Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 432

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Chapter 433

My eyes close and I become increasingly sleepy.

If your eyelids are still covered like this, if you forget to maintain the barrier even for a moment, will you get caught up in the torrent? Will I ever forget myself?

‘The barrier is rapidly… … It’s corroding.’

So how much time do you have left? How long can this flimsy barrier withstand the waves of oblivion? Yura could no longer see even Shinyuseong blurred by the river of forgetfulness that washed over him like a wave. The only thing that was reassuring was that the barrier was still maintained.

However, if you do well, you can clear the strategy as long as you hold on like this.

Everyone was able to return alive.


However, Yura’s face was colored with despair as a huge finger came out of the wall with the sound of metal scraping.

“Damn… … .”

Of course, this does not mean that the slightest possibility was not taken into consideration. Yura also knew that what he and Shin Yu-seong dealt with was Mortis in an incomplete state.

– [───.]

She is the evil spirit herself who controls death and curses. No matter what form she was reborn in, there was nothing strange about her. This was also a story from the Mortis myth that Yura saw.

Mortis was able to be reborn from the thoughts of humans when their evil intentions accumulated in the original world.

However, I didn’t know that the time would be this fast. Perhaps he thought this was his last chance, or perhaps he was resentful of defeat, Mortis tore through the dimension and came to this space again.

– senior. Please release the barrier.

Shin Yu-seong’s voice came through the walkie-talkie. Yura looked at the wall silently. Only the finger was missing now, but Mortis was steadily widening the hole. No one knew when he would stick his head in that hole and jump out.

“… … “What if I break the barrier?”

Yura clenched his fists. I already knew what Shin Yu-seong was going to say.

– If you release the barrier, I will attack first now.

okay. As expected, it comes out like this.

Shin Yu-seong said exactly what Yura thought. Shin Yu-seong said she seemed to be thinking of sacrificing herself.

“Reaching the river will only result in a brief fainting… … “If you get completely swept away, forget everything.”

– It can save your life.

How can I feel so confident about a student who is only about to enter his second year of study?

Shin Yu-seong was the most hunter-like hunter Yura had ever seen. But Yura smiled bitterly. That’s something she could never allow herself.

“… … You don’t live just by holding your breath. If you forget your memories, it is the same as death. “The being you are now will die forever.”

Yura took a breath. As a senior here, she had to make her own decisions.

“5 seconds. For about 5 seconds, I… … “I can make it.”

Although this strategy was the first time Yura worked with Shin Yu-seong, it was still noticeable. Shin Yu-seong was never a hunter who would run away leaving behind his absolute companion.

This is probably the best you can do right now.

“It’s a good thing I took care of it. I really didn’t think I would eat it… … .”

Yura took out a crystal fragment the size of a fingernail from her pocket. Its true identity was the Demon King’s Magic Stone, a dangerous item that could temporarily increase mana several times more.

If the situation is good, run away.

If the situation is bad, you die from mana reflux.

Whatever the outcome, it was the worst, but Yura poured the magic stone into his mouth. There was no need for resolution.

If I didn’t have the courage to do that, I wouldn’t have prepared such a magic stone from the beginning.


When Yura bit the crystal fragment with her molars, the magic stone’s mana spread out in her mouth. From his birth, he was a demonic mana that humans could not dare to surpass.

whiz-! Weeing! Weeing!

Yura trapped the golden cup with a barrier and condensed it. When the barrier was broken by the river flowing like a waterfall, several more layers were added on top of it.

There is a limit to the space to move or let it flow, so the golden cup was completely confined with a barrier.

It was an idea that no human could dare imagine, but it was possible with the demon mana.

‘The arm… … .’

But there were side effects. Yura felt mana of different nature rushing through the passages inside her body.

Even the demon’s mana was so ferocious that it tore through the original passageway, causing terrible pain.

Thanks to this, the purple veins stood out and the pain of the blood vessels being cut was overwhelming, but Yura smiled.

“Did I tell you? 5 seconds? “There are 3 seconds left!”

Yura shouted with all her might, but feelings of negativity bloomed in her heart. Just 3 seconds. Can Mortis be dealt with in just a few steps at best?

‘please. Don’t think anything strange. ‘You have to let go of negative emotions.’

The original Yura would have been able to control her emotions well, but perhaps because of the aftermath of the magic stone, it was not easy.

‘Now Shin Yu-seong… … You have to believe it.’

* * *

[5 seconds. For about 5 seconds, I… … You can make it.]

With those words, Shin Yu-seong felt the mana of a completely different being, not a human being, gushing out of Yura. It was just like the Ryujin I saw in the national competition.

‘This is definitely… … It’s a magic stone.’

You can’t blame Yura. With her life on the line, Shin Yu-seong knew that this was the best thing to do now.

“Did I tell you? 5 seconds? “There are 3 seconds left!”

Yura shouted as if screaming.

This moment, when Yura placed a barrier on the golden cup, was Shin Yu-seong’s only opportunity.

‘Somehow, I have to finish it once.’

The golden goblet, an artifact, cannot be broken by simple physical force. However, if the main body, Mortis, was processed, it could stop working.

However, Shin Yu-seong only had about 3 seconds left, and half of Mortis’ upper body was already sticking out of the wall.


Shin Yooseong kicked off the ground and shot towards Mortis like a bullet. The moment your body rises in the air. Shin Yu-seong chose his attack carefully.

