Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 417

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Chapter 418

When Shin Yu-seong left the room after finishing his story, a woman wearing a Chinese dress with one leg exposed was seen in front of the door. So far in Shin Yu-seong’s life, he has only seen one person dressed like this.

“Mr. Meilin?”

“long time no see. The lab thing last time… … I apologize once again. “Please don’t have any bad feelings.”

Shin Yu-seong smiled and nodded, and May-rin went out first.

“Following the orders of the Association President, I have waited for your decision. “If you had refused, I would have just left.”

However, Shin Yu-seong declared that he would take the position of the next president of the association as the association president had hoped. But Meilin had one question.

“By any chance, may I ask you one question?”

“If it’s related to this matter, you can feel free to ask.”

Meilin was rather relieved by Shin Yu-seong’s business-like tone of voice.

“Is revenge what made you decide to become the next president of the association? Otherwise… … ambition?”

When I first came down Mt. Musin, the term ‘the strongest hunter’ was just a vague goal. But now it was getting closer and closer to the point where I could touch it.

“My goal is to eventually surpass Master. “That would be my teacher’s goal and my ambition.”

“A legendary hunter… … Surpasses the king. great. A hunter aiming to become the next president of the association should have that level of ambition. but… … .”

Meilin seemed to like Shin Yusung’s answer. Perhaps because of that, Meilin, who always only exchanged business-like conversations, gave Shin Yu-seong advice with her personal opinion today.

“The higher you fly, the more attention you will get. You will be checked. “At that point, no matter how much you are, you will be afraid of falling.”

However, Shin Yu-seong was no longer just a freshman, a freshman. She had become a complete hunter that even the branch leader, Meilin, could not control.

Therefore, Shin Yu-seong was not swayed by Meilin’s advice.

“What I’m most afraid of is not the moment of falling.”

Rather, it only further strengthened the goals I had already set. Meilin, who had unintentionally watched the growth of Shin Yoosung around her, was deeply impressed by her.

‘… … This boy has become quite manly.’

If Shin Yu-sung, who I first met with Meilin, was a cute puppy that didn’t know anything about the world, now Shin Yu-sung felt like a sharp wolf.

Of course, the appearance didn’t change much, but the atmosphere was strangely different. This was a woman’s feeling that was difficult to explain in words.

“That’s an interesting answer. Would you believe me if I told you that you and the president of the association have similarities?”

“Are you talking about appearance?”

“Phew! no… … Something like ambition or aspirations… … . “I told you that.”

Meilin was on the verge of tears as she tried to suppress her laughter at Shin Yu-seong’s answer. There has never been a man who has dared to criticize her for her merits and demerits. Thanks to this, Meilin’s immunity to her laughter was zero.

“of course… … Now that I see it, his eyes look a little like mine. Well, it’s hard to explain, so let’s just say it’s the look in the eyes of a man running toward a goal.”

After speaking, Meilin smiled and unfolded the materials she had prepared to assist Shin Yu-seong as a hologram.

“Now then, let’s get to the point. “Space barrier type A.”

phut-! Saaaa!

Blue particles swirled around, turning the space except for Shin Yu-seong and Meilin into a blur. People passing by around this barrier space ignored and acted as if Shin Yu-seong and Mei-rin were not there.

“Data access number 112.”

Meilin’s clear and pure voice echoed within the barrier.

[Recognizing ID – No33250]

[Data Item No. 112]

[To view the data, you must be a level 7 hunter or higher, joint approval from three branch leaders, or authority approval from one association president.]

The mechanical sound emanating from the pocket felt rather heavy in comparison.

“Request for permission to grant permission. Kang Yu-chan.”

[Recognition completed. The permission request has been sent.]

Pocket relayed the request for permission to Kang Yu-chan through Meilin’s voice. Even if Kang Yu-chan was on the other side of the world, this signal was transmitted in the blink of an eye through the information transmission tower developed with TOP’s technology.


“12 seconds. This is a new record among permission requests so far. For your information, when the president of the association was late, I waited for three hours.”

“Is it good?”

“yes. That means the president of the association is very interested in this matter.”

[Five star]

[Information of 5 people has been viewed. Please enter the password through a dedicated hardware device.]

“It can be complicated.”

Meilin held the hardware device, which is only permitted to branch leader level, to the hologram screen like a torch. The hologram made a beeping sound and began calculating the password at an incredible speed.

“It’s really tricky, isn’t it?”

“I think the information you’re about to show me is that important.”

Shin Yu-seong handed Meilin a wine glass while Pocket was calculating the password. It was real wine for adults, not the non-alcoholic drink that Eun or Shin Yu-seong had been drinking.


It is a rule not to drink alcohol while working, but this time Meilin also wet her mouth. To be honest, even though she is a wine drinker, she was craving the finest wine provided by Shinsung Group.

“Yes. In the first place, it is illegal to reveal Five Star’s personal information to election participants. “In principle, no one other than the president of the association should know about Five Star.”

“That means… … .”

Taking Shin Yu-seong’s worried expression as a snack, Meilin sipped and quenched her thirst with wine once again.

“It’s a game where you’re at a disadvantage, so you’re going to take a side. And it’s okay. “Because they broke the rules first.”

The identity of Five Star, the committee that decides the next president of the association, will be kept completely confidential until the conclusion of the election. Until then, digging into Five Star’s personal information or contacting him was absolutely prohibited.

