I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 100

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#100. Elia’s identity (1)


“How can it be so pretty?”

“But you say they are Gorgons? “I thought you were a goddess again.”

“If you’re that pretty, you’re no different from a goddess.”

An afterimage of terrible memories.

Medusa’s eyes trembled.

“Did you hear that? Well, Poseidon made love to Medusa last night at the Temple of Athena.”

“Well… How dare such blasphemous things happen in a temple… !」

“Shh! Shh! What can I do? After all, she’s not a goddess, so she can’t act modestly. “You can’t fake blood.”


Not true.

That night, Poseidon didn’t whisper anything like love to him.

Blood began to form on Medusa’s clenched lips.

“I-I’m innocent! “I just talked to Poseidon!”

“Oh my, what did we talk about?”

“So, why did we talk at the Temple of Athena?”

“Well, that’s… Poseidon told me to come there… The contents of the story are secret, so I can’t say anything… .」

“Tsk, who believes what a monster says… .」

“It’s also abominable.”

I was desperate.

I shouted desperately, but no one listened.

No, rather, it was as if he had been waiting for this moment.

People… The gods… .

The mouth that used to praise beauty seemed to be busy spitting out ugly swear words.

“Mi, please trust me. Goddess Athena… I am… .」

“Prove it.”


“Prove that you didn’t do anything dirty with that bastard in my temple.”

「… … .」

Couldn’t prove it.

No, there was no way to prove it.

How on earth are we supposed to prove that nothing happened?

“If we can’t prove it, we can’t help but hold you responsible for desecrating the sacred temple. Gorgon Medusa, I will hold you guilty of blasphemy.”

“All of this happened because of your beautiful appearance. I would like to make you look like your two older sisters, but I will show you my mercy and put up with that.”

“However, from now on, everyone who makes eye contact with you will be turned to stone, so live your life painfully reflecting on your blasphemous behavior by daring to make eye contact with a male god in the temple of the goddess.”

“No! No, Goddess! please… !」

I was angry.

I was sad.

It was unfair.

Why does it have to be just me who goes through this?

I just listened to the story of the great sea god… .

It was a while later that Poseidon appeared.

“what? “Are you going to tell Athena what you talked about with me?”

「… Poseidon. Now I can’t hang out with anyone except my two older sisters. Not only the friends I used to know, but also the animals I cared for and the plants I grew, all turn to stone when they make eye contact with me! Watch it now! Even Poseidon can’t look me in the eye!!”

I appealed in tears.

The feeling of being turned away from everything that whispered love.

The feeling of being distanced from everything in the world.

It was truly difficult.

But he’s much more… than you think. He was a shameless god.

“Nonsense. What if the fact that I spoke ill of Athena to you, a mere insignificant person, spreads! Ugh, what on earth are you trying to embarrass yourself with? Absolutely not! no way! “Keuhum!”

Now that I think about it, he may have gossiped about the goddess that night just to get closer to me.

He may have been trying to use me, who was revered by the gods for my beauty, in a simple role for his own power and to insult the goddess Athena.

But why

Why does he

“Hmm, I guess it won’t work. “Medusa, you’ll get in trouble if you talk nonsense, so from now on, it would be better for you to stay on an island where no one will visit.”


It was clearly a curse.

Instead of comforting me as I cried and begged, Poseidon replaced it with another curse.

It would have been an easier way for him.

A place where no one comes, not gods, not people, not monsters… .

After that day,

I couldn’t laugh.

“reel? Hey, why are you crying all of a sudden?”

Suddenly, my vision became blurry, and I saw the shape of a man hovering in front of me.

Ssuk suk.

I wiped my eyes vigorously.




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The man’s face was so close that a short scream escaped him.

It is indeed the face of a living being that I have not seen in a long time.

Rather than an ordinary god, the face somehow resembles that of a human boy… .

Medusa, who was staring at him, instinctively avoided her eyes.

The lost eyes rolled back and forth.

“When our eyes meet… It could be a stone… .”

The man, who opened his eyes round at that small muttering, soon grinned.

“Kkkkk, what are you talking about? If it has changed, it has already changed. look. I don’t feel anything when I look into your eyes. “Now I’m invincible.”

Medusa, the man who burst out laughing cheerfully as he said that, slowly raised his gaze and gazed at him again.

Light brown hair and darker brown eyes.

These were the eyes of a living being that I had not seen in a long time.

‘It’s sparkling.’

No, it is more mysterious than sparkling.

It was so beautiful that I felt like I could fall in love with it at any moment.

Naturally, old memories came flooding back.


