Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 418

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Chapter 419

Even if they were researchers at Shinsung Group, no one attended the banquet wearing the symbolic white gown. Even when the moment came to reveal one’s occupation, all one had to do was display a holographic business card.

‘It’s my first time seeing this face… … . You’re wearing our lab coat… … .’

Therefore, the man in the gown and glasses stood out especially to the eyes of Lieperman, the head of the research institute.

I don’t know where the research institute is in charge, but just looking at its participation in the banquet, it was clear that it belonged to the Shinsung Group. The strange thing is that no matter how much I search through my memories, this is the first time I see this face.

‘… … They were already talking about a new project. I guess he’s a newly hired researcher.’

Just as Lieperman was about to ignore it, the man wearing glasses spoke to him in a more welcoming manner.

“Aren’t you the director of the Liepermann Research Institute?”

“That’s right. This is my first time seeing your face. furthermore… … You insist on wearing a lab coat even to the banquet hall. People like this are rare. Unless I forgot… … .”

“Yes, that’s right. Because of a new project. Of course, the reason I applied to Shinsung Group’s research institute was because of the director of the Lieperman Research Institute.”

“Oh, me?”

As Lieperman reacted with curiosity, the man in the white coat revealed what he had known about Lieperman even before he entered the lab.

“I read all the papers written by the director of the Liepermann Institute. Separation of properties and classification of the components of magicite according to its initial form. Of course, my favorite thing is the effect of stress on mana cognition… … . “But.”

Liepermann, who had thought of the man in the gown as nothing more than an eccentric, laughed in satisfaction as the names of theses naturally flowed from his lips.

“The last thesis was a quite difficult topic for me as well.”

“you’re right. It was really amazing that you were able to prove it with just 5 calculations. How did you get to that area just by reasoning? … .”

The bespectacled researcher clicked his tongue as if he was truly impressed by Liepermann’s thesis.

“After the trait research law was revised… … Because conducting experiments on real ‘humans’ has become a taboo. Wow, this is an achievement that an ordinary, ordinary person like me would not be able to achieve even if given more than 100 years.”

When a man who knew him well praised him so loudly, Liepermann’s shoulders lifted for no reason.

“What is important is not time, but imagination. Reasoning is a process of proving something based on imagination. Well, of course, rather than the process… … Although the results are important.”

There was such an intellectual in this field that even though it was the same researcher, Lieperman’s thesis was more than ten years old.

“But you have such a keen interest in research that you even have to look up old papers… … “I wish I could remember my own name.”

The man wearing glasses was delighted with Liepermann’s action of handing out a holographic business card, saying it was an honor. After all, Liepermann was a genius. He poured out his thesis into areas that could not be reached through reasoning alone, as if he had carried out prohibited human experiments.

He directly proved difficult inferences as if he were someone who had just looked at the answer sheet.

“I am truly honored. I can’t believe the director of the Liepermann Institute will remember my name! Oh, by the way… … .”

However, the bespectacled man shook his head with a troubled look at Lieperman’s suggestion to tell him his name.

“I have no name.”

“What does that mean? “You don’t have a name?”

Liepermann frowned at his actions, wondering if this was some kind of joke. But the man with glasses looked puzzled and scratched his head.

“ah… … No one has ever built it. After all, wouldn’t it be troublesome if you gave a name to a test subject and became attached to it?”

The man smiled and took off his glasses. The impression is completely opposite to the harmless appearance before taking off the glasses.

“You, you, you!”

Lieperman’s skin turned white with fear as he faced the man’s cold smile.

“City Guard! “Oh my!”

Just as Lieperman was about to scream, black liquid covered his mouth. The liquid began to invade Liepermann’s body and take control of his body.

“You remember me. I had a hard time asking my name. “All you allowed me to do was four numbers.”


Lieperman’s eyes widened at the sight of him, the leader of Rebellion and the symbol of a villain.

“Say, evil, kill… … .”

Liepermann tried to say something, but his words were blocked by the black liquid. Lieperman could hear people sitting at a table talking noisily from a place not too far away.

“please! “Sal, power!”

“Shh… … .”

Nameless placed his hand on Liperman’s lips and slightly warned him to be quiet.

“… … Are you planning to kill them too? You are the only victim. Mr. Liepermann.”

I looked at the analog watch on my wrist. In a world dominated by pockets and holograms, it was a truly unique item.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? There are so many people, but no one is interested in you… … “Even when people are dying right next to me.”

This hellish scene ended after Liepermann swallowed all of the black liquid. Liepermann then gasped, and then he glared at Nameless, trembling with anxiety.

“What have you done to me?”

Unlike the leisurely Nameless, Lieperman, who swallowed the black liquid, could not help but feel anxious. He knelt down to her knees and begged, but Nameless just smiled faintly like the first time.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if I told you the surprise in advance?”

