushed against his will.

“Wake!! “Don’t be mushy and look straight at the enemy!!”

The voices of my fellow mercenaries were heard far away, drowned out by the footsteps and shouts.

When he came to his senses, chaos had already appeared before his eyes.

Whip! Kagang!! Kagagak! Push!




The sound of blood splattering, flesh being torn off, heads exploding alive, bones breaking… . Yes, for a moment, the rookie mercenary thought that the place he was standing in was no different from hell.


This place was clearly hell itself.

– Crrrrr!

A demon with black wings.

It caught the eyes of the rookie mercenary.

A strange creature that is overwhelmingly slaughtering its fellow mercenaries.

“Ugh… .”

The rookie mercenary’s steps were pushed back little by little by the appearance of the monster he had never seen before.

‘Well, I’ve never learned or seen a monster like that… .’

It’s true.

Even at the academy,

At the Hunter Training Center,

It was a monster with a strange appearance that I had never seen before.

He was already panicking.

– Kyaaaagh!

“Ugh, ugh! “Save me!”

The hand of a fellow mercenary, sadly stretched out, was torn apart like a piece of paper before his eyes.

“Long-distance support fire, please! Close combat alone has its limits… !!”

After a while, countless arrows and special bullets loaded with magic rained down from above towards the monsters, but that was all.

Some monsters fell, but the majority rose again and tore people to pieces.

The rookie mercenary could only watch the scene frozen.

I felt regret.

why me,

Why did you decide to fight in a place like this?

In the defense of a very large gate with a risk rating of SS level,

Why on earth would I be a low-level mercenary with no skills? .

But it was no use regretting it now.

– Crrrrr… !

A strange creature was slowly approaching from ahead.

The black wings had been hit by numerous arrows and bullets and had holes in them.

It was only when I looked into his black eyes that I realized.

The reason you came here.


The money he was supposed to receive for participating in this gate defense battle was an amount that he, a low-level mercenary, could not normally touch.

For my first child, my newly born daughter, and my beloved wife… .

“no… no… “If you die, everything is useless!”

The rookie mercenary turned and began to run away.

There is no way you can defeat such a monster! It was absolutely impossible.

To make matters worse, the supposedly powerful hunters around him were also injured and groaning.

I was completely outnumbered.

It seemed obvious that they would suffer a crushing defeat in this 112th wave, whether in terms of numbers, momentum, or skill.

“money… I don’t need money or anything… I am… If only I could see my family again… !”


The monster’s black claws swung fiercely.

Along with a burning pain in his back, the rookie mercenary’s vision plummeted to the asphalt.


“Ugh… .”

There was a burning pain in my face, and it felt like my nose bone was broken.

The helmet and armor were quite heavy, so it was natural that it fell over.

But there was no spirit to consider the pain.

– Crrrrrrr… !

Jagged-like fangs were getting closer to his face.

Sticky saliva was dripping from the low-level demon’s wide open mouth.

“Huh… .”

The fear of not being able to move.

That was when the wide-open mouth slowly covered the rookie mercenary’s head.


With a creepy sound, my darkened vision suddenly became brighter.

The head of a strange creature was cut in two, and the man who kicked it away carelessly shook off the bloody sword.

Short two-block hair.

A pure white sword in his hand.

The rookie mercenary’s eyes shook wildly.

The man said with a grin.

“Reinforcements appear.”


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