Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 423

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Chapter 424

When I became an active hunter, I joined forces with many hunters. Thanks to this, Yura has unintentionally seen many hunters so far.

Among them, there were hunters with excellent characteristics, and there were also those with good fighting sense.

But Shin Yu-seong was different.

‘… … ‘How are you moving like this?’

The Shin Yu-sung that Yura saw was like a person who could see the future for about a second. When the banshees swung their claws, I avoided them by a margin as thin as a sheet of paper and stuck my fist right in.

‘And it’s common sense that martial arts factions are weak to undead… … .’

If you think about it directly, most living things have some kind of weakness to maintain their bodies. Even if it was not completely destroyed like a sophisticated machine, if an important part was damaged, it would naturally stop working.

However, due to the nature of the undead race, most physical power was ignored. Undead such as ghouls and zombies moved even when their bodies were cut, and simple physical force did not work for the banshee, which was a spirit.


However, when Shin Yuseong’s blue mana-enveloped fist hit the banshee’s abdomen, a crack appeared. Just as priests purify the undead, Shin Yu-seong’s fist ‘annihilated’ the banshee as soon as it made contact.

It was not a metaphor, but a literal extinction.

– Kkeeeeeek!

At first, I thought he had just brought a holy attribute artifact, but Yura soon figured out what the principle was.

‘It looks like just a mana explosion, but that’s not it.’

Shin Yu-seong was bursting with mana of the same wavelength as a banshee from within. He resonated the sound and burst the banshee, his spirit body, like shattering a glass.

“There were about five people hiding on this floor. “The rest fled upstairs, hiding in the walls.”

Then, as if nothing had happened at this point, Shin Yu-seong brushed off the remains of Banshee from his hands. Yura shivered at her creepy feeling.

‘i get it. … … ‘You can see it in this guy’s eyes?’

Before Yura was dispatched, Roja, the Forest of Green guildmaster, had a story to tell.

[Watch Shin Yu-seong and report anything unusual to me. Because it is as important as conquering dungeons.]

At first, it was surprising that Roja, a level 7 hunter, would directly ask about a new recruit who had just joined. Even Yu, a level 6 student like Shin Yu-seong, did not receive this kind of treatment.

However, after seeing Shin Yu-seong fight in person, Yu-ra seemed to know the reason.

Shin Yu-seong was still a rough stone.

Despite the immense power it now displays, it was a raw material that had not yet been refined into a gem.

Here, if your own color and style were added through data, it could become a history that even the legendary hunter could not match.

Rosa must have recognized that possibility a long time ago.

‘Because Roja is a Five Star.’

Yura, who was about to give orders for conquering the Banshee Queen, lost his thoughts and looked at Shin Yuseong.

‘So what you lack is sense or experience? ‘I’ll give it a try.’

Originally, I had planned to just watch, but now I wanted to peek into Shin Yu-seong’s thoughts first.

“The problem is that the upper floors are the queen’s territory. “The guy in Delta Tower is a special entity who even uses telepathy.”

“I did check the report.”

That was also written in the data written on the pocket.

[Details – Delta Tower’s Banshee Queen has been confirmed as a special entity. Turned out to be capable of using telepathy, a mutant ability.]

[Details – All four hunters used sound blocking earplugs, but the attack failed, so additional reinforcements are being requested.]

Yura asked with secret hope that Shin Yuseong had already confirmed the matter.

“Then have you thought about a strategy?”

To be honest, even if I asked this, I didn’t have high expectations from Yura from this point on. A martial arts faction like Shin Yu-seong was a great advantage in itself as long as it had high combat power. Attacking these special cases was ultimately an area of ​​specialization.

Of course, the reason Yura was assigned to this strategy was because she had the characteristics to counter Banshee Queen.

‘The strategy I have prepared is [reset] and [rollback].’

The illusion wears off as the distance increases. However, Yura was able to return to the designated location through her space transfer ability.

[One. Makes Banshee use Charm.]

[2. Move the deluded colleague to the church using spatial transfer.]

[3. When the priests of the church remove the charm, it is rolled back to Delta Tower.]

Of course, there were many loopholes.

This tedious process had to be repeated excruciatingly until the Banshee Queen ran out of mana or was hit from one side. There was a risk of being overthrown if Yura, who had to use space transfer, was attacked first.

‘But is there a way for you, a non-fighter?’

If you rush in ignorantly, like when dealing with low-ranking people, there is a high probability that you will be harmed. The banshee’s telepathy allowed him to attack his comrades the moment he went mad.

“yes. “I have a method in mind.”

However, Shin Yu-seong’s answer without any hesitation caught Yu-ra off guard.

“You have a method in mind? Even though… … “Your characteristics probably have nothing to do with this, do you?”

Yura became interested. I was curious about how Shin Yu-seong prepared his strategy.

“Can you tell me?”

“sure. However, it is not a standard method. Rather, it is closer to poisoning and poisoning.”

Admiral Lee.

As a poison, it means to stop the poison that has spread in the body. If the cause is determined to be evil, it means to use other evil as a means to solve the problem.

“I focused on the fact that the skill Banshee Queen uses is charm. “A banshee spreads madness through its distinctive scream.”

