Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 403

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Episode 404

Granddaughter of the legendary Hunter Aden.

Adela’s talent shined from an early age. No matter what she learned, she had a good mind, so she learned quickly and was a genius who inherited the talent of both her parents.

Until now, I have never felt any difficulty in realizing something in my life. But she was Adela, and now she was studying late, even taking notes on a hologram tablet.

Of course, the reason it started was because of Shin Yu-seong’s words.

[It’s a difficult story… … . Is Adela attractive enough? Because it has a different advantage than Renia’s smile or Velvet’s cuteness.]


The dictionary definition is the power to charm the hearts of others. Of course, knowing that meaning did not mean that Adela could know what her charm was.

‘attractiveness… … .’

Adela, who had tied her hair up, squinted her eyes and lifted her non-prescription glasses with her fingertips. One reassuring thing about her was that although she did not know what her own charm was, she had a vague idea of ​​what her other people’s charm was.

‘For example… … .’

Sumire was always considerate of others and made them feel comfortable. She cooks Yu-seong Shin’s favorite delicious food and invites her, who cannot attend parties, to her dorm to watch a fun movie together.

‘But I… … .’

It was different from Sumire. He didn’t even know how to smile so kindly, was blunt, and was an uninteresting person who had a weak reaction to even the most delicious meals, let alone delicious dishes.

‘These are all strengths that I don’t have. For Sumire… … There’s a lot to learn.’

Adela wrote down Sumire’s charms one by one on the hologram tablet with the most serious expressionless face in the world.

[One. Excellent cooking skills]

[2. [A gentle smile and consideration]

The next target for Adela to learn from was Kim Eun-ah. Adela has always envied Kim Eun-ah’s rich facial expressions.

[What is he saying now!]

Unlike Adela, who becomes quiet when she gets angry, Kim Eun-ah shows her emotions through her facial expressions even when she is just a little annoyed. Of course, it was the same even when I was happy.

[What is it, a gift suddenly blown by the wind?]

[I thought it would suit Eun-ah well.]

[Well, it’s a cheap hair tie, but… … Still, it’s pretty.]

Kim Eun-ah, whom Adela saw, showed her emotions just by looking at her facial expression. Although she spoke indifferently, the joy on her face was felt throughout her body.

When you receive such a gift, you will definitely say ‘thank you’. I would have responded with the same monotonous and brief greeting.

‘and… … .’

I’ve only seen Adela once, but Kim Eun-ah had a terrifying special move. That’s cuteness.

Of course, as its name suggests, it was not a technique seen often. It was an advanced technology that could only be used when certain conditions were met.

[It’s a shooting star~ Heheung, our shooting star~]

Is there anyone who can beat Kim Eun-ah, who has a short-tongued voice and constantly uses hugs?

For Adela, aegyo was an unknown territory she had never ventured into since she was born.

[One. Excellent cooking skills]

[2. [A gentle smile]

[3. Rich emotional expression]

[4. [Deadly cute charm]

okay. If you realize just this much, you will know what ‘charm’ Shin Yu-sung talked about and what your strengths are.

After finishing her studies, Adela took off her glasses and let down her hair. She then lay down on the bed, looked at the ceiling, and thought.

‘Starting tomorrow, I too… … .’

I will show you how I have changed through studying.

* * *

Floor covered with white marble.

Shin Yusung thought as he looked around the room where all the angular objects were so neatly organized.

‘Adela invited me to the dorm to cook for me… … This is truly the first time this has happened.’

Thank goodness it was the weekend, but even the time they invited me to the hotel was very vague. It was a really ambiguous time, 10 a.m., not early in the morning for breakfast or lunch time.

What should I even say? Adela’s appearance from behind seemed familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

‘Long hair tied with a hair tie or that unique apron… … .’

Shin Yu-seong didn’t need to look back for long. Her unique style of tying her hair in a ponytail and wearing an apron was very similar to the way Sumire dressed when she was cooking.

In fact, the curry that Adela was making today was a dish that Sumire often made.

“here… … there is.”

Adella presents a plate of curry with a very serious face. However, Shin Yu-seong felt strangely uncomfortable about her and ended up asking her before scooping up the curry with a spoon.

“Hey, Adela? These carrots and potatoes… … . Are you actually putting the whole thing in the curry?”

In response to Shin Yu-seong’s question, Adella showed her hand with a bandage and said.

“I’m not used to using a knife yet… … .”

Yes, there was no way Adela, who was new to cooking, could make a curry as delicious as Sumire.

Shin Yu-seong thought that and smiled. Now, I can’t say that the food my teacher made in the past tasted great, but the heart put into the food was second to none.

‘What really matters is the heart.’

Swoosh- tup-

However, the moment he put the spoon in his mouth, Shin Yu-sung realized that his thoughts were wrong.

‘… … Sweet.’

It wasn’t pleasantly sweet, but too sweet. I felt like I was spoon-feeding chocolate porridge mixed with the green smell of unripe vegetables.

Even Shin Yu-seong had no choice but to admit that it was so tasteless.

‘The important thing in food is not the heart. It was delicious.’

Shin Yu-seong, whose face was pale, forced himself to swallow the curry. Vegetable chocolate porridge in the shape of curry made a spectacular presence in the esophagus.