“please! please! Just save my life! Because of orders from superiors… … .”

Liepermann grabbed the hem of his pants and begged Nameless for his life. However, Nameless had long since lost sight of Liepermann. He simply tipped his wine glass to wet his mouth and spoke calmly.

“You would know. Mana repulsion properties… … . “Mana of different qualities cannot mix and repel each other’s power like the S and N poles of magnetism.”

This was the most basic science that even non-researcher hunters knew. Barriers to block ranged attacks such as the dragon’s breath in raids were also created by incorporating this principle of mana repulsion.

“Yeah, that’s right. Know.”

“Then what strategy would you devise if there was an opponent you couldn’t defeat by force? A being with strong mana like a dragon, beyond the scope of humanity. Can we penetrate his armor-like mana?”

Liepermann knew who the ‘opponent’ was talking about. Nameless’ enemy is, by all accounts, Kang Yu-chan. And among his colleagues, they were the only ones like sword gods who helped him carry out his evil deeds.

“that… … .”

In his heart, Lieperman wanted to tell Nameless not to say anything crazy. The legendary hunters were those who experienced the magical world of the 60th floor of the tower. Compared to their strength, no matter how Nameless he was, he was just a villain.

“I changed my mind. “If their walls are strong, you should sneak in to avoid inspection, rather than tearing them down.”

“Do you mean to change mana properties arbitrarily? That’s impossible… … . Mana waves are identification marks emitted by living things. Controlling it is as absurd as turning water into fire… … .”

Nameless was impressed. As expected, Liepermann, the head of the research institute, has a quick mind. As I saw that he easily reached the answers he had arrived at through trial and error, I could see that he was definitely skilled.

“great. So what if it’s not a living thing, but an object?”

“The mana that an object emits has its limits at best, even if it is an artifact… … . It is impossible for an object to transform its properties into mana that matches the creature’s mana wavelength. “The fact that conflicting properties overlap is an answer that even denies your first premise.”

However, unlike Lieperman’s ‘common sense’, Nameless ultimately proved it amidst the paradox.

“you’re right. It was truly difficult. The process of giving objects ‘consciousness’ for transformation. … … “It means trapping the power of living spirit in an object.”

By giving the sword the spirit power that Roja had and the witch power that Morgan had, the result was created in a way that an ordinary human could not even imagine.

“Does that mean I really succeeded!?”


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Lieperman was as surprised by Nameless’ incredible story as he was the first time he met him. It was a story that piqued my interest as a person exploring science, as it had the power to destroy all mana shields while objects and life overlapped.

Nameless looked at Lieperman with interest and pointed to his mouth.

“yes. Success. “What you ate is a by-product.”

“Ugh, that unpleasant liquid?”

“You may not feel it since you are not a hunter, but it is already asleep in your body. “If I had my way, I would cause a rebellion inside you.”

Then, Lieperman’s body, who is not even a hunter, will turn into a horrible mush.

“… … “What do you want?”

“Well, it’s because of orders from superiors. I also agree. “Even if I kill a stooge like you, my anger won’t go away.”

Nameless is targeting Kang Yu-chan and Geomshin. And it was the system itself called the Hunter Association. Now that they were trying to overthrow the world, there was no point in taking out their anger on a stooge like Lieberman.

“… … “Are you asking me to spy on you?”

“yes. You’d better not think about anything else. Thanks to the mana you swallow, we can monitor your every move. Plus, you can even give orders telepathically.”

“How convenient. But this is a very one-sided contract. “There’s no reason to help you if you’re going to die anyway.”

Liepermann came out quite strongly, perhaps because he thought he could claim this right.

Thanks to this, a feeling of contempt appeared on Nameless’ face for a moment, but it was soon erased.

“… … great. I swear on the name of 2996. “Once the job is done, my life will be spared.”

Liepermann briefly wondered who 2996 was. Even so, he couldn’t memorize all of the test subject’s code names. However, I could guess at least one person in the lab that Nameless would have this meaning.

“That girl, is this a story? good. “There is only one choice, so there is nothing you can do.”

Nameless patted Lieperman’s back, saying he liked it. And then the first goal fell into my ear.

“Let me tell you… … My first goal is to kill all five hunters who reign as gods of the hunter world. Kang Yu-chan, as well as the King and the Witch. Even the silver wind… … .”

Anyone else would have dismissed it as crazy to say that one person would kill all the legendary hunters, a nation-level force, but Lieperman, who knew the abilities that Nameless possessed, swallowed hard.

Dimensional contract

Are we talking about Godslaughter because we made a contract with some kind of terrible being? Liepermann was curious.

But what Nameless took out of his pocket.

“And this… … “It is the sword of divine slayer, forged to become a divine slayer.”

It was just an ordinary sword that was old and worn.


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