Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 400

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Episode 401

“master! Are you going to give stones today too?”

“Kyahang! that’s right! I worked hard to save whenever I had the chance, and Velvet saved up a lot of money and mana stones! “You’re rich now!”

After Orca, who was a killer whale doll, suddenly returned to the form of a boy about 10 years old, Adela fell into unexpected trouble.

‘velvet… … .’

Adela: It may be a sudden story, but I wanted to ask this question if there was a teacher of childcare. What should I do if my precious daughter becomes friendly with an older boy?

In fact, as the start of school season got closer and Adela was called away for Class A work, Velvet spent a lot more time with Orca.


‘Suddenly I felt cold… … .’

Orca turned her head as she felt a coldness that she had never felt when she was a doll gradually seeping into her entire body.

Sure enough, the person standing where Orca turned her head was Adella, with her head sticking out and an expressionless face.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

Orca noticed, sweating profusely, but fortunately, Adela did not attack her with ice. It was just Adela’s daughter Baboo’s DNA engraved in her body that was keeping Orca in check.

“Then let’s go Orca! Kyahang!”

“Yes, Master Four!”

Orca held Velvet’s hand and quickly left the club room, avoiding Adela’s stern gaze.

* * *

Yoo Min-seo, who was proudly selected as one of the four hunter committee members, responded to the association’s invitation and even matched the dress code.

Among celebrities and hunters, as well as among celebrities such as actors, Yoo Min-seo’s overwhelming beauty definitely shined.

“… … I simply responded to the association’s call, not for political reasons. “It is a hunter’s virtue to ensure a bright future for the hunter world and for future generations.”

A genius born from a prominent family.

One of the few 7th level hunters in Korea.

In addition, the popularity of Yoo Min-seo, who had the star quality of ‘beauty’, was unrivaled. The mere fact that she appeared at her press conference was enough to fill the crowd with reporters and ordinary people who broke through the guard line.

“That’s incredible. “It’s hard to tell if you’re a hunter or a celebrity.”

“Can a celebrity compare to that person? “This is just a conference hall, so even world stars will never be as popular as Yoo Min-seo.”

Yoo Min-seo smiled and left the venue while being guided by the officials. There was no city guard in this place where not only the 7th level but also the president of the association, Kang Yu-chan, had gathered.

The current press conference room of the association was a huge beehive that even Rebellion would not touch.

“It’s convenient because there are no bodyguards today. “We can talk just the two of us.”

“I can’t give you many answers. “All I know are the facts that you already know.”

Yuwol’s answer seemed to draw a wall between her and Yu Minseo. Rather than implying that there really wasn’t much information, it felt like a declaration that no matter what you know, there is a limit to what you can give.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to know what Hayun planned. I don’t even wonder what you’re hiding. but… ‥.”

But fortunately, what Yoo Min-seo was curious about was neither about Shin Hayun’s ‘secret’ nor about Shin Hayun’s choice to quit the academy.

“Did Yooseong really beat Hayun? that… … “Hayun?”

Yoo Min-seo simply couldn’t believe that Shin Yu-seong defeated Shin Hayun. As her mother, she knew very well how strong Shin Hayun was.

Even as a parent, I couldn’t tell the limits of how much power the child was hiding. If he had left it as is, he would have been considered the strongest hunter candidate in a short period of time, let alone a level 7 player like himself.

“You can believe it. Because I checked it myself. Shin Yu-seong defeated Shin Hayun. that… … “It means that even Hayun’s hidden power did not work on Shin Yu-seong.”

However, Yu Min-seo was not surprised by Yu-wol’s shocking story. Rather, a coldness added to his bloodless face.

“King Kwon, Yu Won-hak… … What is the difference between that person and me? Why can’t I get out of level 7 and why was he able to get to level 8? How did you recognize Yooseong’s potential?

Yu Min-seo muttered to herself in a way that would have been scary if someone she didn’t know saw her. Although he looked a little crazy, Yuwol, who had been watching him for a long time, was not surprised.

“The important thing is that my sister lost all her cards. “You had pretty high expectations for Shin Hayun, right?”

Yuwol scratched Yu Minseo’s painful area. Will Yu Min-seo, who lost her card called Shin Hay-yoon, be able to accept her provocations with ease like she usually does?

However, Yoo Min-seo defied expectations and smiled brightly.

“Yes, I had high expectations. But he lost all his cards… … “Isn’t that right?”

“no way… … .”

Yuwol frowned with a look of contempt. Yuwol thought that although Yu Minseo was her older sister, she was a person without common sense.

“that’s right. “Because Yooseong is my child too.”

But I never thought it would be like this.

“Yuseong is no longer a member of the Shinnoh family or the Yoo family. The person who sent me away like that was none other than… … .”

“no. “That’s different.”


“I made that choice because I didn’t know at the time. It’s different now. Both he and I need Yooseong now.”

Yoo Min-seo’s answer only thought about his own position to the point of extreme. Yoo-wol was so disillusioned that Yoo Min-seo was of the same blood as him.