“that’s right. Anyone who hears the banshee’s screams will go crazy. “If you get treatment, you can survive, but if you continue to suck out energy, you could die.”

That’s why banshees are dangerous.

No matter how strong a person was, once they heard a banshee’s screams, they could immediately neutralize it.

Rather, he was able to use that power by manipulating the deluded opponent.

“But what if you’ve already been deluded?”

Yura frowned as unimaginable words came out of Shin Yu-seong’s mouth.


What’s the difference between setting yourself on fire and rushing in because you don’t know if your opponent will shoot fire?

“If you’re playing with words, stop. Because every minute and every second is busy.”

Yura frowned and mistakenly thought that Shin Yusung was joking. He said this was an unacceptable issue when the lives of the survivors were at stake.


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But Shin Yu-seong’s words were not a joke. Rather, it was closer to a flash of light that dug into the weakness of deception.

“… … There are many states of deception. It could be madness like the banshee, hallucinations like the spore golem, or charm. “It is grouped under one word, deception, but if you categorize it, there are countless ways to do it.”

To be accurately classified, deception refers to more than a mental state.

It refers to invading the body with mana and putting it in an abnormal state, whether it is the brain or muscles, in the form and situation desired by the caster.

“Then, is there really such a thing as a state of insanity?”

To be classified accurately, madness was a delusion skill that destroyed one’s cognitive state. However, on the other hand, charm was a skill that could be maintained only if you knew who the person who charmed you was.

“The two are incompatible.”

“Well, that’s true to some extent. “It’s not like there haven’t been attempts like this.”

There was also a case like this in the green forest. In order to attack the nine-headed hydra called Dark Venom, he had been deliberately infected with the same type of neurotoxin beforehand.

Of course, in the case of Dark Venom, there were no antibodies, but the neurotoxin prepared in the green forest did have antibodies.

Thanks to this, Dark Venom’s poison was much less effective in a body that was already infected with the neurotoxin.

“But not in this case. Mental abnormalities such as delusion can be adjusted to suit your taste… … .”

“I’ve already prepared it.”

Shin Yu-seong casually took out a mana stone from his pocket. Looking at the strangely pink mana stone, it looked like it had been enchanted in advance.

“Could it be that you put a charm skill on the mana stone in advance? “How?”

“I asked the Succubus Queen for a favor.”

“no! Succubus Queen!? for a moment! “What are you going to do if that succubus betrays you?”

“Unlike the banshee, there is no possibility of it being a threat to us as it is a familiar demon that has already made a contract with a necromancer.”

Yura felt a certain kind of madness in Shin Yu-seong’s actions of bewitching her by claiming to be Admiral Lee. She was already suspicious that she had been harmed by a banshee.

“Well, it’s still too dangerous!?”

“… … yes? “Is there anything dangerous?”

Shin Yu-seong was rather puzzled by Yu-ra’s reaction.

“Charm is more than a minor condition compared to a banshee, and it is much safer.”

Yura calmly thought about the current situation. If you are under charm, you can secure safety from other mental states.

‘I don’t think it’s real… … .’

I honestly hate to admit it, but when it comes to risk, Shin Yu-seong’s operation was much safer than the [Reset] and [Rollback] operations prepared by Yura.

In the former case, if Yura, the person involved, is deluded, it could lead to the worst outcome, but in the latter case, there was no possibility of being infected by the banshee’s madness.

‘I’m angry, but… … If you think about it, it’s true that his operation has a high success rate.’

Yura composed herself.

The method was too old-fashioned and strange, but the result itself was very good.

‘Well, it’s not a big problem. At best, it’s just a fascination, and if you think about it, since they’re controlling it, the intensity would have been lowered.’

So I had to admit it now. To an active hunter, nothing was more important than the success rate of the operation.

“… … good. Let’s do it. “It is an undeniable fact that your operation is safer.”

After much weighing, Yura finally convinced herself and looked at Shin Yusung with a face full of determination.

“There is nothing to be nervous about. “In any case, it is at a much diluted level compared to the actual strength of the charm skill.”

Shin Yu-seong casually exploded the mana stone with one hand, as if waiting for Yu-ra’s answer.


The mana stone turned into pink powder and scattered, and soon the powder took on the shape of Lilith.


As the figure of Lilith kissed Shin Yu-seong and Yu-ra, a light of fascination enveloped them.

The original charm turns people into perfect prisoners who only follow the caster’s words, but as Shin Yu-seong said, the effect of the charm was slight.

‘My heart is beating fast, but it’s bearable.’

However, the problem that Yura had not thought of was that the object of fascination was not the caster, Lilith.

“ah… … .”

okay. Why didn’t I think of it from the beginning? If Lilith, the charm caster, was not around, the effect would obviously be applied to the nearest target.

And now the only one by Yura’s side was Shin Yuseong.

Yura made eye contact with Shin Yusung.

And the moment I encountered it, I realized it.

‘This, this…’ … It’s dangerous in a different way.’


Yura’s face turned red and she urgently turned her head.

“Oh, let’s go upstairs…” … .”

I can’t believe an active hunter would have these feelings toward a student. This was the biggest crisis in Yura’s hunter life.


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