He loved the beauty of all life on Earth… .

“uh? “What are you crying again?”

A man’s embarrassed voice.

“is not it? Are you smiling? “He’s a really strange guy.”

Before I knew it, Medusa was smiling brightly.

A sincere, truly happy smile that I have never been able to make since that day… .

* * *

Outskirts of Gyeonggi-do,

Mrs. Jo Yoon-hee’s house.

Damdeok was lying in a hammock in the garden, staring blankly at the sky.

‘That guy… ‘I laughed at the end.’

The face of Medusa that I saw last time kept flashing before my eyes.

Eyes that seem sad, happy, and somehow full of affectionate joy.

It was a look that made my heart sink.

‘Why do you look at people with those eyes and then say nothing until the end?’

I asked Medusa about Gorgon Island, the Gorgon race, and herself, but she gave no answer.

She just smiled and looked at herself for a while, then slowly turned around and disappeared across the lake, taking her two sisters with her.

That was the end of it.

‘The myths were all nonsense.’

Isn’t that right?

What kind of horrible monster is this? Medusa, whom he has seen in person, is a scared person, a crybaby, and is so weak that he will not even die to watch someone turn to stone because of him… It was that kind of existence.

‘Anyway, it ended well, so it’s okay.’

Damdeok looked at the system window in front of him.

A proud smile was naturally drawn.

[Title: Ruler of Gorgon Island]

Description: The one who made eye contact with the Gorgon Medusa. Your brave deeds have made the whole of Olympus tremble with grandeur, and even resounded in the lands of the underworld. Therefore, you should be given a title that puts you on par with Medusa.

Title Effect 1: Resistance to all fears.

Title effect 2: Activates the momentum ‘Fear’.

There are two effects.

It’s not just fear resistance.

Now, it is now possible to instill fear in the enemy.

I feel sorry for Elia, but as Medusa Alvaro, her goal was definitely achieved.

Damdeok’s face hardened for a moment when he thought of Elia.

‘… ‘I can’t believe the little boy left without even saying hello.’

When the attempt to kill Medusa was in vain, Elia left the island without a word.

Even if I called him from behind, it was no use.

Her back looked like she was very angry.

‘Of course, it was my fault for not taking the part-time job as advertised… .’


That little god must have his own circumstances.

You must cut off Medusa’s head.

But it was the same here too.

‘What should I do if I don’t want to die?’

In the first place, he had no intention of killing Medusa.

Isn’t that why he imitated a geek (a person who specializes in tasting the internal organs or special parts of monsters) and consumed the Gorgon’s eye?

The result was successful, but it was a result that could not satisfy both.

‘I was told that I would also return the prepaid part-time salary I received first… .’

The message I sent was clearly read.

Damdeok fiddled with the system in disappointment.

Even though we were together only for a short time, he was a boy with a unique charm.

For some reason, I felt sad.

“ah! sister! 30 minutes have passed. “Come down!”

“I don’t like it~ Ebebe~”


On one side of the garden, Baekgureum and Adele Sharon can be seen playing flying with Hermes’ shoes.

Unfortunately, the mirror shield and transparent helmet were broken, but it was fortunate that at least Hermes’ shoes remained.

‘But when will the address rate come?’

It’s been an hour since I returned from my part-time job, but Joo-yul, who said she went out for a while, has no intention of coming back.

‘There is a lot of work to be done in the future… .’

Would it be okay if an important consultant were to leave at this time?

Damdeok rocked the hammock for a while, but eventually he couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up.

‘I can’t do this. ‘I’ll have to look for it myself.’

* * *

“yes. Damdeok Yoo, your VIP ticket has been confirmed~ Please wait a moment~”

Damdeok nodded silently at the friendly staff member’s explanation.

There were all kinds of people sitting in the luxurious hall in front of me.

There are people who play games on the small monitors attached to each sofa, people who watch TV, people who read brochures or chat, etc.

Equipped with a simple snack bar and mini cafe, this place is like a luxury airport lounge… .

Damdeok’s brow furrowed slightly.

“It’s a spa exclusively for hunters… “Did Joo-yul really come to this place?”

As soon as I asked where it was through a system message, I immediately got a reply from Juryul.

The conclusion is here.

Hunter-only spa.

It is a welfare project independently implemented by the Guild Federation to recognize the hard work of hunters who fight dangerous monsters every day. Basically, it relieves hunters’ fatigue and stress through specialized programs such as massage, aromatherapy, art therapy, and psychological counseling as well as spa. It was a facility that freed people.

