Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 424

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Chapter 425

The swordsman, dressed in an unbalanced suit and stained with the purple blood of a monster, bowed his head.

“The T-23 attack has been completed.”

Rosa waved one hand and welcomed the knifeman. She was holding a huge mana stone like a bamboo lady for her rehabilitation.

“Oh~ Are you finished already? You’re going through a lot of trouble because I got seriously injured. “If I had been stabbed by that dagger for the first time, I would have retired right away.”

“You sound like you regret it. According to the analysis, if it had been stabbed for the first time with a dagger, its mana would not have been taken away, but would have been completely destroyed.”

“That won’t work. “With how much money I have earned, I should spend it and have fun.”

However, the swordsman knew that Rosa’s words were not what he meant. She had never seen a hunter better than Rosa. And that was the reason why the swordsman remained in the green forest even though he received numerous scouts.

“Have you heard from Yura’s Phantom Dance yet?”

“doesn’t exist. Because the building itself is big. It will take a little longer. “Why are you so worried?”


Rosa thought it was not unreasonable for the knifeman to be worried.

“That guy is deliberately being harsh to newbies. “He must be being strict as a senior.”

“If another new employee quits, the workload will increase, so I hope they don’t quit. “I’m worried.”

Rosa nodded, saying she shared the knifeman’s concerns. She was the guild master, and it was difficult for her to chase away a newbie who came in now that she was being rehabilitated holding her mana stone.

“I know. “You should be gentle and not lose your temper.”

Rosa hugged the mana stone again, hoping that no trouble would arise between the two.

* * *

The fascination with Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra was, in terms of intensity, level 1 [change in perception]. If you didn’t have any feelings for the person, it was enough to make you feel attractive as someone of the opposite sex, and if you recognized the person as someone of the opposite sex, it made you feel a strong crush.

In other words, the exact effect is ‘amplification of emotions’.

‘… … Let’s calm down. Anyway, what I just got was a low-level charm.’

Yura took a deep breath. Yura, who was breathing harder than before and even her cheeks were red, felt strangely wronged.

‘But why doesn’t that guy look the least bit agitated?’

Although he was having a hard time suppressing his profane feelings while conquering a sublime dungeon, Shin Yu-seong, who actually came up with the idea, seemed very sane.

‘From the beginning, instead of seeing me as someone of the opposite sex, you just treated me like a stone lying on the street, right?’

Of course, Shin Yu-seong was a student and he was an active hunter. There was no room for such a relationship.

In fact, although she never showed it until now, Yura was quite proud of her beauty.

There was a time when I thought it was annoying because the media was making a lot of noise about the appearance of a beautiful level 6 hunter.

However, being treated like this inevitably hurt my pride.

Thump- thud-

Yura took the lead and walked up the stairs. But is it because I lost focus because I was paying attention to Shin Yu-seong because of the fascination?


Suddenly, my ankle was grabbed by a banshee that jumped out from the floor.


Yura was a hunter who had honed his characteristics much more than basic physical training. If we gave her away like this, it would become difficult to use her abilities, which was a huge crisis situation.

“I didn’t run upstairs. “I was lurking on the stairs.”

First, Yura, who was struggling to escape from the banshee’s grasp, heard Shin Yu-seong’s calm voice.


Even in an emergency situation, Shin Yu-seong accurately stepped on Banshee’s hand and picked up Yu-ra’s body, which had lost its balance.

Then, he lifted Yura in the commonly known [princess hug] posture and landed on the upper floor perfectly, like a leaf falling from a tree.

“Are you okay? Seniors?”

First, Shin Yu-seong checked Yu-ra’s ankle first. He intended to go to the front himself, even if he got broken or poisoned by a fingernail.

However, it was not the banshee that embarrassed veteran Yura.

– … … Are you okay? Seniors?

Yu-ra, who was fascinated, felt Shin Yu-seong’s actions so clearly, as if they were moving in slow motion.

I’m grateful you saved me, but what’s the point of looking at it so closely?

This was a foul.

A sweet and profound voice that worries about you. Snow as deep as a lake. I didn’t want to think of the student who had just entered his second year with flawless skin and facial features as the opposite sex, but my heart reacted first.

“Yes… … Okay, it’s okay… … .”

Yura realized.

It was Shin Yu-sung’s face that was as troublesome to the heart as it was fascinating. I was seeing this up close, and there was no way it could have been a normal accident.

‘Dangerous guy… … .’

Yura thought.

Just as there are classes of hunters, there are classes of good looks. So what level is Shin Yu-seong?

At this point, I was starting to wonder whether Shin Yu-seong’s characteristic was his appearance.

“It seems like some of the guys lurking just like before can’t be detected by mana.”

However, seeing Shin Yu-seong concentrating on the battle even in this situation, Yu-ra felt ashamed of herself from before.

[I’ll tell you in advance.]

[The master may have acknowledged you, but I have not.]

If there was a rat hole around, I wanted to hide.

‘Just a little while ago, you were showing off all sorts of things and then you’re like this… … .’


