Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 443

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Episode 444

As he soaked himself in a bathtub filled with water so hot that steam rose, Shin Yu-seong felt his tense body relax.

[I too, Yoosung, have been watching you for nearly a year. I know very well what kind of hunter you are.]

As the saying goes, it is dark under the lamp, and the new Five Star who reached out to Shin Yu-seong was principal Jin Byeong-cheol.

Of course I understood.

Although his status as a hunter was not as great as that of other Five Stars, Jin Byeong-cheol was fully qualified considering his influence on the education world.

‘My head is complicated… … .’

Jin Byeong-cheol did not confirm that he would unconditionally support Shin Yu-seong.

[But it is not confirmed. The president of the Hunter Association is a symbol of hunters and a leader who determines the future direction of hunters!]

On the rooftop of Gaon, Jin Byeong-cheol asked a question with a serious face.

[Reflect on what kind of hunter you are and what path you will take in the future and tell me.]

He told Shin Yu-seong to reflect on the past and determine the future to see what kind of hunter he is and what path he will take.

[What do you really want?]

‘What do I really want?’

Shin Yu-seong was a strong hunter.

There was no need to be humble. Shin Yu-seong was now well aware of how outstanding his skills were.

I was no longer alone and had trusted colleagues. There are more people you can rely on.

‘… … .’

Shin Yu-seong closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the bathtub. Even Shin Yu-seong, who has sensitive senses, was able to rest peacefully in her water.

In the water, all external stimulation was blocked and it was so calm.

Shin Yu-seong lowered his heart rate, divided 1 second into 10 times, and then again. Then, when even the sense of time became blurred, he was able to immerse himself in a slow world, like soaking himself in a bathtub.

‘Did I forget it was there?’

Or maybe I wasn’t aware of it?

Threads of memory awakened a forgotten past. In search of her beginnings in dreaming of becoming a hunter, Shin Yu-seong went back through her memories like a salmon swimming against the river.

The black vision regained color. A forgotten reality from beyond time and space came to meet Shin Yu-seong.

* * *           

An isolated building built in the woods.

The Sinnoh family’s mansion seemed to have been fenced off from the outside, with a huge wall built and only five people managing the mansion.

Not a pond filled with plump carp, dazzling sunlight, or refreshing air, none of these things could change the atmosphere of the Sinnoh family.

The Sinnoh family has always been a quiet, solemn, lifeless space.

“… … hello.”

One day, Shin Yu-seong bowed his head in greeting to a new garden manager.

The male manager then became embarrassed and left the room without responding as if he was in trouble.

“You are doing something useless. “They came to this mansion to do work.”

It was Shin Kang-yoon’s fault.

Since they had already been told not to contact anyone in the family except under orders, outsiders could not approach Shin Yu-seong and Shin Hay-yun.

“I’ll say it again, don’t give affection to others, don’t crave affection, and don’t expect recognition. “Man who rules must stand alone.”

That is Shin Kang-yoon’s philosophy of raising successors. Thanks to this, Shin Yu-seong was always alone.

“Don’t let anyone judge you. It is a weak human being who wants to be recognized by others.

Because it was the parents’ will, which meant everything to a child, they did not go against it.

‘… … But the mansion is so boring and quiet.’

Young Shin Yu-seong had a lot of time.

However, if someone asked Shin Yu-seong what kind of experience he had in the Shino family, he could not remember anything in particular.

Because I was still young, I did not train. Once the character develops, all you have to do is receive education appropriate to your abilities. Therefore, Shin Yu-seong’s daily routine included reading books in the study, walking around the mansion, and spending time alone.

‘If you become a hunter, you won’t be lonely or bored… … . Like my father said, will I become stronger?’

If that was a hunter, he had no talent. Unlike Shin Hayun, who could easily accomplish any task on her own, Shin Yuseong was full of mistakes in everything she did.

I failed the simple test of creating a sphere with mana, and my natural mana amount was not ridiculously high.

“You can’t even imitate what Hayun did after just hearing the explanation.”

“What a disappointment. “I did this test at a much younger age than you.”

“It’s my child, but I don’t really like the amount of mana. after… … “She’s only half as tall as Hayun.”

Moreover, Shin Yu-seong’s self-esteem hit rock bottom because he had a good comparison target named Shin Hay-yoon.

From then on, Shin Kang-yoon said that people who want to be recognized are weak, but Shin Yu-seong tried to be recognized by Yoo Min-seo.

“Mother, heh… … “This is it.”

I worked hard day and night and eventually created a mana sphere, albeit a bumpy one. Of course, what Yu Min-seo gave Shin Yu-seong was not praise, but sympathy.

“Yes, you tried hard.”

He mumbled this with a face full of disappointment, as if he had already given up on Shin Yu-seong.

“also… … “It’s different from Hayun.”

Now I can vaguely understand it. Because what she wanted was not her family, but an agent who would carry on her dream of becoming an 8th level hunter.

At that time, it seemed to Yu Min-seo that Shin Yu-seong was not satisfied with the work he had given birth to.