‘I didn’t know the taste was so shocking, but this… … It’s very spicy.’

Why did I only notice it now? The Adela-style curry was very sweet, but it was so spicy that it stung my mouth and made my tongue tingle.

Jump, jump!

After quickly drinking water, Shin Yu-seong placed both hands in front of his face and fell into thought with a serious expression. She had a lot of things she wanted to ask, but it wasn’t easy for her to organize them coherently.


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“Hey, Adela… … . “What ingredients are in this curry?”

In response to that question, Adela unfolded the recipe she had studied so hard as a hologram and showed it to Shin Yu-seong.

“Oh, everything was done according to the recipe. Fry the onions with butter… … . Adding vegetables to grilled meat… … . “One special ingredient is chocolate.”


“I heard that adding chocolate to your curry adds flavor and taste.”

Adella proudly took out a large bag of chocolate, one of Velvet’s snacks, in front of Shin Yu-seong.

“So I put it all in. “Because you like sweet foods.”

“then… … “What’s the spicy taste?”

In response to Shin Yu-seong’s second question, Adela showed an empty plastic bottle. The five letters ‘peperoncino’ written there and the warning ‘very spicy’ did not need separate explanation to understand.

“I added spices that are often used in Italy.”

“I see.”

Shin Yu-seong fell into deep thought again. It seemed pointless to point out the problems with this curry.

“It is an immature skill. you… … . “How does the curry taste?”

Even though Adela’s face had a somewhat calm expression, a strange earnestness was felt.

However, Shin Yu-seong could not bring himself to enjoy this poison. It was a meal that made me miss Sumire wearing an apron already.

“that is… … .”

As Shin Yu-seong hesitated to answer, Adela took a spoon and tried to taste the curry herself.

“Hey, Adela!”


Shin Yu-seong put it in his mouth without any time to stop it. Soon, Adela silently looked at the poison she had created with her pupils several times larger than usual.

My curry, which was very sweet with unripe vegetables and spicy enough to make my tongue tingle, was no longer food. He was already close to being punished.

“ah… … .”

Adella sat across from Shin Yu-seong with a single word. Then I took another spoonful of that horrible curry and put it in my mouth.

“Adella… … .”

Shin Yu-seong could no longer speak after seeing Adella like that. Adela looked at her curry without saying a word.

What came after that was a very long minute of silence. Adela spoke helplessly as she looked at the poison she had created.

“Sumire… … Watching you and Velvet enjoy the food she made… … “I may have been secretly jealous.”

What do I need to say? Adela’s dish was a huge failure. If she had fed Velvet this, she would have been bedridden for at least three days, unable to get up.

Adella, who sewed the first button wrong from the start, only looked at Shin Yu-seong.

‘Ah, Adela… … .’

Shin Yu-seong read Adela’s true intentions in her expression. It was as if Adela was saying this to her.

[I ruined it from the beginning.]

[I have nothing prepared after this.]

So, in an awkward atmosphere, I just stare at Shin Yu-seong’s face. I couldn’t imitate Sumire’s unique atmosphere that made others feel comfortable. Adela’s operation was a huge failure.

In the end, the only person here who could reach out to Adela was Shin Yu-seong.

‘What the hell is Adela…? … ‘What are you worrying about?’

Adella was the ice empress of Gaon.

He was an object of admiration that everyone looked up to and a promising figure for the Italian people. This is the first time that she has tried so hard for someone.

It wasn’t Adela’s role to cook for someone and hope that person would love her.

Additionally, Adela, who exuded a mysterious aura, was difficult for others to approach. It was like a noble flower blooming on a cliff, making it difficult for criminals to approach it.

‘So I have no choice but to be immature… … .’

Shin Yu-seong wrapped Adela’s pale white hand holding the spoon. Shin Yu-seong felt the warm warmth and heartbeat hidden within Adela’s cold skin.

“There is no need to imitate other people’s strengths. Because Adela has Adella’s strengths.”

Adela raised her head to Shin Yu-seong’s comfort. Her mysterious red eyes stood out even more thanks to her pale white skin.

“My strengths… … . Is there really such a thing? “Like Sumire, I don’t know how to cook delicious food or give you a kind smile.”

Adela made eye contact with Shin Yu-seong. Adella, like Sumire, was not talking about her own shortcomings based on her low self-esteem. Adela really believed what she said was the truth.

“and… … Kim Eun-ah, she doesn’t have as many expressions as she does… … I can’t even make you laugh with a funny reaction.”

However, Shin Yu-seong shook his head at Adela’s story.

“I am not as perfect as Adela or others make me think. Sometimes moments of regret come to mind or I feel like giving up. “They just don’t say it.”

Shin Yu-seong let go of Adela’s hand.

Instead, he walked up behind Adela and hugged her warmly.

“I don’t have the courage like Adela to reveal my honest feelings to others.”

Shin Yu-seong said this to Adela. ‘Adela is like white snow.’ Shin Yu-seong was a person who could call even his dullness, which he thought was his weakness, an advantage.

“… … okay.”

Adela smiled, having received such great insight this morning. The curry was ruined, but it was a good meal.

“Have you prepared anything more?”

To Shin Yu-seong’s question, Adela smiled brightly and answered without even realizing it.

“… … There is one. “The next operation was aegyo.”


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