Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 447

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Episode 448

[Bookmark of Transcendence]

Adela looked closely at the book, which now had only three pages left.

“I heard a rumor that Roja has this artifact. “It was a famous story in Italy.”

An ancient artifact that allows you to briefly glimpse into another time and dimension. However, depending on how it is used, the Bookmark of Transcendence could be a treasure or a dangerous invitation.

“But I am against it. … … “The Sardonyx who left a note to you and the Sardonyx you met through a bookmark may be completely different people.”

Adela’s reaction was completely normal. Even if the Bookmark of Transcendence was used, the risk of dimensional travel could not be ruled out.

A bookmark simply picks up one of the recorded stories and moves its owner. There was no way to safely guarantee which dimension, time, or space it was.


Adela closed the book firmly, as if she didn’t want to talk any more.

“and… … “It was I, not Sardonyx, who took care of Velvet, who was born from an egg, until now.”

However, the slight tremor felt in the hand holding the book clearly revealed that he had complicated feelings despite his expressionless expression.

If Adela, who used to be insensitive, changed through the past times, Shin Yu-seong also grew to understand others as he met his colleagues.

Although it wasn’t exact, I knew what Adela felt for Sardonyx.

‘Adella… … .’

Shin Yu-seong understood Adella.

Adella has been with Velvet since she was an egg. She took care of the hot eggs by cooling them down, and was born like a blessing in the room where everyone was.

What Adela is feeling towards Sardonyx right now is probably not an ambiguous emotion like jealousy.

“Adela… … “Are you afraid of Velvet and Sardonyx meeting?”

Adela neither denied nor confirmed Shin Yu-seong’s words. After a while, he asked this in a voice as wet as cotton that had been exposed to water.

“What is a good mother?”

As Adela’s hand began to tremble more and more, Shin Yu-seong held her cold hand to stop the trembling.

Adela, who had been pondering over and over again whether she had found stability, looked at Shin Yu-seong’s face and asked once again.

“If Velvet chooses that she doesn’t want to come back… … What should I do?”

Adela is smart.

As Bianca’s representative, she was skilled enough to prepare for the competition and handle the work of the student council president on her own.

It wasn’t difficult to tell what was right and what was wrong. So I could tell.

“Sardonyx is a dragon, and I am ultimately human… … . “If it’s really for Velvet, then the mother who suits Velvet might not be me, but Sardonyx.”

But for Adela, this could not be the realm of reason. For Adela, who lost her parents in an accident, Velvet was her new family and her reason for living.

After working with Velvet, I was able to paint a colorless day with beautiful colors.

Even though she thought in her head that she should respect Velvet’s choice, Adella could not stop shaking.

“But I… … I can’t let Velvet go. “It can’t be like that.”

It may seem selfish, but even if it was Velvet’s choice, Adella could not give Velvet up to Sardonyx.

So Adella was uncomfortable with the meeting between Sardonyx and Velvet.

This is the feeling Adela feels because she loves Velvet so much. Shin Yu-seong fully understood Adella.

“… … Adela.”

So for now, I just hugged Adela’s cold body warmly. She didn’t say anything, but there was a story to be told just by sharing each other’s warmth.

And as Adela slowly regained her composure, Shin Yoo-seong said, “Is that feeling connected?”

“There is something Sardonyx left me before he disappeared.”

Sardonyx dreamed of spending his life with Shin Yu-seong. She was so happy that she shed tears just by imagining it.

[But I know. My dream can never come true… . This is a different dimension than Rendel, and Taru’s name is now Shin Yuseong. So, it would be natural to live a new life.]

However, he acknowledged that the man in front of him was not Taru, but Shin Yusung. It may have been a very difficult choice, but it was the right thing to do.

“Since your dreams can no longer be achieved, it is up to you to choose your future. Please take good care of the remaining velvet… … .”

Shin Yu-seong pulled away from his body and looked into Adella’s eyes. Adela’s eyes, which were naturally red, became even redder today. If she was this shaken, she wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly burst into tears.

However, Shin Yu-seong gave a prescription that could be used in the mouth.

“No matter how much we love Velvet, I don’t think we should take away the opportunity to find out the truth.”

Of course, Shin Yu-seong still handed over the last rudder of the ship to Adela.

“I’ll leave the choice to Adela.”

The proof of this is the Transcendence bookmark placed on the desk. Adela looked at the bookmark in silence for a while.

* * *           

While Shin Yu-seong went to pick up Velvet.

Adela, left alone, sat down on a chair and closed her eyes.


The sound of waves crashing beneath the cliffs of Bianca Academy is loud. The quiet room and loud sound of waves seemed to represent Adela’s feelings.

‘If I didn’t have this bookmark… … .’

There is no need to worry about this.

But that wasn’t the right way.

Okay, when?

Adela had similar thoughts. Adela thought this while she was alone in her home when she was very young.

