Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 426

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Chapter 427

The Hunter Association has several offices. Of course, more precisely, it did not belong to the president of the association, but rather to a ministerial level member, and was handling various hunter-related tasks such as gate management, difficulty measurement, and mana distribution.

Although all of them were responsible for important tasks, they were collectively called the [Measurement Bureau].

The work of the Conversion Dungeon and City Haunting Gate Difficulty Measurement Bureau under the full name had a different weight.

“Don’t you know how important difficulty classification is? The lives of hunters depend on our investigation and judgment! But then you make this mistake!”

A large man with a beard slams a table made of stain material! When I hit it, it was so strong that it left a fist shape.

Thanks to this, the secretariat official, who was tired of the intimidation, trembled and spoke.

“Well, that…” … It is true that the level of difficulty was raised because a level 5 boss appeared, but even if you measure it again, the measurement result is still level 3. Mana distribution is still unchanged. “It is at a very minimal level.”

As if the secretariat official felt unfair, he displayed a hologram and showed the data. Dorion, the Director of the Secretariat, ran his hand through his beard and muttered:

“… … Mana distribution remains the same? “I understand that two level 6 hunters have been dispatched. Is their mana being measured?”

“yes! It’s being measured. The problem is after the 5th floor. “The mana distribution from the 5th floor to the rooftop is detected to be very low.”

“And yet the hunters on the scene must have seen the Banshee Queen?”

“They did not submit precise data, but considering the situation where 3rd and 4th level hunters failed to attack, it is tentatively… … Yes, we have concluded!”


Director Dorion continued to stroke his beard. Dorion He clearly remembered seeing a similar case somewhere.

“… … A gate where only the mana of level 3 banshees is detected. Still, the high-ranking hunter goes missing and the boss’s mana is not detected? “I’m sure I’ve seen this repertoire somewhere.”

Dorion, who was slowly remembering, suddenly hit the table as if shouting Eureka.

“Surely something similar happened in Finland! “Even though it was 11 years ago.”

“Finland 11 years ago?”

“I don’t know because this was before you came to the Measurement Bureau. “It was treated confidentially.”

Dorion said that it was time for the Director to access the confidential record number S7-3 data using a hologram.

[Record number: S7-3]

[Item – Finnish Fairy Forest Incident]

The confidential data shown by Dorion showed a dense forest. Finland itself is a country famous for its dense forests, so it was difficult to guess where it was just from the image.

However, in the image, there were special creatures gathered around a huge tree.

“Spirit beast. It usually refers to spirits in the form of animals. “It was classified as level 3.”

“These are guys I’ve never seen before while working at the measurement bureau.”

“It’s so rare. But the problem is, do you remember the record number I told you earlier?

“It was number S7-3.”

“When measuring difficulty, the Finnish secretariat engraves ‘stars’ instead of giving a series like we do. Now, then, you know what S7 means, right?”

“… … “The third level 7 boss’ gate in Finnish history, hidden as a secret.”

Director Dorion smiled at the official’s face. He didn’t get scared when he heard the name of the 7th level gate, but on the contrary, his expression showed interest, so it seemed like he was from the secretariat.

“You may not believe it, but the difficulty level of the first measurement of this forest was level 3. Of course, not long after, the level 7 boss [Island of the Beginning] appeared… … . “Well, you know the result without me telling you, right?”

The director told his subordinate that this was a picture of the [Island of the Beginning] and showed him a turtle larger than a mountain.

“Even though he looks funny, he is called Gaia in another dimension and is revered as a god. “If it weren’t for the legendary hunters, the number of victims would have been enormous.”

It’s great that such a case was kept confidential. But why is Director Dorion saying that now?

“But that has nothing to do with the current incident, does it?”

Secretariat officials tried their best to connect the current banshee disturbance with the giant turtle incident in Finland.

But his head didn’t turn as quickly as the director’s. The director was guessing the reason for this incident based on his past experiences.

“Let’s imagine you were a giant tortoise. Once it had eaten, it would sleep for over 100 years. So how on earth can we avoid having our sleep disturbed by humans?”

“… … “I think I need to hide.”


Director Barion backed off. He then stood up and displayed data on the recently discovered subspecies of shoal dragon on a huge screen.

“In the hunter world, certain subspecies are treated as mutants.”

As the number of eel monsters increased in Yeoulryong’s lake, which is vulnerable to electric attacks, they developed resistance to electricity. When the undead appeared in the forest graveyard, the spirit beasts began to emit holy light from their horns.

“But academically! If you look at it from a biological point of view, it is definitely evolution! Just like a giant turtle coats its shell with a mana reflector to help it sleep!”

“That is a possible evolution because it was a level 7 monster. The odds of the Banshee Queen having such abilities are… … .”

“There might be a Banshee Queen in Delta Tower. But what if it’s not just the Banshee Queen?”

When the director changed his mind as he said, the secretariat official let out a sigh.

“Right now, the Banshee Queen is in Delta Tower… … It may not be everything. “Is that what you mean?”