Yura hit her own cheek to come to her senses. Although it was temporary, I could feel his consciousness coming back, like waking up from sleep.


A blue light appeared in Shin Yu-seong’s eyes. Then, he felt previously invisible beings appear and surround him.

“You felt it too, right? The banshees who were running away as much as possible are trying to stop them from going this way. “It’s proof that they captured the survivors.”

“It might be dangerous from here on out.”

“… … “Your face is the most dangerous to me.”


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Yura said something incomprehensible and crossed both hands to create a barrier. It screamed and rushed at me, but its strangely grown claws were blocked by a square shape.


“Rather than thinking of getting rid of everything here, think of it as progress!”


Shin Yu-seong tore apart the charging banshee with a single hand movement. When I put my hand into his transparent body and resonated the mana, the banshee’s body disappeared without shape.

“That’s strange… … Pfft! “When I see people flocking around like this, I’m sure there’s something around.”

Yura made the banshee that was running towards her into a square shape as if it were a bullfight.

Of course, the banshees that passed the barrier were delivered warmly directly to the church.

Shin Yu-seong, standing back to back with Yura, destroyed the banshees one by one and explained the trick.

“Even if we detect any signs of survivors, we won’t be able to find them.”

“You want to say that everyone is dead? Basically, banshees don’t kill humans first. Grab it and absorb as much bioenergy as possible.”

Yura created a square space in front of Shin Yu-seong. Shin Yooseong extends her fist into that space.

A fist came out from the space on the other side and hit the banshee. Yura’s space transfer ability was used as a kind of portal.

Considering what we got together today, the team play was pretty good.

“Then, do you know how banshees absorb mana and biological energy?”


“Just as spiders wrap their prey in a web before consuming it, banshees also have a process.”

This was Yura’s first time hearing this story. I looked up information about the banshee’s ecology, but this was advanced information that only a necromancer like Sumire would know.

[I heard there are two types of banshees. A scout who hides in the walls or shadows of buildings. And a captor who hides the vital energy of captured humans to offer to the Banshee Queen.]

[You’re hiding it?]

[Yuseong, seal the banshees in a way they can’t resist! Like a spider capturing its prey!]

[Then Sumire. Are you saying that we have to break the seal in order to find the survivors captured by the banshee?]

Shin Yu-seong asked many questions while talking with Sumire through Pocket. It would have been nice to have been told a solution to lift the seal, but unfortunately, that was Shin Yu-seong’s responsibility.

[yes. However, even though it may seem difficult, in the end, it is an object with a shape that can seal the survivor!]

Shin Yusung looked around, following the advice given by Sumire. Now was a good time to find survivors as the banshees’ attacks had decreased.

“Now we need to find out where the survivors are sealed among the objects in Delta Tower.”

Shin Yu-seong walked down the hallway, leaving Yura behind, who followed carefully. Although it was ruined by the banshee attack, many beautiful decorations remained in Delta Tower.


As Shin Yu-seong passed through the hallway, he gently touched the jar that was an ornament.

However, there was no trace of mana in the jar.

Delta Tower was basically a department store. Even finding Mia in such a large and spacious department store was not easy.

Moreover, what Shin Yu-seong needs to find now is a survivor who was sealed away in countless objects.

“… … If what you say is true and the banshees can control the barrier, there will be a creation ceremony. It doesn’t end when you touch it with your hands. “The foundation that forms the barrier must be erased.”

A truly hopeless situation.

Yura looked at the floor. Purple smoke was gradually rising from the floor, perhaps to subdue the two.

‘It is the creation ceremony of the barrier.’

However, Shin Yu-seong found hope in Yu-ra’s words.

It was difficult to find where the survivors were among numerous objects, but on the other hand, it was not difficult to find the best place to hide the barrier among numerous objects.

In order to maintain the barrier, as Yura said, a generative formula made of lines and planes was needed, and Shin Yu-seong thought of the most natural object to hide it.

‘picture. ‘Isn’t it a painting?’

Shin Yooseong looked at the picture frames hanging at the end of the hallway.

Straight lines and lightly painted surfaces.

At first glance, the sight of a crowd of black human-shaped beings was an ordinary piece of modern art.


However, when Shin Yu-seong erased the lines drawn on the frame with his finger, the original shape was gradually revealed.

“… … found.”

What Shin Yu-seong erased was the creation ceremony that formed the barrier. Because it has detailed and complex principles like a machine, it could not maintain its original purpose even if it was erased even a little.


Thanks to this, the barrier instantly distorted and a girl jumped out of the picture.

“… … Were there any survivors in the picture?”

As the surprised Yura approached, the girl came to her senses and took a breath.

“are you okay?”

However, the girl had no answer to Shin Yu-seong’s questions. She just looked closely at the shape of Shin Yusung’s mouth and nodded her head.

“for a moment… … “Hey.”

Yura seemed to have noticed something in the girl’s behavior. She couldn’t go wrong with her special feature of being deaf at the age of about middle school.

‘… … Hunter Bion’s only daughter.’

Yura looked at Shin Yu-seong and smiled happily. Shin Yu-seong still didn’t know what the smile meant.


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