If you hadn’t sent your parents to Louis, if your parents hadn’t left, would things have changed at all?

So how is this different from then? This is something you can change and choose.

If I could just tear up the paper in front of me, I could live happily with Velvet for the rest of my life.


Adela placed her hand on the paper.

A huge destiny was held in these hands, with no idea what kind of meeting or fate it would be.

‘I am… … .’

My heart is beating fast.

I put my hand on my hand to try to calm my pounding heart, but it wasn’t enough on my own. In her mind, Shin Yoosung’s last words were repeated like a broken tape.


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[I’ll leave the choice to Adela.]

Adela, who had been quietly putting her hand on the paper, opened her eyes.

‘Now, it’s time to make a choice.’

The decision was made after a long, long period of consideration.

* * *           

“Adela’s mom!”

Adela, looking at Velvet hugging her, thought that the position of student council president was not suitable for her.

The fact that I could only meet Velvet after sunset was a drawback that I could not ignore.

“velvet. “Have you waited long?”

“no! “Let’s eat a lot of delicious food and go see the sea with Dad!”

Adela looked up at Shin Yu-seong. Shin Yu-seong was someone who would support Adela no matter what choice she made. Even if she hides her bookmark to prevent Sardonyx from meeting her, she will still respect her.

“It will be a dangerous trip. “Please take care of Velvet.”

However, Adela left three pieces of paper on the table so that Velvet could meet Sardonyx and Shin Yooseong could head to the Castellana Cave.

“You thought about it a lot, right?”

“yes. but… … Because this is the right thing to do. After all, you can’t take Velvet’s chance away, even in the name of love.”

Adela grinned.

It took a lot of effort to make this choice, but Adela learned that this courage was proof that she truly loved Velvet.


Of course, Velvet, the person involved, did not understand the situation and tilted her head.

“velvet? “Please follow me for a moment.”

After gathering her thoughts, Adella smiled kindly in a much brighter mood than before and took Velvet with her.

In the back you can hear the noise of people putting on the curtains and preparing something.

“Kya, kyahang! Pretty!”

After getting everything ready, Velvet came out and looked in the mirror and admired herself. Her green dress, with its black ribbon and white frills, was a perfect fit for her velvet.

“I’ve never worn it, though. “These are the clothes I received from my parents.”

“Velvet has the prettiest clothes I’ve ever seen! “It’s the best outfit!!”

A satisfied velvet is very satisfied as she touches the ribbon here and there. Adella had mixed feelings when she saw Velvet like that.


“sure. “No matter who I go to meet, I have to show them that Velvet is the prettiest and cutest.”

Adela took the paper directly from the table and handed it to Shin Yu-seong.

“… Please come back safely. you.”

This is Adela’s choice.

After much thought, Adella decided to let Velvet and Sardonyx meet.

“I’ll come back safely.”

Shin Yu-seong responded to Adella’s choice with a smile.

* * *           

Castellana Cave was bright.

Light poured down from a hole in the ceiling. Of course, if we went deeper into the center of the cave, the story would have been different, but there was no need.

‘The cave is already filled with traces of Sardonyx.’

Castellana Cave was the place where the 7th grade monarch red dragon Sardonyx appeared. A lot of time had passed, but that mana could not be hidden.

In Shin Yu-seong’s eyes, mysterious lights like red fireflies seemed to be dancing beautifully.

“Mercy! Velvet knows! “That’s a stalactite!”

Of course, Shin Yuseong was the only one who could feel the traces. Velvet seemed to be captivated by the magnificent cave view.

Mana’s reaction becomes increasingly intense.

Shin Yu-seong stopped when the bookmark he was holding turned red.

‘It’s here.’

The bookmark of transcendence that Rosa gave you was only possible to travel to another dimension by reading the traces left in reality.

That said, showing such a strong reaction means that Shin Yu-seong recognized who he was looking for through sufficient mana.



Shin Yu-seong smiled as he looked at Velvet, who was excited about going out for the first time in a long time. He didn’t even give me a detailed explanation of why he was here, but that was enough.

“We are going to meet the dragon.”

“Huh! Dragon!”

Velvet’s eyes widened at Shin Yoosung’s shocking announcement. The only dragon that Velvet had met so far was the Bone Dragon that Sumire had summoned.

Dragons are a very rare species as they are a monarch species, and the dragon that appears as a boss is not friendly to humans, so Velvet has never had a chance to meet one.

But this time was different.

Now Shin Yu-seong was about to meet a dragon, a red dragon just like Velvet.

“A dragon just like Velvet!? Kya, kya… … .”

Velvet, surprised, opens her mouth wide and exclaims. Shin Yu-seong threw the bookmark of Transcendence on the floor. He then lifted Velvet into his princess arms and placed his feet on the paper on the floor.


A bright red light engulfed Shin Yu-seong and Velvet. When the light disappeared, there was nothing left in the castellana cave, not paper, oil, velvet, or anything else.

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