‘I’ve only heard of it, but this is my first time coming to a place like this…’

Moreover, this place where Damdeok is located was a top-class spa run by one of the top three guilds in Korea.

‘Is the address rate really difficult these days? .’

According to what the kids said, there was constant low pressure. I guess I must have accumulated a lot of stress.

‘Well, with such a serious face all the time, what about the war of the gods, what about the prognosis, what about the 12 guardians… .’

It’s worth the headache.

After almost fighting with Elia last time, my face darkened noticeably… .

‘Elia, he is a high-level god, but he might lose to the mid-level god Joo-yul. Anyway, that guy thinks too much.’

Damdeok guessed the cold atmosphere of that day.

‘I told the staff, so when they get the address, they will direct me here.’

There was a lot to discuss in the future.

Looking at the news article, it seems like the old lady in the underworld has been quiet since that day, but the monsters at the gate are getting more eccentric by the day.

‘I’ll just have to put everything in order and then go collect the next guardian.’

I think that will put my mind at ease.

Damdeok sat down on the soft sofa and picked up a magazine.

– Ding dong!

– Kang Da-cheol. Please enter spa room number 32.

As the broadcast comes on, the man sitting next to me stands up and walks toward the spa room.

Soon, someone sat in that empty seat.

My gaze returned unconsciously.

At that moment, Damdeok’s eyes widened.

“… Leo Lux?”

Haven’t you gone back to America yet?

His short, sports-cut silver hair and angular chin accentuated his rugged appearance.

“… Is it you again? “Korea is so small.”

Leo Lux stared at Damdeok for a moment, then stood up with a disapproving expression.

“… … ?”

Then, he walked away and sat down in a far away place.


I’m strangely pissed off.

I know you want to sit with someone.

A guy as big as a mountain comes to a place like this and smells like soap!

Damdeok suddenly turned his head.

That guy.

It’s okay if I don’t care.

“you… “Do you know that dozens of casualties occurred when the gate exploded this time?”

Leo Lux, who was sitting far away, asked.

Of course, my eyes were fixed on the magazine.

“okay. “I just saw the news.”

“But why are you, a 7-star hunter, doing spa here?”

A vein popped out on Damdeok’s forehead.

This is what you’re arguing about right now, right?

Damdeok sighs. She adjusted her posture and sat down.

“… “Do I really need to explain that to you?”

Perhaps sensing the unusual atmosphere, people around them began to quietly leave the place.

Leo Lux quietly closed the magazine.


“Don’t misunderstand. “I was just asking.”

“Don’t ask.”


Seeing that he responded obediently, I guess he doesn’t want to fight head-on again.

Well, it exploded like that then… .

‘But why start a fight that has no point?’

“ha. Don’t touch me for no reason. “I’m already tired right now.”

“… … .”

Leo Lux remained silent and did not say anything.

Damdeok leaned back comfortably on the sofa.

‘Tch, are you still doing this to me because you’re a monster or something?’

He said his younger sister went missing due to a monster hunter, so I understand his sensitive feelings.

okay. I understand, but why?

‘Why are you going crazy with me?’

Damdeok mumbled and flipped through the magazine.

I didn’t feel very good.

When will the replacement address rate come out?

It was a time when I was muttering bluntly.

– Ding dong!

– Elia, please enter spa room 17!

A broadcast sound rings out beautifully.

Damdeok’s frown quickly narrowed.

what… ?


Did you just say Elia?

‘Ah, it must be someone with the same name… .’

Damdeok’s eyes moved quickly.

Swoosh from the seat diagonally in front. Familiar silver hair rising.

It was clear.

“crazy… “How is this going?”

A murmur escaped me without my knowledge.

A high-ranking god in the human world, and a foreign god at that, is coming to Korea and having a spa?

It was when Damdeok was looking at Elia with an absurd expression.

Bang from the side! With a sound, a large man stood up.

“you… you… .”

Leo Lux suddenly woke up and was looking at Elia with an incredulous expression.

People began to chatter, and Damdeok was trying to understand what the situation was.

Elia is clearly a high-class god.

Why does Leo Lux know?

Just then, one more broadcast was heard.

– Ding dong!

– Elia, please enter spa room 17!

– Is Elia not there? Is customer number 387 ‘Elia Lux’ here?

Damdeok’s head rang.

Look… Su? Lux?!

Elia Lux!

Damdeok’s gaze moved slowly.

Leo Lux, an American hunter with silver-haired sports hair.


Elia Lux, an exotic kid with straight silver hair.

Their faces were strangely similar.

“Ugh… ?!”

Damdeok’s mouth opened wide.

… What kind of situation is this?


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