Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 414

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Chapter 415

Shin Yu-seong thought as he saw the war-like situation unfolding before his eyes. Just a moment ago, he walked around the banquet hall, ate delicious food, and played card games. So to speak, it was the pinnacle of peace. But how did it get to this point?

“That’s strange… … Did I say something difficult to understand to the prominent guild leader? this. number. hyeon. secretary?”

Now in front of Shin Yu-seong, Kim Eun-ah is laughing at her opponent and raising her eyes.

“Are you okay with me interfering with business like that?”

Master Yoo Min-seo of Yusu Guild, who was once Shin Yu-seong’s mother, smiled leisurely while holding a fan.

“This is quite a large unit for a little lady to handle…” … “I think this is a sensitive area.”

Yes, I’m sure I’ve heard it.

Even though she lost the game and even declared jealousy, Kim Eun-ah was happy the entire time she walked around the banquet hall.

[…] … Um, about 10 minutes later? Get ready, Yoosung. Because soon we will go to war!]

And the result is this scene.

‘This is what Eun-ah said earlier… … .’

Kim Eun-ah, who had been seriously hurt by Shin Ha-yoon, looked like she was going to have a fight with Yoo Min-seo. Of course, if it was a hunter vs. hunter match, the key to the match was not fists, as he would immediately fall to the floor.

“It’s okay, I’m not an ordinary little girl. “He is an elite who has followed legal procedures and received training for his successor.”

Kim Eun-ah participated in this war as the successor to Shinsung Group. To Yu Min-seo, a level 7 hunter, Kim Eun-ah was just a student, but the successor to the Shinsung Group was a different story.

“… … you’re right. “It’s still an external story, but Kim Eun-ah has the power and right to do so.”

As proof, let’s have Secretary Lee Soo-hyun, who is a fairly high-level member of Shinsung Group’s working-level staff, serve as a witness. Yoo Min-seo opened her fan with a clicking sound.

“It was for this surprise that Chairman Kim Seok-han personally invited me to the banquet hall… … . “It’s fun.”

The moment Lee Soo-hyun saw Yoo Min-seo’s eye smile, she felt dizzy. Kim Eun-ah has always been strange, but today she ate something wrong at the banquet hall, so why is she scratching that halo of good and evil?

The opponent is a national level 7 hunter. It was a decisive battle weapon that was deployed only when a disaster occurred that even the most advanced hunters could not handle.

“that… … Lady Eun-ah, please calm down first. Today is the banquet day, so let’s talk about work… … .”

However, Kim Eun-ah did not listen to Lee Soo-hyun’s advice. How long has this war been waiting for, but are we going to back down gracefully?

“No, you are very busy. If not at times like this, when do you do it? It would be better to do it now when we meet. “I’ve become more interested in guild management these days.”

Kim Eun-ah quickly approached Yoo Min-seo and raised her head. Although there was quite a difference in her height, she was not outmatched in terms of her strength.

“I want to trust the leading guild because of the relationship we have had so far – but there are already rumors of what the successor has done? “Our student council president.”

When Shin Hayun’s name came out of Kim Eun-ah’s mouth, Yu Min-seo, who had maintained a relaxed posture, could no longer laugh. The recent incident was just as shocking to Yu Min-seo. Of course, the shock was due to the fact that Shin Hayun was defeated rather than what Shin Hayun did.

“Our Shinsung Group cannot continue a contract with a guild that cannot even properly manage its successor.”

“I’m sorry. Shinsung Group has had a trusting relationship with us for quite a long time.”

No matter how large or prominent the guild was, it could not compete with the Shinsung Group in terms of size. So, it was natural for Kim Eun-ah to grab her victory.

“No hard feelings. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, I only consider profit and loss. “Isn’t that what businessmen are like?”

“Does joining hands with a prominent guild bring more losses than benefits?”

Of course, considering the skills of leading guilds, this was close to speculation. However, there was enough room to consider Kim Eun-ah’s logic.

“Investment usually has to be seen from afar. “Substance is important.”

It was true that there were many new guilds with students who had just graduated from the academy and hunters from foreign countries. Among them, there was a fairly large guild for a new guild.

It was a guild that required low fees for requests to raise funds, but guaranteed a certain level of skill.

Since it wasn’t famous, there wasn’t any other noise like a prominent guild. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, it was well worth the investment.

“The Yusu Guild is a huge tree, but its growth has been stunted. There is nowhere else to grow. “You, the 7th level hunters, are taking care of it now, but who is next?”

The reason why Shinno and Yusu, managed by a relatively small number of people, were considered one of the top five guilds was due to the power of the matriarchs Yu Min-seo and Shin Kang-yoon.

The plan was for Shin Hayun to take over as the next guild leader, but now everything has come to naught.

“Everyone knows that there are no proper cards anymore, right? However, it doesn’t seem like they will bring in an outsider… … .”

It was a famous incident in the hunter world that Shin Hayun, the most promising star, quit the academy and disappeared.

“Well, it’s taken for granted. Why would Brilliant hang on to rookies?”

After saying that, Kim Eun-ah linked arms with Shin Yu-seong as if showing off.

Then, as if to make Yoo Min-seo listen, he deliberately mentioned Shin Yu-seong’s name and mocked her in order to get on her nerves.

“But really, it’s disappointing. Wouldn’t it be different if you had Yooseong? If a hunter like Yoosung had been the next successor, he would have done it without hesitation… … . total. approximately. kite. page.”

When Kim Eun-ah mocked Yoo Min-seo, a level 7 hunter, with an accent as if to show off, Lee Soo-hyun felt dizzy.