But even so, Yu Min-seo’s smiling beauty was so pretty that even her younger sister herself would be creeped out.

The fact that his appearance resembled that of Shin Yu-seong and that they shared the same blood was a fact that absolutely no one could deny.

“good. Then by what means? Like the hardened ground after the rain, division will not work, and we are not fish to be caught in the net because of threats. Because it’s already too big. “Do you know who Yooseong’s successor is?”

“okay. I know… … . “He’s a really annoying person.”

How can I forget someone who has such an inferiority complex that I can’t even sleep without mentioning it?

Yu Min-seo hated Yu Won-hak for taking away her son.

“If I had known that the stone I threw away was a gem, I should have thought about returning it. I can’t believe you just picked it up and left. That shameless person… … .”

Yuwol was horrified by Yu Minseo’s cold voice. Yuwol didn’t know what his older sister would do, but he knew that she was a person who would do anything to get what she wanted.

“It’s not my place to interfere. Don’t be too greedy. “If you force it into your stomach, it will tear.”

“advice. thank you. Of course, this is not something to be told to a coward who has become the dog of Rebellion… … .”

Yoo Min-seo opened the fan, which he had no idea where he had taken it from, and covered his smile. Even in this situation where he was cornered, Yuwol was able to see who Shin Hayun’s personality resembled as he watched him bite the other person’s painful spot.

‘I’m glad that Yooseong doesn’t resemble his older sister even though her face resembles her.’

* * *

“Eun-ah, you said you’ve never seen this movie, right? I think we played it 100 times. We even know our lines 10 seconds later. Betty! Quickly find the gun! “Before he finds us!”

Suito seemed excited about the guest’s visit and chattered away, imitating lines from the movie.

– Betty! Quickly find the gun! Before he finds us!


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Because he watched the same movie over and over again to save money, he seemed to have really mastered the content of the movie.

However, Kim Eun-ah could not focus on the movie for other reasons.

“Yuseong, here… … .”

Sumire picked up an apple she had hand-cut into a cute rabbit shape with a fork and fed it to Shin Yusung.


Of course, seeing Shin Yu-seong taking it with his mouth as he liked it made Kim Eun-ah narrow her eyes for no reason.

Sumire, who used to be shy even when she met Shin Yooseong’s eyes, had gone somewhere and was now clinging to his arm and smiling brightly.

‘A lot of sesame seeds are pouring out.’

Of course, to be honest, I was jealous.

If it weren’t for the respect he had built up so far, it wouldn’t have been difficult to feed him apples. No, it was something he rather wanted to do.


However, feeding Shin Yu-seong the apples that Sumire had peeled seemed somewhat funny, so Kim Eun-ah compromised with the snacks she had bought at the supermarket earlier.

“This too… … eat.”

“huh? I’m okay. “I think apples taste better than cookies.”

However, Shin Yu-seong very naturally rejected Kim Eun-ah’s favor. okay. I admit it. It is inevitable that supermarket snacks will lose to hand-cut rabbit apples.

“Yeah, really?”

Kim Eun-ah, who became sullen at Shin Yu-seong’s rejection, only twitched her fingers for no reason. However, Sumire was not the type of person to leave her fellow party member Kim Eun-ah alone like that.

“… … Eun-ah.”

Whisper quietly.

Sumire called to Kim Eun-ah in a low voice that did not interfere with her watching the movie, and carefully placed something in her hand.

“Sumire… … . This… … .”

That’s a fork. It was the fork with which Sumire was feeding an apple to Shin Yusung’s mouth just moments ago.

‘Are you giving it to me?’

Kim Eun-ah, who was looking at the fork with an expression of disbelief, spoke to Sumire with her eyes. If she were herself, she would never have given in.

If Shin Yu-seong hadn’t said he was sick of it, he would have been eating apples with this fork all day. However, Sumire gave up the fork for Kim Eun-ah. That was the difference between myself and Sumire.


Kim Eun-ah picked up the apple that Sumire had peeled with the fork she gave her. She honestly has such a cute bunny shape that I envy her over and over again in my heart.

If you weren’t very dexterous, you would definitely have carved it crooked and in a strange shape.

“… … Come on, Yoosung. here.”

Kim Eun-ah thrust a fork into Shin Yu-seong’s mouth. Shin Yu-seong, who was concentrating on her film, accepted it immediately, and Kim Eun-ah had mixed feelings.

Meanwhile, Kim Eun-ah saw Sumire smiling at her. She somehow felt that her eyes were watering and her heart was beating rapidly.

‘… … Sumire.’

Kim Eun-ah spoke with her mouth closed so that no one could hear. She said that she would not forget today’s events or Sumire’s warmth.

‘me… … .’

okay. That was Kim Eun-ah’s method and the Shinsung Group method that Kim Seok-han taught us. Shinsung Group never forgets its debt. Even if it was just a cheap fork and an apple, Kim Eun-ah knew how precious it was.

‘I’ll never forget it.’

It was a night where the relationship between the two women, not Shin Yu-seong, became increasingly closer.


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