However, among those aspiring to become the president of the association, there was no one who followed such trivial rules.

“… … Two of the five stars are from the Sinnoh family. So, it is safe to say that he is Shin Kang-yoon’s person. “You know what that means, right?”

“Of the five committee members, two were included… … “It means that all three remaining people must be chosen.”

Meilin smiled and nodded. And now she poured the cubes of cheese on the table into her mouth and took a swig of wine.

“Hap-yum… … In short, your starting point is at quite a disadvantage.”

Shin Yu-sung was in trouble with a serious expression, but Meilin brought the wine bottle from somewhere and poured it into her own glass.

“Ah, hmm, it smells really good… … . They say they improved the World Tree and created a dedicated winery… … .”

Meilin was impressed. The Hunter Association made the world tree root obtained as a reward from the tower into a bow with the spirit’s blessing at best. However, Shinsung Group thought of improving it and creating a world-class grape variety.

Not long after, they even created a company called World Tree Winery and announced to the world the best varieties of wine.


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“also… … “I heard there is a reason why Shinsung Group is spending money.”

“… … It’s me, Meilin. “I think the information has been viewed.”

“iced coffee?”

As Shin Yu-seong taught the hologram, Meilin sat on the chair with a dazed look on her face, covering her mouth as if she had just woken up.

“hmm? Space barrier type A… … Data access number 112… … .”

“You already did it.”

“Oh, I see… … . sorry. I’m out of my mind… … . The wine smelled so good that I fell in love with it. This wine is not an ordinary wine. Shinsung Group… … “We built a winery using trees from around the world.”

Shin Yu-seong wanted to point out to May-rin that he had already talked about that. He seemed to have handed over Pandora’s box.

However, if we repeat Meilin’s story, there was a strategy on Shin Yuseong’s side as well.

“You were talking about Five Star.”

“ah… … .”

Meilin seemed to have come to her senses and immediately started the briefing by manipulating the hologram again.

“… … yes. “Except for the two Five Stars who sided with Shin Kang-yoon, there is room for contact with two of them.”

“But don’t you need the votes of three people to win?”

What are they hiding? In response to Shin Yu-seong’s question, Meilin smiled slightly, perhaps because she was drunk.

“… … yes. However, there are only two people that Shin Yu-seong needs to recruit among them. I wonder why… … “You will know when that time comes.”

Meirin kept the identity of the other person a secret until the end, despite Shin Yu-seong’s questions. She didn’t know if it was for a future surprise or to gain an advantage in the election.

‘… … For now, I have no choice but to trust this person and the president of the association.’

However, the choice Shin Yu-seong could make now was trust. Even if it was not because of Kim Seok-han’s order, Shin Yu-seong could not hand over the position of president of the association to Shin Kang-yoon.

As expected, Shin Kang-yoon was a man who would even abandon his children for the sake of results and ambition.

If the Hunter Association was handed over to such a person, the future of the Hunter world and the future of Shin Yu-seong, who had already become a thorn in his eyes, were as clear as day.


“Now, the first Five Star will be spherical.”

[Five star-Roja Cecilia]

[Certified – Level 7 Hunter]

[Country of origin – Italy]

[Affiliation- Green Forest]

[Position – Guild Master]

[Activity status]

[Level 7 Sardonyx Raid]

[Level 6 Barbadon Capture Team]

[Establishment of Green Forest]

“this person is… … .”

“yes. I am a level 7 hunter who participated in the Sardonyx Raid with you. Among Five Stars, it is common to have external advisors rather than domestic advisors. Of course, Shin Kang-yoon also couldn’t reach out to Roja, the external advisor.”

Meilin filled her wine glass once more. Then he sipped his wine again and laughed.

“Recently, Green Forest requested help from the association due to Rosa’s injury. You will go there. “It’s a natural meeting.”

“… … “Wow, it seems like a blatant and unnatural encounter.”

Despite Shin Yu-seong’s playful response, Meilin was very serious.

“Even though you were injured, Roja is one of the best hunters. If they saw you in person, they would recognize your infinite potential.

Meilin’s life was also at stake for political reasons since he was on Shin Yu-sung’s line. If the next president of the association becomes Shin Kang-yoon, Meilin, who was in opposition, could not be safe.

“And next… … It seems like a twist of fate. “This person was selected as a Five Star a year ago, but he unintentionally has a connection to both you and Shin Kang-yoon.”

[Five star-June]

[Certified – Level 6 Hunter]

[Country of origin – Korea]

[Affiliation- 3rd Reconnaissance Agency]

[Position – Director]

[Activity status]

[Villain group infiltration and arrest team]

Yuwol was from the Yusu family.

However, he was a person whose true intentions were difficult to understand. He wasn’t even sure whether he would have responded to Yu Min-seo and Shin Kang-yoon’s invitation or not.

‘… … ‘He’ll be a difficult opponent.’

Meilin smiled mischievously as she looked at Shin Yu-seong, who was in trouble. Her cheeks were flushed red, perhaps from the heat of the wine.

Then, after personally wiping away the hair from Shin Yusung’s cheek, he handed the wine glass to Shin Yusung’s mouth and whispered:

“For your information, for this wine, Shinsung Group… … “We built a winery using trees from around the world.”

Really, I heard that story three times today alone.


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