“I’m not sure there is, but I’m also not sure there won’t be. I think the odds are half. and… … “It would be at least level 6, and at worst level 7.”

The civil servant swallowed dryly at Director Dorion’s words. When I put all the stories together, what I thought was just a malfunction or anomaly could be interpreted in a completely different way.

“Who are the strong hunters near Delta Tower now?”

“Ho, there is a level 7 hunter who can be called, but that’s… … .”

Director Dorion frowned. The one on the list of hunters who could be called was none other than Roja.

“Didn’t Rosa say that her body was damaged by Rebellion?”

“They say it takes at least half a year to a year to rehabilitate.”

“What about level 6?”

“There is a common name [Knife Holder].”

The director shook his head, saying that even level 6 was not pleasant. The director thought that at least a level 7 hunter would have to come out to prepare for an emergency.

“There’s no way it would be easy to call a level 7 hunter right away. “I guess I have no choice but to contact him.”

Among the 7th level hunters, the civil servant asks, “Who is the person whom Director Dorion uses the extreme title of honorific?” But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t narrow down the candidates.

However, the moment I changed the candidate from level 7 to level 8, one person’s face came to mind.

‘no way… … .’

As expected, his prediction was accurate this time.

“Yes, President. “This is Director Dorion of the Measurement Bureau.”

-oh! What’s wrong with you?

The person Director Dorion contacted was Kang Yu-chan, a colleague of the legendary Hunter King Kwon and the president of the Hunter Association.


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* * *

– There is a communication failure.

– Currently, radio waves are not reaching.

– If you want after-sales service, please visit the nearest hunter supplies shop.

From the moment Shin Yu-seong arrived on the 4th floor, the pocket stopped working due to radio interference.

“It already feels bad upstairs. “I can’t even read mana.”

Yura checked his pocket with a worried face, wondering if it was the same.

Even though it was Shin Yooseong, all that could be heard was the occasional tearing scream. However, as a veteran hunter, this was not the first time a situation like this had occurred, so Yura had a prepared plan.

“Okay, take it.”

Yura gave Shin Yu-seong a black walkie-talkie. In a world where the miracle of the tower and the pocket, a product of science, existed, walkie-talkies were too analog a product.

“It’s simple to use because it operates with just one button.”

“By the way, senior.”

But that wasn’t what Shin Yu-seong thought was the problem now.

“Why are you so far away?”

Why is Yura so far away from him, even though he is not a fighter? In order to protect Yura’s safety, it was effective for Shin Yu-seong to stick close to him.

However, Yura’s face turned red and she drew a barrier to prevent Shin Yuseong from coming closer.

“Because you are more dangerous than a banshee… … .”

It wasn’t wrong. To the charmed Yura, Shin Yu-seong’s presence was more dangerous than a banshee. She might get nervous and stiffen up if he came close, thinking she was going to save herself.

So, with a clear line drawn, Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra slowly searched the fourth floor.

“It’s strangely quiet. The third floor was full of screams… … .”

“Rather, the 4th floor is quiet.”

There was no picture sealing the survivors on the 4th floor. There was no banshee in sight. The store with the lights off and the mannequins with their clothes removed just felt gloomy.

“Is this place a dud?”

Yura, who was trying to return the way she came, discovered an unusual pattern on a hidden wall. The red blood-stained pattern did not match the Delta Tower, which was a department store.

“No, wait. “Stop.”

Yura released the barrier and called Shin Yuseong to his side. The place Yura pointed to had an unusual pattern drawn in red blood.

“Is it a closing ceremony? … … No, this isn’t even mana, it’s just a pattern drawn with real blood.”

“It continues all the way to the back.”

Shin Yu-seong, who had good eyesight, figured out that the blood continued backwards around the corner.


What was engraved at the end of the road that ran along the thin blood stream was an unidentified hieroglyph.

Unidentified pattern.

Unreadable language.

At the gate, this meant only one thing. The picture before my eyes was a language of another dimension.

“If the pocket had been intact, I would have analyzed it… … .”

At the very least, someone as good as Sumire, who was good at handwriting, could know the meaning of this character.

However, Shin Yu-seong was not an expert in this field. He had to be a professor to be able to read archaic language from other dimensions without a pocket translator.

“don’t worry. “I can read it.”

But Yura walked out confidently. She lit a mana flame on her index finger, turned it into a light, and read letters from another dimension.

“Ying, congratulations on Tae. Mother of Death? No, is she the mother of the dead?”

Of course, it wasn’t a 100% perfect translation, but it was at an expert level.

“Look back, the queen’s advent, the festival of eternal night… … . Ride across the river of promise from which there is no return.”

The terms Yura was reading now were by no means sentences honoring the Banshee Queen. Queen. Eternal night. River of promise.

“ah… … .”

Despair appeared on Yura’s face as she read the back of the sentence. Yura crooned helplessly, her eyes unfocused as she watched her new shooting star.

“… … “It’s not the Banshee Queen here in Delta Tower.”


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