‘You only get one chance.’

In order to deal with Mortis in one blow, it was necessary to choose the technique with the highest destructive power rather than accuracy. If so, the answer has already been decided.

[Enhanced concentration]


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As Shin Yu-seong increased his concentration, the power of his characteristics was displayed. Shin Yuseong’s thoughts accelerated and it felt as if time had slowed down. My senses became so sensitive that I could feel each mana particle within my body moving through the passage.

‘Twist once here to increase destructive power.’

Most hunters had difficulty even spewing out mana in a straight line, but Shin Yu-seong rotated the raised mana in a passage.

Just as the destructive power of a simple kick increases when rotational force is added, the martial arts of the Tushin style had a similar principle.


He twisted and rotated the mana, and when the mana with added rotational force came close to his palm, Shin Yu-seong released it with the feeling of opening the door.

Fighting God Ryu Black Dragon Rock Crashing Ground

I can feel the waves of mana swirling around my palm. The waves emitted from Shin Yuseong’s palm flowed with natural mana and created a storm.


Clearly, the Black Dragon Crushing Ground could have torn Mortis to pieces. Once it worked, it wasn’t even an inch short of tearing apart Mortis, who had barely even materialized.

However, Shin Yu-seong’s palm split the air. It passed through Mortis like an intangible ghost.


“This… … .”

Mortis was an evil god.

The reason why the attack worked in this space was because Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra were confident that they could win. The moment I harbored even the slightest negative emotion, the story was different.

“ah… … .”

Yura sighed.

Yura’s face had a shadow of despair at the fact that her doubts had led to this result.

“It’s because of me… … .”

Now everything is over.

Yura, who sensed this, muttered in a voice full of despair. If there were a lot of people and the majority were confident, they could have stopped Mortis, but there are only two of them now.

There was a possibility of inflicting damage to Mortis only if both of them were confident of victory. If even one person had negative feelings, half of the people were giving strength to Mortis.

‘There is no other way… … .’

In a desperate moment, Shin Yu-seong saw Yu-ra. Yura was already stained with guilt of failure.

Because the time given was so short, I couldn’t pay attention to Yura.

If I had looked at Yura one more time before attacking and made her trust me a little more, would the result have been different?

– ■■───.

Mortis laughed happily. I don’t know what language she spoke, but she extended her hands like a mother embracing her child and welcomed Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra.

‘really… … .’

Is this the end of this type?

Shin Yu-seong did not know the fear of defeat because he had never been defeated. He wasn’t overconfident, but he was trusting. That belief was Shin Yu-seong’s strength.

How would you have achieved a better result if you had acted differently?


The sound of glass breaking was heard behind Shin Yu-seong. Shin Yu-seong looked behind her, thinking that Yu-ra’s barrier had been broken as her strength had run out.


The golden cup fell to the floor.

The truth is that the barrier was not broken because Yura’s strength was exhausted. A thin, ordinary dagger thrown by someone cut not only the barrier but also the unbreakable golden cup in half.


The dagger that was then thrown was aimed at Mortis’ head.


When a dagger barely larger than the palm of one’s hand was stuck in his head, Mortis’ head, which even Shin Yuseong’s Black Dragon Rock Crushing Field did not work on, split in half, and the situation ended abruptly.

Who on earth threw the dagger? Even Shin Yu-seong’s visual acuity, which had sensed Ryu Jin’s [acceleration], could not track the dagger.

“Oh dear… … I’m glad it’s not too late. This is a problem when you get older. “My steps are getting slower.”

But once I found out who was throwing the dagger, it felt natural. It was Kang Yu-chan who emerged from the darkness.

“It’s just the two of us pushing a level 7 boss like this… … .”

Shin Yu-seong wanted to ask Kang Yu-chan. There were a lot of questions about how Mortis had found the isolated space and how that dagger had just pierced Mortis.

However, level 8 hunters were originally like that. He was the true king of hunters who transcended the limits of humanity and saw the pinnacle of the tower.

“… … It was 10 years ahead of King Kwon’s youth. At this level, I think it’s a good idea. “Yuseong.”

Should I be satisfied if I received praise from someone like that at the age of 17, or should I blame myself for failing to succeed?

“… … no. “If it weren’t for the association president’s help, the attack would definitely have failed.”

Shin Yu-seong simply bowed his head to show respect.

“haha! Well, let’s talk about that later… … .”

Kang Yu-chan, who was smiling kindly as if that was okay, looked at Yu-ra.

“Hak, huh, huh…” … . “Bwak!”

The magic stone’s mana flows back and Yura has a seizure. Kang Yu-chan slightly opened her eyes.

“A level 6 hunter is a magic stone… … . “It looks like you’re quite on the defensive.”


Kang Yu-chan lightly hit Yu-ra on the neck. Yura’s body collapsed, like a doll whose threads had been cut.

“It would be a good thing if we arrived before it was too late. … … Well then, see you again. “Yuseong.”

Kang Yu-chan looked down at Yura coldly. On the other hand, he smiled kindly at Shin Yoo-seong and then turned his back.

“President of the Association! 3rd and 4th floors! “The rescue search has ended.”

“Good job. “Send the fallen hunter to the hospital in Metro City.”

It was a moment when Shin Yu-seong, who had remained undefeated until now, felt a crushing wall.


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