“I can’t believe I learned the mana expansion formula on my own. Hehehe, she’s my daughter after all.”

On the other hand, whenever he saw his mother happy to see Shin Hayun, Shin Yuseong lowered his head with a sullen face.

‘I am like my sister… … ‘I want to be.’

As Shin Kang-yoon said, Shin Yu-seong was a person who did not fit in with the Shin-oh family.

‘Like dad and mom… … ‘I want to become a strong hunter.’

Unlike the people of the Shinnoh family, Shinyuseong was ordinary. She didn’t show any outstanding talent like Shin Hayun, and was just a child who wanted attention.

It’s funny.

Shin Yoo-seong’s first beginning was not a great belief in saving the world or a wonderful ambition to stand at the top like Shin Kang-yoon.

I just wanted to be recognized.


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[This is my starting line… … .]

Even when Shin Yu-seong was abandoned by the Shin-oh family, he only blamed himself. Because if he were stronger, if he was better, he wouldn’t have been abandoned.

[The kid who just wanted to be recognized by his parents has come so far.]

However, after meeting King Kwon, the target changed. The goal also changed a little. I wanted to be recognized and prove my worth, not as a child, but as a student, and as a hunter who would not disgrace my teacher.

So 12 years on Mt. Musin.

One year after descending Mt.

The 5-year-old boy has become a full-fledged hunter. Many experiences have strengthened Shin Yu-seong.

[…] … Now I know they were wrong.]

The reason Shin Yu-seong was able to defeat Hayun, who had awakened Morgan’s power, was because of their bond, which they laughed at for being weak.

There is no good or evil in power.

Like Shin Kang-yoon and Shin Hay-yoon, it could be used to trample on others and rise up, but it could also be used to protect someone. Shin Kang-yoon was a person who could not even understand the simple thought that “humans become stronger when they protect something precious.”

Knowing that fact, Shin Yu-seong had to deny them. Although Shin Yu-seong was born into the Sinnoh family, the values ​​he had built up until now were finally able to come to an end by denying the Sinnoh family.

[But is that enough?]

To protect himself, to protect those who helped him, and to keep his promise to Kim Eun-ah, Shin Yu-sung needed the position of head of the Hunter Association.

If the thought ended there, Shin Yu-seong was also just using his position as the head of the Hunter Association as a means to an end.

[…] … Is that really the case?]


After organizing his thoughts, Shin Yuseong stood up from the bathtub and raised his head.

However, the place where the new meteor occurred was not in the bathtub. The water was too shallow to be a pond in a beautiful forest, but too deep to be a stream.

“This place… … .”

The forest had trees as large as the World Tree and exotic flowers in bloom. Animals and plants that were similar to those on Earth but were completely different did not belong to this world.

“hi. Taru. No… … Should I call him Shinyuseong now?”

The familiar voice smiled and hugged Shin Yu-seong’s back tightly.

“After all, Taru is Taru. “You don’t mind if I call you whatever I want, right?”

Red Dragon Sardonyx.

She was a dragon who believed that Shin Yu-seong was her lover from a past life, although she did not know if it was true or fake.

“… … “Are you Sardonyx?”

“Yes, to be exact, it’s convenient. “I hid it from Taru when I disappeared.”

Shin Yu-seong’s explanation from Sardonyx has finally put the puzzle together. Among the powers left behind by her in-laws, Geese, there seemed to be some fragments related to her ‘memory’ and ‘will’.

“Then, the reason your friend woke up now… .”

“When Taru was worried, when Taru was weak, when Taru was sad, and I… … When you miss Taru?”

If it was his lover, would it be okay to be a reincarnated person with no memories? Sardonyx rarely left Shin Yu-seong’s body.

“You call me Taru even though you know I have no memory of you.”

“huh. Taru is Taru. And the reason why Taru was able to receive my piece that looks nothing like hers or mana! “It’s thanks to the bond we built in our past lives.”

Sardonyx smiled brightly, not like a scary dragon. There was no doubt whatsoever in that smile.

“The fact that you can properly come to the inner world like this is proof that Taru is Taru!”

Sardonyx placed his hand on Shin Yu-seong’s body. And as the mana spewed out, Shin Yu-seong’s body was dressed in a unique attire.

Apparently, the clothes that Sardonyx put on Shin Yu-seong were the clothes that his lover in his previous life had worn.

“As expected, it’s completely identical!”


Sardonyx vigorously hugged Shin Yu-seong again, and only after satisfying his self-interest for a long time did he get to the point.

“But Taru, coming here means you have a lot to worry about, right?”

“huh. “I was thinking about it.”

“What concerns?”

“With half-hearted feelings like revenge or proof… . “I wonder if I can make such an important choice.”

Is it because of convenience?

Sardonyx understood all the emotions just from Shin Yu-seong’s simple explanation.

Sardonyx had many things she wanted to say to Shin Yu-seong, but this was not the right place to talk about them.

“Let’s walk first.”

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