‘Please stop. miss… … .’

What is the reason and purpose of provoking Yoo Min-seo, and what good is there in making her an enemy?

But fortunately, Yoo Min-seo was not fooled by Kim Eun-ah’s provocation. Rather, she maintained her dignity as an empress.

However, he only asked Shin Yu-seong this in a calm and somewhat lonely voice.

“Are you planning on coming back to me?”

Shin Yu-seong looked directly at Yu Min-seo’s face when he said those words. She had once been her mother, but now she was someone Shin Yu-seong had forgotten, neither her name nor her face.

So, of course Shin Yu-seong shook his head.

“… … doesn’t exist. “No matter how much I remember my childhood, I can’t recall any happy moments when I was with the Shinnoh family.”

Yoo Min-seo tilted her head as if in doubt and stretched out her hand. She then gently touched Shin Yoosung’s chin.

“Attention, and love… … .”

What’s so hard to understand? Yu Min-seo looked intently into Shin Yu-sung’s eyes and shook her head.

“Didn’t Hayun tell you? “Those feelings have no value.”

Then Yoo Min-seo smiled, running his long fingers up Shin Yu-sung’s chin and stroking his cheek.

“How can you look so much like me on the outside, but on the inside you look neither like me nor like him.”

However, Yoo Min-seo’s gesture of stroking Shin Yu-seong’s cheek was soon stopped by Kim Eun-ah.

“Is that enough? Would you go back? “Aren’t you stupid?”

“… … This is not a guild affair, but a family affair. Does the successor of Shinsung Group have the right to interfere with such matters?”

One of Yu Min-seo’s eyes glowed red, and the other eye glowed gold. A round halo of good and evil appeared in her head.

“Ugh, Miss Eunah… … .”

Lee Soo-hyun, who knew Yoo Min-seo’s power, was frightened and trembled convulsively and pulled Kim Eun-ah’s arm. It was a request to stop now, but Kim Eun-ah shook off Lee Soo-hyun.

“Then you have a right. “I plan to marry Yoosung and we call ourselves family. Didn’t you know that?”

“Please…” … miss! “There are a lot of eyes around you. What are you talking about?”


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Lee Soo-hyun was scared that some strange rumor might spread, but Kim Eun-ah was confident.

“So Yooseong won’t return to you. Not yours. “It’s mine.”

Kim Eun-ah gave more strength to Yoo Min-seo’s crossed arms as if showing off.

“… … “It’s Eun-ya.”

Shin Yu-seong felt strange emotions as he watched Kim Eun-ah confronting Yoo Min-seo. Kim Eun-ah spoke up like this for herself, but the person involved could not keep her mouth shut.

“… … “I will tell you myself.”

Shin Yu-seong stepped forward in person.

Even though Yoo Min-seo was taller than Kim Eun-ah, she was shorter than the male Shin Yu-seong. Shin Yu-seong looked down at Yoo Min-seo and spoke calmly without any emotion.

“As I said before, neither the Shinnou family nor the Yu family have anything to do with me anymore. so… … “There is absolutely no going back.”

Yu Min-seo, like Shin Hay-yoon, raised the corners of her mouth and sneered, as if Shin Yu-sung’s behavior was not the same. It was at this point that we could see who Shin Hayun’s habits resembled.

“Yuseong, you are really talented, aren’t you? How can you make such a strong background into your part? okay. I’m tired, so I’ll leave it at that for today. No matter how much I do, if I blast Shinsung Group’s successor like dough… … “Because you can’t be safe.”

Yoo Min-seo said something too creepy to be a joke. Lee Soo-hyun, who knows her, never heard those words as a joke.

“but… … “Can I give you one last piece of advice for the little lady?”

How many people would fearlessly approach the hands of an angry Yoo Min-seo, who is covered with a halo of good and evil?

“It’s funny that a loser gives advice. Yes, okay, as much as you want.”

However, Kim Eun-ah was a human being who could do that. She is afraid of ghosts and she is a coward who cannot go to dark places alone at night, but in this part she is strangely fearless.

“… … “Little girl.”

Yu Min-seo whispered.

“I won’t forget what happened today.”

He whispered in a low voice that only Kim Eun-ah could hear, and neither Shin Yu-seong nor Lee Su-hyun could hear.

“Someday, you will cry and ask me for forgiveness. Do you understand?”

It was a threat so terrifying that if Lee Soo-hyun had heard it, she would have been sick to the ground, but Kim Eun-ah just smiled.

“What else can I say…” … .”

He then said that he had laughed so hard that he even wiped his tears with his index finger and hinted to Shin Yu-seong as if Yoo Min-seo was listening.

“Yoosung said he’s giving up now and that he will take good care of you in the future.”

Kim Eun-ah was the most powerful enemy Yoo Min-seo encountered. No one in this world has ever scratched Yu Min-seo’s temper like this. This was already an area of ​​talent.

“under… … .”

Yoo Min-seo, who was impressed by Kim Eun-ah’s outstanding skills, let out a short sigh. She then glared at the upright tree beyond the terrace with her red, evil eyes. Then, Hwareuk-! With its blazing flames, the inferno of hell, the temperature of which cannot be measured, completely burned the tree.

Where the tree disappeared, not even a handful of ash remained, and the fire did not spread. Only the huge tree had disappeared as if it were disappearing.

“… … “I’ll see you later.”

Of course, it was a warning to Kim Eun-ah, but the person in question exclaimed, “Wow,” and deftly accepted it until the very end.

“Yeah, good. But I will charge the price of the wood to the leading guild.”

Kim Eun-ah’s oral skills were truly second to none.


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